It's all so tiresome

Will it ever be over? It's been getting worse and worse every year. Everyday I lose more and more hope regardless of how many whitepills I take or how much self improvement I endulge in. It just seems so impossible to change the world and shift the mind of the masses. And even if it happens it's probably too late anyway because the damage has already been done
Is it really that bad or am I just letting the jew get to me?

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Either do something about it or quit whining. We don't need your spam here.


Boomer detected

Every penny that Shareblue & co. spend on their nerd virgin shills is proof that we are a force to be reckoned with

What do you mean by that?

But Zig Forums told me Jew's want to take away their naked 8 year old hentai porn. Pedophile is based and red pilled just like anime

Fuck off trump is dead to me

Yeah it's bad. Real bad. I think our main option is go as far away from the enrichment as possible (rural and north, generally- possibly even leave to Europe), have a family, and steel ourselves for the future. This will be an multi-generational conflict and you want your family far away from the admixture so they don't turn into what the Greeks or Sicilians are today or worse, what La Gran Colombia is after a couple hundred years.

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Even if that's futile in the long run it's sure nice to do right now. I did it last year and it's clean and beautiful AND 98.5% WHITE HERE. And housing is cheap. I sold my 650sq ft old apartment in the big coastal city for $625k. The old guy that bought the entire building to turn it rental is renting my little dump out for $2100 a month now. You could rent a much nicer place here for $500 a month.

Just keep self-improving and readying yourself, user. Blackpills are worthless. If we are to be defeated despite it all, we will be, no use bitching about it. Better men have died for the cause than us, we shame their memory if we quit.

This is a problem. Close the borders and execute criminals.

Go and reproduce if this troubles you. I believe in quality over quantity anyway.

Well the system we had before, woman were just viewed as property as baby factories so if anything, the system we have now respects them more. They can choose to be sluts or whores, they're not forced to do anything they don't want to do.

Okay go workout and engage in more male gender stereotypes instead of looking for attention from strangers online.

Turn off the TV then. Move to a smaller town where conservative religious people hate the government.

People were always gay and degenerate, now it's just open. Transvestism has existed in most societies since the beginning of civilization. As for pedophilia, I believe it's the opposite effect. It's not being pushed, but rather the age of consent is limiting sexual interaction with children as opposed to previous generations where it would be socially acceptable to marry and reproduce with a 12 year old girl.

Over 50% of all wealth is in the hands of less than 1% of the population. Blame your own elite and billionaires if you're concerned regarding resource depletion and environmental degradation. In Toronto, most of the subsidized housing are high rises and are a more efficient use of space than having sprawling suburbs which accommodate the wealthy.

Why else would you want to live? It's instinctual to chase dopamine rushes and all of that. Stop trying to force this saint meme on everyone that we have to sacrifice our own well being to help others. Literally all life is is just working for society so the elite can be happier. It's the rich that control you, not the poor, but you hate the poor much more than you hate the rich for some reason.

Welcome to every human society. Follow the trends or be an outcast.

Yeah you'll die one day and all your worries will go with you.

Hello /trannypol/!

Sup nerd. Any success on impregnating white women or are you still incel?

Shut the fuck up roastie. AOC will NEVER be 30.

Not really, since they're pressured by social media influences to engage in certain behaviors
To create a better society for my children. Drop acid, my Zig Forums gomrade. Drop some fucking acid. Stirner is a fucking fag and the ego is a chain keeping you enslaved to your animal instincts.

otherwise i agree. this board has become populated by catastrophiszing faggots since the election. the white race isn't fucked - america is fucked. america was fucked the moment they decided to buy several million niggers from shady British colonists.

Why? So they can create a better society for their own children in a never ending cycle? What is the actual point in any of this if you're not happy and don't "fully enjoy" existence by being denied access to hedonistic pursuits. And furthermore this is all part of an animal instinct - the need to reproduce. How can you on one hand fight against these instincts by saying people are enslaved to them while simultaneously endorsing them by focusing on reproduction as being the pinnacle of your ideology. Seems like you're confused and stuck in a state of cognitive dissonance. But I will stick around and hear you out if you care to elaborate on what I view as contradictory statements.

What's tireseome is you still pushing the same bullshit day after day. fuck off back to kikechan, nigger.

Animal instincts in and of themselves are not bad or "degenerate" - the need for sex and reproduction aren't inherently bad.

What's bad is that casual sex destroys one's ability to properly provide for the society as a whole by fucking up the desire to create a family.
In effect, yes. Humanity deserves better than to live in shitty apartments with neighbors that smoke crack and beat their wives all night, but the bourgeois would never understand this need. Even the darkest of negroes understand that shit like cheating and rampant fucking around is objectively bad for their communities and part of what keeps them in crack-addled ghettos.

Base instincts - instant gratification are bad for the advancement of a people and society as a whole. The instincts themselves are not bad but rather the need to have them fulfilled in the easiest and most immediate way.
It's not. Overthrowing the capitalist elite is. Reproduction is the best way to ensure that these elite don't just take hold again once the economy collapses and half of wall street jumps out of their skyscrapers to avoid whatever angry mob has gathered in the lobbies of their posh offices. Raising children to be self-reliant instead of reliant on the scraps of "porky" ensures that "porky" doesn't just dupe the kids into getting into debt they need to work off with dead-end jobs again.

The need to reproduce is a biological imperative, it's true, but it's more than that. It's the logical highest biological good. To fail to reproduce is to lose the game of life. This isn't the case with feeling or not feeling pain or pleasure, with growing fat or being skinny or anything else. It is the only relevant thing.

Why overthrow anyone? What is the point? You'll both be dead eventually. Do it for the pleasure of it? Out of some misguided notion of revenge? Those are exquisite memes. Or maybe it's, I don't know, "to build a better future". A future for whom? You certainly won't be around to enjoy it. Your family? Your children? If so your primary goal is to build a better future for your children and not "Overthrowing the capitalist elite". That is a method to reach the goal, not the goal itself. If the goal isn't "ensuring the viability of your spawn" it's just memes or hedonism.

I know, its probably going to be 3 before 2030

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Memes are just concepts. A version of the human existence that exists outside human consciousness. The nihilism you're peddling is a meme so I can throw that "argument" right back at you.

For the pleasure my offspring's offspring's offspring will experience. So that nobody has to listen to some crackhead scream at his wall all night, and so that my great-grandson won't have to work a dead-end job just so he can afford a roof over his head.

I don't even think you're /lefypol/ anymore - you're just some dumb nihilist middle schooler who probably watches anime and jerks off. You probably call other people incels while thinking you're above them because you screwed the town bike when you were sixteen. Go back to playing poorly made doom wads.

AoCfags are so dumb. Most states have close-in-age exceptions and those laws exist so that weird 40 year old "photographers" don't fuck 12 year olds. Most of these creeps are jewish, anyway.

Okay. Don't have children then and you couldn't possibly have a grandchild in any of those situations.

No one on Zig Forums will want to accept what I'm saying next because it goes against their ideology of finding a physically attractive female to reproduce with.
Having children is absolutely pointless and quite cruel. The two worst things you can do to another human being is to murder and torture them. You do both those things to your offspring. By creating your spawn, you set a death sentence on them. By being alive, they suffer, so you are responsible for both all the pain they have to endure, and their eventual death.
All of it is driven by the biological desire of continuity. Your brain is programmed by DNA which tells it what to do. You try to warp that instinct into your political ideology instead of just rising above nature and deciding that you don't want to be the slave of habit or instinct and would rather have true freedom which could only be achieved upon death and thus can never be truly experienced.
This world is terrible and by bringing more life into it, you increase the net total of suffering. Even if your kid has a good life, they will still get old, get diseases, will witness death of loved ones, and will die themselves. What is the point of any of this? While I may not be the individual you are replying to, I am indeed a nihilist because there is no valid reason as to why you should live or have kids, unless you plan to use your kids for a material purpose such as slave labor to benefit your life.

Or unless you're lonely and want guaranteed company. But then you can have friends. Or you're a narcissist and want to see little clones of yourself. All stupid as hell. Go ahead have your dumb children. Not like it will do any good for you or for society in the grand scheme of things.

lmao blackpilled schizo nihilist, take meds.

Have you found your physically attractive white European female to reproduce with or are you still incel?


And how exactly am I wrong?
you're clearly troubled and unhappy, and you should be well aware that your kids will just be locked into corporate servitude forever until they're old then they die. Why promote this kind of society and reproduction in general?

Seems like most of the people posting here are just angsty teenagers, adolescents and young adults who romanticize the concept of marriage and family, even though you're just degenerate incels yourself who blame woman and other races for the fact you can not succeed by your own standards. What a nasty trap you put yourself into.

what a waste dubs. KYS blackpilling jew.

I will eventually. Good luck with your marriage and family, friend.

for someone who talks so much about nature, you somehow deny your own. To have children, to grow old, to suffer and to mature, are all constant in life.

This escape from suffering through the denial of your own nature is pathetic. Suffering and pain strengthen the body, the spirit and the mind. Suffering is part of life, just like laughing, having fun and relaxing.

You will never find the answer you are looking for, because it's not outside but inside you. Lift, study and work to be someone are the bases of National-Socialism and this is our culture. There is no room for the degenerate garbage that has failed to disengage itself from its own ego and see itself in the reflection of humility and balance.

Come back when you're ready.

Ok. Enjoy the constants of life, you and your children can keep suffering and reproducing. Good luck friend.

Your culture amounts to following jewish fairy tales of marriage and enslaving other people to do your bidding, but backfiring and having those people fuck you over in the long run. Enjoy the hole your ancestors dug. Having a white child changes nothing except causes them to suffer in this shitty world.

Life would be joyous and fulfilling in a spiritually connected and naturally environmentally close society. Unecessary suffering is horrible because it is unecessary. We could all live lives worth living, and the times of sickness and death would be just a part of the process in a fruitful and happy life. The jew world is the problem, the npc brainwashing and consumerism and pollution and hordes. Life is a gift

If you ever have a wife, she will probably end up leaving you and raising that kid alone. How will you feel when your kid is a homosexual or your daughter fucks a black guy? Seems to be happening all too often. Good luck with your family and marriage, friend.
Maybe if you're lucky your daughter will convert to islam before she gets assaulted and gang raped in the nation your ancestors built.

user, you are too blackpilled. Put on ur shoes and take a nice walk. Do some exercise.

Yeah a gift for the elite who use you and your family for labor while exploiting your primitive traits. There is no spiritual connection and that's all bullshit. Religion and society is all rooted in brainwashing and you just chose a specific flavor which you feel is best, but leaves everyone hungry in the end anyway.

Life was never good, quit coping that your ancestors were happy. They were slaves and you're a slave.

Having kids is the biological imperative. If you oppose White people reproducing you ARE anti-White. There are No exceptions to this rule.

If you don't have kids, you literally failed at Evolution.

If you REALLY believe it's pointless, perhaps you should consider suicide?

I am anti human. Whites are just as terrible as everyone else. If you didn't exist, niggers would still be in mudhuts and the environment wouldn't be destroyed as OP complains about.
Stop overglorifying yourself and your history. Your ancestors were just better at murdering and ruining lives than others. Now the negros are better at reproducing, murdering and ruining lives. Is that evolution?
You think a nigger who has 10 kids is better than you? After all, he meets the standard you set for evolution.

Actually I am anti existence. This universe was a mistake.

You sound exactly like me when I was an angsty 16 year old, but in turbo mode, I seriously hope your still in highschool, otherwise just kill yourself, your shit attitude is part of them problem

bla bla bla, my life is miserable but i'm too pussy to pull the trigger.

why do you spend your time here if nothing matters? WE being here is why I have hope. Just the fact that there is an "underground anonymous forum" with people who tell the reality as it is, is the proof that we can change.

As long as there is a will to fight, there is hope. When we give up hope, we are already dead and we do not even realize it.

Evolution doesn't care who is right, it cares who is left. Nature is neither fair nor cruel, merely indifferent.

I intend to win at it.

You intend to die alone.

You will die and be forgotten and your children will suffer pointlessly because their ancestor was some retard with a survival complex.

Okay you can enjoy your incel forum. Good luck "changing" the world, friend.

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This world and this life are all we have. You already know this, or else you would have killed yourself already.

Why have you not killed yourself?

Are you enjoying this, or holding out hope that something good will come along?

Suicide is a very well studied topic. If you truly believe Life is more painful than death, and it won't get better you'd an hero by now.

What's the hold up?

maybe the attention we're giving makes him alive.

To be fair, the mongols would not kill you if you didn't resist, but they would certainly tax the shit out of you to the point you might wish you were. That is until a lot of them converted to Islam…

Fast forward to Germany today.
Sorry Hitlerites, you have been replaced. Enjoy your slow death while muslims rape your children and destroy your towns.
Maybe if you insult them in these incel forums and day dream about having a white wife, you can stop this from happening

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How many kikes or Invaders have you killed today OP? 0? And you have no idea why this is still happening?! This only stops when we MAKE IT STOP.

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Oh and don't forget to work really hard so you can pay a lot of taxes to fund the next generation of Germans and Americans.

Well at least you're sorry about it.
Ill remember to try and feel bad they hang you.

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Nice violent delusion you have. There's reality - where you are undesirable and foreign men take your women and your country - and then there's imagination, where you fantasize about hurting some stranger online because he reminds you of the truth of dying obsolete white men.

Then you have nothing to worry about, do you?

like pottery

Let's be honest. Are you in a romantic relationship right now? Do you have a girlfriend?

Worst pickup attempt ever.

We're trying to help you, bro. Just blow your brains out and head for the light.

Everyone will be better off, the sooner you do it.

How about you buckaroo? Do you have a physically attractive white European female companion yet?

Told you>>12825285

ffs. . .

Shark splicers
You’re not going to be racially groupable forever, humans
Fucking get over it already
If you’re skins today, you won’t be genetically superior tomorrow

Pedophiles should sit at home and jack off to it, instead of chasing actual kids irl.

Anti-natalist took over another thread

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Glad to see there are others who understand.

Be genetically superior: oppose racism today




pro-tip: stop being such a fag.
do you think anything transcendental, majestic and revolutionary ever came from a whiny faggot who cries about how bad his situation is?
no. never in history.
everything is fucked and you aren't going to un-fuck it by crying about it.

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This is a paid jewish shill.

thread only has 71 posts. this kike is salty.

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you can always tell a jew because they post dumb shit like this. the jew has always been anti-nature.

if you think existence is a mistake, start by extinguishing our own existence, faggot

epic typo

His second career was pretty good though.

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Why does David Benatar teach in South Africa? Surely, his smarts would be better applied in Israel? Why does he not work at Bar-Ilan or Tel Aviv Uni or Hebrew Uni at Jerusalem?

Its over as soon as you decide to get up off your fat ass and stop voting.

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Working on it but honestly there isn't much more to do. Thank you all white people for participating in your own demise.
Now tell me, where do your seminal fluids end up? Travelling through a vaginal canal towards the fertile womb of a beautiful woman? Or in the trash/sewer?
"master race" huh? Real shame.

you wouldn't be posting here if you were working on it
noose yourself already
the rest of your post is 0/10 bait, nice try shekel hoarder

Okay let me rephrase the question. How many loads of your ejaculate have ended up inside a woman's vagina? If the answer is 0, don't be surprised niggers are taking over.

Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.


Stop wasting your time with bullshit OP and go be AWESOME. It's in your genes to do so.

It does? Ok so, what did you try and change? Yeah, you didn't even have a goal let alone one you worked on for years. Or did you thing you could change decades of bullshit in 6 months?

When did you get into the mind changing business? Leave that shit for lying jews. If you could change some cuck's mind then five minutes later, someone else will just change it right back. Such types are useless. Whites care about the TRUTH and that is selfevident for anyone with a mind. We want, strong, good people not retarded soy boys.

We got over Obongo. Most people probably don't even remember those shit 8 YEARS.

The later. Figure out what you want to do, then make a plan on how to accomplish it. Be realistic with your goal(s) and timeline.


Sorry, we only share that information with group members.

Here have some good news for once.

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Dude, my dude, just play vidya till you have a pack of coons outside of your house wanting to rape your entire family and burn your house down.

Roastie detected.

Today I have been called a Jew, a "glow in the dark" CIA nigger, a shill, and now a female. Neat.

Well maybe you should stop acting like a female kike fed shill.

You will never do this.
So you support white genocide.
No, you're brain damaged. Kill yourself immediately.
Wow, that solves the problem.
Wow, that solves the problem.
Kill yourself immediately.
No, you're brain damaged. Kill yourself immediately.
Paid jewish shill confirmed.

You seem like a very pleasant person and I am surprised that females are not naturally attracted to your intelligence and success. It really is a shame huh. Those jews are responsible.

How does one bypass the subconscious survival instinct to kill themselves

Ignorance at its finest folks! Get it while it's hot… They don't serve it like this anymore.

Stop engaging for FFS. these "people" have fucking ruined cuckchan. Don't let this become l&dd*t part deux 8ch

And what am I ignorant about? Everything I said there is true and your ad hominems are proof that you can't think up a decent rebuttal.


Hows that infiltration of the Republican party going ?