Purple user reporting; checking in to continue the Q hunt

At the end of this I intend to have the fine taxidermic remains of the faggotry and boomer frog boiling pressure release valve Q is. If you post Q proofs I will debunk those proofs with simplistic ease given I actually have inside information from getting Zognald elected in the first place aside from my other work. Q is a pied piper operation as old as time for alumni of both talpiot and SAD PAGs guys from CIA overseen by Tel Aviv's point man Kushner.

Trump pushing faggotry and low yield nuclear weapons is no coincidence one he hopes to help start a war the other he intends to use in a war. The Iranians are fucked I tried to warn them in just before New Years but they are incompetent fucks who didn't have any english speakers at a European embassy and wires were crossed. Iran if you have shitposters here STOP FUCKING SAYING DEATH TO AMERICA SAY DEATH TO AIPAC and pitty the American burger for being a severely abused victim! Like a parent that sexually abuses their child the relationship of state to citizen should be sacred; instead the US government sells it's children out like tuppence child whores from Cheapside in a Dickens novel.

Also Jared Kushner is going to be exposed as one who was pushing the sale of US nuclear technology to the nomadic semites of Saudi Arabia who are just jews in robes.

Also Purple user is pretty gay because it reeks of Qfaggotry. Also in light of recent events regarding Qfags saying I am some basic bitch non glowing clintonfag named John Morgan at the direction of their leader Qushner I am adopting the moniker of Cpt.Morganon who intends to makes these Qfags walk the plank along with their leaders.

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Please sage so mods don't have excuse to ban this for spam and the newfag % is at a minimum. If the mods then ban a sage thread it is only further proof Qushner has someone over there.

You're preaching to the choir. Pretty much everyone on here with a triple digit iq realized Q was a pressure valve well over a year ago.

What I'm more interested in is Jonestein. He constantly begs the president to wrap up the Mueller investigation and go after big tech over internet censorship to no avail. It's kind of sad really. Is he really such a pathetic loser to still believe the president will perform meaningful action on these issues? Are there any kikes, other than Jonestein's wife, that have their tentacles in infowars? Kushner perhaps?

q is kushner and fuck yes that whole ( ( ( tribe ) ) ) needs removed immediately
also, ( ( ( yale ) ) ) grads in vietnam all fucked up on acid cutting holes in a dead dink and fucking the holes? hehehehehehehe yeah thats the most fucked up sex shit I ever heard too

that whole operation is a kikefest user
think about the guests he has on there even. it is a laundry list of assorted juden and he is open about it too. filterman works with the kikes on a daily
oh yeah that british cuck faggot watson is a kike too

Q predicted the coming of the Anti-Q that would preach the opposite of his teachings and here you are, prove me wrong.

And this thread will get shoahed in 3, 2, 1…
And if not, Jared's kike army will be here to claim you are a larper, Trump is the greatest ally, etc.
Drop redpills while you can, fren.

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try posting these threads on /baph/


Actually go to >>>/qisfake/ and you will get some leads there

Everything you've said is true but I can't help but wonder about AJ. His begging for scraps from the president only to be completely ignored is both sad and entertaining. He's an interesting character.

Xpac heat

Another thing I would appreciate insight on is where, if anywhere, can you get reasonably true information? It seems like an impossibility.
MSM is all kiked, but so is all the "alternate" media. Infowars, Stormer, Kikebart, Zerohedge, all of these are kike disinformation factories.
Are the really no sources of good info at all?

oh it's fucking hilarious user. filterman is a sad fat slow shitshow and i'm sure it is getting more ridiculous by the day
also ( ( ( stratfor ) ) )

Talk more about how and why Kushner is pushing the nukes.

reasonably true information? that shit flew out the window eons ago good fucking luck
also you're on Zig Forums - you found the main nerve somehow


Yet you allow him to be hosted here when you could easily force his boot upon the mods.

The own his kids via his wife. Jone's gets some of his more colorful marching instructions from the Roger Stone good goy side of things in the elite political establishment. Alex was once a loose cannon and went to some places that were very dangerous for them so they wifed him up own his kids and dangle shekels over his face to try and get him to accept the fact he is blackmailed into being a bitch. Forever doomed to include the truth among absolute dog-shit so the two never get separated but at heart he knows the truth.

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A fraud predicts people will question it's authenticity; wow are you a gullible one and also make sure to sage. Also too young for desert storm and secret service is for hall monitors or guys who want to play cool in LE while playing glorified manservant if they work protective detail.

People just asked about Jones not all the shabbos surrounding him; yes most of the shabbos there are total kike. Watson is a boy fucker.

sage kindly

Humor me Cpt. I want to believe Q is a Jared/Mossad psyop. Yet if Q was about throwing red meat to Boomers and diverting attention away from realities/Jews, why has he gone so hard on the Rothschilds / Soros pizzagate / Satanic elites. He even said at one point "We are saving Israel for last."

It seems to me too much of a risk that Q, a psyop intended to keep people in line, inadvertently red pills millions more on the JQ. Do you know what the thinking is here?

daily briefs at defensenews.com/ebb/ or you can subscribe to it by e-mail

You see OP, many here are tired of hearing about the 'Q-Larp' so if you don't mind, fuck off to somewhere else. Seriously. I am pretty sure that everyone knew it was a fake as far back as January 2018, although many thought that it was a fake from when it appeared on 4chinz. All you are doing here is dividing the userbase. Try re-posting your threads on /baph/ or maybe consider actually posting them on >>/qresearch/ which, in fact, is the source of your ire. Go check it out. Yes, there is much animosity towards the 'Q-Larp' as you may have found out, but nobody is really helping you, are they? I didn't think so.
So, please take your D&C tactics elswhere.
Zig Forums is a board of peace.

D & C

More stories about freakin Chinese laser beams. Just what I wanted. Have fun, private Juan.

MSM is 96.000.000% kiked or shabbos correct

Jones blackmailed and threatened other employees mostly shabbos to keep Jones in line and redirect

Are you really serious? Once Bannon, who already loved foreign but not domestic jews, was not enough for them are you serious? BB is more kiked than CNN.

Not very kiked but remember it caters to finance guys so if the are woke they have to tone down and cater to people who run that industry but they aren't one anyone's payroll not big enough of a normie draw, butterfly effect, or user base to be worth playing with.

Anglin thinks he was taking money from someone associated vaguely with Trump campaign that is actually Jared. This (((donor))) makes requests certain things do or don't get covered on occasion. Weev is a pragmatist which is why he just does the IT stuff mostly and keeps away from trying to shill for Trump. Azzmador is a federal informant who informs on the other two to prevent him from going to jail; he also is a plant in their book club network to make shit like Charlottesville look WN 1.0 cringe as fuck. Azzmador is a traitor of the highest degree with Spencer; basically anyone on that VICE show was a fed puppet on a string.

Good source of info is learning how to sift through the bullshit with your own brain because no information in the history of the world has been pure all has and will have some form of agenda.

Imagine being so dense you can't see the satire in that post.

If you thought there was even a chance that Q was real for a few seconds, you should unironically kill yourself.

Israel is pushing the nukes so Jared runs point on it. Also the military industrial complex wants it because imagine a single bomb costing as much as jet fighter regularly needing to be restocked. Jared's uncle Bibi wants to use them against Iran specifically. Jews are frothing at the mouth to destroy Iran.


OP thinks Q is real. Maybe you should kill him.

Some Rothschilds / Soros are liberal kikes
They are infighting (mostly because American half-jews are not into jewish identidy and more into communism/socialism and Israel hates leftists)
Alt-Right's Kike's "antisemitism" is targeted at liberal kikes who run the media in the US

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How fucking dumb are you people if you think actual evidence gets recorded regarding the most deviant shit. Or like as proven with Hoover the portions that are made into hard copy are so tightly controlled and only used to blackmail people in positions of power and influence or as a life insurance policy. Do you think some interagency memo exists that said "lets do 9/11"? Jesus fucking christ these people are stupid but even basic criminals know not to leave a paper trail.

How has he gone hard exactly? He is parroting what was already common knowledge because he had no choice, given that many voted Trump based on pizzagate alone.

The best ways to hide a mountain of the darkest lies is among the blinding light of a few shining truths.

How quickly will America fall under Ivanka's reign?


OP knows Q is an Op that people believe unfortunately and would like said Op killed not an individual person which Q is not. I understand your confusion with high rates of autism in these parts.

How long before best Korea saves jewd Korea?


I'd say pretty hard. The Q narratives are certainly counter-productive to the aim of concealing the overarching hand of the Jew behind everything that happens in the world. But perhaps, as others have said, this is evidence of some intra-Jew struggle.

Good take; like I said some issues to them are like intramural sports because the jews and their shabbos always win in the end there are no actual odds at stake.

1. What is a good store of wealth for the coming currency collapse that cannot be (((confiscated))) or spoil.
2. How long do 3letter observe rejected applicants?
3. Whats up with all the loud booms everywhere?
4. The Cuban embassy that was being targeted by DE weapons, was that the chinese fucking with us or the russians? Why did it make mainstream news.
5. The string of assisnation attempts on the orange guy in late 2017, 2018 (fence jumpers, dude freaking out about his cell phone watching him infront of the white house ect). Who dis that benifit? Who is trying to kill drumpf?
6. What was that beam of light in the pacific north west some anons were saying it was a missle lqunch or some shit while trump was on his way to north korea?

Both Koreas are getting pretty sick of jewed oragnefag and thinking of doing their own deal on the side and booting out the US from their bases. Lots of bribes and blackmail being employed to prevent this.

Do we have to vote for trump again?
are there no other options other than not voting?


Can we at least get the first guy back and not this nested LARP…your syntax is WAAAAAAAYYYY off to the other faggot and at least he was interesting.

1. Weapons, tools, or other highly specified objects related to personal talents that will otherwise become much harder to obtain due to sever inflation. Severe inflation will be the collapse not a total world without law. Crypto will spike beforehand but then be seized like gold was for a one world digital currency push. Gold and precious resources will also be seized in name of defense to prevent hoarding and "market attacks". Really the most valuable things to stockpile are things that add value to you as an individual from knowledge to objects that aid you in your daily life.

2. Depends at what level they were rejected, why, for what agency, and what clearance level. The lowest are not the highest for several months usually.

3. They need to control the boomers the most because the boomers will lose the most during the collapse of economy and massive inflation. They fear any boomer awakening and that event turning the boomer on them for wrecking the boomer's 401ks.

4. Chinks and certain elements like Jewbio looking for excuse to do to Cuba what we are doing in Venezuela now.

5. No one, all fake and gay, none credible all mentally unstable 0 chance used for public spectacle.

6. Pics?

All the niggers on TV are jew pet house niggers groid why do you think Dave Chapel had to run to Africa to get right in the head again?

For a long time TRS was explicit with that, using "jew" as almost an edgy codeword for "shitlib", denying the existence of zionist power, and kvetching about "ZOGpeople".

That whole schism is a total sham at the highest levels though. Soros has no real interest in harming Israel.

3rd party working people's movement of basically everyone who cashes a paycheck and doesn't make passive income of the people who actually do all the work. That is game over for them.

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FedAnon was complete BS. Now what is this? AntiFedAnon? Pollarp? Someone? d20?

Were original pics ever posted or just some thumbnail that any script kiddie could have edited in adobe? To me it looks like two images overlaid and I used to help manipulate you people for a living.

Also frens don't let frens forget to sage my threads.

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Jesus christ that one is even poorer quality it is like no one ever taught a boomer wtf photo editing software was.

Isn't Alex Jones, Bill Hicks in disguise?

Who do you see as the winner in the Dems circus race? I'm sure it has to be the kikes favorite in order for Trump to win, which I recall was your prediction. Any thoughts? Seems to me like Biden has the inside crooks to get the super delegates and fuck over everyone else, no matter how much popular support.

will be intercepteyyyed

Since I don't expect boomers to do their own research.

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Kamala with Beto or other token white male as VP is looking like their fav right now. Kikes want Trump to win but for kikes to always win you have to play both sides correct. Biden fucks girls under the age of 15 and is completely compromised they will not allow that wet brain alcoholic to interfere in their plans.


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maybe orders were written on toilet paper, they'd burn them within 24 hours


All obstacles to Iran war are being removed like Mattis and Kelly.

Was that the real reason Mattis left? I was puzzled by this, although it seemed Mattis didn't like Trump very much.




Mattis and Kelly had a suicide pact if Trump got rid of one the other would resign to protest the power of Jared and Ivanka along with leaving administration in hands of bumbling zioconservative retards.

I was in the first month or two of Q threads pushing natsoc on them until they started banning faster than i could post.

Fuck off with your Q larp again.

Codenigger runs the site. Regular users can't do anything about the board existing.

You probably think he believes in Martian slave bases too.

I am more of a global starship troopers with the jews being the arachnids meme here but NatSoc is a good start for that. Hitler had so many great ideas and a few bad ones; the germans would have won the war if we didn't crack their codes.

You clearly don't read I said they blackmail and threaten Jones and he doesn't like it.

As to Q any users who are not the illiterate faggot user I'm replying to can shit up that caner board until it gets euthanized.

How aware is Trump of the demographic issues facing the US? Is the fact that demographics mean Texas and Florida are likely to turn blue soon ever openly discussed?

Is demography as destiny ever discussed amongst the administration or your fellow operatives? Is there even a fledgling sense that without a white majority the country is toast?

How much of the illicit drug trade in America is run by CIA? All of it? Only a certain percentage? It seems like with the intel we have these days that there is no possible way anything illegal could be done without inside assistance.

Boomers, get the fuck off of Zig Forums

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user I do not see Iran going down without reigning chemicals and hellfire on Israel. Zig Forums including my self would celebrate in the streets, my question is how do these jews think they can take on Iran even with the U.S.? Iraq and Afghanistan both had no functional armies, outdated shit and no outside help. Not the case with Iran. What is their plan here? You mentioned a Gulf of Tonkin like incident in the Persian Gulf. I doubt that would get Americans to back a full scale war. A 9/11 leveled-up attack would. Can you elaborate more on what to expect with Iran? Plots you heard, timeframes? Thanks fren. saged


hur dur dur why do you think they want to use nukes? Start war then use media manipulation to hit public feels hard enough all these new low yield nuclear weapons rolling off the assemblymen get launched. Just look exactly at the Gulf of Tonkin and think Persian Gulf + carrier group + patrol boats. Iran war not for another few years at least unless something happens to accelerate but they want it crushed first and are hoping supreme leader dies and they get lucky.

He is a Jewed Boomer with familial Jews whispering in his earth from NYC. People like me all understand the demographics it why we were ok with accepting Trump as compromise because if all we got was no more brazilification and back to the empire days for people like me no one would be pissed and plans would still be trusted.

I don't see the jews coming out of any piss fest with Iran anything other than glowing. The entire region should be lit up and burned down for all I care. If their supreme leader dies he appoints his successor or they choose another from their religious council.

They don't really run it they tax its import like a separate customs service while they give info to runners to avoid the real one.

user what can you tell us what’s going in Syria? Since Russia came to the rescue and helped saved Assad’s ass what can we expect from a similar situation in Iran if cianiggers and Mossad try again too make another false flag against them.
Also what can you tell us about Germany? From what I hear the military is sick and tired of the (((EU))) pushing niggers and mudslimes onto Germany and they are talks about a coup. Is this true?
Another question is the ethnic cleansing taking place against the Afrikaners in South Africa normal nigger behavior of hating Whites or is it being pushed by globalist kikes so that they can destabilize more African countries so they can give an excuse for the west too take more niggers and China to colonize Africa?

What happened in Vegas? Why the cover-up?

Don't they also protect production as well?



Thoughts on the space elevator?


Fake shooting with crisis actors everywhere.

Reported for supporting a jewish hoax.

I will have to disagree with you.
Soros is a communist kike and communist kikes are the opposition in Israel and many communists support Iran/Palestine over Israel.
Most of them don't hate Israel itself, just the government of Israel, they support the two-state solution and multiculturalism for Israel.
Israel also supports most right-wing movements

purple is the color of Soros colored revolution in the US.

only a nigger would fall for purple user.

Solutions. Tell us your solutions for how to unkike society.

How to get economy growing again?

How to undo cultural subversion?

How to take control of media?

Any politicians we should support?

You are in the wrong place. Go here to fight the Q brainwashing: boards.4chan.org/pol/

Uh… no one here worships Q-LARP. He needs to go there BECAUSE he's a LARPer.

This is a jewish shill pretending to be a average cuckservative MIGApede
Only retards care about economy because it is good for us when US collapses

Perhaps that's what he means. Once it collapses, we have to restore it to function. That means 1:1 parity with gold or silver.

They're calling this attempt, "I".. They think they got the 'codes' to form a new one is all. Back up to speed on their chanology.

Purple user here:
"Get off your FAT ASS and make it happen yourself." How do you think any nation is built? Not by appealing to Barney, people do things for themselves when they are motivated. Your problem is not one of 'not knowing how', you know how to pull a trigger don't you? Your problem is motivation.

Quiet, shill. You aren't fooling anyone and no one cares what you think.

Silver would be best or copper or hardened iron. Gold is totally unfeasible because of its inflated value.

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we won't let him have a war, that isn't up to him and he can't force those hands