White Genocide: Evidence and Redpills Thread

White Genocide: Evidence and Redpills Thread
Post infographics, redpills, statistics, memes, and any other materials you have.

This should be a permanently cycling thread, or at least permanently in-catalog.

Will dump things I have saved.

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fuck off nigger, there is literally nothing in your OP
this is a slide thread
sage and report

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Just look up racial demographics for any big city, and for any country as a whole and you will see a lower percentage of white people every couple years in the census. If you follow this trend you will see that in 30-100 years, most white nations will have their own race as a minority. It's already happened in the capitals, and it will slowly get worse with more migration and race mixing.

Abortions are a good thing. Unwanted babies should not be born. They will not get the love and care they require to thrive. A good family and upbringing is more important than genetics overall.

I guess my slow interwebs meant that first post was not kike free.

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You are here USA
You are here Europe
You are here South Africa

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Does anyone know how I can upload multiple images at once without javascript?

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Seriously, IDK how you anons and the rest of the white race hasn't torn this clown, anti-white operation down by now. I don't think any other race would put up with such bullshit. I stand with you in solidarity and will fight the good fight to the end.

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Thank you apparently non-white user, very cool.

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Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.


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Because Americans and White Europeans are behind this entire fiasco. Sure there are a disproportionate amount of Jews involved based off the global population but the Zionists are weak on their own outside of the coalition and are literally nothing without USA or UK enabling them.
Everything going on is financed by white megacorporations and banks. The goal is to integrate first and third world countries so everyone can get paid a lower wage and all governments will be united under one. Nationalism is reaching a symbolic level of legitimacy rather than a force to be feared. Mass migration and miscegenation are just stepping stones and symptoms of the globalist agenda rather than the final goal.
Seems like too many people here just refuse to accept its their own race profiting off the destruction of their ethnicity, country, ancestry, etc for extra bucks and they use Jews as a convenient scapegoat for too many problems that are introduced.
Nothing will be changed as long as you're comfortable enough with your own life because you will be scared to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. Once you're forced outside your comfort zone and the quality of live drops to Africa levels of poverty, it will be too late for the average person. The frog being boiled in the pot is a perfect analogy.

You glow in the dark.

TLDR: Your country's leaders value money above race.

This is your brain on memes.

When you realize everybody glows in the dark, because they use image enhancers.


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Honestly the only whites that I can imagine that are complicit in it are the sadistic politicians like Joe Biden who smiled about the eventual minority status of white persons in the US. Many of the commoners that happen to be white simply nod in agreement and even fight for diversity because they have no critical analysis skills or they simply have just been propagandized and have succumbed to the force of the effort. Obviously the jews are behind just about every degeneracy one can think of. However, I can't let them get away with this. IDK what is worse the fact that they are trying to do this or the fact that they have successfully brainwashed so many people to hate themselves and their culture. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.


best case scenario is if a 12 Monkeys style virus was released that targets anything with 1%+ of sub saharan DNA, and sterilises them.
That would take all arabs/jews, negroids and within a few short years the world would already be massively improving.


This is new and they're trying to bury it

Sackler, then senior vice president responsible for sales, told the audience at the launch party to imagine a series of natural disasters: an earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane and blizzard, according to the court filing. He said the =="prescription blizzard" would be "deep, dense, and white,"== according to the documents.

Meanwhile Shrykelli sits in prison for years and years while sackler counts his billions. The corruption of the DOJ is astonishing and alarming.

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Premeditated white genocide no charges
prescription blizzard" would be "deep, dense, and white

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This popped on Drudge for a few minutes on election day 2018

Trump's been open border the whole time.
He's knows he's only doing one term so he's fucked reaming his supporters cornhole w no vaseline.

Todays headline

Trump: EU must take back 800 Isis fighters captured in Syria

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Threadly reminder:
Always agree and amplify. If the person says they generally don't like white people and think they're oppressors suggest that tax credits be given to PoCs for having children while white people will be forced to pay an extra 15k per child in taxes. Continue until it's so ludicrous that the other person re-evaluates their position.

Jews at Harvard are counted as white. So they're fucking deserving whites and Asians.

Joe Rogan brings it up to (((Ari))). He wanted to defend but couldn't

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got the articles about girls with braided blonde hair being stopped and questioned by police for wrongthink?

thanks, some of these are very good

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Not on me.

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It is no longer available, as a YT link


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