Creating a National Capitalist Utopia

Start out with a White Nationalist + Minarchist Government as the foundation of building the structure of societal policy.
Where all laws are entirely based upon the ideas that the ownership of one's physical person and property gives the owner complete autonomy over them, and the legal requirement of being given the informed consent of the owner before others may physically interact with their physical person or property, a policy also known as the Non-Aggression Principle.
A theory of legal policy which removes all victim-less crimes (crimes that do not directly inflict force or coercion upon the person or physical property of others without their informed consent to the action), removes the concepts of intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent, trade-secrets, etc.), contraband (property, occupations, or media, admittedly including such degenerate items such as drugs and weapons, prostitution and gambling, and leaked private pictures and child pornography, but it will also legalize leaked classified information, remove any excuses for censorship or privacy violation, and prohibit the practice of circumcision), and the concept of any limitations placed upon speech, expression, or assembly (including shouting "fire!" in a crowded theater).
In such a state, there are only three Branches of the government:
The Executive Branch, which is in charge of the representation of the country (President), the administration and coordination of other government agencies, and the running of elections.
The Judiciary Branch, which is in charge of the enforcement of the laws derived from the NAP (for example, police), the response to emergency situations (for example, firefighters), the protection of children (child services), and the collection of taxes from those eligible to pay them.
The last is the Defensive Branch, which is in charge of the protection of the nation against national threats and of national interests against the threats they face (for example, the military and intelligence agencies), the collection of census data on race and legal status, and the protection of national demographics through the control of the national borders and through the enforcement of the laws regarding immigration.
There is no Legislative Branch, meaning that laws cannot be created, destroyed, or altered, even by those in the highest levels of power, anyone who makes the attempt, or conspires to do so, or who fails to report such actions and thereby becomes an accomplice, is guilty of treason, which can carry a capital punishment or one of life imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.
There will be elections to determine the head positions of each branch every February 29th, once elected, each official will serve one term in office, and will not be able to run again once their terms has ended, only those who work within a branch of the government may vote or run for a position in that branch (anyone who runs in an election may not vote during that election), only taxpayers may work for the government, only landholders may pay taxes, and only Males of a European or East-Asian ethnicity may hold land.
What elected officials can do is command while bound to operate within the laws that already exist.

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Taxation would be conducted by the Georgian Land Value Tax, a single flat percentage is taken from the total value of the all land held by each citizen, this means that only landholders will pay taxes, under this system all land is considered the property of the government and landholders are considered to be renting it out from the government (hence the term landholder instead of landowner), taxes are considered ground rent paid to the government who uses this rent to pay for the services that protect their holdings.
Only Males of a European or East-Asian ethnicity may hold land, and being a landholder is a requirement for occupying any employment under the government, which is itself a requirement for being able to vote or run in an election, corporations and businesses that hold land must also pay taxes, but cannot vote or hold office.
Of course, landholders can become landlords and rent out the land they are renting from the government via taxes, cutting down on their taxes significantly, I expect that most of them are going to be doing this.
Furthermore, it will be a tradition that marriages are arranged at birth between the parents of each child (specifically the fathers), and that these marriages will take place once the bride and groom have both reached the age of legal adulthood (see below).
It will also be a tradition that the husband works while the wife stays home and cares for the children.
These traditions are reinforced by the taxation system, granting a tax incentive for any Male who is in an arranged marriage and/or is working while having a housewife.
There is another tax incentive given to Males for each of their biological children (under the age of legal adulthood) that they are raising together with their wife, and another for each of their biological children (under the age of legal adulthood) whom they are raising and for whom they have successfully arranged a marriage partner for.

There are two goals to all laws regarding demographics:
1. Ensuring that the demographics of people with a genetic ancestry that is at least three-quarters "Indigenous European" must not fall below one-half of the total population.
2. Ensuring that the demographics of people with a genetic ancestry that is not at least three-quarters "Indigenous European", at least three-quarters "Indigenous East-Asian", or half "Indigenous European" and half "Indigenous East-Asian" must not rise above one-sixth of the total population.
There are seven general rules regarding immigration in order to ensure these goals are met:
1. The applications for people with a genetic ancestry that is at least three-quarters "Indigenous European" will automatically be accepted so long as they are not wanted for a crime that is recognized within the receiving country's borders.
2. Three people with a genetic ancestry that is at least three-quarters "Indigenous European" must have been accepted for every one person with a genetic ancestry that is at least three-quarters "Indigenous East-Asian", or that is half "Indigenous European" and half "Indigenous East-Asian", though any applicant who is wanted for a crime that is recognized within the receiving country's borders will be rejected.
3. Two people with a genetic ancestry that is at least three-quarters "Indigenous East-Asian" must have been accepted for every one person with any other form of genetic ancestry, though any applicant who is wanted for a crime that is recognized within the receiving country's borders will be rejected.
4. The ethnicity of an applicant is determined by their genetics, if their genetics are at least 75% of a given ethnicity, then they are defined as that ethnicity, if 50% of their genetics are from one ethnicity, and 50% are from another ethnicity, they are defined as a member of the lowest-priority ethnicity in terms of immigration quotas, and in all other cases, they are defined as the ethnicity that makes up the largest percentage of their genetics.
5. With the exception of those applicants with three-quarters "Indigenous European" ancestry, all applicants for Immigration are required to take an IQ test as a mandatory component of the application process, these tests are used to determine the applicants "G-Factor" for the purposes of placing them on the waiting list until a spot opens up for them, the applicants in their racial category with the highest "G-factor" will be approved before the rest of them.
6. All applicants are considered individually, however, immigration will be granted to legal minors when one of their biological parents are immigration request is granted if the biological parent wishes to bring their child(ren) with them.
7. All applicants must discard any previous citizenship statuses in order to immigrate into the country, as the country does not condone it's citizens to hold citizenship in any other countries.
Note that the two goals have a higher priority than these rules, and the defensive branch will be able to make temporary changes to immigration policy in situation where the demographics have fallen outside of the two goals, and the changes are needed in order to correct the demographics and bring them back within the two goals, once the emergency has ended, however, so to will the changes made by the defensive branch.
The Defensive Branch protects the national demographics by enforcing this immigration policy, guarding the borders against unlawful entry, tracking down illegal entrants and visitors who have unlawfully overstayed their visas, and arresting and imprisoning illegal immigrants until they could be deported.
When seeking out illegal immigrants, priority is given to catching those who have been mistaken for white in the past, these are illegal immigrants who are jews, romani, arabs, hispanics, and indians (dots and feathers).
When deporting Illegal Immigrants, attempts will first be made to send them to their country of origin, if that is not possible, attempts will then be made to send them to the country they had entered our borders from, if that is not possible either, they will be sent to whatever country will take them, those that cannot be deported will be dealt with by imprisoning them until they are able to be deported, holding them until death and cremating the body, if necessary, illegal entry or residence is potentially a life sentence.

There will be Banking laws set in place that make the practices of fractional-reserve banking and the issuing of fiat currency illegal, they must be severe crimes, considered the highest possible form of fraud, and should possibly be punishable by life or death, depending upon the severity of the offence.
Tariffs will exist on outsourcing labor in order to cultivate domestic employment, and make hiring labor in foreign countries only an option if they can provide what cannot be provided by workers within the country's borders.

An age of consent is obviously needed, but this will not only serve as the age requirement for being able to meaningfully consent to sexual activity with older individuals, but also as a general age of legal adulthood for meaningfully consenting to anything that has ever carried an age requirement, such as marriage, vehicle operation, and employment.
Since sexual fertility is the most commonly accepted physical milestone for determining adulthood, and since everyone reaches this at a different point, this age will be set at whatever point an individual becomes sexually fertile, meaning that whenever age of consent/adulthood is contested, if the individual whose adulthood is being contested can be shown to be physically capable of conceiving a child with a partner (either by impregnation or being impregnated), then they will be declared an adult and their consent declared legally valid.
Furthermore, for ease of simplicity, the standard age outside of these cases will be around 12 years of age, due to it being the average age of pubertal onset (if it seems low, it's only because you are used to an AoC that prolongs mental childhood, creating leftists while reduces birth rates and membership in the workforce, etc.), to engage in sexual activity with a legal minor is an act of rape, regardless of whether the minor was a willing participant, however, this form of rape will be considered one of the most severe forms of rape, and will be punished severely, given how low the age limitation has admittedly been set, this level of punishment is to prevent those who wish to take full *ahem* advantage of it (they're the ones being the pervs here, so don't look at me).
The alteration of the genitalia of a minor is illegal in all cases except those where it can be shown to be an absolute necessity in order to treat an immediate medical emergency.
Life is defined as beginning at the meeting of egg and sperm, egg has been fertilized by the sperm, it is a life, and ending it or bringing about circumstances that endanger it is an act of murder or manslaughter, this makes abortion illegal in any form, including unintentional abortions caused by reckless conduct.

Legal Sex is determined by the presence or absence of the Y-chromosome, anyone without even a single Y-chromosome is Female, and anyone with one or more Y-chromosomes will be Male, Marriage involving multiple members of the same sex will be illegal, and since sex is defined by chromosomes, there is no such thing as a transgender, only someone who has had themselves mutilated out of insanity or who desires to have themselves mutilated because they are insane.
Only the partners in a marriage may be legally permitted to adopt and raise a child, since multiple members of the same sex are forbidden from entering into the same marriage, this effectively prevents Homosexuals from adopting.
Upon the establishment of this new country, a full audit will be conducted on the scientific, medical, and historical communities and their decisions, this includes restoring homosexuality and transgenderism to the status of mental illnesses, fully reviewing all materials relating to politically controversial subjects such as sex, race, climate, the holocaust and other "great white crimes", etc.
And afterwards, close all educational institutions (public schools, universities, colleges, etc.) in order to allow new, untainted ones to gradually emerge in order to fill the vacuum.

NatCap is shit.

Autism: the thread

You're either retarded or a shitposter.

Voting in elections will be conducted via the following method:
1. Voters must provide their government-issued ID's to prove that they are eligible to vote, they must then fill out their ballots, voting is performed vie the range voting system, meaning that all candidates are listed on the ballot by order of their entry into their given election, and the voter may assign them a maximum score equal to the number of candidates in the running for the same position, or may assign them a score of zero by leaving their section blank.
2. counting is done by the condorcet method, this means that counting is performed in multiple rounds, and involves the ballots in each round of counting, first the total scores of all candidates are added up, and then the candidate(s) with the lowest total score are struck from the race, they are also struck from each individual ballot, and the scores they received on those ballots are transferred to the candidate on the same ballot that had received the highest score from the voter, all of the modified ballots are counted, and the candidate(s) with the lowest total score are once again removed from the running, this repeats itself until only one candidate remains, or a tie is reached.
3. in the event of a tie, the original scores that the remaining candidiates received directly from the voters in the first round are added to their scores, and the lowest-scoring candidates are removed, should this not settle the tie, then the election will be held again using only the candidates that remain after this point as options, but this time, the voting system will be by first past the post vote, rather than by range vote, meaning that voters may only select one candidate this time.

I thought about buying an island and create a selfsufficient society for basic goods

You can't ensure a future for the white race with a small government. A white dictatorship will be required to protect the ethnostate from international sabotage, coup attempts and race traitors. A small government won't be able to deal with these problems. When all threats are stopped and when the time is right, the state should be abolished to have a proper stateless white utopia.

Ethnominarchism /thread

I need all of your help to make this better, so I'm going to try to be cordial.

Well, the plan was to put out my ideas, and see how you would improve on them, so my ideas being bad is kinda part of the point of this thread, otherwise you'd not be proposing ways that they could be improved, so, please tell me what changes you would make to the ideas presented.

I find it interesting that you consider the prohibition on intellectual property, and the end to laws regarding slander and libel, to be without any problems, I got lots of shit for those parts last time. lol.

Huh? Last time I posted my ideas for a country, I was told they were too short and lacking in detail, I'm trying to get Zig Forums to decide what they want to achieve, and this requires writing out all the policies for an entirely new (hypothetical) country, with all the detail involved, of course it's going to look autistic, what's more, I chose "national capitalism" rather than "national, socialism" specifically because it requires less policies to be written.

Capitalism is antithetical to National Socialism in so many respects. If anything, unleashed Capitalism enabled the conditions which drove the German people to the point of becoming NatSoc.

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agreed, actually, I'm the only one posting a vision of a society out of a hope that it becomes the starting template that you guys transform into a vision for a proper natsoc society
this is because I've been trying to get you guys to at least start on writing out the policies for a natsoc society and none of you would bite, so I basically wrote down some barebones natcap off the top of my head one night and posted it here, it didn't need to be perfect, it didn't even need to be acceptable, hopefully the bad ideas stimulate you into posting better ones.

basically, yeah, but it's only intended to be a foundational structure, the goal is going to be evolving this into proper natsoc.

I've heard this a lot, can't say I fully understand it, though I wish I could.
I guess it must be true considering how critical this place is (and therefore how much it must have been validated to still get posted as often as it is on here).

Capitalism is individualism. Individualism breeds hedonism. Hedonism breeds degeneracy.

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Goddamn nigger.

Reminder that Hitler supported individualism, you braindead sycophant.

I bet you don't know what the Volksgemeinschaft was.

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All you have to do is stop perpetuating jewish conceptions of the definition of words and everything starts to make sense again. Individualism is not hedonism or singulartarianism. Individualism is personal innovation for the betterment of your society.


national socialism is majorly free market with government able to intervene when necessary to prevent crypto-judaism. pure capitalism gives corporations too much power and too much government centralization/planning aka marxism destroys innovation and motivation. national socialism is the middle ground that creates greatness. america was literally less free market than germany from the 1st through the 2nd world war. utopia should be treated as delusional and not to be striven for until its already achieved.

I admit, it's bad now, but hopefully you can make it into something you'd be proud of.

Yeah, like National Socialism.

National Socialism is designed to stop white genocide. Its not a game and National Capitalism is an idea that only someone who has no concept of the meaning of National Socialism would propose. Youre a joke, a political invalid.

Posting this video because your thread is trash and I just need somewhere to watch it. This is also a National Socialist board, go back to cuckchan with this trash. Materialism is white genocide.

Don’t kid yourself. Zig Forums hasn’t been a natsoc board since August.

I'm not actually asking for a utopia, that's just one of those words that to me means "the best society in my opinion". I'm looking for the society Zig Forums would create if given the chance, and since none of you would be interested in writing your out, I wrote out as barebones outline of a society that touches on all the issues you care about, hoping that you'd suggest changes, and we'd ultimately get Zig Forums's model of their ideal NatSoc country, the end goal they'd work towards, the thing they produce as their vision during a political campaign, etc.
I do this because we need something like this in order to be politically viable.


Please, teach me about how a system which requires grossly unequal class strata to function is supposed to be good for ALL people in a society? What was the unemployment rate in Weimar Germany? How about the inflation rates? How about the families who had no choice but to sell their children to feed themselves?

I'm not saying abolish money, end private property, or make everyone equal. All I'm trying to say is that in every example of capitalism we have, when allowed to run it's course, destroys the cohesion and make up of a society because money becomes the most important thing. If you want a world where money trumps culture, history, and volk, then buddy you're already living in it.

But please, tell me how you would perfect capitalism and make sure nobodys toes were stepped on?

As I stated above, I think Capitalism left unchecked hurts the nation's people, putting profit before volk. This is not to say that currency, trading, private property, etc. should not exist, but they should have regulations to prevent the abuse we have seen in this Judaic era of usury and manipulation.

Its Natsoc+shills. Its still Natsoc, these guys arent Zig Forums.

My plan was to post something, anything, since noine of youj had any interest in doing so, I thought that if you weren't interested in proposing your ideas, that I'd simply post some down and that might incentivize you to make changes to it that would eventually accumulate into the NatSoc Whitopia of Zig Forums's dreams.
Because we need such a thing, right now no one knows what we want, and that makes us distrusted, and feared, and hated, and easily slandered by the media.
It severely hampers our ability to act.

The moderators ban anything that goes against the narrative or is pro-natsoc. Zig Forums isn't natsoc anymore. It's for everyone but us.

We want to stop genocide. None of us will see National Socialism. Were prepared to sacrifice ourselves for our race.
Capitalists arent.
Read the cap.

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Yeah turning your efforts inward and refusing to help your fellow man is definitely not selfish. I'm sure Peterson helped you rationalize that.

Is this what the individuals like Mark Zuckerburg, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, and Charles Koch have done? Or was it about exploitation of everyone beneath them and their desire for more power?

I also just caught this gem.
He thinks the media will ever not slander us.

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Reminder the proud boys who were Jews and people married to niggers, faggots and anti-fascists all were labelled white supremacist terrorists. Optics are irrelevant, niggers boil children alive, theres your optics.

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Reminder that I, the creator of this thread, am actually natsoc, and made this thread to try and troll you into taking action and writing out a natsoc manifesto that represents Zig Forums.
I'm doing this for your own good.

He absolutely didn't.

This is some 'libertarian joined the NatSoc bandwagon and is now cope-posting' shit

I guess it actually worked this time

the statement was "more easily slandered by the media", the meaning is that with the manifesto (god I hate that word), it would be more easy for that slander to be contested, sure, they'd still say what they want about us, but we'd have a compiled document that shows what we really represent, thus having a greater fighting chance to win over the public in the face of that slander.

There's a reason people keep using the same tactics, they work.

Get out, nothing you can produce no represents Zig Forums, weve been infiltrated. I will disregard any trash this place produces and claims to be "official".

Fuck off neocon/zionist kike
Sounds like another "Unite the right" garbage
Right-wing jews are no better than the left-wing ones
National Capitalism = jewish subversion

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nice argument fag

I've abandoned libertaianism a long time ago, their ideology is easier to write out, being that lolbergs love a lack of government, so they create very good starting points that you can just add policies to, I wanted to say as little as possible, but I had to say something, Nat-Cap was the ideal choice in this regard.

we know the ayncraps are retarded, that's cool, please try to keep up with the thread though.

I mean, at least neo-feudalists know what's going to come out of that shit, they are essentially ancaps with self-awareness, and even they are unbearable to be around.

OP is way too obvious.

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Catholic detected. If you're a subhuman who can't control his passions, then that's true, you need the papal father to tell you what to do.

If you're a man, then individualism breeds self-sufficiency. The problem with individualism isn't its effects on the individual, but its effects on society. White men competing against each other in isolation strengthens them, but in the presence of the jew, the gypsy, or some other perfidious, invasive group, then individual ism leaves the majority helpless.

I'm gonna save that pic, it's funny as hell.

h-hedonism is good, goy, enact on your sexual deviancies.

So I can kind of see what you mean. In my opinion Nation Socialism rises from the ashes of a society ruined by the actions of a previous system.

This. As Marx correctly foresaw the inevitable end stage of capitalism or what we would now call internationalism/globalism is communism. He wasn’t right about a lot of stuff but there were some things he was right about. Capitalism can only exist within a state controlled by its people so that it does not become a system of their enslavement and exploitation.

Don't give up being driven to produce tangible pieces of policy just because some anons say you don't belong here or that your opinion on certain things is in the minority. Demoralizing is just what jews do, they can't help themselves. My suggestion is to break your ideas into more manageable partitions so that you can debate, improve, and rewrite them without the need to defend the entire plan at once. Not many could read everything you suggest and agree 100% and unless they can suggest a one line fix most won't bother attempting to help.

t. Strasser


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thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it!

Fuck off nigger, we're full.

who are you even talking to?

People and Fatherland

There. Those the principles you need. Now fuck off with your jewish "muh individual freedom" horseshit.

I wrote out actual policies, not principles

Fascism and NatSoc has historically never described itself as either. They are outside of the left-right political spectrum. It is neither Capitalist nor Communist. It is Third Positionalist.

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You have a principle called "individual freedom" that obviously determines your policies, and it's jewish shit.

Exactly. It applied measures appropriate to maintaining the health of the people and fatherland.

And you have a set of principles with no policies whatsoever.
Either come up with actual policies and not some vague platitudes or your criticism is worthless.

The entire point is to strike a balance between bugman hive communism and special snowflake hedonistic individualism.
'Individualism', holding the individual in higher regard than the community, breaks that balance.

You're fucking braindead.

Learn to read nigger
Gottfried Feder The German State On A National And Socialist Foundation
by Gottfried Feder Feder - The German State on a National and Socialist Foundation.pdf

And you have a set of principles with no policies whatsoever.

Either come up with actual policies and not some vague platitudes or your criticism is worthless.
You're position is the lack of a position that pretends to exist.
It is the "position" that remains undefined, because if it defined itself, it would be open to criticism, and it can't allow that because then it runs the risk of no long being his shapeless, perfect unknowable thing that gives those who pretend to support it the right to criticize the creations of others without offering anything themselves.
That is nihilism, that is deconstructivism, that is far more jewish than anything "personal freedom" could ever hope to offer.

You're repeating yourself, idiot, and you're not any more coherent the second time. If the foundation upon which you build your policies is wrong, then why the fuck would I address your policies. They're irrelevant, because your foundational belief in individual freedom is pure jewish subversion.

No one really gives a shit about economics, the survival of our people is what matters. I'd be fine with two meals a day instead of three for that.


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I just noticed this. You literally call a principle a policy right there in the OP. It's a stupid fucking principle too. You can't apply it and even create more people, because you would be forcing life upon them without their consent. Forget government entirely with a principle like that. OP, you're a fucking dumbass.

What are you trying to say? That you can't control your urges without state intervention? If so, you're not the master of yourself. What made America great 250 years ago was lots of land, little government, and white men. What made the White MAN great over thousands of years was his existence as a hunter-gatherer. In this society, every man must pull his own weight because there is no society to rely upon. The more freedom you force upon a man, the better he is forced to become. The ultimate freeman, a man living alone in the middle of the wild, perhaps with wife and children, cannot be a hedonist because any such behaviour would kill him.

National libertarianism is the best model for governance of a white society because it imposes no control over the individual man's behaviours. Thus, he is forced to control them or be enslaved by them. This was the model of the early United states, and it wasn't maintained. Jews, who are not White men of good moral character, were admitted.

What does mean? You're just spouting feel-good phrases without any implementation. OP is advocating for people and fatherland.

This is why you people dont matter.You make stupid arguments that dont deserve an answer and then wonder why no one does what you say. You just dont matter
Yes, we need to throw faggots and anti-socials in camps or we end up with what we have now. Its not about me, or you, its about people and no, people cant control themselves. Get out. Dont come back.

So why aren't niggers, polyniggers, and injuns great?

This. So very much this.

You know damn well very few people are capable of pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. Pretending everyone Stan Efferding is delusional.
>What made America great 250 years ago was lots of land, little government, and white men
Fixed. A lack of standards led to where we are.

It means those come first. Not individual whims.


The less racially homogeneous one infested with kikes.

Kikes are powerless by themselves without their collective commie laws. Central bank, income tax, pension system, alimony system and other multitude of methods by which collective strips white man from his property without consent and use it to finance degeneracy.

hapa LARPer detected

Okay, you're a subhuman who needs a white talmud that details every minute detail of daily life because he can't think for himself. Congratulations, you're a jew.

Free white men settled an area and they didn't choose facism or nazism, they chose libertarianism. They didn't maintain the ethnic composition of their country, and now it's a commie shithole. Keep the jews, muds, catholics, and other subhumans out, and you are left with the white utopia that the founding fathers created. Nazi larpfest is not the white ideal. It's the last resort for whites who have failed to keep their country Jew-free.

The Jew is uncreative. He produces nothing, he only haggles with products. With rags, clothing, pictures, jewels, grain, stocks, cures, peoples and states. He has somehow stolen everything he deals in. When he attacks a state he is a revolutionary. As soon as he holds power, he preaches peace and order so that he can devour his conquests in comfort.

What does anti-Semitism have to do with socialism? I would put the question this way: What does the Jew have to do with socialism? Socialism has to do with labor. When did one ever see him working instead of plundering, stealing and living from the sweat of others? As socialists we are opponents of the Jews because we see in the Hebrews the incarnation of capitalism, of the misuse of the nation’s goods.

Third Position just means against capitalism and socialism; however, the defining feature of the left is not socialism but revolution and "progress". NatSoc is revolutionary and is thus left-wing. Povl Riis-Knudsen explains this well in his essay on national socialism.

How did the end up with all those things without already having them then, huh, retard?

Right. Have standards. Don't allow certain ideas a platform, or certain behaviors to be engaged. Basicall, as I've been saying, put the People and Fatherland over the individual. We are in agreement.

No it does not. It's about doing what is appropriate. Capitalism and socialism are natural, unavoidable occurrences that intertwine with each other. The basis of all human decision is: "will this make me feel good?". And from that question is derived the decision to capitalize on various opportunities, including the opportunity to collectivize.

No one would be for socialism if it wasn't profitable (imparting good feelings) for them. So this idea that capitalism and socialism are completely separate things is absolute bullshit. Jewish subversion at its finest.

Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same Internationalist Jewish Coin.

By tricking white man to enforce jew commie ants laws with arms in hands.

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Have another for the hell of it.

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Then they're not powerless, are they?


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of their race.


By themselves they are powerless, they need good goys to do the job.

First it's "they tricked the white man", and now it's "the white men are good goys", sort of like traitors? You're not being consistent or clear.

National Capitalist is an oxymoron. Business will ALWAYS undo border protections to import cheap labor.

wrong, Jews are murderers, gangsters, counterfeiters, and thieves just as much as they are "tricksters." Large numbers of Jewish men were fighting with guns against ethnic Russians for the establishment of the USSR.

This is a national socialist board Shlomo. Report to the nearest oven.

Hitler was a socialist, but not a Marxist socialist as the term relates today.

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Hitler was a zionist stooge. The Jews won as always.

I also went on to explain what it meant in terms of policy, sonething you neglected to do, people and fatherland are not acheivable goals or plans of action, they are buzzwords or slogans