Remember when that EU official said that the answer to rising nationalism is to put forth fake populist candidates? I do vaguely, which is why I don't remember which rat-faced fucker said it. I would have included that quote in the screenshot if I could find it.

Well, now we are going to get to bare witness the fruits of this effort as the 2020 primaries start to rev up and serpents of all shapes and sizes slither out to vomit black lies into the eyes and ears of the American people. And how lucky we are that the shills have hit us first and exposed their intent to force Andrew Yang, a Manchurian candidate created be the CCP to usurp American democracy and crush white imperium at the behest of Israel once and for all.

Yang's shills posted his Joe "Thumbelina" Rogan interview the other day, and his tactic was screamingly obvious. Well, on Yangs part, he will attempt to bribe white workers with promises of UBI (which, much like Trump's wall, will go completely unfulfilled) in addition to pretending to care about the interests of white men. Unfortunately for Yang, he let slip that he was doing this specifically to stem the growth of racism, so now we don't have to wonder whether this is 2d checkers against the white race as if any of us were stupid enough to need the confirmation.

If you'd like a laugh, go take a look at this shill thread: ( Pleas do not bump it.
Based on the tactlessness of OP, I believe this shill to be an actual member of china's internet shill brigade aka the 50 cent army. He repeats the talking point "Yang's talking about white genocide." in nearly every single post. Yang has done no such thing, and actively promotes multiculturalism, the tip of the spear behind our displacement. Be extremely wary of "people" pushing this narrative going forward. I believe they are attempting to hijack the energy of imageboards the same way Kushner did for Zion Don. He also makes the false claim that Yang does not support Israel.

Additional info on Yang:
>(VFA) is an American (((nonprofit organization))) and fellowship headquartered in (((New York City)))
>he was selected in 2015 by the (((((Obama administration))))) as an Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship

More in depth analysis of Yang, his ties to Obama (and possibly China) and the means and deeds of his (((NGO))) would be greatly appreciated.

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You mean like Trump?

Blessing This Thread

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Backup threads in case mods shoah this one:


Democracy has failed and civnat cucks will do nothing in the face of internationalism while mongrelized communist militias are slaughtering off the last remnants of the old west. Kys OP

More on the 50c army.

Shills, right on schedule. Looks like I'm right on the money.

In that case they'll be introducing quite a few candidates in an attempt to spark D&C among all of their bases, and corral disillusioned supporters towards the actual candidate they want in. Their idea would be to break faith in supporting any populist candidate altogether.

Because any single populist candidate would still pose the risk of uniting a lot of like-minded people (who buy into the pretext of what they're campaigning for) together. So even if the candidate deliberately self-destructs, said people could end up rallying for their own cause.

Might explain the 20 democrat candidates (so far).

Fuck off morpheus

Not you op
But he will show up here

We need to do this more often.

And from what I could deduce the bullshit in the thread is just a fucking bot

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True this is a pretty damn decent idea. Screen caps of some or all as the OP goes. That should probably be the responsibility of the OP as well.

Yep this board belongs to Kushner keep backups on

forget posting online and remember what they did for your future. youre not a hero, youre not the star of the show. they all died by ‘45. do you have a clue what needs to be done? are you delusional enough to think it will be done? your parents are lobotomized, coward cattle and you are no different. your siblings are marxists. the only reason you are even redpilled is because you cant relate to anybody and have never been able to so you congregate where the extreme minority can feel apart. you probably dont even care about the white race, youre just mad jews call you goyim and laugh at your demise. its not like you would give any of these corrupt ordeals your attention unless you were provided an outside enemy to blame. you cant even get your own people with you yet you only hate jews and shitskins. the truth is, the white race is the greatest but its still shitty enough for everything to occur that has and will. tough luck seems like you were born to face reality and wake up. if you truly cant stand something you do something about it. if a howling creature is keeping you from getting sleep youd go outside and shut it up. you cant stand that. you know what you can stand? white children that share very close blood to yours being taken and sacrificed by those who get off on pure misery and holding power above others. every single person reading this is more likely to hurt somebody who steals your parking spot than hurt a convicted child rapist whos info is public. lets not even try starting with politicians or zogbots or organized crime because you dont even knock off your neighbors who rape kids. stop talking tough because ive seen it here for years now and some of you have a really talent for typing. i actually believed you were pissed off and willing to do. youre not. you can now admit to yourself there is nothing you care about preserving beyond your own immediate existence. is that selfish? nah you didnt ask for this. just stop pretending to be some warrior saving everything beautiful from destruction, because youre not. you may have a will of your own but it sure as shit doesnt involve removing the enemies against that will. guess what? youre never going to get what you want while coexisting with those who disagree with you. you know that but doing something is totally idealistic and will not amount to any relevant damage anyway. im not trying to motivate fucked pussys. lay down and rot.

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I have to ask this, why does this relatively small board get so much shilling and subversion? Are they really afraid of it so much?

no. there would need to be a threat to feel fear. they are shutting it down because all the threats typed here turned out to not be actual threats but words. they are shutting it down before you can take the blackpill and burn it all to the ground. did you think theyd keep this place up if it turned on the golem created to pacify it? no. you think this place will last a month if half the threads were dox’s of target locations/individuals? psh. keep talking about headline politics, theyve got plenty more headlines to keep you occupied.

The jew cannot tolerate anything which does not beg and and weep before it.

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My thread even conjured Asses and (((Echoes))). They must be fuming.

Chinese internment camps when?

hes a pleb i even offered to come kill him when he used to tell people to meet him at a certain bridge at a certain campus because he was scared to kill himself. he stopped posting that after i told him id actually meet him there.

Astute observation OP. I have nothing more to add. I'll see what I can find on Andrew Yang.

Tnx, this is very motivating.

Fuck you
National Socialism, not Kiked (((democracy)))!


OP is running damage control for

Trump was the first run and was shilled here by necon funded groups. The share blue guys in conjunction created a false dialectic. Now, as Trump is about to leave, they're trying to shill similar candidates. We need to fight back against them.

If there is one important thing I've learned about politics this year, it's this: everything that does not place primary importance upon blood and soil is a distraction, and most likely a trap. This is true because everything else is Jew-friendly and does not get in their way of establishing global communism or Judaism. Take that and use it as a heuristic if you wish.

As an example, this was my refutation, in mock form, of the Yang shill:

The proposition of Yang as a saviour for us is actually a reductio ad absurdum in itself. Thus, Yang shill refutes himself in his OP. Evil always contains the seeds of its own destruction.

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