How do you protect yourself in web

So as we all know we are being surveillanced by nearly everyone starting from your providers up to goverment tier shit.
Then how can one protect their files , browsing history, chat and attain even small traces of anonymity ?

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Just be honest. The problem with privacy molesters is they ain’t honest. Being honest torments them. There’s not a lot they can do without lying, and in the information exposure business there isn’t a lot of spare trust to grant forgiveness with. So force them to lie in ways that get caught, and they’re a self-limiting problem.

They kind of are anyways. Society as we know and love it exists only because most people are too smart and too honest to breach privacy. Society moves swiftly forward on the power of truth.

Use other people's devices.


Honestly this. I don't even own a computer anymore. They can add all my associates and other random computers to their lists. Hopefully wastes some time and money.

I accepted the inevitability that if (((they))) were so inclined, they are able to hack all my devices and monitor all I ever do online. This bugged me for a while. Then I realised Hitler didn't hide behind a VPN and that the only way way we can win this war is if we speak the truth.

use throw-away devices
on neighbor-net
using vpn proxy condom before and after Tor
Or pay a homeles person to shit post for you at the local lieburry.

Let me end that thought: that we speak the truth, acknowledging Jewish retribution is a sincere possibility, but doing so regardless since warriors accept the inevitability of death and don't fear, but welcome it.

Just be yourself. Consume your ideas you want. If no one is afraid, they lose power over you. Look at it this way. They aren't rounding up right of center thinkers right now. So you can worry and not learn or vice versa. The list you are concerned about is the list where they round up right wing thinkers. So by that point it doesnt matter that you have successfully been "off the list" because major shit is happening by then anyway and you are a limp wristed clean list cuck.

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th-thanks bro

I just raw dog it now, no vpn java enabled browse with windows explorer use my real name on everything I do.
I'm suicidal and just waiting for someone to dox me so I have a good excuse to jump off a bridge.

flash your motherboard with an open source bios and encrypt your shit

What a waste. If you're going to do it, there are better ways to spend your life.

Unironically this. I post the most blatant stuff that ensures ill never have a public career as they agencies have pages of me saying anti jew stuff ans downloading anime waifus.

Full Disk Encryption
Tor Browser

You have to ask yourself what exactly you're trying to achieve.

Your ISP could literally sell your preferences and habits to every fucking corporation in the world, welcome to 2030. So some kind of basic VPN would at least stop that.

If you're trying to hide from something bigger than a corporation, don't bother IMHO. Unless you have issues like throwaway laptop+tails+coffee shop+hoodie. In which case stay the fuck away from me pls. And even then you're probably just radar-trackable meat once 5G comes in. Give up stupid faggot habits

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Based and blackpilled. Anyways I have no life and zero social media or even use sites that require registration anymore. I get human interaction solely via imageboards anymore and if I'm on anyone's radar they are thrown off by my ironic trapposting and anti-Trump copypastas I spam mercilessly.

Linux, Tor or VPN.

Browse really disgusting scat porn so the people watching over you will be grossed out.

Don't worry, I'll livestream is and do a backflip.

Jokes on them I want to get V&

Gotta love 5g Luddites

tbh i just don't save anything and use mobile subnets to post. it's better than tor imo.

I chat sekure by drawing the letters in a trail of corpses.

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That's right rabbi, keep dumping your slide folders.

I love Big Brother. He is my best friend.

And what if they start rounding up everyone except right wing thinkers? What cuck logic do you use for that?