Trump accused of seeking to sell US nuclear ‘secrets’ to Saudis… so why is this Russia’s fault?.

House Democrats have launched a probe into the Trump administration’s alleged attempt to transfer ‘sensitive’ US nuclear technologies to Saudi Arabia.
The company implicated has already found a couple of usual suspects to blame.
White House staff members are reportedly fast-tracking “the transfer of highly sensitive US nuclear technology” to Saudi Arabia without the necessary congressional review,
possibly running afoul of the Atomic Energy Act and potentially allowing the Saudis to build a nuclear bomb,
according to an interim staff report by Committee on Oversight and Reform chair Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland),
which cites “multiple whistleblowers” as the source of the information.
The Committee has opened an investigation into the allegations.

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I have always been saying that any US president who really is anti kike anti anti globalism, would get killed soon after he would took office.
It's a ZOG central faggots, there can be no change without force, there can be no compromise with kikes and non-Europeans and you can call me CIA nigger as much as you want, but the simple fact is that tyrannies cannot be defeated without the use of force.

redpilled post

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What is catalog.

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Leftism is dying because it got bogged down abusing structural power discrepancies rather than opposing yhem. Back during GamerGate, one of the defining terms of my own allegiance was the simple question of which agent was more powerful. If we side with the least of people, there will always be someone there for us when we need them! Pursue always a fully reciprocated ethic.

I didn’t check the thread; this place usually benefits more from novelty than coherency.

what are you scared to find?

Trump gets the rope too. Traitors go first.

So? Better than Hillary.
Will still win in 2020.
There is nothing that you can do about it.

It's exactly the same as Hillary, you fucking retard.


and what do you obtain from believing this ?

You're either new to this board or dumb if you haven't learn this by now.

There is a lot I can do about it, just on an individual level alone, I am doing it right now :^)

get out kike


he's not wrong dipshit
go fuck yourself shit is completely fucked


I hope that Trump gives all money to Israel, so USA will collapse and they can't use mutts in WWIII

The Democrat candidate that oppose immigration will win the primary, and then Trump lose.

I hope you don't misjudge the situation
Most Trump supporters were evangelical Christians who voted for Trump to make Israel great. I am sure that they don't even care about immigration they just want to die for Israel to serve their masters

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Make sure to call in this death threat to

There is no political solution to White Genocide.


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Muh russia 2.0

His campaign bankrolled by the biggest fucking zionist in the country. Sheldon Adelson. You fucking kike piece of shit.

They all need gassing.

Think about it. Which country do you want launching nukes at China? America is too far away. Israel can't be obliterated because it is the holy land. Which country would you pick to take the hit from China?

Kek, have you even read my post?

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Fuck off.

Oh I see, maybe I should've chosen my words differently. What I meant was that there's no way Trump is working, or even has any intention of working, for the interests of European Americans, because of the fact that he's surrounded by kikes and has compromised many times against the interests exclusive to European Americans. When I wrote that if he would really be anti kike and anti globalist he would get killed, I meant that this is the sad and frightening reality of power the ZOG has over US and that they will allow no legit opposition to be formed by conventional means.
Which if why I stated that the only way to fight and potentially defeat a tyranny is by the use of force and no compromise with the enemy.

1. Trump is a faggot who does anything and everything Ivanka [read (((Kushner)))] asks him to do.
2. This is just more bullshit so the dems have something to campaign on.


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Kill a jew in the street today, faggot. Make sure you get away so you can do it again tomorrow. Sage negated.

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So it's actually nothing, just more useless spamming from mainstream media faggots.

Big surprise.

sigh, Trump's a kike yup but that shit was divvied up under king Nigger and had(s) nothing to do with Trump.

It would be funny if Zig Forums memed Hillary into presidency next year. Although I don't think she's running, but that can be changed. I don't think presidents have much power, but maybe Hillary would be so incompetent and idiotic that she would end up harming the ZOG.

That law is like the law the Bolsheviks passed.
1999 wlp speech

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I'm almost positive she's running.

I remember the campaign being different than this.

I remember thinking "yay Trump is not a standard neocon cunt. Therefore I will vote for him"

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What if this is a stretegic ploy to give Nukes to Saudi's so that either they kill everyone around themselves, or are killed themselves? I'm sure there are some American companies that want in on that Saudi oil.

Hillary 2020 - "build more prisons, lock up the gangs, law & order president"

Lol seriously though Bernie will cuck again & the dem will be a kook & it will be "scary" & Trump wins 2020.

You know we don't get the money that American companies make, right user?

I'm not Amerucan, but surely it's better American companies start in the area? This means that military assets must also be dropped for protection. This way you can beachhead in invading forces under the guise of defence.

Kill yourself kike.

Another Trump win would be fun for a couple of weeks, watching liberals melt again. But then more of the same.

I'm just saying this is a possibility and it's probably just to continue destabilising the area. It's possible its to defend pissrael, but more than likely I think it's to make a move on it.


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.
Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of their race.

My guess is Trump is trying to beef up The Saudis against a nuclear attack from Iran. As we inch closer towards war with Iran, the ZOG is trying to limit Iran's options when invaded. Iran cannot nuke Israel outright because of the Samson option. I am not defending the Iran regime but I do not view them as willing to sacrifice millions of their own people in a nuclear was the way our leaders would be content to sacrifice us. If Iran cannot attack the Saudis or Israel with nukes then they are forced in to a conventional war against a country (((USA))) that has surrounded them with military bases. My take on this is it means Trump is dead serious about going to war with Iran on behalf of his Jewish masters and is merely waiting for the 2020 election to be over to begin the invasion. The nukes may be away to assuage any fears the Saudis have about the coming war.

Saudis already have nukes, read the Clinton emails ffs lol. The Pakistani nuclear arsenal is actually the Saudi nuclear arsenal.

I have you covered, user. Trump still has many of his campaign promises listed on his Facebook account. I archived all of them. I also found an archive of his 2016 campaign website with all of its press releases intact. Pic related. Now everybody can see if Trump really is fulfilling his promises, which will make for great ammunition against him in the coming 2020 Meme War. - Most Recent - Abortion - Budget and Spending - Civil Liberties - Crime and Safety - Economy and Jobs - Education - Energy - Environment - Foreign Policy - Healthcare - Immigration - National Security - Second Amendment - Taxes - Veterans

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thank you for archiving this important information.

mark my words the 2020 election will turn halfchan Zig Forums back into a leftist board.

This is something every white natiobalist needs to understand. No one that actually intends to save the white race will be elected, we need a white revolution.

Back? They never stopped being after 2014. We’re leftist here, even. Don’t pretend otherwise.

My first thought when I read this was that this is a play to make war with Iran.
To somehow frame Iran as having Nuclear weapons would be the play that I am referring to. (((They))) did it with Iraq in 2003, and now they want to do it to Iran. They want everyone to fall in line with the ZOG narrative.
Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons. ZOG wants them to have nuclear weapons so that they can use that as an excuse to attack them. Saudi Arabia is allied with ZOG and supports ZOG.
(((They))) just can't help being so destructive at a Global Level, can they…

A lot of folks don't understand that.

Donald J Trump is a stupid, orange-nigger faggot. He is the worst president in the history of the United States. I can't believe that I believed in him for even one fucking second. I should have turned my back after the first omnibus spending bill. This is a fucking joke, niggers.

Blunp rush btfomg

Winning does nothing for you though lol

So selling nuclear material to russia is perfectly crommulent but trying to establish trade with energy technology is a orange man bad! Ok fine, lock him up next to shillary and obama.

Love how the propaganda shills have all the details on an "arms deal."

He wouldn't even get into office, the media would have just ignored him not constantly promoted him


And sand niggers too lol?

Trump isn't running in 2020. He's despised by literally everybody including his old voter base right now, plus I don't think he thinks presidency is fun anymore. Unless either they force him or some big shit unfolds from now till 2020, he's out.

Ok nigger try and context:
Trading energy technology files
Now kill yourself.

Based Saudis!

Don't you kike faggots get tired of spamming the same old shit, dumping the same old images, taking the same shits on this board over and over?

there has never been a sitting, non-impeached president who didn't run for a second term, even ones who knew they were going to be obliterated.

Like a prisoner on death row making fun of those in solitary confinement.

Schadenfreude is extremely jewish.

Yes there has retard.

Second pic is obviously fake. Either an actor or a CGI.

Trump and Pence

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I think Trump is just going senile. Being screeched at constantly by landwhales, LGBTards, leftjews, niggers, etc does take a toll on you, especially at old age.

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My guess is that he owes them something for heavily patronizing his businesses and giving them nuclear secrets is a quid pro quo.

This is much worse then Bush giving Dubai a port contract.

Boy who cried wolf at this point. Literally nothing they present or claim will be believed.

President Trump should have played it straight and leveled with the public from day one

it didn't happen so now whatever happens might as well be the same as if Hillary won. It is what it is and fuckit, he knows who elected him and why, no one paid me $3.50 to say this.

hmm, it's almost like the president doesnt have any real power and is just along for the ride. They probably imply his family could be hurt if he doesnt just say yes to everything the kikes want to do.
hes probably not used to real threats, this didnt happen when we was art of the dealing before. this is why he so quickly retracted his strong military stance at the border to use the Army to shoot rioting shitskins. He backed off of that order in a matter of hours and seemed scared.

honestly man, even now with this Q bullshit, we have to wait 21 days ? How bout 2 years ago ? How about last week ?

Gotta love some of these people, X22 report has been saying something is gonna happen twice a day for years, you'd think the guy would have some shame by now, but nope, same shit every day

They can veto stuff.

That's why he is getting Saudis to nuke Goldman Sachs and Rothschild's mansion. Brilliant.

Zig Forums has just resorted to

it's just getting to the point where it's hard to have any discussion anymore. Its hard to even shitpost too because nobody is really laughing anymore, it's just the constant no you're a Jew

H..Hey go…err… guys, wouldnt it be funny if me and all my fellow white people made memes for Hillary and not G…G..oy vey, cant even say the words without plotzing…. God Emperor Drumpf, next election. Oh, big time lols to be had in that kekking, right niggers faggot.?

Best way to deal with shills is to ignore/hide.

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This was expected if Democrat slime took the House, that there would be an endless succession of baseless charges and unfounded investigations, just to impede his agenda.

Democrats are DESPERATE to stop him from ending the illegal invasion, because they know that without those illegal votes, they are finished, and their party will fade away.

None of this is surprising, and it was all predicted.

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I'm his old voter base, and I', voting for him.
Everyone I know that voted for him still intends to, again.
So I have no idea where you're getting that shit from.

Nuclear armed countries do not fight conventional wars with each other.
The moment the loser is about to be toppled, he will launch all he has. Nobody wins that scenario.

Israel's going down, bro. Everybody's sick of their shit. Whatever it takes to never hear about the holocaust again.


So they will just get the legal spics instead. Thanks trump.

Yes. I was also tricked again. Let's use the Trump presidency for what it is good for though. The media will keep following him. Distracts from what real Americans are actually doing.

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Any effort to "meme" Trump into office was because the people who supported him actually hoped he might believe in what he promised to do. Just because many of us have realized he's either a damp squib (at best) or a kike puppet (at worst), doesn't mean we're going to "haha meme Hillary into office!".
This board's culture is deeply tied to its sense of honesty, and that's why, when it gets it's shit together, it's so effective at actually being funny and affecting the wider world.