It has started ! Get in here !

A high school student from Covington, Kentucky, sued the Washington Post for defamation on Tuesday, claiming the newspaper falsely accused him of racist acts and instigating a confrontation with a Native American activist in a January videotaped incident at the Lincoln Memorial.
The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Kentucky by Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, 16, seeks $250 million in damages, the amount that Jeff Bezos, founder of and the world's richest person, paid for the Post in 2013.
The lawsuit claims that the newspaper "wrongfully targeted and bullied" the teen to advance its bias against President Donald Trump because Sandmann is a white Catholic who wore a Make America Great Again souvenir cap on a school field trip to the March for Life anti-abortion rally in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 18.
In a photo that went viral from the incident, Sandmann is seen standing face to face with Native American activist Nathan Phillips. Sandmann stares smiling at him while Phillips sings and plays his drum.

A private investigation firm retained by Covington Diocese in Park Hills, Kentucky, found in a report released last week no evidence the teenagers provoked a confrontation.
Phillips claimed in a separate video that he heard the students chanting "build that wall," during the encounter, a reference to Trump's pledge to build a barrier along the U.S. border with Mexico.
The investigators said they found no evidence of such a chant and that Phillips did not respond to multiple attempts to contact him.

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Bullshit kike distraction. Fuck off.



Wonder how many DIDN'T follow the order to preserve…

Discovery is going to be epic..

This is worth a thread, but OP's "OMG HAPPENING" is BS

250 mil…

To all the fuckers that deserve it..

They'll be distracted all right.


I wonder how many progressive rags are out there trying to get this gross rat looking chug some money.

Order to preserve internal docs..

All of these rags sites are getting defunded as we speak and this or something like this will be one of the nails in the coffin. If you can't get excited for defeating your enemies then what is worthy?

I can't wait for them to win because it would be our own "Me too"

This is why it will never go through. We already know the courts are just part of the circus anyway.

In about a decade, the Washington Post will report that, after going broke, he decided to settle for a pathetic, undisclosed amount.

fuck off nigger, nobody cares about this bullshit
remember, if the media is talking about it you probably shouldn't be paying attention

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it is like cutting off the heads of a hydra. they declare bankruptcy, get off scott free, and start up another bullshit publication that's now "cool and different"

Literally nobody cares about you or Trump kill yourself Kushner shill

This is a jew.


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Okay, I understand the trump dumping, but this is just a guy. He's actually outjewing the Jews. Pretty damn impressive.

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Oy Jew.

So how does one get perma banned from here?

I hope he wins and Wapo goes bankrupt and lays off all their leftist shil - I mean journalists


nice picture of yourself

What are you, like 8 years old? Kek.

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Are you looking for someone you can relate to?



No. This isn't /r9k/, you creepy faggot.


Fucking hilarious.

That stinkin' chug is probably lying in a puddle of piss and shit in a dank Seattle skid row alley right now, drunk out of his tiny mind on spray can Lysol and KoolAid.

Bezos can lose $250 million without even noticing it. But these mouthy Hollywood jew cumb guzzling whores will be devastated even by just their lawyer's bills let alone any settlement they're forced to come to.

Fucking hilarious.

Strange way of saying kike.

Being racist against non-whites is a good thing.
All non-white races must be genocided.

Absolute state of nu/pol/

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What if based Thiel is behind it?

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I actually think things like this WILL help solve our problems. Let me explain.

One of the biggest things communism/marxism does in order to subjugate/control the masses, is propaganda. Everyone here should know, first hand even, the effect and power that memes and propaganda have on the average person. And commies have effectively turned the entire news media into their propaganda wing already, they didn't even need a full take over by the state/government with rules and laws imposed on the news media to force them into airing their propaganda 24/7, instead they were systemically bought out and staffed top to bottom with communists and the like, making them a propaganda arm of the government, without the government actually needing to be full communist already

What this means, is that they have a far more powerful tool already at this disposal than simple military force. You can't just point guns at people with military force and expect them all to work, they'll rebel, they'll sabotage you, they'll fight back in any way they can. But if you indoctrinate them, you make them think they SHOULD be working themselves to death for the party or whatever they want to call it. By skipping straight to the propaganda wing of it, and on a national and mass scale, they've managed to be in a position to brainwash millions of people into WANTING communism(etc) and fighting for it, rather than just being an after-the-fact propaganda wing that convinces the people to accept it as normal.

So, how do we fight back against this? Well, various methods have been used to success, and ultimately its costs lots of "journos" their jobs, especially with the recent layoffs that hit some of their companies. But its not killing these monsters, because they financial hit they're taking is not nearly big enough or on a large enough scale that it can't be minimized by their financial backers with basically millions upon millions of dollars to throw at them, and by the people they've already indoctrinated eating up their content stream.

So, to stop them, their cuts have to not be nicked, they have to be slashed open. The bleeding they suffer (financially) has to be so profound that it can't be simply dealt with by laying off a few opinion piece writers. So how does this happen? You sue the shit out of them, over and over. They aren't going to change their tactics, because currently all they do is lie and make up propaganda, in order to do that they need their made up stories, and for that they need patsies to target (like the kentucky kid) that they can exploit and claim did things they didnt, so they can run their 24/7 news cycle of mock-outrage bullshit. But, this ultimately means SOMEONE is the target of the lynch mob, and everytime its proven these news companies made shit up and so on, they need to be sued for everything they can be sued for.

Bleed them dry, essentially. They won't stop doing what they're doing, because they're not news, they're propaganda machines, and if they stop doing what they're doing, they cease to be propaganda machines, which is their only function for "the party" or w/e they want to call it. So, they won't stop until they're dead, so we simply need to hasten that death along. And this is how you do that.

Now, a method for doing this to "academics" in "higher education" needs to be devised as well, because we all know they are commie sympathizers as well. If we can do that, we fully cut off the indoctrination machines teeth and claws. They no longer have means to indoctrinate the masses, and their infectious mind virus (their memes) die with them. In a single generation they'd lose all power, all sway, and a return to common sense and logic would happen. And following that, you'd see a massive push to rid our nation of all elements that are destructive to it.

It all starts by bleeding the propaganda wing dry. our problems aren't going to be solved by votes. And until chaos happens, people aren't going to take up the bullets. So, this is the best move that there is at present. Destroy their indoctrination ability and free the minds of those who would be enslaved by them


The amount of kvetching ITT tells me that this is a very good developement

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Renegade Jew, he's not exactly revolting the "stand your ground" meme. He's gonna attack the jew. It's like those stories where a prince kills his Royal family and wants to free his people.

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They are busy here shilling the hell out of anti trump memes and bernie. So of course they'll want to hide this shit.

I take it they are trying to arrest your single for trying to impersonate dubs

I should cap this man.Nice dubs

Here it is.

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LMAO, like clockwork. Is your kike-wrangler paying you overtime for this, Moishe?

Another staged "Hulk Hogan" type lawsuit.
If this lawsuit DOES succeed, then consider it a controlled demolition of a major news outlet, like News of the World and Gawker.

And remember, Sandmann is a kike.


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He is German Catholic

The media circus and death threats alone proved that much in damages if not more.

Eat a gun you fucking fag.

I have long suspected that the "omnipotent jew" posters are in fact jews themselves. Always remember, user, there is nothing you can ever do to counter the omnipotent jew.

The family already paid him. The whole thing is staged.

This kid is likely to become a billionaire from the media's political stunting over this.

I would like to see WaPo have to fork out $250 million. Doubt it will happen though. They'll probably settle. WaPo will offer somewhere between $50,000 - $150,000. The kid's lawyers, who are getting 10%, will see an easy payday for almost no work, and they'll tell the family to take it. The family will just want it to all be over and they'll take the money.

No the $250 million is just the WaPo. There's at least 50 others so far they're going after.

This lucky kid will never have to work a day in his life. He can just cruise around the best neighborhoods in America wearing the coolest clothes in a Porsche Targa hooking in prime poon. Some kids get all teh fucking luck.

You're not white, huemonkey.

Mein sides.

He's a mason as many injuns are. If you listened to his rank and stuff you would know he never served and was expecting his faggot friends from the lodge to back him up.

This is happening more and more across north america every day. The Hell's Angels are next.




as a believer, i think it's ironic that jews are now pretending to be catholics. both religiosity and the synagogue of satan go hand in hand.

Minikikes while not our friends don't reap the benefits from the Gigakike control of industry. If a Minikike wants to hurt the Gigakikes let them fight.

Why you think literally every single person other than yourself(?) is a Jew?

Hulk Hogan ended up settling his $140 million suit against Gawker for $31 million, how much do you think this kid would get in his settlement? I wonder why it reports just this guy, I would think they'd do a class against suit against WP since it said ALL of them were blocking the guy. Obviously Sandmann should get the biggest chunk since he was the one most attacked.



They tried to get this boy fucking lynched. There's no point of comparison. Make sure to e-mail Barnes and make emphasis on that.

Any update?

There's nothing like destroying free speech, while making $250M sheckels for being an insufferable grinning faggot.

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We call them ZOGbots here ResetApe, lurk 20 years.

Here we go, it's another "leftist says everyone you think is on your side is a jew" posts. The average person doesn't know Trump is an actual zoggatron, but what the average person does know is that he hates mexicans and possibly niggers.

That's CNN propaganda. He was the first guy to make a negress Miss Universe.

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Learn to fucking OP.

unironic upvote

the left made me hate niggers with their obsessive racemixing propaganda.

I had nothing against blacks before leftists started shilling with their hollywood poison.

I bet its all a part of their plan. "Use reverse psychology to make people hate blacks more, and and then let the opposition take all the blame."

take a closer look at that snout!

as a nigger myself, I hate other niggers
I see them as slaves being worked to wokeness by their Jewish masters

Kikes really did it this time

Depends on how much liquid cash he has on hand. He might have to liquidate some his shit if his net worth is all in stuff he owns like Amazon and so forth

This, never pass up a chance to make the machine bleed

ZOGbots always refers to police and the military. I would say "lurk moar" but you're an astroturfer.

I never post on this board but holy fuck the yidrats/democrat payroll shitposter pajeets ITT


Why does everyone keep saying this little nigger is a kike? Isn't Covington a Catholic school?

The Sandy Vage Who Bitched About Everything

Worshiping a jew is spiritual judaism, so he is a jew no matter what. Zig Forums101, like it or not.

On Friday the Washington Post went full retard and issued a non-apology. Then they made it worse by tweeting.
Editor’s note related to Lincoln Memorial incident

Today Sandmann's lawyers responded.

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If you're self aware, you're anything but a nigger. Make the difference. Get a proper family. Redpill your kids before the jews can take them.