It's official !!!

Russia must prepare for possible Western attempts to deny it access to the global internet by creating its own self-sufficient 'segments' of the web, President Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying on Wednesday by Russian news agencies.

"I think, they (foreign countries) will think through carefully before doing it, but there is a theoretical possibility (of Russia being cut off from the internet), and that's why we should create segments that don't depend on anyone," Tass quoted Putin as saying.

"I can't speak for our partners, what they have up their sleeves, but I think it will do colossal damage to them," he said, without elaborating.

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kike free first post

Also link or didn't happen.

Good, we can finally cut them off from the civilized.

Reminder these were the assholes found sniffing out all our underwater cables etc. And this no U shit really tells you you're dealing with a bleached bug mentality because the chinks already started the "cutting off others" crap but the bugs are crying foul against the west.
Nothing of value will be lost, get fucked snowniggers. Now you can rip off each other with your malware in your walled garden and leave white people the fuck alone. kek

Lemme guess, Celts and Italians aren't White either?

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Bump and reported.

Only Jews are white, user. And we need to do everything we can to end white privilege. :^)

No one is white anymore, we are all mutts, etc etc.

There has to be some really good jokes about an all Russian internet.

Anyone who ever was on Vcontacte can back me up.

Ashkenazi privilege must be dismantled. They must interbreed with Palestinians to create true peace in the Middle East.

Slavs are white, but most Russians aren't pure Slav.

Russians are literally Asians

So, a Russian intranet? Okay, who cares?

They are more different by the region 0-2% in the West and South and 6% in the East/Central and North (Finns are 6% asian for comparison). Even Scandinavians are 1-2% asian on average because they breed with Saami

The real question is, will they make it available to the rest of the world? And what's their policies on shutting down websites that the rest of the world demands they shut down? I'm under no illusion that Russia is some anti-ZOG holdout, but more and more they seem to appear that way.
Will Big Bear shelter our memes and freeze peach whenever 'Murrica goes full "life imprisonment for perceived hatespeech"? Or is it all a jewish trick?

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Putin is not anti-ZOG neither is he pro-ZOG
He has some relations with the jews and at the same time he opposes some of this.
Problem is that he is a civic nationalist and Russia has extremely high abort rate (meaning the number of pure ethnic Russians is falling pretty fast)

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We should do one for the English World. Not included: India, former Caribbean colonial possessions, English speaking non English regions (Hawaii). Black South Africans are put into Internet apartheid as well.

Aryans are also from Asia. White is not a continent and our blood stays the same wherever we conquer, no magic dirt is necessary.
As for geography; anything east of the Ural Mountains is considered the continent Asia, so Western Russia is technically Europe. It's a big fucking state.

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This is true, though there are a lot of 'white nationalist' Russian people (which i find interesting, personally) which gives me hope that one day, perhaps Russia and Europe will Ally against the darkies/juden.

tbh, asians seems to come completely from China and south-eastern asia
They have expanded at first somewhere 20 000-10 000 years BC to north-eastern asia and america. After this to Western Siberia somewhere 5000 years B.C while they got pushed back somewhere 3000 BC. Finally the Iron Age nomads who took over Central Asia/Siberia and influenced people in North-Eastern Europe

The kikes seem to be pushing for this neo-Cold War now. I guess because things have stagnated since the Iron Curtain fell.

Asians are not a race, just like American isn't a race. Asia used to be far Whiter, this why it needed 'cultural revolutions' and genocides.
And on the subject of China, they have a nasty habit of constantly burning all their books when a new emperor comes into power and really don't like talking about their Pyramids or why the Great Wall is facing into China.

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doesn't mean much considering they prosecute discussion of the holocaust and associated topics. the Russian government is not pro-white

It's text book D&C user, read 1984, the people of those countries never communicated nor interacted. The only time they ever saw each other is if they were prisoners in the back of a truck.
They are denying us and our brethren the right to communicate.

Russia is extremely ZOG'd– most Israelis are from Russia and they have a direct interest in keeping them there. The primary reason communism ended was because all the jews in Russia went to Israel. Just like if all the jews in the west fled- neoliberals, communists and neocons would magically vanish in a generation.

I think Cathay was a white nation a 1000 years ago, not a chink nation.

Provide more info on this topic.

I'd like to hear more about this. Was Cathay in southern or northern modern china? Is there any evidence left behind other than maps?

Imagine the exclusive Russian memes you'll never get to see.

They’re a certain shade of white
They are not full Aryan

Jews began leaving the USSR because they were increasingly not trusted and frozen out of higher level academic and state institutions.

Communist China 2.0
When are they going to ban VPNs?

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God, please yes.

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And this is meaningless because there are literally tons of intranets in America as well. You do understand how computer networking works, right?

tamerlane was a turk, you nigger.

It's probably already done, so they USA could not do anything to stop it. Putin is not Trump, that only promise stuff that never materialize.

Right after the USA and EU does it.

We should be doing the same:

That doesn't matter, because Russia don't try to genocide White people, like the USA is doing it's best to achieve.

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I'd would like to argue that Russia funnels whites into shitty kike funded wars to fight for their (((oligarchs))), but looking at these photos these people definitely don't seem white. In this case, maybe Russia is a bit "based" to throw their mongrelized shitskins in meat grinder proxy wars that they have no hope of winning.

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Notice how the white thot already has a tattoo on her side.

They ran because people figured out 80% of the revolution were kikes.

Fucking hell, what's gonna happen to rutracker?

You are gonna find more niggers, spics and asians in the US army.

it's still reddit

It does nothing to save it either (btw i've heard that Putin tries to integrate minorities and that means ricemixing)