Evangelical Arm of Israel Lobby

Lots of focus on AIPAC lately, but there is another arm of the Israel lobby that is actively growing in influence: the Israel-loving evangelicals.

CUFI has recently passed 5 million members. That is 1 million more members in less than a year. They have been around since 2006, and this period of growth is probably unprecedented.


How do you counteract this?

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The evangelicals have a different type of power than the Jewish Israel lobby; they can provide a lot of votes.


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No need. They're all braindead boomers who have one foot in the grave.

When the Boomers die, so will the majority of Amerikwa's subservience to kikery.

Considering that at the higher levels this has absolutely nothing to do with religion and that the people at the lower levels aren't going to be pushed away by anything, I would say that you're more or less stuck with the bullet box. To deal with this in a more roundabout manner you would need to dismantle evangelical Christianity and good luck with that; they're the most idiotic and most dependable niggercattle out there and as such are highly prized by the powers that be. These are people who literally pay Jews for thr privilege of taking a trip to Israel to work on Jewish farms because muh chosen people/muh holy land/etc. It's sickening.

Kirchenkampf 2.0 fucking when?

They also give vast amounts of money to Jewish causes.


Evangelicals are so fucking stupid that they donate money to this.

That's a long time. Boomers are mostly in their 60s and 70s, and they were a really big generation. They will have a lot of votes for decades.

The influence of evangelicals will grow over the next couple of years, as Trump is increasingly dependent on them with his failure on border security.

So he becomes more and more anti-abortion while also


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The Evangelical leaders are all owned by the jews, probably through blackmail in a lot of cases. THey don't really have any "power" themselves.

Convince them of the following:

Jewish doctrine, as well as its Christian counterpart, "prophesizes" an evenutal genocide of all non-Jews.

In reality, this is instruction and not prophecy because all of these texts were conceived of and written by humans and not any god.

Insofar as there could be any such thing as a god, the Jewish god and the entire Semitic religious world are by and for Jews and Jews only. Therefore, Semitic Christian doctrine is meant only to bring Jewish instruction to fruition.

That final instruction is the genocide of all non-Jews, as continuously repeated throughout all of their texts: the Tanakh, The Zohar, and the Talmud.

Sometimes it is lightly coded, but coded less so in the books that most gentiles do not possess. The Zohar being the most accessible, after the Old Testament.

Christianity is a Jewish sect that has the eventual sacrificial victims believing that their eventual genocide is somehow desirable and of "god's" will when in reality it is merely Jewish political instruction.

These people are hypnotized into taking part in a large scale ritual genocide, of one hundred percent mortal design, in a manner that has them praying for their eventual "Rapture"; which is merely code for mass murder at the hand of he Jews.

The Christian belief system is the stuff of the worst possible horror movie. Though, the Jews would never give their most evil creation away by including it in a movie plot. They are trying to execute on it in real life.

You would care if they bequeathed their estates to Israel.

Zionists don't even need to blackmail them.
Evangelical leaders are greedy and manipulative and have always taken advantage of stupid Christians, and the Israel lobby is just big business for them.

Not growing. No one gives a fuck about evangelicalism in America anymore, didn't you see how Trump didn't have to appeal to christcucks beyond the bare minimum?

Stop with this crap

Dumping some data

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This video is fucking saddening, look at the huge conference hall and stadium full of supporters these traitors have at their disposal. Why don't we have those things? We must outnumber them 10 to 1. We need to get off our asses and organize, and fight! (Politically OF GOURSH)

These people believe the Bible. There are many verses to counteract this doctrine. There is a reason Zionism isn't popular doctrine among Orthodox or Catholic. It's not proper New Testament doctrine.

If that fails launch into an "Israel is our greatest role model." Schpiel.
We should imitate their illegal immigration policies, walls, and foreign worker programs.

Safe to say we know where the Jews are voting.

If you are wondering where the 20% is coming from, it's Orthodox Jews.


Revelations was right and they're all going to Hell for supporting the Synagogue of Satan.

Those who pretend to speak on God's behalf are destined for Hell. So you can see why things like the holocaust happen, self-serving idolatry is always punished.

These people believe the Bible. There are many verses to counteract this doctrine. There is a reason Zionism isn't popular doctrine among Orthodox or Catholic. It's not proper New Testament doctrine.
The old covenant with Israel is no longer valid seeing as how the Jews rejected Christ and the prophets. I don't even know whether or not they're relevant in bible prophesy considering how the Christians in the New Testament are called Jews from henceforth.

Romans 2:28-29
For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:
But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

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Stormtards hating Whites for the Jews.

Provide scripture to bolster your libelous hands.

These people do not believe the Bible. They believe their pastor, preacher, or priest. The problem is that these intermediaries can subvert and pervert scripture.

Scripture is dominant. The Pastor is not above the Apostles or the Bible.

They can be corrected. You just have to start with something they agree with.

Start with the agreements man is fallable, but the Bible is not. THEN quote scripture. Very easy

Bro speaks the truth.

I'll tell you it's even worse from a Jewish POV. Did you know the Talmud says Gentile Polytheism is not a sin? Yet it does say Christians will be boiled in blood in hell. They absolutely HATE Christianity and their media makes it very clear.

Oddly the irreligious Jews tend to hate us even MORE. Orthodox aren't nearly as hateful as Reform or Reconstructionist. What they practice is hardly even Judaism. More like Bolshevism or Holocaustianity.

Even an Evangelical MUST admit that Jews who deny Christ go to hell. It's part of the doctrine.

Some Evangelicals pretend that because kikes are the "Chosen People", they don't need to convert to Christianity and go to heaven by default. This kike worship is utterly disgusting.

Yeah bro the Bible is 100% infallible when you ignore all the shit it got wrong about reality and historical events.

The Talmud says gentiles are animals and are therefore incapable of sin in the first place. There is no love for European heathenry among jews.
Neo-Paganism in the Public Square and Its Relevance to Judaism

This. It’s why they have deracinated family values, marriage contracts, ignore racial and ethnic differences and are moving to bringing homosexuality and transgenderism into the church communities without so much as a fight. The church has been since the slaughter of pagans an institution that domesticates human beings, Europeans being the first major victims of this domestication

They hate Christianity because it’s a vehicle that strictly been maneuvered for them to hate. Christianity is nothing without its family value system and the jews has for the most part destroyed the major Christian organizations affects on the family

I think you misunderstand his point. Evangelicals are high on Bible literalism and inerrancy, believing that everything the Bible says is true. Thus it's within this framework we must work.

No, don't you see, these are the consequences of accepting that faith they speak of. Down the road of most Christian philosophizing, there is support of the Chosen Folk of the God of Israel.

Good luck talking to those loons. I can't deal with that brain-rot.

Lets trace Christ through Semitic history.

Proto-Christ was the Semitic Dumuzid, who was the consort of Inanna whose primary trait was to stab her allies in the back.

Look at Inanna and Dumizid's myths for parallels to the Christ-Mary myths.

Inanna is cognate to the modern Jewish concept of the female Shekinah and the Christian Mary.


When the Jews moved into Western Anatolia (Greece) they Semiticized Greek religion and society. See the fact the that formerly Aryan and newly semiticized Greeks now demonized Ares, who is the Aryan-Roman and Aryan-Germanic Father God in the form of Mars and Tyr, in favor of the female War god Athena.


Judaism favors a female manifestation of their god on Earth, in the modern form of Shekinah, in line with their focus on female genetic lineage.

Also in line with this emphasis on the female god form is the circumcision ritual that symbolizes being cut off from your male lineage (its deepest and truest meaning).

Introduced to the Greeks, perhaps initially through the Sabazios cult, were the Semitic figures of Adonis and Dionysus. These figures are equivalent to each other, but also with the Roman Bacchus that will be later discussed.

The Romans kicked the Jews out in 139 BC for trying to undermine the State with their Sabazios cult. This cult later became the Baachus-Dionysus cult, in Rome, of cultural rebellion and permissiveness. Which was proto-Christianity.

"The first Jews who settled in Rome were expelled in 139 BCE, along with Chaldaean astrologers by Cornelius Hispalus under a law which proscribed the propagation of the "corrupting" cult of "Jupiter Sabazius", according to the epitome of a lost book of Valerius Maximus:Gnaeus Cornelius Hispalus, praetor peregrinus in the year of the consulate of Marcus Popilius Laenas and Lucius Calpurnius, ordered the astrologers by an edict to leave Rome and Italy within ten days, since by a fallacious interpretation of the stars they perturbed fickle and silly minds, thereby making profit out of their lies. The same praetor compelled the Jews, who attempted to infect the Roman custom with the cult of Jupiter Sabazius, to return to their homes.By this it is conjectured that the Romans identified the Jewish YHVH Tzevaot ("sa-ba-oth", "of the Hosts") as Jove Sabazius.This mistaken connection of Sabazios and Sabaos has often been repeated. In a similar vein, Plutarch maintained that the Jews worshipped Dionysus, and that the day of Sabbath was a festival of Sabazius"

When the Sabazios cult came back as the Bacchus-Dionysus cult, the Roman Pagans executed around 8k cult members in order to attempt to stem the subversion that was spreading in the lower and marginalized classes (see parallels to how Christianity later spread in Rome, and in how communism spread).


Adonis (aka: Bachus / Dionysus, etc) is also cognate with the Jewish name for their god: Adonai.


These figures are all also equivalent to the Semitic Abel and the Greek Pan, all of which are the Wild Man of the Woods / Shepherd. The esoteric meaning of this god, as the Sun or Son (or consort) of Eostre (Easter) / Ushas / Inanna / Venus / the Goddess of the East and Sunrise, is as a lawless hedonistic foreigner (symbolic of the Jew but also all other foreigners) who comes in to procreate with the women of the Kingdom.

He does this by spreading immorality and hedonism in society.



That is why, today, the term "Bacchic" refers to over-the-top hedonism. The Bacchic "rites" were designed to be disgusting perversions of Aryan social morality. In that sense, today we are in the midst of a worldwide Bacchic Rite.

Adonis is killed with a Boar's tusk, just as Abel is killed with Cain's farming instrument and Christ is murdered with a spear (all of these killing instruments are symbolic spears of Mars: the spear being the symbol ad weapon of the Aryan Father God Mars.

Mars is the Father God of the West, Death, War, the Harvest (the judgement of crops), and judgement of human sin, but also of Fertility (due to the rains that used to arrive in the fall, after the harvest). The God (Bacchus-Dionysus) and Goddess of the East (Inanna), while promoting unruly (rule free) life (crops and weeds) that stems from hedonism, also represent the Spring Season that was paradoxically symbolic of a lack of fertility due to drought conditions stemming from the lack of rain and hot sun. These contrasting symbolisms well-illustrate how, today, our lack of rules and our hedonism has led to less fertility.

The God of the Fall Harvest and Judgement, who is Mars and Cain (the Spear, which is actually the root of the word Cain) kills the hedonistic Sun God of Spring (Christ / Dionysus / Bacchus / Pan / Dumuzid / Abel). The Roman-Aryan soldier (the literal Son of Mars) kills the hedonistic Sun God of Spring and unmitigated race-mixing life (Christ) with a spear. He does this as the God of judgement and death. The God of the West and Aryans.

In Judaic mythology, the Aryan Father God is their Satan or devil, who procreated with Eve in their Eden, who then gave birth to his son Cain. This can be found in the Zohar. Therefore Cain is also representative of the Aryan Father God and all Aryans in Semitic mythology. I could imagine that the "wandering" characteristic of Cain may have come from our history as nomadic Scythians on the Eurasian steppe. That's only a guess.

Cain kills Abel / Dionysus / Adonis with the spear. This is represented as an evil act. Again, in Semitic theology, White people are thought of as Cain / Esau (and are slated for genocide).

My contention is that Christ is one part of the same dual sided religion, meant to bring Judaic prophecy to fruition.

I love Christmas as much as the next person. Its one of the best traditions that we have, but it is rooted in pre-Christian beliefs. I don't think that worship of the Spring god was originally meant to undermine society, and it likely played a small part even in Aryan society. Though, they clearly prioritized the God of Judgement (the Harvest) and the West (Mars, Tyr, etc) in elevating him to Father God status. The Semitic perversion of the Spring God mythology, which has worked to neutralize its natural counterweight, has poisoned us like unmitigated sugar poisons a diabetic.

In my opinion, any culture that is connected to Semitic theology will continue to poison us and prevent us from recovering. Jews are bad, but have more than proven themselves as a deadly-capable enemy. Widespread indulgence in their culture, to any degree, is madness at this point. Its begging to continue a losing pattern.

Has anyone done good videos on this topic? I don't mean Steve Anderson either, but something you can show normal Christians who you want to peel away from Zio worship.

60 Minutes of all places did one of the best Christian-oriented criticisms of Israel ever, talking about what Israel does to the remaining Christians living in cities like Jerusalem. The late Bob Simon deserves some credit for this, he gave a talk where he mentioned what a liar Michael Oren was.

This video has been on Youtube for nearly 7 years, and only has 51k views.

Something like this perhaps?

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How do you tell a nigger that his retarded neckbeard religious theory is based on a doctrine found nowhere in the Bible? You can't, because he's as stupid as his boomer mother, going to one gay church and then basing his entire life on the meager foolishness he learned there instead of going to the source.
America will drown under a sea of illiterate boomer and anti-boomer fucktards

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You mean people like this?

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I remember how Jesus literal followers got in argue with an rabbi, and the argument is that a born blind man is not blind because of the blindman's actions.

I am white, and my mother has been dating a divorced beaner for 10 years. She moved him in with us about 3 years ago so now his mail is sent here. I regularly get the mail and I see this come about once a month. Help me.

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Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Buy a gun and shot into your soft palate.

Fuck off reddit.

Christian reminder that kikes are not God's chosen people, and according to the Bible, what is referred to today as "Israel" is an abomination:

"Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also." John 2:23 KJV

not to mention the story of Nebecanezzar, which shows that god's chosen people have no need to fear ovens like the kikes do

The State of Israel is made-up of fake European AskeNazi Jews who have no connection to ancient Israel. They are the Khazarian mafia. Britain helped them form the fake State so they could send the Nazi Jews there. Now we have the axis of evil.

No Christian should support the fake Jews and the fake State of Israel.

The attack upon Germany and WWII was a war crime caused by the Rothschild fake Jews banking cartel and by Britain, the mother of all wars who formed the fake State of Israel. Now we have the Empire of Evil.

The AXIS OF EVIL NWO Military-Industrial Complex Wants War at any cost to save the Empire of Evil.


The Zionist-Anglo-American Axis Wants to Initiate War to Slow the Free-fall Collapse of Empire, protect the Federal Reserve & the British Empire - Zionist Banking Cartel which the Trump Administration obviously serves.

Everything Points To War—World War!

Unless We the People stop it now!









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kill yourself and your family

Removing Islam from European means removing Judaism from Europe, because both groups share to many similarities.

Removing Islam from European means removing Christianity from Europe, because both groups share to many similarities.

Removing Judaism from European means removing Islam from Europe, because both groups share to many similarities.

Removing Judaism from European means removing Christianity from Europe, because both groups share to many similarities.

The moment you realise that Judaism ties into Islam and Islam ties into Christianity and that Christianity ties into Islam, the moment you realise the unity of all Abrahamic religion, is the moment you see a way to solve the problems with all these three groups.

You fake Nazi Jew you.

Go hug a tree and wait till it burns down in Paradise.



Just look at what these so called "Christians" are doing here on 8-chan:


While this particular organisation might be growing, the evangelical movement of the eighties counted upwards to 80 million followers and they were Zionist af.
As a political force the evangelical movement is but a shadow of its former self.

It has become infiltrated by Masons, fake Jews, Zionists and tricksters. The sheep are being lied to.

These people are such willing slaves, and so incredibly stupid, that it hurts my brain to even think about them. They're the same kind of dupes who sent their life savings to Jerry Falwell and Jim Baker.
If you have the oratory skills and charisma, consider becoming a pastor. Not only do you get wide latitude in what you can get away with, under religious protection laws, but you have a captive audience to redpill each week. Imagine a thousand different Steven Andersons but without the cucky bullshit. It really could make as much of a difference, if not more, than going into politics.

Israel Firsters of any stripe are nauseating and contemptible traitors, but the ones who do it under the banner of Christianity are the worst of all of them, because of their blind fervor.

Yep, fake Evangelists, Masons, liars, banking cartel agents, Zionist puppets of the fake State of Israel and their fake Jews.

because both groups share to many similarities

So I clearly did not say that.

Nothing screams "I'm an illiterate fucktard nigger" louder than calling talmudism "judaism," or claiming talmudism or mohamedism are even slightly similar to Christianity.
If you are an atheist, a catholic, a mudshit, a larper, a nigger, etc, anything but a white person with the spirit of the Original Protestants who fought tooth and nail against everything but authentic Christianity, you are a servant of jews and their satanic father, just like this gibbering braindead faggot.

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image one is stupid. that's how overall human progress looks, it has nothing to do with religion

protestants are the MOST willing slaves of Israel in the modern context, with the evangelicans being the most brainwashed.

Yes, scientific progress has to do with which type of kike god you worship, definitely not any other factors.

nigger please lurk more.
its fat old faggots getting bribes and PR from jews in the administration in exchange for preaching we need to stand with israel.
theres no religion in this, not unless youre a dizzy motherfucker whose only contact with politics is facebook and ballotbox

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You know nothing whatsoever about how "progress" looks.

As usual catholic cucks flood Protestant areas and impose their cuck shit on every white person. Catholics are the most faggot rat homos on this planet and they are the ones who bring all these kikes and shitskins to white communities

The talmud is just one jewish book though, why call it talmudism vs. torahism? Christianity/Judaism/Muslim all consider the Torah to be a holy book from God, their writings even share characters/references.

Some pretty obvious connections between them all, that's why they're all called abrahamic religions.

Educate yourself more before calling ppl illiterate, it makes you look illiterate


5 million members of Christians United For Israel would say otherwise. They really believe it.

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No, you're just retarded. They're called that by jews because they all recognize the existence of a guy called Abraham. That's the only connection. Because of this, Hinduism is also an Abrahamic religion.

So stupid it's painful. Or parody.

Ever notice what blatant liars Christians are? For example:

Kill yourself.


Christcuckery was a mistake

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Stop reading a Hebrew bible then

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Just gotta quotewars the bible harder and they'll see the light, no doubt. Jewish book written by jews.

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OK Evangelical is bad because they cuck for the jews. Catholics are child molesters and love racemixing and immigration. Maybe if we all convert to Orthodox Christianity this time the jews won't subvert it, and our race will be saved.

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Christianity is fucking cancer. Semetic alien philosophy used to enslave whites

Well that's not very surpr-
shieeeet, literally the religion of the 56%'s

They have some power over you with their "one in way in, one way out" angle of brainwashing. Or you're handing power to them through the same angle. You gotta admit that much.

Christ is quite the "anti semite" according to Jews. Now fuck off faggot.


That shit is so stupid is painful.

So do you have any books on how Whites are descended from ancient Atlanteans, or how Hitler built flying saucers in Antarctica?

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Hmm, that's what the Jews keep screaming about.

Orthodox Christianity supports immigration. An orthodox bishop marched with Martin Luther King when even Catholics and Protestants thought that was just a little too cucked.

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where are your african scientists and philosophes, fam? They've been christians for decades now.

Pastors like John Hagee aren't influencial anymore. Evangrlical churches in the US do overwhelming support Israhell, but that's mostly because these people are American exceptionalists who believe our greatest ally. This has been hammered into them by the news media they ritually watch, their parents' rapture theology, the stereotypes of non believers and other christians, and the pussy preachers who don't at the very least teach preterism as the only truthful eschatology anymore, but shy away from doctrine to be rich and sound nice to homos.

Some of them. Jews seemed divided into 2 primary camps. The Marxist Jewish hate Zionism and Israel. Try and deny that.
Still doesn’t change the fact that they must be purged from our country, nor does it change the fact that Christianity is a fucking cancer the Zionist Jews use to control us with. Otherwise try to explain why so many evangelicals support Zionism. I’d love to hear your explanation

Even David Steele (the CIA agent) knows about this problem and rightly despises it. But look at this! No one can deny the literal MEGA PROBLEM that this represents in terms of the social forces at work creating a congenital susceptibility to pilpul in all aspects of the country!!!! But there is ZERO CONSCIOUSNESS of this matter on the part of those who are under its influence, and there is only an increased severity of this problem which ALWAYS increases whenever it suits the Jews, and they are basically pulling the strings on this entire block of people. Frankly, they should be viewed as seditious, but instead anyone who dares exercise their rights to examine the world from their own viewpoint and express their views on the state of affairs, wherever it concerns Israel, are viewed as seditious!! And these damned JEW WORSHIPERS are a large part of the problem!

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As a Christian I assure you we didn't vote for him because he was upstanding morally, or that it was suspected he would position the country for strong support of Israel.

He voted for him because the demonic alternative was very obviously bad for the nation and the world in literally every way, and because he promised to build an effective wall and greatly curb illegals in the nation.

If you are posting here, and especially on tor, you are very different from 99% of Christians.

And in fairness to Christians themselves, the real Israel worship or dispensationalism is primarily confined to certain types of Protestant groups, mostly Evangelical. What sucks though is that in some other respects, these particular churches do have more of an old American vibe than others.

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Because there are too many cattle alive. Genocide the cattle first, so the jews won't have anyone working for them.
Reduce the world's population in a large scale, to even begin making everything change to favor us.

Tells is all.

The jews always play both sides, newfriend.

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Yeah the jewish poison is rooted at its core. Christianity is a universalist religion. It's race-blind and couldn't care less about the survival of the white race. In fact a muddied people is even better because it removes a competing allegiance.

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Hardcore Christians will always say Europeans would have dwelled in mudhuts until the end time without it, living like niggers as if niggers ever had metallurgy until the 1980, as if most Romans didnt live in wooden building with straw roofs, "mudhuts" dont even need to remind people what happened after Rome adopted the ideology
Thats all you need to know about them.

That kike looks like nazi propaganda

Here he is giving speech at the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Christians United For Israel now has 5 million members.

The rest of what you say is correct, and that is because Evangelicals, like Niggers, are low-information voters.