We are the choosen ones the children ofthe sun

Proto aryans domesticating the horse and mixing with caucasus hunter gatherers to spread and built the ancient world
Hittites an aryan tribe conquering today anatolia and trasforming it in the superpower of the bronze age , they were the ones who developed iron metalurgy.
Scythians becoming the king of the steppe , tesching finno ugrics and mongols the way of life of the steppe.
Andronovo bringing the vedas and the system that still work today in india.
Sintashta founding the modern iran that would spread all around the middle east becoming the first modern empire.
Tocharians asenting in western china bringing metalurgy, horse, chariots , apiculture…. that would let china start their first civilization
Even in egypt in the new kingdom time the moment of max expansion and properity in tye history of egypt all pharaoh are r1b redhead

Then greeks and romans built the first proto modern societies : psientific method, phylosophy, democracy, literature, poesy, threatre, literacy rate over 15% while in china was under 1% ,olympic sports, legal codes acueducts , giant infraestructure that still can be seen in all its glory today…..

Then like our ancestors once did conquered the world to bring it to a new era

From the begining to the end
youtu.be/bpxtuUQ28UM [Open]

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duhovnirazvoj.com/ElektronskaBiblioteka/The Antideluvian world-Atlantis.pdf


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Do aryans still exist?

Well , north euros are still half aryans

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The more aryan blood the better works a country
From sardinians
Spanish and italians
French and british

Only with slavs the correlation is not total

If half mongrel like norwegians is one of the best countries to lifein the world , imagine a pure aryan europe

Anatolian heavy people completely dominated European history for thousands of years. Steppe rich countries if anything ruined Europe and are the biggest kike enablers and degenerates.

You don't even understand your own meme

Nigger, again?

Only because of the dubs, which aryans do you refer? The debated upon nordic aryan or the towel-head version?

This clearly needs to be discussed.

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Use the term "Hyperborean". It's actually accurate and descriptive.

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Point was that the reich had an issue defining it themselves. And the whole northern indian tank you come again aryan wasn't what they referring to and that aryan is used to poo up the waters.

I know, which is why I prefer the term. It defines itself through its poetic etymology. "Beyond the North Wind".

all these gods that said they'd be back one day

it's like telling your kid you're just stepping out to buy some milk and then skip town

Remember Tartary

Indeed it does but some would harp on that as leaning towards LARP because of how entwined fantasy and culture have become with the media jew always pushing forward. Which is why I mention the issue even the reich had with it because I'm sure even they ran into the same kike crap trying to steer the meaning from the intent.

White men learned the lesson of the errant father. Unlike some.

These shitty fucking larp threads need to die.

is the truth

White Judaism

Just leave this here.

You don't even understand the meme!

Most inventions came from Germany, France and England.
Those super-more-aryan-than-you norfernurs didn't even record a fucking blip on the radar.

Yes , we do exist schlomo


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I think it is quite telling somehow that original steppe peoples, once they began their seemingly "imperialistic" phase expanding everywhere from their heimat, mixed themselves out of existence at least in their "pure" form, with Scandinavians being at very best le 60% face. A similar phenomenon I guess can be seen with the Spanish/Portuguese conquest of south America. A heavy male migration, domination of male lineages over the locals and imposing of culture through patrilinearity, slow disappearance of "pure" invaders and establishment of some sort of caste system based on the degree of relation with the original conquerors.
I feel like these people believed that their essence was male-based so to speak, they didn't really see "race", understood in terms of certain qualities, as something females took much part to aside from the "raw material" so to speak, at least in the aspects they deemed important anyway, a sort of Y chromosome prominence. Maybe they saw a 3/4 steppe male but patrilinearly descending from a local as "lesser" than some 1/4 steppe male that instead descended patrilinearly from their own clans.

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I am helping translate a book that seeks to prove this, namely "Der Aufgang der Menschheit" by Herman Wirth.
Ours is a civilization with a written language that predates the earliest "historic" examples of Egyptian/Sumerian/Vedic writings by 10,000 years, a language from which the others sprouted and then decayed over time.


The children of the sun (=Aryans) colonised the world and brought culture to the native tribes. When they race mixed, their kingship ended.

Atlantis in the north sea was the original home of the aryans (descendet from the gods, as described by Plato)


Atlantis was placed in the north sea. All europeans are basically atlanteans!
Atlantis has the potential of unifying the aryan race, while preserving our differences at the same time.

It is recorded in many ancient accounts, outside of The Dialects of
Plato, that an extremely advanced island civilization once existed and
transplanted their culture around the world, but was destroyed when it
sank below the ocean. Accounts of a highly advanced, sunken island
civilization occur in locations as diverse as South America, Egypt,
Greece, and Britain. It is apparent that these accounts describe not
just a single Island, but a vast island/coastal empire, the original hub
of this civilization being an Island chain located in the North
Atlantic off the coast of what is now the British Isles. This original
home of this advanced civilization was known to the medieval
cartographers respectively as Hy Brasil (now submerged), Thule
(Iceland), Ultima Thule (Greenland), and although many inaccuracies
occurred in medieval maps, some truths were conveyed as derived from
ancient legends.

J. Spanuth researched this subject for decades and gives all the proof you need to know, that Atlantis was located in the north sea, where the Dogger Bank lies today. The last remnant is Helgoland, which basically means "Holy Land".

Atlantis the antedeluvian world (shows you all the similartities in ancient cultures, due to aryans)
duhovnirazvoj.com/ElektronskaBiblioteka/The Antideluvian world-Atlantis.pdf

Aryans are the mix of Paleo-europeans and Indo-europeans.

Tired of these shitty forced meme threads.

tell us what is wrong with them

Jews and Communist did a great job exterminating them in the past 70 years. There's still some tribes left, but they are slim.

Hohol master race reporting in

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(((they))) learned it from someone

more like having something to strive towards

Fuck that. We children of the sea now.

here is the composition made by davidnky
with all the component in western eurasian population
samis are the more ANE like
latvian the more whg
sardinians the more farmer

georgian the more chg
bedoins the more natufian

unlike dasyus we have a history backing our achieviments that date back thousands of years of greatness

All whites are Aryan.

There's different kinds of Aryan though, like Nordic, Alpine, Dinaric and so forth…