Oy Vey . Pence remembers "Muh 6 Gorrilian"


Good Goy Mr.Pence

>Vice President Mike Pence, during a tour of the Auschwitz Internment Spa. where Hundreds of thousands of jews played volley ball and solicited hookers paid for by the Reich during World War II, warned that (((anti-Semitism))) is still alive, well, and growing at an (((alarming))) rate in the United States and abroad.
Be sure to srop a redpill or two in the comment section if you would Goys. Shalom!

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Goy never forget six trillion of the chosen peoples

Integrity, people. Jews have it AFAIK.

But forget that Poles lost 17% of total population in war, and still demand money for fake victims from an actual victim.

Expel the Jew by '22

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A couple years ago the subhuman went raking at a cemetery.

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The comment section has gotten very interesting. Boomers BTFO

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Nice. Are there any other remade Der Sturmer cartoons like that?

Did they show him the movie theater, coinage, and doctor's office with which the juden were provided while in the camp?

Spam this everywhere

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In total it got about 1000 views here (see the bottom of the page)


A great documentary to get out there for the normies. Archive as much as possible


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Trump was mistake.

He was a stepping stone

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For Israel. Not for us.

This cannot stand!

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The sun is rising once more

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A must-see
About Josef Mengele


Holy shit Anons. Let the Redpills flow!

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Like Trump, he's Jewish.

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Thank you, I've known that quote was disinformation for years now but didn't find the original.

Funny but by law they can't since it's the White House's vid and it is the public exercising their 1st amendment. At least the WH can't pull the comments, as for jewtube, we'll see.

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You're welcome. Happy to help.

Oh, and they can monitor the fuck out of it for Europe, kek. I hope they add the comments to the library of congress.

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There's nothing (((They))) can do and it's beautiful

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Can the EU sue jewtube and have the entire wh account yanked over it? Ooooh it may get good.

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I'd love to see a frantic kvetch such as this on (((their))) part. But (((they're))) still a bit too smart for that at the moment I suspect. WH vids have become a dumping ground for redpills as of late and the Boomer firewall has dwindled. It's a beautiful sight

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Probably too much to hope for, likely just be region restricted content.

i'm actually surprised more people didn't sue "Alex Jones" considering how eager he always is to dodge actually going to court. I guess you'd have to weigh up the odds that you'll end up dead vs getting paid.

how long before comments disabled?

but it's against free speech
i think they will start the botting tho

The donald and half chan are great places to discuss gossip. Youl fit in great there Perez Hilton. Your 10000 attempts to get me to give a shit about the reality TV star from the apprentice who had everything handed to him by his daddy or his good buddy Epstein failed. You will never succeed . Go hang out with your kind, youl have some fun, I promise, Perez Hilton.

Literally wat?
We got ourselves a Bot Nigger here

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Why don't the jews ever cry about the dead commie victims?