Victor Gregg: I survived the bombing of Dresden and continue to believe it was a war crime

As a prisoner of war held in Dresden, I still suffer the memories of those terrible events and my anger refuses to subside

As each year of the war went by, the fighting got more ferocious, new weapons were introduced and fresh young men became the targets. How I remained a sane person through all this I don't know.

Then came the evening of the 13 February, 1945 – 68 years ago this week. I was a prisoner of war held in Dresden. At about 10.30pm that night, the air raid sirens started their mournful wailing and because this happened every night no notice was taken. The people of Dresden believed that as long as the Luftwaffe kept away from Oxford, Dresden would be spared. The sirens stopped and after a short period of silence the first wave of pathfinders were over the city dropping their target flares.

As the incendiaries fell, the phosphorus clung to the bodies of those below, turning them into human torches. The screaming of those who were being burned alive was added to the cries of those not yet hit. There was no need for flares to lead the second wave of bombers to their target, as the whole city had become a gigantic torch. It must have been visible to the pilots from a hundred miles away. Dresden had no defences, no anti-aircraft guns, no searchlights, nothing.

My account of this tragedy, Dresden: A Survivor's Story, was published on the day of the anniversary this week. I gave a number of interviews around the publication, in which I insisted that the affair was a war crime at the highest level, a stain upon the name Englishman that only an apology made in full public view would suffice to obliterate.

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War crimes don't exist, stop using Anglo-globalist speak. War is War, blood is blood.

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So this is where the shills are now.

Bombing Dresden was a war crime, and I say that as Anglo.
Fuck that, even declaring war against Hitler was a war crime.

again, "war crimes" don't exist.

Was it not Anglos who set up the international globalist regime otherwise known as the united nations? is it not anglos who spy on everyone in the world through five eyes? get a grip of reality user. "war crimes" is the globalist nu-speak term used against countries Israel doesn't like. The US committed supposed war crimes for decades and nobody in foreign power said a peep. Retaliation against jews is a (((war crime))), anything else is fair play.

Anglos are the cancer on this world, jews are merely the related growth factor.

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Actually they do. Europeans have always attempted to limit the needless cruelties of war to a minimum.

It's only a war crime if you lose.

Britain and specifically England is threatening to destroy the EU as well as become embroiled in civil unrest should the EU attempt to stop them. Jews are aware that many Brits already say such things as "Hitler was right" and "WW2 was a mistake" and will do anything to keep Brits, particularly the English away from Zig Forums-esque ideas.

As such there has been a massive attack on Anglos for years now, but it has really stepped up over the recent months. I guess that as the Brexit deadline approaches they realise that now is the time to ensure that the English do not go full National Socialist; and the best way to do that is to have every National Socialist compare them to jews and wish death upon. Obviously they cannot actually make National Socialists do such things, but they can spam those things whilst pretending to be National Socialists themselves. And that is what we are seeing today.

Dresden was a horrible thing, as were many things in WW2. Lots of dead good men on every side. But don't for a second think this thread has anything to do with Dresden. This is about pushing Brits away from Zig Forums at a critical time and nothing more.

sometimes you spend so much time in the desert that you bring the ways of the desert man home with you, i think this is what might be happening to burgers.

This is def related, I heard it the other day and had to bookmark it. Check out all the rare photos and a shocking story and important lesson. To this very day the Jews are running around demanding
billions of dollars and they weren't the victims they were the perps.
No justice, they just take over media and peddle LIES.

Dresden was bombed to show the Russians what allied long range bombers were capable of. The message was clear: Better watch yourselves, Tartars, or this could be St Petersburg.

Romantic 19th century thinking. The gentlemanly rules of engagement were thrown out of the window during WW1

This is really all WW2 was jews using cheap tricks to instigate the Germans into a fight and then brainwashing the western world to how evil they were because they came out swinging.

Nice try. Nigger saxons hate Germans out of base envy. The war ended a century ago and they are still mad Hitler's people outplayed them again.
Thanks for Brexit and the nationalist momentum.
Prepare for your divine punishment of shitskins and poverty.

And here we have proof of my claim.

This post right here proves your a newfag or reddit.

Please don't try to equate the EU with the Reich, you D&C yid.

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i dont get this fixation with Dresden.
Dresden wasnt THE real Holocaust… ALL bigger German cities (above 100.000 inhabitants) were nearly completely destroyed (at least the historic city centers and the most densely populated parts were the workers lived).
Yes Dresden was maybe the biggest singular war crime in history but ALL germans living in big cities got their own private little holocaust. Just the example of the city of Pforzheim can show this. Roughly 120.000 inhabitants, and with one air raid, over 30.000 of them vanished and the city got completely destroyed. this happened everywhere which makes me think the actual number of bombing victims (civilians) in germany during WW2 is closer to 2 million than 1 million…
Not a single apology has ever been made from neither an english nor american politician if i remember correctely..

no they were not kikejew
nothing close to the atrocities happening to german civilians in WW2 happened in WW1
you retarded piece of shit

no it was not
the (((ALL LIES))) and the (((UDSSR))) were close allies and are to this day. the entire cold war was a huge sham.
it was bombed out of the mixed hatred of jews and anglos for the better germans, to murder as many civilians in the worst possible way and to destroy the most iconic cutural city (they destroyed all german historic city centers for that reason) so it would be easier to brainwash the remaining germans that they never really had a history after the war. it worked

By G_D this is sad. Is this what anons have been reduced to? Sheep that parrot everything that satisfies their confirmation bias? If Dresden was a war crime, then I suppose the Tokyo Firebombing and the atom bombs were too, even though it was obvious to everyone with a working brain, (not the likes of the average Zig Forumstard) that the alternatives would be invading Japan, which would see the entire Japanese people decimated as they would literally fight to the death, meaning that your precious animes and waifus would never have existed due to the country-wide Seppuku of the Japs and you all would have been the Goyim the jews have always dreamt of, or letting Uncle Stalin turn it into North Korea 2.0.

Of course they were you unbelievably evil piece of dogshit
or should i just call you kike?

The bombing of Dresden and Hamburg are two events that nearly no one is aware even occurred. This shit needs talked about relentlessly.

Of course those were also crimes, you semitic piece of filth. Hell, the US first ensuring the Japs couldn't get fuel and then acting surprised when the Japs started a war while they still had fuel to run it should also be considered a crime. We wouldn't be in such a shitshow if we actually held politicians accountable for their lies.

of course it was, because the SU (RED STAR) and the US (WHITE STAR) are completely different animals.

Yet during and after WW1, civilized people have sought to do exactly what I just said.

its actually a good thing to have them posting here because it causes those on the fence to see how corrupted a human's soul can become. sometimes i thin k to myself, what do they think when they look in the mirror how do they experience reality? let them talk give them space and you will learn more than is written in any book.

the problem with those bombings is that they are actually sacrificial rites, the burnt offerings of women and children to their master.

the real holocaust was eisenhowers marching of million+ german pows across germany, putting them in outdoor, fenced in mudpiles with no shelter, medical aid, latrines, food or water and letting them die. anyone caught helping them was to be killed.

Hello Rabbi, the common belief here is that muttmerica's entry into the war was wholly unjustified, and no, actions against Germany started long before 1941.

(fokken checked)
This fills me with the rage of a thousand suns.

A kike will suffice as it's a synonym to what you said anyway.

Where did I say that, you subhuman piece of shit?
Germany was put down like a dog and rose like a phoenix. Sure, modern nuGermans are shameful, but imagine any other shitty subhuman race can even turn from ashes to well fed vassals by their own will.
The nigger kike anglos on the other hands have been on a downward trajectory since the 18th century, and they have NEVER even attempted to fight globalism, because they ARE globalists.
Thats why they hate the Germans, because they are superior to the nigger saxons.

Enjoy a no deal, subhuman scum.

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Fuck off yid. England and Russia are hand in hand for Jewish conquest. Even back then.

I agree. I suppose that's the logical outcome of not wiping out those idiots at Dunkirk and turning England into rubble. Let's hope future tacticians don't make such mistakes. I'd say Hitler's main fault is that he was too nice.

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See this. It's all about trying to keep Anglos far away from National Socialism. This shill here is doing his utmost to hurt the cause, to turn brother against brother.

Thankfully its painfully obvious, but it bears repeating lest this filthy cockroach be the first thing that any British new-comers see when they visit Zig Forums to learn about their options. Anyone who speaks like this should be shunned and attacked and it made obvious to all beyond any doubt that they are enemies of Zig Forums

british is an odd word to use, just saying..

For sure, this time Whites MUST fight as a single unit. Never forget that, that was the kike trick last time, to get White countries riled up against each other. Fight for your ethnostates, and then fight for an ethnoglobe. We can go back to fighting with each other after that, like usual, but it won't effect the percentage of Whites.

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Yes yes, telling the truth is being the "enemy" of Zig Forums right, fellow surfers? :^)

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The past is the past, that isn't us anymore. It's not any of us. We have a new plan this time, a better plan. So calm your tits.

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You're that scared of different countries uniting, are you? OK, thanks for the info. You're still gonna die, kike, and I'm going to make sure 6 million die here, for your insolence. It's what you want, right? To be sacrificed in flame? I will oblige you

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That won't be us soon. I'm sorry you have to wait, but if we can put off the war for a little longer it helps us more than it does them.

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Uniting to fight "anti semitism" again, president Doland Trump and PM May?

Yeah, come back and say that to my face when you have seen every single WW2 facebook page not on the Axis side first, muttscum.

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Indarestig…so you're just an IP hopping intern in Tel Aviv, correct? You should be more careful where you shill, little girl

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a war will only be won with the hordes of the 3rd world, a lot of whom have absolutely nothing to lose and would gladly die fighting. the question then becomes is there any overlap in your goals and their goals?

Here another (you) for you, shitskinned mutt.
I have dynamic IPs, so what? Are you too poor? Spent too much time and money to shill against "nazis" and those fucking "krauts"?

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I know who my grandfather sided with, shitskinned mutt.
Who did your grandpa fought for in Europe? Thats right, shitskin.

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Full blown anti-Anglo, I thought it was just the English but this guy hates the Americans as well. These jews expose themselves too easily these days. If you just focus on Trump, or you just focus on Dresden; you might have some luck in your divide and conquer. But you yids can never help yourselves. You have to reveal that you hate as many whites as possible, and instantly expose yourself for parasite that you are.

Thankfully your kind have degenerated so much that you really are not a threat anymore. Perhaps your grandaddy moshe could have succeeded in genociding us, but you scum are far too incompetent.

Your time is running out little cockroach.

I didn't realize that more people died in the bombing of Dresden, Germany than the two atomic bombings of Japan.

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More lies and excuses for kike loving criminals I see. Tell me when did I say I hate Nords, French, Spanish, Italians, Slovakians, etc.
I just hate shitskinned subhuman mutts who serve kikes and commies, mmkay?

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Dresden was a refugee hub, so it doesnt even sound outragous. The crimes of the anglos, kikes and the reds are against existence and nature itself. Thankfully they are getting divine punishment.

The EU is anti-white. It needs to go down.

And FYI, you do hate you, your grandpa and your whole subhuman "people", you kike serving scum. Remember who your granddaddy fought for, shitskin.

Pretty wild, right? I heard there were literal tornadoes of fire sucking people in.

So you want to pit the EU against against Britain and America? Sounds legit. I can imagine that is exactly what the jews have in mind.

Where do Russia fit in with your plans? It's always interesting, though very disturbing, to see how the mind of the parasite works.

And I hate you too mister jew.

the most fucked up thing is, that getting firebombed was still probably a better fate than falling into the (((Red Armies))) hands.
I dont want to sound like a Nancy, but once you REALLY know what happened and you hear your "own" politicians/media/university professors apologize and grovel before the kikes and the ALL LIES who did it, endlessly mourning about supposed war crimes and genocides (holohoax etc…) that never happened, while ignoring THE MOST FUCKED UP genocide that EVER happened in Europe (to my knowledge), which happened to "their" own people and demonizing, even making fun of anyone trying to shine some light on it…. it seriously fucks with your psyche. Everytime i hear someone of that lot lie about WW2 i immediately have to shut down the TV/radio. i cant even watch any movies about the time anymore, because i know what REALLY happened. i would go as far as saying i became slightly traumatized when it really settled in what was done to my people AND the fact that the kikes managed to not only cover this up, but INVENTED to holohoax to shame the real victims into the oppressors AND were successful with it, creating even an atmosphere were people even when they found out what was done to the Germans justify or even celebrate it because they have been programmed from day one to hate "the Nazis" (aka all Germans).
i think the GIGANTIC war trauma suffered by the Germans and the COMPLETE lack of trying to solve it are partly responsible for the sad state modern germans are in.
The generation that survived the war could never really find salvation because The politicians/Media/intelligentsia (all of course jew owned puppets or jews after WW2, as the ALL LIES forbade EVERY PATRIOTIC german to ever hold public office again) told them that they deserved everything they got for being "filthy nazis" and should not complain but rather feel guilty about the crimes of the evil nazis (of course, purely fictional). The real psychological breaking point came when their own children, born during or after the war, were brainwashed in the schools and universities to turn on their own parents. that is the point were Germany REALLY started to decline morally and feminism and multiculturalism EXPLODED. i believe that the germans even today are subconsciously traumatized by the war. its still in our collective psyche (not like those kikes claim with their holohoax, because even if it happened, its been talked about every day since then and many people see kikes as the eternal victims) and it was never rehabilitated. An entire nation of Stockholm-Syndrom patients who LOVE their oppressors ( Just now, when the kike agenda of our genocide gets too visible are they starting to wake up).
Well, the ALLIES didnt get off much better as their own people, as a thanks for getting rid of the germans for the jews received that same poison, just in smaller doses.
How can this be fixed?? the ALLIES need to admit (not feel guilty about because they personally weren't responsible, just their grandfathers) they were wrong and committed horrible atrocities to save communism and we must find a way to forever disable the Jews to EVER be a political force again (you can be creative as how i think this should be accomplished :^)

I thought the kikeU is already against the great shitstain and muttmerica?
Are you shortcircuiting your kike serving brain, niggersaxon?
Why can't you say Europe? Still hate it so much because of those continental nazis and "German villainy"?

I have no plan for it. Because they planned it themselves already. They somehow have more abortions and AIDS cases than muttmerica. Old Creator is truly comedic.

Autistic screeching like when your subhuman granddaddies charged against "those evil krauts" to "liberate Europe" from "kraut nazis", mutts?

>the most fucked up thing is, that getting firebombed was still probably a better fate than falling into the (((Red Armies))) hands.
Dude you just blew my fucking mind. I'm gonna read this entire wall of text.

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What divine intervence do you speak of user? I'm genuinely interested, because all I see are audacious kikes and their golems

didnt the british also start bombing civilians prior to hitler even mobilizing the majority of his army after he "invaded" "poland" ?

to them the germanic is like a fox, far too smart. the anglo is like a dog, loyal and trustworthy. this doesn't mean they like the dog more than the fox, if anything they respect the fox more because it at least understands the game.

They fucking bombed Switzerland ffs.

Want to know HOW FUCKED UP modern germany is (by that i mean politicians, media, historians, scholars etc…)??
They lied down the official victim count to around 25.000. they simply took away a zero. seriously in all german official publications you´ll read that 20-25.000 people died…

Or, you know, since Japan was surrounded, there was the third option, siege until exhaustion.
No bs dichotomy with invasion vs nukes. The topic of nuking Japan is progressively becoming untangled and we're seeing what Japan HQ was trying to do with the USSR (got baited and fucked). America wanted to drop a bazillion nukes on civilians as tests anyway and was looking for any excuse to do so, starting with not respecting war protocols.

Well you had me fooled up till that part…

Hate Germans? I love Germans. Great beer and in my opinion the best food in the world. You aware also that prior to WW1 and WW2, Britons in general loved Germany. The Prussians were the greatest ally of the British against Napoleon, and even after the bitterness of WW1; special trade and holiday deals between National Socialist Germany and Britain were booming. You should look into it. The common man did not want to go to war, the British had no interest in fighting the Germans; but the kikes and Churchill forced it through, and after some Belgians shot some British and the media reframed it as a German ambush against our boys; the people soon sided against the Germans. As is only natural, considering that their brothers and fathers were getting killed out there.

The fact remains that no one wanted the war outside of a tiny minority of government and the jews who owned the media. There are countless records attesting to this. Britain and National Socialist Germany had a very good relationship where they traded with things other than the money of the international banks.

It really is no surprise that they tried so hard to get Britain into a war with the Germans, because there was a very real chance that Britain was going to go Fascist.

No matter what shit you push I will never hate my ancestors. They were good men who were often tricked into doing things that were wrong. Believe it or not, the same happened in Germany for centuries. I am not saying this to blame the Germans, but just to highlight that the recent actions of the National Socialist hardly cover up for the crimes of the Holy Roman Empire or the Teutonic Order against innocent brothers around the world. I don't blame your ancestors, they were told what they were doing was right; but in hindsight we know that it was not. So too with the British and their involvement in WW2.

If you truly are a German then you are a disgrace to your people. I am still fairly sure that you are a yid though.

Well, there's that Hellstorm book that is gut-wrenching. So the dude ain't totally wrong. Fucked or fucked, you'd rather have the solution wherein your sufferings don't last for ages. Reading Hellstorm, you know the king of tortureporn Eli Roth has nothing on the Red Army's "creativity".

after iwo jima the generals informed the president privately that it would be impossible to take out japan in a ground war without extreme allied losses on account of them all being fanatics.

they started bombing civilians from the start because they couldnt even cross the channel during day time without getting shot down so they started air rais against civilian targets by flying to a city and randomly drop their firebombs over the most lights they could see from above.
this during a time hitler tried to make peace with them literally every single minute.
shows you the power of kike media, because the normal english, who at that time werent really for the war, would have refused to fight germany if they learned about those raids. instead, when Germany retaliated against a few civilian targets after MONTH of british air raids, the jewkike press acted as if it was the biggest shoah ever and managed to bring the brits into an ever increasing frenzy against versthing german. this frenzy only ceased when they were marching through destroyed germany and could see with their own eyes how the germans were probably the most decent people on earth during that time.
but then it was to late. i think most of these veterans regretted what they did later and died very unhappy later

Most cities had already been burnt to the ground. They were mostly wooden structures. The country was routinely bombed.

im well aware of this, but i dont have specifics. names of raids, time stamps, synched up with the times of what hitler was doing.
i was looking for a convenient timeline of what happened with sources.
this kind of thing matters when explaining to demoralized people that britain was the aggressor of WW2.

explaining hitlers "invasion" of poland is easy but wouldnt hurt to be included in this timeline as well.

i regret reading that book.
it was brilliant but i wouldnt recommend reading it. it is too fucked up.
it also makes you wonder if slavs are even human (poles and czechs too) and if there arent even fewer white people left if you cant count them…or that it is at least true, that in these eastern countries many so called white people are nothing but mongolian rape babies…
i think watching the movie is enough, at least if you are a german…

maybe you´ll find something about that in Pat Buchanans "The unnecessary war". a big part of it deals with the stupid choice of England to go to war with Germany for no reason at all while the Soviet Union was growing into the biggest world power ever.

What entire wall of text are you referring to?

Care to elborate?

Oh hoho, pray tell what were they, you retarded fucking kike lover? Doing what everyone at the time did?

You don't have to repeat your hatred of us, kike lover. The fact that Germany is nothing more than wurst and beer to you is telling.

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Japan was ready to surrender, but not unconditional surrender. You know what the latter means? Someone can park their army in your country and has complete control over your government and everything else. They commit atrocities? Fuck you. They rob you? Fuck you.

Countries that are bullies like unconditional surrender. Normal nations are happy with surrender with conditions.

That's exactly it you spanner. The British weren't all braying for the blood of the Germans, quite the opposite. No one wanted war. Then war came to them because their leaders ordered it; and then their brothers and fathers died, and then people began to hate those who killed their loved ones; as is natural.

Your enemy was never the Brits. It was the jews, psychopaths and traitors who led the British into the war.

The crimes of the Holy Roman Empire against all sorts of whites, but especially the Bohemians/Czechs are ridiculous. The Teutonic Order butchered Poles and Lithuanians. Why did they do it? Because they were told it was the right thing to do.

Why did the Brits fight in WW2? Because they were told it was the right thing to do. Why do some Brits to this day think WW2 was a good thing? Because that is what they are told.

Your hatred of people based on them being deceived and manipulated is idiotic in the extreme. One of the things that separates 'white men' from the others is their ability to see clearly and logically. If you cannot see that the common Englishman never wanted to be your enemy back then, well you must be blind or stupid. Horrible, horrible things happened under the British. So too, in retaliation, did they happen from the Germans. The British were not the only ones to break the Geneva Convention. Many individuals did horrific things that have gone both recorded and unrecorded.

But it all happened because of some other bastard deceiving and manipulating our people into a war. Just as the Holy Roman Empire and Teutonic Order were manipulated into murdering their brothers.

Your anger should primarily be directed at the jews, the psychopaths and the traitors; not the common people who in their near entirety did not want to fight the Germans.

It is your inability to understand this which leads me to believe that you are either a jew, or a sub 90 IQ rape-baby.

The poles behaved like animals even before the war (expelling millions of germans from their ancestral homeland after WW1, then torturing and killing tens of thousands in the weeks leading up to WW2 to FORCE Hitler to invade). During the war the soldiers and civilians tried to kills as many german civilians as possible and killed/tortured POWs. With the czechs it was similar, they REALLY surpressed the german minority in the fake state of CSSR (germans were around 25-30%, so not even a real minority), which made hitler so angry at them because the germans literally had build ALL of the Czechs cities (even Prague is a GERMAN city and was once seat of the GERMAN EMPEROR). the same can be said about Poland, at least the historical german parts.
After the war they engaged in bestial orgies of torture and rape that were so widespread against DEFENSELESS german civilians, that i have trouble to just lay the blame solely on the kikes. a huge number of czechs and poles engaged in them with extreme joy.
And to this day you hear from those shitty countries that Germany should pay THEM reperations for wrongs suffered in that war (seriously, the polish MP recently wanted that, despite 1/3rd of Poland being GERMAN TERRITORY obtained by mass murder and eviction of all germans who had lived there).
I want to believe that it was only a small minority lead by jews that did all that but it happened so widespread that i sadly have to believe that there has to by something wrong at the genetic level with MANY so called slavs.

Piss off, low IQ subhuman.
I repeat this again, my grandfather, SA to SS, was a honorable man incomparable to the likes of you subhuman insects.
Your granddaddy was a subhuman who served kikes and commies, mmkay?
Piss off and drink for spitfire bier.

Come to Germany and hear what comes out from the mouth of the czechs and poles.

lets not act as if the brits didnt behave like mad dogs all over the world causing the misery or death of BILLLIONS ever since that kikelover cromwell took over their government. i agree in parts about what you said about the germans not always having been great but germans mostly engaged in stupid infighting. its not even comparable to the bully tactics used by englang to literally supress half the world at one time.
apples and oranges my friend
this book?
wait… fucking pat buchanan was against ww2? the senior advisor to nixon feared globalism would cause more wars???

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Yeah, that's one of the first redpills for anyone here. Next you'll read Churchill's History of the Second World War (all six volumes) and see that nowhere is the holocaust even remotely mentioned.

i live in Germany and most Poles here seem to be decent people.
infact most poles here arent real poles, but decendants of evicted germans or of the few who werent killed or envicted, had to take polish names and came after the collapse of communism.
anyway, i dont know these people enough to come to final conclusions and i HOPE i am wrong about them. but as a german, researching their behaviour torwards germans WHENEVER they had a chance to bully and kill us during the last century… it makes one at least sceptical…

my first redpill about ww2 was the fucking bolsheviks and their dirty dealings. most couldnt even tell you who the bolsheviks were.
after that, the slaughter of germans within poland prior to the invasion, and the armed commie bolshevik revolution of jews within germany (november revolution).

churchill stated himself the reason for the war was to economically crush germany because they felt it was a threat.

Yes, yes, they always love their enemy until they flip their collective switch. Same story with US people, how they were nationalist, anti-war, open to Germany and then DIE KRAUT!!!!
We're talking about the same England that sided twice against Germany (WWI;II).
WWI was a flawless victory for Germany, clean. It could have stopped there. Germany considered that it had done what was sufficient and didn't demand much, almost nothing in fact after her relatively "noble" victory. Oh but nooo, England had to bring big daddy (US) into the fray and have this war continue. And clean and quick war with massive debt and devastation isn't a good war.
As for Napoleon, you understand that he was facing the sum of allied European forces funded by Rothschild—the same banking family that actually manipulated the English market right at the end of Waterloo?
So don't pull that friendship and respect nonsense here.
Plebes are sheep. This sentimentalism has no place here. What matters is getting rid of the Jews to liberate all of these white nations. Period.
Then and only then they "may" start to act rationally.

With a similar title, one could also consider David Irving's Hitler's War.

Here we go lads. Now it's Britain, America, Poland and Czechoslovakia versus Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Slovakia.

We are really getting to see how this kike's mind works now. I actually hope you are a jew, because if you are genuinely a German then you are a hypocrite beyond measure. You would have essentially said that you and your ancestors murdering fellow whites is wrong; but when the other whites murder you, that's the worst crime ever.

Again, it would be hypocrisy; except you have to be a jew. A white man cannot be that stupid, that illogical, that hypocritical. Jew or a rape-baby.

Sigh. Cromwell should never have let the jews into England, but you are aware that at more or less the same time the rest of Europe was butchering one-anotheri n the 30 years war, right? The English needed a warloan from the Dutch as the King was a Catholic who ended up hiring foreign soldiers to try and enforce his will over the English and the Scots. The terms of the Dutch was to let the jew in.

In hindsight this was not worth it. At the time though? Let a few yids settle in your lands to stop a potentially nation shattering religious war the likes of which had just been played out all across Europe and exterminated countless men?

But that's how the people saw it. That is still how a lot of stupid Brits and Americans see world war 2. They see themselves as brothers who fought against the "evil of Hitler". And the Brits saw themselves and the Prussians who fought against the "evil of Napoleon".

I'm not saying its right, but the English did not hate the Germans and that is what that kike was asserting.

*And a clean and quick war WITHOUT massive debt and devastation isn't a good war for the nigger saxons

Yeah, when you gained nothing from it and just put the kikes on top forever. You know what happened when Germans do wars? Europeans benefits, one way or another. What happened in every single war your subhuman, inferior ratty bunch caused? Kikes reaped the benefits.
So piss off. You are subhumans. Period.

Yeah, exactly what happened in WW2. Any question, you commie loving subhumans? Go and take care of little Muhammad.

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Watch this to know Churchill and his terrible actions against his people, the German people, and the American people.

No, you grandiose fool. You precisely gave numerous examples as to why we're no different than niggers when put under the spell of propaganda and act like good dogs given orders. So please be coherent!
Our qualities rest elsewhere, but certainly not in a so-called native ability to erect mental barriers against lies.
Have more redpills.

And of course, nice fantasy you kike loving subhuman. Anyone who DARES to expose the crimes of the nigger saxons and how they let the commies and kikes take over the world is a rape baby or a kike.
The mind of a negro saxon, "lads".

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>*And a clean and quick war WITHOUT massive debt and devastation isn't a good war for the (((nigger saxons)))
Yes, I meant without. Thx

Upon learning the truth we are different, you numpty. That was my whole point. With hindsight we can look back and say: "Damn, that was wrong!"

The nigger is incapable of such a thing, which is why to this day they do not blame their brethren for selling them into slavery at all. It is all whitey's fault.

No. Not even Germany benefited from German wars. France certainly didn't benefit. Poland and Lithuania certainly didn't benefit. Rome certainly didn't benefit. Only the financiers and victors benefit from wars, and often not even the victors.


Nice try kike.

Half of France were :) if not all
That is why the nigger saxons bombed the French navy even before they had the time to even THINK about reacting to the Wehrmachtébir

You hate us already, subhumans. And we still survive. And we will survive good. We will make trade deals with Japan, and you nigger saxons will suffer poverty. The Axis survives. Go to hell, nigger saxons.