Schindler's List

Back in 7th Grade, my class & I had to watch Schindler's List 3 separate times completely in the year. I recall commentary from the teacher about how evil the Nazi's were as they lined up a group of old Jewish men & women + children, holding guns at them & shooting some. Tried watching Schindler's List today, and I can't explain how obvious it was they cranked the dial up on "EVIL!" for all of the Nazi's. Try watching the last half of Schindler's List Zig Forums, try not having a confused expression the entire time.

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When I was 15 I did the Fascist Salute during lunchtime. My deputy head literally sent me to his office and made me watch the engineer execution scene in Schindlers List, makes me chuckle everytime I think of it.

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When I was in grade 5, the school librarian kept giving me novels about the holocaust. Her name was Mrs. Allen. Looking back, I think she must have been a kike.

So many slides so little time eh rabbi?

Ahhh Schindler's List, "a work based on fiction"

Isn’t Schindler's list a comedy?

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Try making a decent thread you awful cuck.

Always laff.

My 8th grade class had to watch it. I was absent that day. I still have never seen it. That was over 20 years ago.

since Schindler was a member of the Nazi Party, even when the war ended, when's Antifa going to deface his grave?

It is for me. I like how in the end Schindler lost everything, but saved some kikes. But no jew helped him after war. They care only about themself.

I think we only had to watch schindler's list twice.
I read the diary of Anne Frank probably 6 times though all in seperate grades.

Oh, and they took us to see the Anne Frank play.

Narrowly escaped a key day of brainwashing. What if that's why you're here now?

Never seen it. In school we didn't focus too much on the holocaust. I saw the events as normal history, nothing special. I treated it just as if looking at Alexander the great conquering Persia.
I don't understand why the holocaust is treated differently.

Serves him right, he trusted a jew.

I like the scene when they go to the Ghetto, and to show how bad the Nazis were every room and window on the streets is flickering with constant gunfire, is so fucking ridiculous, what the fuck were they doing just firing guns in every room for prolonged periods, must have been some pretty tough Jews repelling those bullets.

When I was 8 or 9 years old back in the early sixties, I thought it was hugely funny if every time they showed a video on TV about the death camps and had a scene with heaps of emaciated jew corpses, I'd shout "EATINS GOOD TONIGHT". My sisters who were 6 and 7 years older than me utterly despised me. My mom never liked me either.

yep in seventh grade I wrote the paper on what I wanted to do when I grew up
Mentioned cloning Adolf Hitler to team up and fight aliens together. It got me in so much shit, parents called, met with district supervisors and shit
they were pissed

( checked )

Cloning Hitler? Hmm. That is best plan i heard so far.

all we need is his DNA. it can be done in this modern day, modern age
we can do anything

I always admired nazis ever since I was a child after I became fascinated by WWII history. I use to draw swastikas all over my notebooks, journals, and scraps of paper. There's something truly sacred about that symbol.

I always suspected something was awry with the holocaust, it just seemed too sensational and crazy to take seriously.

You must be new.

bless you

lol wtf adults
as if Hitler wouldn't be good at fighting aliens
that's it, my kids will be homeschooled

Schindlers List - Ernst Zundel interviewed by Peter Peters

I should've saged since OP post is low tier

hory shet that's a lot of zundel

What's wrong with Schindler's List?
It's the most accurate holohoax ever made.

you didn't comprehend what I wrote user
I proposed we clone Adolf Hitler to TEAM UP WITH and fight ayyys like over twenty years ago in the seventh grade
read man come the fuck on

lol wtf, how did my comment suggest to you that I didn't understand yours?


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Oh, I remember that shit, I was in like 5-6th grade. What made it extra memorable was one of our teachers was this black "black power" guy and he co-opted the day by handing out flyers (while we were still at the theatre) saying that porn and threesomes were damaging the black community.

Yes, really.

Damn, that's a lot of Frank. Any anons forced to read this should ask who wrote it. Which is a trick question. Wikipedia tries to gloss over this, but the JYT has an article - the jews used to claim that Ann Frank wrote it, but recently they announced that her father is a co-author. Why? So copyright would not run out.

What to do when propaganda conflicts with profit?

He wasn't wrong.

First three weeks, holocaust.
Next three weeks, black history month.

When I was in college a blue-eyed blonde girl found out I'd never seen Schindler's List and thought it was very important that I, a blue-eyed blonde man watch it ASAP. We watched the first ten minutes and then had premarital sex while there were jews getting burned or whatever. Still haven't seen it lol.

Use the meme potential to spread the message that this movie is based on fiction and delusions of mentally ill subhumans/jews.

good lad

#7 ?

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Building 7.

First three months: Holocaust
Next three months: Black history #
Did anybody find the hidden swastika yet?

Schwindlers list is the reefer madness of the holohoax.

bro that sounds like a hilarious cartoon, world leaders are forced to clone hitler to fight the aliens, and the jews are secretly wary,,,

Remember to always point out that the book it's based on is classified as Fiction.

A better thread would be a genocide comparison thread. Like the 80 million Indians in the Muslim conquest. How come schools never taught that. Or holodmor. Or any other genocide of the 20th century.

Do you live in Bosnia or Albania?

I had to watch Anne Frank and Schindler's List in school as well. All it did was make me more interested in the NSDAP and solidify my idea that jews are a weak and whiny race of shitty animals.

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I'm guessing this is probably mandatory high school learning in Canada now

I would fail that unit.

I remember my teacher gave me shit in eight grade because I wrote a paper about Hitler not being an evil monster, but someone who was doing what he thought was best for his people.

I was still moderately bluepilled in 12th grade when we had to choose a famous serial killer to analyze, and being an edgy autist, I of course chose Hitler. This bitch dropped ten points off my grade because I "didn't include his mental illnesses" and then she couldn't even tell me what these supposed illnesses were. I'm sure a good number of students start to realize they've been lied to after similar experiences.

I too was subjected to this mind control as was my progeny. I worked tirelessly to reverse it.
Why force the disinformation on our youth generation after generation? Why own the media to force faggots and freaks into our home, and destroy our strength? Why blow up the big Apple ( our pride center to the world) and blame it on the towel heads? Does anyone have a plan?
The Anglo Saxon/Nordics are their greatest fear. And if they were to ever to join forces with Muslims it would be game over. Perhaps an enemy of my enemy approch might make sense? It's seems they are trying hard to prevent this with war and propaganda.
Reasons it could work
1: They hate Jews and know they are cucking our brains out)

2: They see Jesus as a prophet. The jews…

3: They hate fags.

4: They have good weapons connections

Just a thought as I was reading through the comments. But I'm dumb as board so I'm sure this has come up before. I just never understood the overplay. And it's freaking relentless. Maybe start threads about how we dig Muslims and the cool shit they do and watch the shills lose their shit.

interesting I didn't know schools had deputies oversseeing 15 year olds