That moment when you realize, you’re not free to express yourself

America. The only country in the world that can’t bring itself to use their right to freedom of expression. If you doubt this, try saying something that runs against the approved broad mindedness.

Freedom to agree. Outside of that, verboten

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I had probably the shittiest day I have ever had in my life today.

All because I said a single word.

Don't feel bad user, been stuck in the court system for 2 years cause I handed out flyers on the corner of a busy city street about the JQ.

Based if true

I said a word in a context and was now aware it applied to something else as well. As a result I heard nothing but complaints from people all day.

The complaints weren't what bothered me, it's that the end result is that an entire choice was basically erased from my possible avenues in the future. I basically just wiped an entire possible outcome for my future out with a single word.

There's not really any consequences because of that, but it did wipe out that entire line of possible outcomes.

Been in there longer than most of the other convicts, was thrown into felony courts with all the murderers even though I just handed out papers. It's laughable actually, the state can't hold me on anything other than a disorderly conduct charge. I've thrown myself under the bus on purpose cause I strongly hate the course of the future anyways.

Ruining your future for a belief and being prosecuted for it only makes your resolve that much stronger. You blackpill yourself to easily. When people see you thrown into a jail for a simple act of raising awareness, that is when it spreads like a wildfire. like a new religion almost. Keep your head up user.

Don't act like you aren't responsible.

what's the full story OP? greentext that shit or this is big gay

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I had everything I owed stolen from me a year ago. I mean everything

Truly sorry to hear that user, but you know you can't just say something like that and not give us the story.

I am telling you right now convict user. Most of these people aren't worth saving.

I don't think 40ks, insurance, credit to borrow money, retirement are gonna exist in near time and for them to say the Chinese scientist that edited the twin girls genes should be punished is moronic the point was to keep it from happening what's the point of punishing him will the twin girls be stopped from having family's that will have kids that will be the product of those edited genes it's already done and how much is gene therapy different from what he did we are already here now

There's your you.

Did you name the Jew?

Are you asking for me to send you a 1, or did you want something else? My position has it's privileges.

It just felt like your post was leading up to you wanting to share a story. In return I give you the secret of how to enlarge your penis.

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wow great post

dude, what you're trying to say here is entierely unclear

knowing what happened to you and what mysterious double-meaning life-ruining word you said might be helpful to other anons, so speak already

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Do it anyways.

There’s a lot of bigotry that people aren’t properly sympathetic of, I know. It’s very sad. What would sympathy even look like? If you’re really honest, it’s up to you to change your thoughts on those things. Honesty isn’t so you can refuse to learn - it’s so you can learn more effectively. Submit yourself to the good teachers with the right ideas, and…

Whoops. Unpersuasive, right? But it’s worse than that. People stopped teaching. It’s almost like people have only been teaching each other unhappiness for a while now. Try voluntarily not being crazy bigots, okay? I tried to help the other side understand, but they’re Too Important to be wrong. They’re all basically redpilled now - dead certain they know the truth of human nature. Isn’t that interesting? If they voluntarily stopped being like that, would you voluntarily stop, too? When everyone is “in on it” actual understanding starts to require stepping off the field.

Build bridges for real, and if you can’t, at least model tolerance. That’s what I do. Being more tolerant than tolerance is joyous. I want to live forever; do you?

The thing about “the redpill” is… it’s not a side. It’s not sn insight. It’s narcissistic zealotry - a belief that one is among the special class of unshiftably correct people.

I like the other side better than this one. They’re brittle, miserable, and have lost the will to honest kindness, but… they’re still less broken than bigots!

Hey though, one of the big insights is that we’re all in this together. One of the big reasons you shouldn’t be bigoted is that your bigotry and their bigotry is one substance. One of the big reasons you shouldn’t always be “in on it” is that your “in” is with their “in” one substance. One of the reasons why it’s not a disaster to step back hatred and pursue compromise is because your enemy has to live with the consequences of their policy just as you do.

So… be more reciprocal. Let go of your hatred, and other people will let go of their hatred. Think of… Think of the ocean currents. Deep, chill, utterly beyond your reach, utterly essential for life.