Nixon was right all along

Childhood is idolizing Kennedy, being an adult means realizing that Nixon made more sense. In a way, he was the Trump of his era.

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Nixon was right about the kikes. The thing is, he trusted (((Kissinger))) who is a gigakike of the highest order.

I have no idea what nixon was or anything else. They pretty much only talk about watergate and thats it.

He didn't trust Kissinger. He knew the kike was sleazy. Christ, I can't think of an American president who was more alert to the JQ. In fact, Nixon may have been /ourpresident/.

>Commenting privately on the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling Roe vs Wade, which decriminalised abortion in the US, the then-president said he worried that access to a legal abortion could lead to "permissiveness" because "it breaks the family" but thought them justified in certain cases.


Thanks for sharing, lurk more.

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Nixon was the last true President of the United States. and IMHO Nixon was our greatest President, second only to George Washington. Nixon marks the Augustinian moment of America, when America ceased to exist as a Republic and became an Empire. Nixon was the first victim of coup d'etat from the (((Deep State))). The Deep State threw everything it could at Nixon to bury him, and succeeded. in order to set the precedent–it's no longer the President who runs America and who sets the agenda, but from now on, it is the (((special interests))), the (((NSC))), the (((CIA))), the (((FBI))), the (((CFR))), the (((UN))) and the vast invisible army of (((subversive pink 'ol Commies in disguise))).

Everything we think we know about Watergate is a lie. that two BezPo shabbos reporters brought down a so-called corrupt President through their tireless dedication to the Truth and their taking the greatest risks was all a Big Fish Tale Tale of self-serving ascendant Neoliberal mythology.

we still don't know what really happened in Watergate, because it's all still classified TOP SECRET. but more is trickling out. such as the "Roadmap" to Watergate, which was recently declassified. i have seen zero reporters cover this much less even mention anything about these new dox. (btw, get in there spergs!)

Nixon hated kikes, niggers, spics, gooks, drugs, abortion and he was literally first elected to office in back in Los Angeles in 1946 as a staunch Anti-Communist. as VP under the Father of the Deep State (((Eisenhower))), Nixon had lunch with J. Edgar Hoover daily for 8 years. no other President was as hands-on involved in the day to day running of the Secret Police and keeping the great Sausage Factory of DC running. Nixon is perhaps the only President who has been /ourguy/. i only wish that we could re-animate Nixon's corpse or clone is DNA and re-elect him to the Presidency.

JFK > Nixon > Obama > Trump

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If one can't grow up to be a real human by loving others as friends and having respect for everyone and not blame their dr.daddy over their political views, then you become a true being

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Didn't nixon save hillary?


No, American freedoms have always been a delusion. The Constitution cannot enforce itself after all, and the government will not stunt its own growth, refuse obedience to (((powerful interests))) by doing so. North America should become a unified National Socialist dictatorship, comprised of Canada and U.S.A.

You are going to experience a very unusual form of execution when all is said and done. There's a few options. The Gibbet. I personally endorse this one.

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Women actually post on this board?

Yes, mostly the SJWs and STEM women.

If I could reach through my monitor and strangle you to death, I would. You piece of trash. Don't ever compare Nixon to that orange retard again. Fuck you.

He held views his handlers didn't like but he didn't know who his handlers were.

That program wasn't active until Reagan. It was stood up by Bush while he was the Vice President.

I'm afraid mirroring daddies dirty dick's taste to the world in another extreme is something Animalistic and worse than your animal farther,

In the end, I pray that you see that everyone's experience is one.

I remember him saying in one of his tapes that Kissinger was an exception. Hr should have replaced him with a non-Jew, in all honesty.

And yeah, his view on abortion is quite sane and balanced. Today's cuckservatives want to save every baby, including future criminal dindus.


Sad how common sense is now illegal in America and we have a president threatening 70 countries for not protecting the right to be nonreproductive.

My money is productive, so are my bees.

So owned by Israel and the rothschilds?

Sounds like a faggot.

no he wasn't. nixon actually badmouthed jews and didn't suck their cock at every given opportunity.

would have been more based if rather than
he'd replied

He actually named the jew though

thanks TRS

He also put Kissinger in charge of national security.

He trusted him enough to give him a key position in the whitehouse. Actions matter more than words.

Nixon was certainly our guy. He had his share of mistakes sure (removing the gold standard albeit Kissinger was responsible for it) but the (((???))) couldn't assassinate him like they did Kennedy, Agnew was taken out the the CIAniggers and nixon was set up in watergate by his deepstate associates.

One of the great things about Trump causing the Mass Triggering is that lefty shills can't help but expose themselves as they're trying to subvert making themselves clearly obvious.

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Both Nixon and Trump ran as law and order candidates. Nixon tried to follow through. Trump is a limp-wristed jew fellator.

the last president was Wilson until he signed americans rights away to the banks for the 3rd time. Everyone past him is nothing more than a figurehead of a nation in slow dystopia.


Oh ya, Nixon was grate.

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Speaking of people who were right all along: McCarthy. Places across the US were infested with communists and jews and jewish communists. Stuff like the VENONA Project/papers show how right he was about the parasites and spies.
The declassified documents have been released though there’s still plenty of redactions on an nsa dot gov site

Don't slander Richard "What the Christ is the matter with the jews, Bob?" Nixon by comparing him to Donald "My every word and deed serves the jews" Trump.


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Just say the jews, why are you censoring yourself like a faggot?

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How was this not automatically deleted? Reported.

but what did nixon to do get the ire of the jews so much
kennedy didn't want to give them nukes
what was nixon's transgression

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>Nixon was the first victim of coup d'etat from the (((Deep State))).

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Kissinger got caught trying to fuck Nixon as discussed here.

Wow this is so important and changes everything nice post Jared

Nixon wanted to kill the niggers before they got out of control

Not a thread.

His VP, Spiro Agnew, was aware of (((their))) tricks as well.

Letter by Nixon’s VP Spiro Agnew Reveals He Was Framed and Driven Out of Office by Jews

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nixin was clone

You is kike.

why are you trying to condemn the man? He wasn't that bad

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why not just chop their heads off or stick a bullet in there? no need for such barbarism
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if nixon is so great why did he support israel in the yom kippur war, what is operation nickle grass?

also, "proof" of the samson option:

I've heard he was blackmailed by Israel into sending aid in exchange for Israel not nuking their enemies.

This is the most likely reason.

Now, I don't have any hard citations for that. I'm not sure how I'd go about finding them, either.

I don't see how you could unless there was a record of it hidden deep in an archive somewhere.

Probably about the only redeeming factor about JFK is his appreciation for Hitler. His father was also trying to stop the war and friendly toward Hitler.

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This. JFK and Nixon were based in their own ways. Also, didn't JFK refuse to give Israel nukes, or material for nukes? It wasn't long after JFK was assassinated that Lyndon Johnson became president and in 1965 you had the Apollo Affair where Israel had stolen a bunch of enriched uranium from the NUMEC facility in Pennsylvania.

Nixon and Kennedy were the last roadblocks they had to taking control. They did away with both.

You mean McCarthy was right all along

Getting called trash by the floor mopper.

That's real class right there.

Nixon was a traitor to the United States just like trump. When we shake off the niggardly wizardry of the jews and liberate the USA, we're going to exhume their remains and dump them into porta-johns.

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He's right.

They always tell us who they truly are by both their inability to contain their fury and most of all their retarded use of some words.

This user gets it. He is embracing his inner Assyrian memories.


Nixon did nothing wrong, their is a good documentary on Netflix about him and how the liberal media and academia paints him as a bad guy.

He did go to bohimian grove with the fags, but he called it out saying he is not a fag, just like to hang around powerful people.

I don't know a great deal about Nixon's actual accomplishments, but JFK was pretty based. A month or two ago there was a thread about him where someone said the way JFK got into office is by his father false flagging his campaign that a vote for him meant a vote for the kikes, and the KKK was against him, which made kikes and golems support him, but he and his dad had sympathies towards the Nazis. (((For some reason))) the thread got deleted.

If people hate Nixon so much, they’d “praise” him for antisemitism, he must have been on to something.

Apropos of nothing, if the effort is sincere and preserves as much of their culture as possible, it isn’t bigoted to protect the children of a demographic distant to your own. You just really desperately have to be sincere.

Also it’s important to distinguish between what makes you feel like you’re protecting children vs what actually protects children. I poured rhetorical support into GamerGate and PizzaGate because leftism dearly desperately needed NOT to backlash against porn; I was fighting a direct persuasive conflict in the first case and a roaring rearguard in the second after I watched direct persuasion get responded to with lies and harassment. I’ve gathered most “conservatives” are kind of dumber than that and burn their lives fighting the semblances of things they hate without realizing doing that creates smokescreens in which real evils hide.

Don’t fight semblances; fight actualities. Smut is protective.

Nixon wasn't the Trump of his era, the fuck hated kikes, the only similarity was their right hand man was a kike Kissinger and Kushner

JFK v Nixon was probably the only election where I would of been fine with either side winning

Trump is a kike, UNNA

Could this be the reason why Simpsons and Futurama make fun of him the most? I mean the two shows make fun of presidents but they made fun of Nixon the most. Simpsons as in the first ten seasons. Screw the rest.

To be fair, they also make fun of (((Kissinger))) too, but that might be simply because he's associated with Nixon.

Stalin's right hand man was the kike, Kaganovich. Hmmmmm… I'm noticing a pattern here, Kushner, Kissinger, Kaganovich.

Nah, it could be the Nixon association here. There is no bloody way Simpsons can make fun of jews because it's not a redpilled show like what many idiots think.

There are two kinds of primitives in this world: those who reject technology, and those who embrace technology abusively. The second kind empower the first, especially if they target the first. To achieve stable advances we must reject both kinds of primitivism.

I have wondered before if abusive psuedoleftists punished Nixon for taking away the war they’d been pretending to hate, taking unforgiveably substantive action against bigotry by desegregating schools, reducing international tensions, experimenting with wage/price controls, establishing the EPA, fighting cancer, and in general being jnacceptably effective before people whose ostensible progressivism masked what were actually demands for stagnant ancestral rule.

Rumor says he saved Israel and its neighbors both - preventing Israel from launching a new clear glass campaign, if that’s transparent enough for you.

It seems like the left doesn’t tolerate actual progress much; they just want the same art forever. Ending wars, saving nations, trying their ideas, even protecting the environment? Nah, they just wanted protest song inspiration! They just wanted to hate the right people! Suggesting leftists should be less hateful? That’s an inpeachin’ offense.

Another interpretation of Noxin is that he made the Abamo mistake: he watched “opponents” to farm good ideas from them, making his own ideology look incoherent while increasing stress levels for both himself and others, risking the potential defiance of normal power transfer in the process.


He actually did shit. His opposition might’ve used good ideas to produce good words that let them farm problems until their kids were old enough to give them grandchildren, while the world rotted around them.

Aboma kinda missed the accomplishing things part of this “blunder”, and had worse judgment in several ways. Not that everything ol’ Nickel Grass did was flawless - was the price board actually a good idea? Of course, in its defense, having it be implemented by someone who disliked it paved the way for it to be de-implemented rather than becoming a faux-progressive career spawning pool.

They would probably if Kissinger kiked other Jews and got into legal trouble for it, like how Bernie Madoff gets made fun of in the Jewish media because he kiked more than just the goyim.

This has been fun to read and think about. Thanks, Paula.

Did you know one of the least popular members of the Nixon administration was an antisemite?

Nivirmend yuor tirrebli testa in cortaans, the intasimetesm thing is even waeker than asaul.

That would be Reagan, and no, that's not a good thing.

There was another letter, released by Kevin Alfred Strom in around 2011, where Agnew referred to the "so-called Holocaust".

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What the shit is this? Did the JIDF just write a new bot?

Have you read 'Nixon's White House Wars' by Pat Buchanan?
Nixon was pretty socially liberal. He was for desegregation but against forced bussing to mix schools. He didn't exactly put up much of a fight on any worthwhile front.
Yeah, he was jew-wise, but most presidents were in those times.

It just proves one more time that you can't be wishy-washy about the jews. You either eliminate them down to the last rat, or suffer with the black plague.

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Agnew would have been a fantastic president. Almost had an empty funeral in the end…


This isn't a good thing

Know the name so I can find it to pirate?

I don't know about the nukes but I've read that Alexander Haig ordered the delivery of every anti-tank TOW missile in the NATO armory to Israel in 1973 after the Yom Kippur invasion because Israel was being invaded by the Soviet Union which had massed tanks in Egypt. The rumor is that Kissinger had called for no action and believed Israel needed to be taken down a peg after the 1967 war, but either Nixon overruled him or Haig acted on his own. These are just rumors decades after the fact, so don't take them for gospel.

he hated fags