Planning the revolution

The government, media, and most of the worldwide corporations are controlled by the kikes. Democracy has failed whites and true Aryan people. We must cease control of top world governments simultaneously to stop the kikes from immediately retaking the established area. This will require planning and a large amount of resources. We must start planning now or the revolution will come to late.

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We're going to need a power structure that influences people and is hard for Jews to infiltrate. (Though, they damn well try regardless.)

I suggest the Churches.

"B-b-but muh fedora, muh Thor" I'm not asking you to believe. I'm asking you to LARP, like the pedo priests did. Honestly, if you are truly incel and can memorize fandom lore, you're perfect. If you're a normie who can marry, become a deacon.

There is a power vacuum right now in ALL denominations. This is how people USED to network.

Really? Nigger, you start spreading racial in the churches and they will shut you down faster than anything else.

Muh Thor has more legal basis for you to organize than churches which are absolutely cucked.

>Let's plan a revolution here together with the shills, jews will never figure out what we are planning here

Fuck off


Good god, the fault line is already there and obvious for anyone to see. It's the Palestine issue. Kikes with working brains do not support Hamas who want them all dead. The money changers love them. So what you do is you hide your fucking power level and you nuke the reputations of the pro-Islam pro-censorship MSM by calling them Nazis, which has worked for the Islamists against mildly conservative media, and you share and promote Jewish criticism of the corrupt Jews. Many people have suggested this and always get shouted down, but as it turns out

← We have a Muslim shill infestation.

Hey look at what we have this morning, it's a Rothschild paper promoting Hamas. Start here.

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Why just not support Hamas then?

Thor is irrelevant. There are NO relevant followers. The chances of an Asguardian revolution are zero. I know you aren't stupid. Don't pretend to be.

Don't fucking bust in the doors with a noose.

Ease your way into this. People are convinced slowly. Convince them that Israeli style Immigration control is good for everyone. Convince them modern Judaism is blasphemy against Christ. That feminism is counter-productive.

That is normal shit the older people already know. They are DESPERATE for members and elders right now. People are desperate for uncucked Churches, hence the Orthodox revival.

Just fuck off back to
>>>Zig Forums
And take your BASTE israel along yourself

There are more racial based Odinist than christian.

Ease into the people? Nigger, you are gonna get arrested for being racist in churches. The boomer cucks will report you.

I double dare you to try.

That's like what, 2 dozen people? You have enough people to do a terror attack, tops, then that will be used by normies to excuse military force against all of us. You need Mass appeal, not a fucking purity spiral. Quit trying to lose with honor.

There is a reason the Talmud says that it is not a single for Got to be polytheistic because it is the traditions of their fathers, but followers of Jesus will be boiled in blood.

*Not a sin for got to be polytheistic


Because they want you dead or converted also, and that's also the script that (((tptb))) have laid out for you.

Great plan, thanks for your strategic insight

Race war is a stupid idea that will not solve anything. You need to go after kikes. Bankers, freemasons, high level Jews, that sort of thing. Once they're gone, the subversion goes with them and you can close the borders, deport those incapable of self-government, and build something nice.

The trick isn't whether or not WE support Hamas. It's whether or not we can get the Left to support it.

Oppressed brown people tortured by (((fellow white))) colonists. It splits their base.

50% of the DNC donor class is Jewish.

50% of their voters are non-whites brainwashed to be terrified of colonists.

There is NO position they can take that isn't poison! HAMMER this weak spot.

Make the golem of Prague fight his Rabbi.

Finally, some common sense on here.


Race war is what the Jews want. That's why they keep trying to spark it. It ends with less Whites, and they can always import more Zerg because they have positive birth rates.

Strike the source. Bankrupt them, expose them, divide them.

Open borders for Israel.

I suggest we get tattoos and leather jackets ans LARP in the forest as quasi-homosexual pagans. We can be thw brotherhood of butts.

Okay, glowstick.

Isn't it hilarious?

"No Goyim, Don't try and seize control of a group that influences MOST White people and controls literal armies of Brown people. A place that expressly forbids Jewish members.

Abandon the place where virgin White girls gather. Stick to your pure Aryan hand. - Totally not a Jew."

Go back to reddit. You aren't going to convert anyone here faggots.

"Going after" someone can mean a lot of bad things, however the best legal and social acceptable way throughout most of the west is to use the same tactics they used against the working gentiles during the middle ages to pre great war. Marginalizing (((them))) by treating them like just another pleb beggar, and also giving them a cold shoulder. Treat them like a door to door salesman: "Hi, not interested levi, bye." "sorry, I won't/can't/will not do that for you" It totally fucks with their psyche and tribal strategy because the majority of jews have an internal locus of control since (((leaders))) influence, guide, and direct (((employed))) chattel to mold the world to their twisted will.
(((They))) achieve this through the perception as a superior being to be obeyed. Taking away their superiority, which can be very real or imagined completely undermines (((their))) rank and thus persuasive ability to control others, once the mask cracks it just a matter of time since even the gentile lackeys will see weakness and start to question the morality of their orders.

tl:dr every time you see a jew or one of their gentile lackeys do something that will hurt someone wait & think about what they are really doing.

Matthew 6:24
No man can serve two masters: for either he
will hate the one, and love the other; or else
he will hold to the one, and despise the other,
Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Imagine being so stupid you think this will work. Open borders for Israel.

You're an extremely intelligent person. I can tell.

now that's retarded

chans are good for propaganda and allowing plebs to let off stream, that's about it.

Let's assume, hypothetically, you and your coven of Marvel neckbeards successfully kill some high powered Jew.

What do you think happens next?

What happened last time?

I don't advocate for violence.
There are already many thousands of followers of Asatru in the USA alone.
How many apostles were there again?

Homosexuality was punishable by death in Germanic Paganism.
Today, it would be punishable by expulsion from the religious community, I imagine.
Pay no attention to the well poisoning "pagan" groups that ignore the religious texts and archaeological data. Some, such as "wicca," were simply made up in the 20th century.

There is no theological basis in Christianity for opposing White genocide.
Christianity has always been a universalist religion. Very few of the early converts were European and Ethiopia has been Christian longer than any part of Europe.

White people have our own native religions for which we, and we alone, are the chosen people.
White Gods for White Men.

Interesting passage.
Most Christians would extrapolate that you also cannot serve both the Christian God and Volkism.
That is a problem for those who would oppose White genocide.