Why are antifa cucks so dumb ?

Antifa's Anti-Yellow vest protest :

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Yet more ZOGbots who have literally been convinced they are brave revolutionaries fighting le ebul rayciss white man dictatorship. Oh the irony.

Useful idiots of the usual suspects. The kind of people Stalin would put in a gulag.

The same reason our foreign policies are always so dumb, the same reason whole populations can't get it together, the same reason the whole of Earth is fucked up.

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Make a general already you useless nigger.

Antifa have been sneaking into the protests and attempting to disrupt them since november.
Then when people start to fight back they run behind the nearest police line, really makes you think.

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This post written by a jew.

Yeah, we should be really happy that antifa is doing this openly now. They are just that despicable.

They aren't dumb, they are brainless, literally. Soros does all the thinking.

They fetishize the protest culture of the 1960s and want to recreate it.
The two options available for youth culture are:
1)Brainless consumer, club slut, reality tv/instagram.
2) Hipster trying to relive the myth of the 1960s hippie

Television teaches them to be 1 and their parents and college professors teach them to be 2. They both think they're rebelling against eachother.

These are cattle just having fun in their own way, getting high on emotions. These same "people" are the null hypothesis of every society, they are just going to exist as long as the zeitgeist of this era is like it is nowadays, they are natural soldiers of the hivemind. When things change, they are going to change too. Behind those masks and bovine eyes there isn't much going on.

That's squatting slav?

Hes the only YouTuber I know (besides E;R) that gets tons of views and still calls out the jew

Because comfortable lies are easy, OP. Someone does the thinking for them, they reflect those opinions and imagine they know something. Just ask a basic, obvious question about anything one of these fuckers says and watch them chimpout.

They actually think this.


Antifa were created as an arm of the German communist party to squash opposition through domestic terrorism. Now bolsheviks are in positions of power all throughout the West, and antifa works as state sponsored street level enforcement to squash political opposition and social dissent outside of the scope of the law. It's why they never get into major trouble, how they're able to afford everything they have, and why no politicians or police chiefs ever do anything to stop them. They are still an arm of bolsheviks, and they're being used as street level enforcement, where police can not, to squash dissent. Simple. It's so obvious. Antifa is not an organic movement, it's a well-funded and organize group with support in high ranks, and those who rally and organize antifa do so at the behest of high-ranking people.

What a based president, now Saudi Arabia can wipe out Iran.

Nice shill post.

Antifa are agents of reactionary jewish capital.


Social engineering exists. Marketing exists. Psychology exists. Until you know you dont know.

Person: wtf society is fucked!

The cause of all problems : yes go do this trust me I'm your only hope go stand in a field and shoot Confederates until you also die while I eat steak.

Person: Oh , ok!

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These people are the building blocks of every empire in human history. Its really not that complicated, people are dumb and are manipulated. Any parent can abuse and manipulate their child and mold then to their liking. And what are they gonna do? Go live in the woods? This abusive, no, evil behavior is tolerated and people are not raised to be strong smart moral people. Any time a movement comes to restore sanity a hand rubber appears and goes "Wait, you need to fix this for Allah. And you need to fix this for jesus. And you need to fix this for Yahweh. And you need to fix this for Shiva. And you need to fix this for Tom cruise. And you need to fix this for Kayne west. And you need to fix this for trump. And you need to fix this for Clinton.", And the same way somebody who can't ride a bike at first falls down, people who don't understand the art of the con fall for the con. Then they kill each other for an imaginary friend and nothing is solved and John podesta rapes and eats a child on Lolita island, oh wait Donald is using that room.

Based Squatting Slav

finally, someone gets it. there is a reason ANTIFA has fucking HEADQUARTERS IN WASHINGTON DC AS WELL AS MAJOR CITIES. think about how much overhead Antifa has; their management and bureaucracy get real funding The foot-soldiers are the useful idiots in the group, but everyone high enough in rank to receive a salary knows that Antifa is a controlled opposition; a release valve for the disenfranchised peasants.

Someone should ask antifa why they are so white.

Yo, finally something posted that I was on the ground for.
This is Vancouver. We've been coming out every week. The protests have been slow lots of people are asleep.

This time though we decided to amp things up a bit. I'll risk exposing our strat cause it's too fun not to implement everywhere.
We had some antifa show up at a smaller yellow vest gathering so this time we contacted antifa and told them a bunch of racist bigots were going to have a protest. We ended up getting ourselves outnumbered.
So that worked, if you tell antifa to jump, they'll ask how high, then you can use them to signal boost and make entertaining videos like this one.

Also its fun to shout at those losers and the cops were totally on our aide, they gave us PR advice, which they weren't giving to antifa, and harrassing us about making the movement look good and getting our word out past the horde of antifa that arrived.

Also flags are repellent to them, they tried encircling us slowly but if you post up with flags and let it flutter in their faces they turn tail pretty quickly.

Not a thread.


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.
Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of their race.