The media is focusing on the "poor downtrodden jew" "muh holohoax" narrative. But what did te kike do to warrant their hatred? The yid said or wrote something I know it.

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Reminder that the movement did not start out as a holocaust movement.

Some of the demands. None of them had anything to do with gassing jews in ovens.

This honeypot and other fake news sites will continue making them look like genocidal maniacs.

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This shit was pumped out to try to co-opt well after they were hanging anti-jew banners off overpasses.

Did France really think they could hold that land with the only real port between 2 Spanish territories? Are the French retarded? They should have paid pirates to attack Spanish ships and bay side towns in Florida and then purchased it for a very low price. If the French where not so fucken stupid they would probably have taken this whole continent. They put some faggot in office who blows niggers in-front of news cameras tho. What can you expect from frogs?

This is really starting to get good. France's sentiment towards Macron is so negative that the more he shills for jews, the more frogs realize that jews are their enemy. Any kike with half a brain would be wishing this faggot would just shut his damn mouth about anti-semitism. There has to be some furious hand-rubbing going on right now regarding the level of exposure this issue is bringing on jews. Macron has clearly jumped on the opportunity to call out rising anti-semitism in the yellow vest movement, hoping that frogs hate the idea of the National Socialist boogeyman more than they hate him personally, thus winning him popularity. But it is becoming evident that he is so thoroughly despised that instead it's causing more and more frogs to turn on the jews.

nice, so now the public will hate the yellow vests and support increased police violence against them
based retard neonazis stooges do it again
only CIA agents will reply to this post

You'll notice that very early on in the protests Trumpstein was trying to mention them, right around the time Micron and Merkel were doing their EU army thing. Trumpstein was obviously trying to gum that up because he wants the niggerspic occupation to keep Europe vassalized.

Fast forward, Trump hasn't said a fucking word since as it becomes clear these protests aren't going to be co-opted and aren't on any level "pro-America" and there's Micron shilling for Trump's kike aggression against Venezuela. This thing has them spooked and they are dropping masks left and right.

(((d907e3 )))

As soon as the filthy yid is called out, the (((fellow white))) jidf shows up to steer the goyim away from the jq. Better pray that Whites don't unite, kike, because it won't be a pretty day for you and your tribesmen.

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what if no one cares?

you are 100% correct

fake news, that's literally the terms antifa came up with so they could coopt the revolt

and they've failed miserably in attempting to do so. The Gilets Jaunes are even wise to agent provatuers and government agents pretending to be them.

When anyone is insulted , nobody cares. There is one group though ,for some reason, who has public officials declare a national emergency when they are insulted. Gee, I wonder why that is? So they have no power over anyone, yet there is a separate set of laws for when they are victims and when anyone else is a victim. it's almost as if, gasp, mafias don't like to be. called out .

Religion is fucking retarded. It's a cult for narcissists. Judaism is not and never will be exempt from criticism because it's fucking retarded and based on nothing. I don't give a fuck what Seth Rogan looks like. He doesn't practice Judaism in anyway. He , like 90% of jews, just enjoy having a card which grants them a special status.

The best hidden secret is there are probably a million people with literal jewish blood who don't practice their faggot shit at all, and they are anti-Semitic as fuck because cults are fucking stupid.

You can openly criticize any other cult. Reddit has groups dedicated to criticizing Scientology , mormons, christians. If you mention their favorite cult though theres a problem .

Notice how zero Hindus have ever complained ever? There has never been a Hindu in American history who ever tried to interfere . Dumb ass shit , but they keep to themselves . It almost as if the most evil people go the furthest out of their way to hide their evil motives.

In 2009, he was criticized for his strong defence of Roman Polanski, arrested in Switzerland for the rape of a 13-year-old girl. Finkielkraut claimed that she was a "teenager", "not a child"

Jewish - check
Pedophile advocate - check
Social ""justice"" advocate - check
white genocide advocate - check

I'm not even surprised if this dirty fuck staged and made a false flag out of it. The sad part is this piece of utter shit exists because the nazis didn't kill his garbage dad in the camps. This is the consequence of letting jews live and saying not all jews!. You get trash like this which just inevitably keeps coming back over and over.

Abrahamic are shit tier mind control religions that are notorious for mentally blackmailing its followers. E.g. catholicism where the demands put on its followers to avoid going to hell are ever increasing. In a similar way the muslim system operates in having a ton of rules one needs to abide (and doesn't usually abide all) to go to heaven and even that is up to chance in that religion. But wait if you go and die for the shitty cult in a jihad you instantly go! What a convenient way for a warlord pushing that shitty religion for his own gain to get fresh bodies.

So in other news…

He is literally a Zionist. Jews go nuts if you call them a Jew.

What the fuck are Jews doing in France anyway?

oh wow, they've won some points for sure.

Do you think that beating in the fact that we gave Israel 28 billion, and the same people refused to give the wall 5 billion would be enough?

How young are you?

So why havent they started hating them for calling kikes out before this instance?
Oh wait

This is a very low-key and well disguised jew shill, trying to put serious distance between the religious and racial aspects. E.g. don't exterminate jews on explicitly racial grounds for their explicitly racial traits that are eternally recurring, but instead allow them to proclaim platitudes and blend into the general population.

Dubs to bind the jew

Wasn't there an article several months back before this, even years, that there's been a mass exodus of jews from France?

He's one of ours you retards

Incite the french to openly kill jews.
Only violence can solve the jew problem.

I really wish none of you was left to live.

If he was honest he would use his position as a jew, Bobby Fischer style, to bring up the real causes of the deterioration of Western tradition.

He’s like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, sure they’ll take all day about the symptoms, and retards like you will lap it up and believe their every word, but they will NEVER talk about the root of the disease.

I swear you faggots are the dumbest ones on this board.



That filthy fucking jewish shit smeared RAT.


Finkielkraut défend Polanski : à treize ans, "ce n'était pas une enfant"

Finkielkraut defends Polanski; "at 13 years, this is not a child" "France has fallen prey to a fury of persecution".

There it is, you're international cosmopolitan jew filth rat, insisting on the right of kikenvermin to anally rape little drugged girls.

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While the yellow vests are armless and based americans with their gun rights are shivering in the dark corner of their rooms with paranoia floating over their heads, hilarious tbh that the cowardly french are doing what americans can only dream of

Oh fuck, in the Vietnam war the USA lost 50,000 men which is 0.000142 of the population.

In WWI the French lost 1,397,800 which is .04 of the French population of 38 million at that time.

And the blubbering sorrow of the cruel bullies that murdered over 1.5 million Vietnamese never ends.

It's pure post WW2 propaganda. French who fought against kikes and their minions fought with valor.

all the can hope to do at this point is hope that none of the normshits will find out what's really happening. They will never be able to (((turn))) the matter around on those whom are already in the know.

fuck, I hate jews

until you start posting videos of you putting the Jews on blast with a pistol or shotgun you are nothing but an Internet Nazi larper


Here, for you sad liars and fakes, who pretend to care about politics…

In Greece there is an anarchist hunger-striking because the government has lacked integrity in his sentencing. No Jew did that, but an arrogant right-wing judicial system did it, heedless of the damage they cause to their own aims thereby. For the state must foremost show self-obedience if it is ever to deserve allegiance!

I care not to avenge the man’s crimes; I care not for the nature of his associates. I care that rules have been set in power and thereafter followed not. Whoso has power must be obedient in power if it is to be retained.

For two days I could not eat after reading of that event; eventually I felt absurd fasting for someone of so little relevance to my life, but still it impacted me. What has ever impacted any of you that way? Do you take all luxuries for granted?

I know I should not scream at ingrates; I shame myself to indulge that fire. I apologize. Still it seems you bold tellers of “truth” haven’t value enough in integrity to ever have anything real. You barrly notice worthy suffering.

Spyros Christodoulou!

Reminder that leftypol and civnat magapede faggots have been switching between trying to co-opt and discredit this movement since it started.

Gas yourself and your spawn please.

Americans have their chosen goyim status to lose. French have nothing to lose.

Rather have Vichy France back.

Indeed. It's long overdue since their last expulsion. But there hasn't been any since the Ancien Régime fell. Hmmm… I wonder (((why)))?

That image was an attempt to co-opt everything. The solution to France's problems is to get rid of government, not make more of it. Without big government to hide behind all the Jews, Muslims and niggers will have no skirt to hide behind. They will flee the country or get lynched, as they should be.

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you'll lap up #MeToo tier bullshit when it's convenient right

Those demands are fake shit (((friend))

Oy vey harder jew

Fuck that. Release the mustard packets.

Roughly 2/3 to 3/4 of France supports the yellow vests and hates macron, it's highly unlikely that his "but muh, muh joos!" Response will sway anyone, as the majority of France already views him as a lying phony trying to save his own skin. If anything it will further turn people against the French establishment and even redpill some on the jews

You are ironically right, isnt there something in their book taht says a jew will ultimatly destroy all the jews?



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dunning-kruger the post.

Reminder that Jews buy their bots at kike rates, and the cheapest of them select random comments and post largely unrelated shit like this.

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more like "uplifting" or "revealing"

Best go and spray more swastikas around Paris.

Blessed and Christpilled.


Translated from Le Parisien Feb 19th 2019:
Jews Call for Gilets Jaunes to be Shut Down

That french philosopher has LITERALLY defended the extermination of french whites.

Look him up. It helps if you speak french.

I'm gonna need at least 3 more pixels to read that k thx

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Me too is a limited hangout to cover up hundreds of thousands of children being sold into sex slavery.

Yeah they have tried before. Good luck Jews, you will need it.

I need sauce on this statement. It sounds too funny to be true.

The more they complain the worse its gonna get for them. I swear kikes are masochists.

Mustard? Mustard! Don't let's be silly.

not only a bad shill, but is he seriously defending Seth Rogen with that comment..?

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Yep. They are calling them "radicalized" now. In a couple of weeks they will be a crazy cult. And a few weeks after that, live video will be shown of the cultists' compound being burned down while the French version of the FBI watch outside with military vehicles. There's no reasoning with jews. Learn from America's mistakes or get niggered like them.

It doesn't matter what they call the Yellow Vests, the movement has the support of the majority of the public. Every attempt at cracking down has only made the government look less legitimate. Since organized Jewry owns that government, it's only logical that they would throw their own weight behind supporting it. They essentially want people to choose now between the Holocaustianity of the government and its backers and the populism of the Yellow Vests. It won't work for the Jews, but the anti-semitism card is their biggest asset, and they hadn't really played it until now. The Yellow Vests will easily survive it - they are unstoppable.

user he’s Jewish he will never be French. Why shame the French for the crimes of a Jew?
Also why are you saying terms like white French? That’s Jewish word play too deny the European race their own national identities. That kind of terminology is used all the time in the anglosphere most especially America because of Jewish subversion of white Americans the true American people too deny them their true identity.

No, you retard, that's why they didn't bother trying to hold it and focused on European gains.

Macron on Yellow Vests; when you go to a violent protest, you are complicit with the worst.

They're getting ready to start shooting the Gilet Jaunes in the streets. The bankers want Macron to crush this at all costs.

If they do get really brutal it'll be interesting to see what the police decide to do.

Looks like there's some dissent in among their ranks.

too bad it was just a bunch of arabs chimping out

Macron is a regular Shit Midas. Glad he's not on our side.

Why doesn't USA send aid to free France from King George?

I think you know why.

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"I work at a media city (BBC) North of Manchester. I can absolutely confirm that the British media has been handed a D-Notice (legal gagging order to prevent reporting on 'inflammatory' incidents such as ignored/killed protestors, not allowed to even mention the word 'France' or 'Frenche' on the main page of the BBC news website) against reporting on the Yellow Jackets for 'national security' reasons. It's not fully legally binding but the director general has enforced the D-Notice. The government is treating this as a security threat to all European governments and are trying to prevent a 'European Spring' type situation and preparin multiple pre-written stories incase a major incident forces them to break the D-Notice and it involves framing it as far right, portraying the violence as perpetrated by FN-supporters, Russian fake news fueling it etc. A big spider-web diagram brief on a projector is in the world politics writers room pre-empting what type of incident might occur and what pre-written articles will follow. 'Large unarmed civilian deaths' is on a red diamond occur it lights up the lines narratives in green circles, if the mass police defections diamond lights up it goes to a different circuit of narratives.

They've assigned a social media team to update the projector board in realtime. This level of pressuring is fucking unprecedented even compare dto 2014 and 2015."

European spring. Hmmm, I guess they don't like it because this "spring" wouldn't be a bankster kike manufactured one.


And amplified by the tech traitor leftists first put into overt action in Occupy Wallstreet by the same bankers they were """"against"""".

I wouldn't be surprised at all. The level of media blackout on the yellow vest protests is insane.

DOTR soon imo. The pain from this kike-infested world is what keeps me motivated and evermore moving towards the end goal.

I thought the GJs in this video were arabs.

Not the demands of the original group.
That picture is an attempt at a (((co-opt))). Just like (((you))) and;
Oh right. (((>(1))))


Basé et rouge-pilulé

His message is not true unless he calls out the Jew and renounces his own Jewry.

There is absolutely no doubt he knows the truth of what’s going on in the world and is most likely actively subverting white people like intellectual dark web people such as Jorden Peterson.

Keep in mind the Kingdom of France was at its heyday back then. After the 30 Years War, France took from Spain the title of the most powerful nation in the World and, up to ~1760, their Faustian Spirit was fully activated and they feared no one. The French were barely 70 000 in America but they explored relentlessly and as far as they could simply because they felt the urge to see what was beyond the next ridge. Claiming property over all that blue territory was a mere formality; there were forts and trade posts but almost nobody.

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13yo is a teenager, retard.

Anyone know what's planned for this weekend? Updates?

Yes, but then the French decided that on the apex of their economical, political and cultural boom it was a good idea to behead their king, clergy and nobility because some BASED KIKES were funding some braindead proto-marxists.

They poison the minds of those who are on top. The same happened to the following world powers, Britain and the US. Also the French apex was more from 1690 to 1750 imho.

They used to call them sophists.

This needs spreading far and wide across the web. If there is a pre-ordained media narrative which will operate to control the narrative instead of reporting on the news, and which seeks to discredit the protestors and paint them as "far right" (i.e. real ebil nahtzees in the minds of the uninitiated normies) this could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I mean - this is genuinely huge if true. It would be the spark.

It's World War III already.