Vladimir Putin !!

"We have no interest in confrontation and we don't want one, least of all with such a global power as the United States. But it appears our partners haven't noticed how quickly the world is changing, and where it is heading. They continue their destructive and plainly mistaken policy."

"…among the U.S. ruling class there are a lot of people who are too taken with the idea of their exceptionalism, of their supremacy over everyone else. Of course, it's their right to think whatever way they want. But can they count? I'm sure they can. Let them count the range and speed of the weapons systems we are
developing. That's all we ask."

"Let them count, and then after that take the decisions which could create additional threats for our country. And which, of course, would lead to reciprocal actions from Russia whose security will be reliably and unconditionally assured

"In that case, we will be forced, and I want to underline this, forced to take both reciprocal and assymetrical measures."

"Russia will be forced to create and deploy types of weapons which can be used not only in respect of those territories from which the direct threat to us originates, but also in respect of those territories where the centers of decision-making are located for using the rocket systems that are threatening us."

"We hope… the European Union will take real steps to restore normal political and economic relations with Russia."

"I am asking the central bank and law enforcement to bring order to the microlending market in the shortest possible time frame … social support should reach every single family (in need)."

"We need a high rate of economic growth. Only that way can we beat poverty, and ensure a stable and noticeable rise in incomes for our citizens… The government and central bank should bring inflation back within the target range."

"To achieve the massive targets before the country, we must get rid of everything that is restricting the freedom and initiative of business… Honest businesses should not be the subject of criminal prosecution."

"We should speed up the modernization of infrastructure… This has huge significance for strengthening the structure of the state… for the economic growth of the entire Russian state… This year, the railway link across the Crimean bridge will start… This will allow us to significantly develop both Crimea and Sevastopol."

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Goodbye nigger-making centers.

I thought we voted for the candidate who wanted to get along w Russia. It's like this every time, we vote for the candidate against war then after the election more war.

Aren't we $22 trillion in debt w our infrastructure in ruin.

Lets look at the big picture. They want us to take in any and all third world rejects, even ex ISIS and our enemies from the battlefield and move them into our neighborhoods.

But this other white Christian country that isn't bothering us at all we need to build more nukes, surround them with military bases and poke and prod hoping for escalation.

thanx Jews

Btw Russia invested $10 billion for some oil pipeline in Venezuela or some shit now we're trying to overthrow their govt and fuck Russia.
Plus FB just banned RT news links.

What a mistake it was to vote for Don the Con.

Putin threatens to nuke decision centers like DC(Pentagon), NYC (UN), & San Fransisco (nuke sites).

Okay, there is probably a downside I'm missing.

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No source, faggot.
I thought this was from a speech given a while ago?

Pentagon moved a while ago faggot, they are underground now in places like Cheyenne mountain/underground again. Makes you wonder what they know that we don't. In any case all I hear is that he is will to nuke niggers, spics and bugs…which I am totally down with anyway.

Send the fire Vlad. This place needs cleansing.

I welcome putting to bomg our faggot infested government. It would be pretty funny.

Maybe Vlad, if he nukes the fuck out of our subhuman infestations will be the savior of Europeans the same way that Jesus and Hilter saved the jews.

External politics show to divert vatnik's attentions from falling economy.

Putin's """microlending regulations""": max 365% interest rate per year (this is not a typo), max interest payment is 300% of loan BUT fines and penalties attached to the loan contracts are unlimited. This is the Putin's 2019 federal LAW, counts as "bring order to the microlending market" and is fine with him.

Don't care about your play by play vlad.

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given that Putin has developed entirely new classes of next-gen nuclear ICBMs–"I am tempted to quote the great Leonard Cohen: ‘I am guided by the beauty of our weapons’"–that these beautiful armaments eclipse the current capabilities of the Pentagon to defend against them, what makes you think 64-D Chessmaster Putin hasn't already thought about the REX84 Problem of Continuity of Gov and the Pentagon's escape HQ deep under 2,000 ft of granite at the Cheyenne Mt Complex?

wanna bet Putin has another Secret Weapon up his sleeve to specifically target Cheyenne Mt and all of the Deep-Underground-Military-Bases? if Putin's hand is forced and if he has to annihilate America in a nuclear holocaust, do you think Putin will permit any survivors from the Pentagon to escape and form a US Govt in Exile and regroup to launch a retaliatory attack on Russia? shit no. Putin knows he has one shot which has to hit all the targets and kill them forever. if i was some treacherous faggot Pentagon brass, and REX84 was activated and i was ordered to move to Cheyenne Mt, i wouldn't go. because i would expect that Cheyenne Mt would be among the sets of First Strike targets, and i would expect that Cheyenne Mt simply would no longer exists to flee to. Cheyenne Mt will be a 2,000 ft deep crater. trust me on this.

HIVE TECH….ahhhhh I could never get one of you to explain it to me…booo ;)

kek so will every place in russia with a population over 5

but luckily for everyone, all you fags know how to do is larp

settle down anons…no need to start dick waving. ;) There is an enemy but why should we ensure that they inherit the Earth rather than our own people. There could be a really fantastic global cooperation between the Russian Slavic peoples and European people. A glorious future with shared Germanic slaves to go around for everyone. kek…jk

the Pentagon has a combined annual budget of over a TRILLION going back 20 years to 9/11, and if you go back decades further, you the American Goy Tax Payer have given tens of trillions to the drooling idiot faggots running the ponzi scam known as the Pentagon. what do you goy have to show for it? the Pentagon hasn't won a real war since WW2. and even then, WW2 was mostly won by attrition by the USSR, given that 10 million soldiers of the USSR died, while only 420,000 US soldiers died.

the Pentagon and all the branches of the US military are the biggest candy assed, pansy, cry-baby welfare queens in military history. U-S-E-L-E-S-S. the Pentagon breaks a sweat to crush a few ten thousand ISIS bandits driving around the desert in Toyota trucks armed with pea-shooters. every year, the Pentagon just sucks up more and more trillions, yet loses war after war after war, and what the fuck do We The People get from any of it?

you get your new neighbors Chapo, Pablo, Pajeet and Tyrone, while your job goes over to Pajeet and Chang, and while you're lectured on using the proper pronouns by the Diversity Officer of your new McJob, and while your daughter goes off to Communist Indoctrination University to become a woke-as-fuck Lesbian Infanticide SJW Antifa rioter and your only grandkids will be your purple haired spawn of Satan freak Xer's little toy poodles.

meanwhile, 64-D Chessmaster Putin spent a mere $60 billion per year on his military budget, and he magically out smarted the Pentagon and the tens of thousands of Wonk Tank faggots like RAND and he froze NATO in their tracks and fucked them in their mindholes with MUHRUSSIA 4G warfare psyop hysteria and brutal APT hacks and Putin even came out ahead of them.

the Pentagon sucks. all 889 Generals in the US military deserve to be fired. from canons into the Potomac. the Pentagon is the biggest failure boondoggle and the most wasteful money pit ever conceived in history. anyone who believes the Pentagon is going to save them from Russia's nukes is a delusional QLARP Belieber.

wanna bet Putin has rolled up the Pentagon so deeply, that he will simply disable the Pentagon's ability to launch any nuclear strikes? how much would you be wiliing to be that there won't even be a "Second Strike" coming from America? it will fizzle out in glitches and hacks and coincident cyberwar sabotage.

i can't wrap my head around American's hubris. the MUHEXCEPTIONALISM has made Boomertard Americans into idiots who cannot even see what's in front of their own faces. given that Putin has already beat the Pentagon, why should any rational man continue to defy him? this is the moment when you SUBMIT to a Power greater than your own. Americans have forgotten how that works throughout history, at their own peril.

Urrr user, he probably doesn't have traitorous kike filth selling all his tech secrets to bug people.

you can rebuild nations and infrastructure. Lots of kikes stand to make a lot of money rebuilding it.

You cannot undo white genocide, which is what they are focused on. Any diversion they can muster, every day they can stall, only pushes them closer to ETERNAL victory.

Who is going to 'rebuild' user? All of the large buildings and all of the engineering in the entire world are engineered and designed by Whites/Europeans. All of the large corporations and manufacturing is run and managed BY WHITES. Who exactly is going to 'rebuild the Earth'? There is going to be nothing but malthusian collapse and the last nigger standing is going to eat the last bug and then life will be reset on this planet for a billion years.

Oh you.

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We had to attack ourselves because no one has the balls to attack us. Nice try Dickinson.

This. America has always been a joke and a paper tiger, who's image has been inflated by jewish propaganda.

The other side of the coin.

Indeed. Besides a few badass genuine hardasses like Patton, it's been shit.

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The places USA puts the missiles in are likely full of white people.

Something like 1/3 of the citizens of Israel are also dual citizens of Russia…I don't think Putin has much of a choice than to be BFF's with the most treacherous and evil people on the planet.