No more dual citizens in congress

The most important petition you will ever sign.

End dual citizenship in the US congress. Either you're an American or you are not.

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Signed, although, I don't think petitions will work.

It's a way to redpill people on the JQ.

I wish the founding fathers were smart enough to see that dual loyalties were dangerous and have added in that no one may serve any other than america while dweling than in america.

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They WERE smart enough.
They assumed that no one would be this fucking retarded, which is why they didn't write out "hey, know what, you can't ban any guns… any of them. at all. you fucking faggots" or "hey, guess what, niggers aren't human. only whites are human." or "women don't get the fucking vote because they're women." or even "look, you can't serve two kings, you fucking dipshits."

I don't think it did that much in Australia

To date no one has been found to have dual Israeli Australian citizenship. It's mostly been British and tbh who is to say that was really a bad thing. Before you might have had certain influences competing, now it's just all corruption, and it looks like the UK might really get brexit because there's some people with balls over there /shrug

btw Australia just handed over billions of dollars to Macaronido for submarines so i'm sure he can use some of that cash for some purple vesters or adrenochrome or whatever, pretty based

hey fuckit, maybe they can use the billions to invent some new handsigns

wont do shit but I want to see this blow up.
This would be the single most important idea to put into the normie-sphere.

Bernie 2020


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Post it on Reddit :D heh. Oh and watch it get banned lol.

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Way back in the last century when I was a kid there was no such thing as dual citizenship as far as I can remember. If you signed up to join the frog foreign legion you lost your citizenship cuz you signed up for a foreign army. If you became a US citizen you had to renounce all kings, potenates and a bunch of other things, including your prior citizenship. If you voted in a foreign election same as joining the frog army.
If I remember correctly some jew voted in an israeli election or some shit and was going to be banished and fought it to the supremes and they said well jews get to do this shit cuz Gods chosen people and reasons. There has to be some anons here that have a better handle then I do on how this whole shit show evolved to what we have today.

No it isn't because there's hundreds of petitions over stupid bullshit made daily, unless you try to spread it via (((social media))) and we know how that'll go.

I'm yuro, and the concept of dual-citizenship is straight up alien here.
The only case that comes close goes something like this:
And in some countries, the kid is a citizen of the country he was born in, parent affiliation be damned. I know of an italian kid with a german and spanish parent, born on a roadtrip they were taking.

I think I heard about American dual-citizenship a couple years ago, and out of curiosity, started asking about things like that around here. Absolutely noone heard of anything even similar, and when I bring up the 'muricans example, people flatout don't believe something like that would be possible. It's bizarre.
Even more bizarre when you consider that in Israel, members of Parliament must renounce any other citizenship before taking their seat in the Knesset. Strange, isn't it? Sounds like another case of "Rules for thee, but not for me!"

See also:

and it's thread:

Signed only at 24 signatures right now.
You need to spread this shit on all the chans, twitter, and facebook, etc.

Can we end dual citizenship here at /pol? Jew/White Nationalist

No, Agent 46.

"Dual Citizenship with Any Other Country" is redundant.
To serve in The United States Congress, one may not possess dual citizenship.
Or . . . To serve in The United States Congress, one must be an American citizen and may not possess dual citizenship.

If only you knew how the Juden really needed gassed

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I tried this once. Signatures starting going backwards at one point. Only managed 307. There were many more than that who claimed to have signed.

My text read as such:

Dual citizenship in the United States poses a hitherto unappreciated issue for policy-level members of the legislative, executive and judicial branches. The divided national loyalties of dual citizens can create real or apparent conflicts of interest when such legislators, judges or senior officials make or speak out on policies that relate to their second country.

The potential damage to our democracy is the greater when such conflicts of interest are concealed in UNDISCLOSED dual citizenship.
Dual citizenship creates conflict of interest through divided loyalties. Thus it would seem obviously paramount to require that dual citizen members of Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive be required to renounce citizenship in another country as a condition of public service.

Even the cunts that aren't (((officially))) dual are still fucking dual. At any time even if the fuckers renounce the false state of pissrael, they have that god damned right of return. They will ALWAYS be fucking jews.

This should apply to all US govt employees regardless of level. Also bear in mind there are triple citizens and such. For example Lorne "Michaels" lipowitz of SNL is American Canadian Israeli triple citizen