How well has pol done at redpilling the internet?

I recently have been going on more normie friendly sites especially social media , usually just to lurk and watch the shit show that is modern western civilization
kinda like going to the zoo really
But recently I've been find more of /our/content popping up in memes and jokes here and there in places it really doesnt seem like it should belong
a jew joke voted top comment on a supposedly "main stream" youtube news channel
a merchant meme burried in my tumblr feed
It even seems like more and more girls are coming towards the far right with some (anonmously i grant so they could be a fucking dude) saying they would never date a black guy just "cause" or that "their dirty" kek
question is, is my spergy hopeamine craving ass just seeing shit that aint there
or is there an actual move towards the far right online
discuss if you give a fuck.

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Shut the fuck up and go forth and spread the word.

It's spreading; that's for sure. It's only going to spread more and more because they are ramping up the jewry and getting sloppy at hiding it.

The narrative is fake and gay requiring a heavy hand to advance it. The goyim are waking up.

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Yesterday I got tied up by two white guys. They poured bleach on me while yelling “This is MAGA country”.

It would do a lot better job of it if you would stop jerking yourself off in these TRS-tier faggot nigger threads. You should be ashamed for posting this trash.

Globohomo has been goin hard in the paint since GG. Running on fumes.

i've seen it too, and i'm wondering if it's a matter of time those sites get 'new moderation' or bend to some new internet law and where all of the users will exodus to

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You sound like a faggot

How many of these sites manipulate the way information is disseminated? It's possible that you are being primed to view suggested material that is sequestered from Normiesphere. Not saying that's the case, but the Perpetual Echobox is a lucrative marketing strategy. Divide and conquer the 'free' net rather than shut it down directly.

yeah this is kind of trashy masturbatory shit

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Whether it's working or not, it needs to happen more. We can never permit ourselves to feel as though we're going to win without trying.


I see Zig Forums tier comments on youtube quite often, with many likes too. TikTok should be the next stage, it's on the rise as the main zoomer social medium.

reminder that chinese spread plenty of anti-white, "poc solidarity" judeo-leftist shit on the sinosphere, including places like Zhihu, Tieba, etc. They're basically a nation of Elliot Rodger/aznidentity types.

If you ever care to use (((Google Translate))) you'll see what I mean.

Among people I know they've gone from looking at me as the conspiracy theorist to "Jews control the world" in the last 2 years.

incalculable, since a well-placed jew joke flies with plausible deniability and is left to the aether.

The most effective way of turning someone is to make them convulse against you arguing that humanity should go extinct, enthusiastically propping up globalization as a naked eugenics scheme. Similar to how shills believe that portraying a far right thug is the appropriate way to dissuade regular people against national socialism (it is, btw)

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I see greentext stories posted all the time on normalfag apps and in comment sections. It's a bittersweet feeling, but it's how I started. My job now is to make sure these newfags don't spoil things and to guide them along.



It means the front is advancing. Good work. Keep launching those memes, stick together and stay strong.

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I work at a high school. You have no fucking idea how many of these kids that are secretly redpilled. They drop hints and comments all the time, not to mention what they write in assignments. Some of them are nearly full 14/88.

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Those types existed in the 2000s too. How many of them are le changing the world? And why should I expect Gen Z to be any different? They seem to be even more effeminate than my peers in high school.

I have my doubts about that. How could high school kids be at all racially aware? Don't mistake racist jokes and attitudes for actual NatSoc tendencies.

This. It's just a repeat of what I saw 10-13 years ago but even more degenerate.

The far right, haha you mean like Rubio, Trump, and Graham.
This chick has more balls the entire GOP.

With the entire MSM in the hands of the chosen we need allies.

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We are born with an intuitive racial awareness which is only suppressed by brainwashing from the continuous stream of poz. As tired as the red-pill meme is nowadays, it still fits so well. All you have to do is see a glitch in the matrix to know something isn't right. My job is to expose as many glitches to as many people as possible.

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Zig Forums used to be effective. That's why they made kikey go full retard and codenigger (((globalize))) the board so it became completely useless.

Some of the people in my group convinced me take a break from operating system programming to hop into a literally who minecraft server last weekend and a person came into the server at a point when i was the only one of our group that was on. the person started spouting politically incorrect/alt-side shit and the whole chat devolved into 4pol tier politicking in 3 posts flat that lasted for about an hour. i watched the whole thing and said nothing.
There's definitely some reach being had, I can't say for sure what quality though.

Zig Forums played a key role in keeping Hilldog from her goal, and thus kept us from WW3. That much alone is enough.
Now that Trump is listening to his (((advisors))), WW3 may be back on the table. Zig Forums still has some heavy work to do.

The trolling for the Jews nevers stops. That's why they always win

Too bad it's been overrun by feds, shills and Plebbitors. Like some user here said, people are too comfortable. Shit doesn't change when everyone is comfortable.

I see your point however the question ought to be "is the truth spreading, and how can this be accelerated?" Because the quicker this spreads the more likely we are to be able to raise our children in a safer world less likely to turn them into tranny toys for paedophile jews.

I've been doing solo missions each day for about an hour spamming countless youtube videos with comments spreading the outrageous actions taken by the orange nigger and then ask the NPC horde if x was what Blumfpf campaigned on. Mostly, though, I draw attention to the fact that Drumpblfpf is an orange nigger-loving jew. More and more people are waking up. I only pray that it spreads faster and faster.

An old lady neighbor of mine said to me the other day that "she didn't trust having a jew for President". I kek'd. That old broad is more redpilled than most of CY Zig Forums

I use Ifunny and it has tens of thousands of neo nazis, not to mention alot of people aware of Israel all over the comments section of the most popular posts, I've heard alot of other meme sites are the same, they basically just spam memes around to redpill normies, and it works.

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I hope they maintain their resolve up to college, if they even go to college. I work with college students and witness firsthand the ineptitude of niggers and spics. About 1 out of 100 papers provides a perspective that deviates from the post-modernist critical, cultural Marxist propaganda that they have been spoonfed. It's almost an unbearable job to have, but I get satisfaction in revealing to retarded fucking pieces of shit that their quality of work is so far below academic and professional standards. I red-pill whenever I can.

Perhaps the worst that I have to deal with is the hijacking of language and the blatant acceptance of this perversion. A good example is "gender". Students cite researchers who boldly claim that "gender" is beyond physicality and is a psychological perspective of ones sexual identity on a spectrum. However, the etymology of the word "gender" is clear as crystal:

I don't know how these fucking retarded faggots can parrot their poisonous and inane textbook-drivel without a second thought. It drives me insane, but then I tell myself that I'm not a retarded faggot, and then it makes sense.

Based and red-pilled. That warms my soul.

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So what exactly is the level of cooperation between 8/pol/ and 4/pol/? My impression was that this one comes up with the ops and cuck/pol/ which has more manpower spreads them around?

Talking to yourself Schlomo?

Mossad and ADL

As far as (((social media))) goes, YouTube has had the most success. But everything is pretty kiked and still heavily controlled.

Lightened up my day when she said it. She's not actually a racialist by any means but she does have amusing commentary from time to time. One of my many normalfag weather vanes.


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Holy shit, my coworker made a joke about running over journalists 20 seconds ago as I was reading this thread.
It's spreading.

Their bans are all they have left. They've used everything to crush us. We can only hurt ourselves, and then only for season or two. They have to clamp down everywhere, its beautiful.

Please tell me you didn't just make it up.

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Exactly. We can't let our guard down. We need to use kike institutions against themselves. Force the media on what to report on. Most of cable news' viewership already doubts the narrative. If we could reach their entire audience, people will convert.

While the board might have some effect. I'd argue that the majority of change in public opinion is largely just a reaction to ((their)) handiwork. They went too far and too fast and it's waking people up. they pushed faggotry for decades before the general public bought it. then overnight it was trannys and in an hour it was trans kids. not relegated to sodomy mind you, its also the anti-white narrative and all the general nonsense they push nowadays. If I had to guess why it's being down in such an obtuse fashion i'd wager that it's the brainwashed masses are trying to do ((their)) job for them. but they lack the patience and tact ((they)) have. a prime example is that actor fag from Chicago. he wanted to do his own little psy-op but being a dumb nigger he lacked the skills and it blew up in his face. I'll let /pol make of this info as they wish.

Banned from many places, so i guess i was doing a right job :).

Well said lad.

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It's spreading.
6-7 years ago I was in youtube comments for hours every single day refuting lies and shit arguments and dropping redpills.
There weren't that many others that shared my views and I often got a bunch of people ganging up telling me to fuck off.
Now, I don't even need to do anymore on youtube, there are so many newfriends spreading the truth and calling out the lies.
Our talking points are all over the place and it is the cucks, leftists and non-whites that are getting outnumbered as well as out argued.
We OWN the internet comment sections because we are the only ones telling the TRUTH.
It's why they are panicking and trying to pass laws to make antisemitism illegal and comparable to terrorism.
The fire rises.

It's a start

What you notice its real
I have been doing sort of the same and it seems that more eyes are aware

Im assuming its because (((they))) stopped being discrete
But if you or anyone here wants to do something online
Shitposting redpills is a useful thing

From another thread. Printing infographics and redpills in real life will help for those boomers
Just be careful about the microdots on the printers

I get banned everywhere I go, OP. But first I acquire hundreds of accounts :)

Yeah I think we did a pretty good job, I think we've probably reached the self-propagating tipping point of 10% by now. It's only a matter of time.

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You're delusional.

You're a jew

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Not an argument. "I think" isn't an argument. You have no evidence for your claim. Nothing happening in the world would make you think what you said. Kill yourself.

now that's one angry kike

Zig Forumsacks are already aware of the evidence, it's been posted on this board multiple times.

So you can't prove anything you said. Got it.


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Yes, you're a jew. We know.

Daily reminder that frogs are symbols of fertility and healthy ecosystems all over the globe. Frogs are simple yet efficient predators that live efficient yet interesting lives despite not being the smartest of creatures on this planet. Frogs are pure and so is the water they frequent.

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Not that well. Front page of CNN. Head in the fucking sand always.

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How often do you think about gazing into a mirror and considering that which stares back at you?