Any video or article that fully explains the JQ?

Wanna convince a friend that Jews run
a) Music Industry
b) Movie industry
a) Political parties
c) Media/Press
d) Banks

Any helpful infographic/videos/sites will be greatly appreciated.

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Other urls found in this thread:[Open][Open][Open][Open][Open][Open]!rTRDFQoR!mkvwu-DB5CnO-oOQzqEEEA is National Socialism in Truth.mp4[/youtube]





You already lost. Pepe is Jewish now. Join us. Israel has the hottest women on the planet and is the most westernized anti Islamic nation too.

dude, if you want some of this sweet sweet control, just convert

The Protocols of Zion
Mein Kampf
Culture of Critique

KYS, JIDF. Israel is an illegitimate ANTI WHITE terrorist state and should be dismantled.

Just some general things here.
As for a single complete description, read:
Culture of Critique by K.McDonald
The jewish revolutionary spirit by E Michael Jones
Merchants of sin by Benjamin Garland

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The simple way of understanding the jq is to compare them to HIV:
1.HIV enters the body and initially hides in places within the host that their immune system cant get to as easily.
2.It multiplies and begins to subvert the natural healthy immune response of its host/victim in order to thrive better.
3.This eventually results in the development in the host of a set of symptoms called AIDS.
AIDS prevents the immune system from functioning properly and the host eventually dies through secondary infection. An infection that the host would otherwise be quite able to resist without much effort.
4. Although HIV within the host will mostly die with the host it is usual for the host to deliberately or unknowingly spread HIV to other hosts to continue the cycle.

1.The jew enters the body of a nation and hides in roles that initially offer some protection. This is usually a monopoly or something that becomes a monopoly under jew nepotism eg: usury, diamonds, medieval tax collecting, many areas of academia, the msm etc…
2.The jew secures its position and begins influencing its host nation: Usury becomes debt slavery and political influence, media control becomes narrative control, academia becomes re-education etc… all designed around the jews terror of being singled out and identified by the host and their desire to grow unhindered. Fear and greed are their motives.
3.The social, economic and political manipulation the jew engages in based on fear and greed results in a specific set of symptoms developing in the host nation: Anti-racism, in group preference becomes a taboo, the promotion of misegenation, civic nationalism followed by open borders, the demonising of the host for past actions real or invented, the removal of inconvenient parts of the hosts history and identity, hyper individualism, perversion and sickness paraded as goodness and health etc… All these symptoms are induced under the guise of a twisted 'morality' that cohen-cidentally benefits the parasitic jew and makes it easier for them to function within the host nation.
4.The host nations natural and healthy immune system of identity, history, agency and self worth is destroyed. Internally paralysed by jew induced perversion, degeneracy, atomisation, apathy, corruption, self doubt, guilt etc.. and unable or unwilling to defend itself the host nation is overwhelmed by external invasion/infection by other groups that would otherwise be only a trivial problem.
5.The jew moves on leaving death in its wake.

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Good info:

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fuck these threads.

As a note its worth mentioning that the destruction of in group preference, identity, race, nation etc… that the jew engages in is conspicuously not applied to themselves. The (((msm))) crying about refugees, border walls and racism to white nations but conspicuously not applying those same 'moral' attitudes to israel is a simple example.

Kosher salt.

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Here's Molyjew for you.
Its anudda shoa.

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you are dumb or purposely ignorant

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Found the salty jew!

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FBI report - Israelis caught with bombs on 9/11

Christopher Bollyn 2014 (60 min lecture)
“Israel Is Behind the 9/11 Attacks and Iraq Wars”
(keep in mind this guy used to be an alex jones nwo NWO missiles and holograms, believer. and may well be being prepped to be a spokesperson for Israel's 9/11 attack hitting the mainstream)

FOX News - The Israeli 9/11 Connection ep.1

RT News and Press TV journalist Ryan Dawson - War By Deception 2013

BBC journalist Alan Hart on Israel and 9/11

RT News - Was 9/11 an Inside Job

Israel Mossad Chief - Juval Aviv, ( mossad agent on whom the movie 'Munich' is based)
tries to cover for Israel but ends up admitting a lot

2.40 'there is no doubt that there were various Israeli teams in America… who were MONITORING terrorist networks…

3.08 'Israel had [the 9/11] information that they were giving the American government..'

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never proven. also this is clickbait spam from cuckchan fyi.



If its blocked for some.

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Look, Jews are sad scared people whose idea of standing up to antisemites is posting on this site about the omnipotence of Jews…

This post is a fiction; any resemblance to reality is coincidental. I do understand how bottomless the drive to speculate can be, but why not speculate about something friendlier? This joyless place isn’t making its userbase happy, nor its watchers, nor even the people who laugh at it.


only jews on Zig Forums are in user's minds.

That should be A. It's where all the power is derived. Without control of the world's money they the rest collapses, because they cannot simply buy everyone and everything.

Then why are you so worried?

Thanks user, really appreciate it.


Got anything on banks? I know Rothchilds are jews, but what about the other banks?

Is this any use? It touches on things.
All wars are bankers wars:

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Fucking kek.

Do you know the song name on that oy vey.webm? Or where to find similar composers?

If the Jew is HIV, this must mean in turn that we're the antiretrovirals and protease inhibitors trying to suppress their kikery so they don't end up killing the host.


Mostly American, He doesn’t name the jew but (((Bankers))) speaks for itself.

There is something I don't understand. If Jews have the highest average IQ, wouldn't that mean they actually are God's chosen people? After all, what better sign of being preferred by God could there be than being born genetically superior and thus being more consistently successful than all other races?

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Thank you rabbi Goldberg, very cool!

stop bumping this antisemetic garbage.


They don't. That's a hoax.

Literally this
I had no clue American Krogan was this red pilled. Always figured he was a run of the mill civnat conservative who had just grown tired of commies fucking up vidya.
The whole thing is great. Just put it on in the background and listen to it if you can't be bothered to actually watch it. That's what I did.
Also, it was probably the fastest shoah I've ever seen, which is telling given the guy has never stepped over the line like this before.

The jew is pretty straight forward.


The jew has chutzpah and nepotism. Thats it.

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That RT news one is down… Google/Youtube shoahed a lot of content in the past year.

"You gentiles" is a good primer. To truly understand jq, you have to read torah, mishna torah, talmud, kabbalah

Just so you know, I am recording the audiobook of Culture of Critique right now. I have completed 6 chapters so far.!rTRDFQoR!mkvwu-DB5CnO-oOQzqEEEA

Idiots, this video is the only video you need to watch and is 2 hours long
If you want to know the full history here is a 8 hour long video made by the same dude

Anything promoted with Hitler cartoons, pics, videos and swastikas.

Lol. This fucking optics cuck again.

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Dude got fired for this article

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vengeful jesus on twitter got taken down, he had a cool doc in short 1-3 min parts about the jews replacing the natives of european countries with immigrants…anyone have this?

What is this Ghost of America Past/present/future red skull? I want the whole story

looking for this

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From what i remember it was from an issue from about 2015? I think Capn Murica eventually decided that the beaners where America or something but it was a while ago and im not a comics fan.

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The JQ, Julius Streicher (1936)

Understanding how fucked up kikes are isn't something you can do with a single video. If you want to redpill someone on the JQ they have to be willing to learn. Most people who are not redpilled at this point are anti-intellectualists anyway.

I would start with something like Zeitgeist or maybe the animated film The American Dream while talking about the banking system.

If you want to talk about slavery there are some great documentaries on the Jewish endeavor that was the transatlantic slave trade.

If you want to talk about leftists, there are documentaries on the Frankfurt school. There are plenty of documentaries about the ethno-religious origins of communism.

Documentaries about political corruption. There are plenty of redpills about how Jews fucked over Germany. The Balfour is a highly condemning document. Benjamin Freedman gave a pretty good speech about it. There are plenty of recordings of that.

If you want to talk about Jewish infiltration and or control of secret societies there are plenty of documentaries on the order of perfectiblists, priory of zion, leared elders of zion. Start with the Order of The Perfectiblists. Start looking into who the members were and what those families have done historically.

Jews are just too corrupt and evil for a single documentary to cover all of it. Pick an area you are interested in and start watching. Share with a friend and talk about it.

Also we're starting a hashtag #ourgreatestally

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Americans will never acknowledge the atheist Jew by blood.

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40% of people polled said Jews were overrepresented.

It will happened.

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Top-tier Waifus !

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Is that why the kikes in hollywood only date shiksas?

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Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of Whites.


Anons, are there any good documentary's other than "The Greatest Story Never Told" that explain or show National Socialism? What about any videos/reading material explaining their economic/social policies? I'd like to get more in depth into it if possible.

That was really obnoxious to watch. I noted not a few problems, all stemming from the Christian stance of the propagandists.

On the Jewish Question, start by reading a book.

Tell him to start smoking marijuana. No, wait, nevermind, it's legal now and you buy it from an actual legit store.

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For cartoons about why kikes are kikey get Die Giftpilz (the poison mushroom), by schoolteacher and only civilian executed at Nurnberg, Julius Streicher. I love the art.

General NS material

Mein Kampf (stalag edition):

National Socialism: The Biological world view:

National Socialism: Vanguard of the future:

The 'Nazi Sozi' questions & answers for National Socialists:

Faith & Action (Hitler youth):

He would die watching it

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What is National Socialism:

National Socialism & the laws of nature:

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This one is a good one on the economy. Grab it while you can user, it has already been shoad along with Cultured thugs channel.

Hope these help, user.

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Vertigo Politix did a good one that is hard to find now (((for some reason))): is National Socialism in Truth.mp4

Save em while you can, anons!

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Go look up a youtube Channel called "Cultured Thug". He has a great analysis on National Socialism and various Fascist figures.

Cultured thug just got shoad on jewtube.
Oddly the mirror of this vid by him i posted here got shoad too.
The post got deleted. Bit odd. . .
Lets see how long this lasts:

wait no, the post is still there. Carry on!>>12840892

damn i just noticed.

He has written a lot of book on the Jewish Question from a catholic perspective.
But he also does a lot of interviews on his channel, notably on the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit (what you ask) and Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation as Political Control.
His channel.
If you want a good controversial video from him:

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I recommend everything on the youtube channel Know More News.

It's packaged in a manner that is not offensive to normies, and it will plant the seed that will grow into a tree of rage.

Previous was on music industry. This is on AIPAC's influence on both major political parties.



Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of Whites.

You're a fagit.


A must have book

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List them. Some might be a result of you being psy-oped to go against the Transcendent truth (a primary goal of any competent slave-breaking).

does anyone have the infograph showing who owns porn sites?

I am Jewish and I currently live in America. I am of Polish decent. I would die for MY country not for Israel. Do you not like me?