Donald Trump proves that we are


Shills are not welcome in this thread. This thread is for discussion of the wall being built which can be viewed in video format in the second file of this post.


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fence repair

the most powerful fence with a beautiful gate

What's the point of working yourself up about this wall that will stop maybe a couple of thousands migrants when you god-emperor grants legal citizenship to hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year

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Liar in chief.

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This is the one that was approved under Bush, yes? Is OP being a faggot again?

It's not working Hershel.

Reminds me when we got the prototypes and people said "look see he's doing it WEW," and then we did the first iteration of fence repair and people said "look see he's doing it WEW," and now we're redoing the same section of fence AGAIN and people are saying "look see he's doing it WEW"







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ebin and original

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I would go to reddit, but I am not queer.

Shills are out in full force

With a counter like that, how could I ever go on?

So it is or is it not the one that was approved when Bush was president?

and how did you come to this conclusion?

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enjoy it. because this is how he could build wall. but this is also all you will get. few propaganda videos.


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Why dont the anti-legal immigration crowd understand that there is no getting around legal immigration until a new faction totally usurps the government and erases the current system? Why continue to cry over spilt milk? Until the valve is shut, yes legal immigrants are going to come here. Stopping as many illegal ones as possible is a much higher priority and a significantly better Step 1. Legal immigrants often come and help bolster the economic well being of the country. Illegal immigrants do the complete opposite.
Personally im not in favor of either form of immigration, but im not so irrational as to think any sitting president in this current system is going to stop the legal immigrants from coming in.
It will take a new system with new decrees and leadership to take establish controls of this nature. Until then there are bigger fish to fry.

resage and report


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re-counter-saged and dismissed reports!

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In which country?

Israel it seems.

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Civnac nationalists NPC Trump niggers have no place here on pol. Leave now you fucking Kike or gay reddit faggot

>capitalizes kike kek

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I agree with you, but please
this is basic shit, user.


That is pointless. They are mentaly ill. do
you see…?

they will call you kike, shill, mohamed, leftist or discort trannie. we can only hope mods will ban them or something. they will push their 4D bullhist until Trump send them to prison for antisemitism. and even jail it still will be 4d chess. or deep state fault. not Trump or Kushner.

cool skit Homos

Because we don't want to be the last generation to die for a mistake

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Go dilate, trannys.

I can understand with these guys that it depended what way the overton window went or whatever.

If Trump had really been about the 1st amendment and not having time for political correctness, the optics of just being chill with larpers would have all been fine but here we are where for some reason everyone's fucking lost their minds


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your reply

This is what i am talking about it. Mental illness.

even the putinshills aren't this gay lol

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Does trump even know if he's building the wall or not? Maybe someone is telling him that he is.

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Again, we are back to the "Trump has no agency of his own" argument.

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So then whats the solution you propose fucko?

Only applies to wall-building under monies appropriated by Congress.

OP is always a faggot. This ones just a faggot that thinks building a fence is winning, completely failing to realize the politics behind it all.
But what can I say? This place is an (((echo chamber)))
They stopped listening to kikeys echoes and started listening to the shills.


Keep it faggots. Not only will we be absent for 2020, we might actively work AGAINST Trump.

This. These fucking shill threads are only making us NOT vote for Zognald Trumpenstein

Nobody lies to me and gets away with it.
I will be working actively against Trump.

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Same here. Trump is finished.




Zig Forums is anti Trump board now. deal with it.

Gotta warn you all, shortly after the spending bill debacle I posted my intent to be absentee for 2020, and my threat to work against the jew-asskisser if these Alamo / Prosper shills didn't stop spamming us, and suddenly they went crazy.
I even had some hick asshole (his vernacular seemed "texan") writing out 2 paragraph long insults about how I was a loser for abandoning his Daddy Trump.

Shit was funny overall, but I thought I'd warn you all.

You're gonna be out of a job soon once those Kushner bucks dry up


Nobody gives a shit about anything you posted a week ago. Get over yourself reddit fag.

Chill out dude


The thing is that Trump did this to himself. He had to do just one thing: follow through. What did he do?


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He was never meant to be anything more than a pressure relief valve.
We got bamboozled, or at the very least blinded by hope.

You kikes are so excited about this you don't stop to realize that it outs you immediately. Die screaming, kike.

Literally the same as we had before but this time there's an extra length at the top. This is a fence.

Thanks for broadcasting your 2020 shill narrative early, Moishe.

Trump is loser. All he had to do is build a wall. No. Typical kikes. Greed to the bone. They rather take all money than split it and give goyim some shitty wall. Instead they post some Q nonsense to keep boomers happy. This why jews allways lose in the end. They could give us stupid wall. Instead Trump is allways muh holocaust, muh antisemitism.


This is sick and disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself, OP.

It is you who will cry in 2020. all you got is some rusty fence in middle of nowhere. long enough to make one good photo and few promo videos.

Reddit. You belong there.

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It's a fence, kike. Your euphamism doesn't work here.

Hindsight's 20/20. We realized it once he was already in and said about "we don't really mean that" in response to the crowd chanting "Lock Her Up".

Precisely. Fuck Q. I raid Qfaggots on jewtube to try an snap the brainless acolytes out of their trances, but then I realize that they are, in fact, brainless.

Maybe you can take it up the ass by Trump's faggot force spreading faggotry around the world.

Exactly. Trump is all theater and branding. This isn't even a good example of it. It's pitiful watchin him explain what is going on now. After watching this goal degrade from sexy looking wall prototypes in the desert to rusted beaten up shitty fucking fence and listening to the orange nigger try to sell this fucking sinking ship to the public is so embarrassing it is almost painful. I'd just duck out of 2020 if I was the dumb bastard.

ahahahahha impotent nazi rage makes my dick hard

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Don't do that. Just don't vote. Don't give the system power. Don't legitimize that which represents the jew as a power you consent to.


Oh man, I wonder why!

Well. It was a choice. Hillary Clinton or Trump. We know what Hillary would do. What is sad these MAGAretards can't accept reality. Voting for Trump was good to give whites some racial awareness. Trump itself serve jews and don't care about anything else.

Correct. Empty space where a wall should be.

Because he signed that lame spending bill with only a fraction of funding for the wall.
And also the anti-semitism shit he signed.


checked for 411 dubs of information and truth

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I'll tell you what I'D have done if I was elected. I'd have set up a ROBUST way to communicate directly with my support base, no not fucking Twatter. I'd have immediately gone live and said, "Hold on to your butts, boys, I'm going to start saying some real shit right now. If I end up dead burn this fucking place to the ground and start over."

And then I'd have declared a national emergency, recalled the troops sitting overseas, put them to work on an ACTUAL WALL, with towers and turrets and vibration sensors and manned guards. Then I'd give illegals 30-60 days to GTFO and after that they become OUTLAWS AND ENEMY COMBATANTS. Aka, anyone who kills one faces no repercussions whatsoever. Then I'd have ended the fed, purged the government, put Shillary on trial, etc. See, that's what a real leader for the people would do. It's the only response to the current situation.

But instead, it's business as usual, which proves to me conclusively that the government isn't interested in keeping this country together. That's why I never CALL for violence, I simply say it's an inevitability. Anyone with two neurons to rub together in a White skull can see it coming. Which is why, more and more, I think magaposters are as much shills as the drumpfposters. Shills shilling shills, welcome to Zig Forums.

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No, the shills started up at the exact same time the tariffs started, and only got worse the closer we got to the campaign season.

Sensible chuckle

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Makeup your mind

That made an aqueous solution of lipids, water, mucin, sodium, potassium, prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormone, and Leu-enkephalin emanate from my lacrimal glands.

He's here

You blackpilling faggots need to understand; the point of building the wall is not to keep anyone out. It is to piss off the leftist and redpill the masses.

As long as we have endless incentives for them to come and lack the will to shoot on sight, no wall can stop them.

The only way to stop mass immigration is to get enough people pissed off that they swing further to the right and push the leftists out of power.

That is only to slow the destruction of whites.

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You don't undertand Trump. He sees himself as building a political legacy. He see Ivanka as the first female president. Trump doesn't care about doing whats right. He just wants a legacy like the Bushes or the Clintons.

Too bad jews will throw Ivanka under bus after Trump die. That only show how stupid Trump is. Trump legacy will be first president who was disliked by both sides. Only Israel gain from this. More sheckels for Bibi.

Oh, I understand perfectly well. It will never happen, though. Instead, he will be remembered as the last president to preside over a dying empire and his entire tribe will be wiped from the face of the Earth. He'll forever be remembered as a Nero figure. So I guess, in a sense, he'll get his wish of having a legendary name, just not for the reason he wanted. That's what selfishness does to you.

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The wall is meaningless. There are zero deportations.


Here, have a better jackson than the shit you posted.

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Omg this celebrity has a name and it's magical and rather than creating a discussion I can use their name and everyone will go wow and do what I say!

Egos are for losers. Kill yourself. Fuckin faggot ass Perez Hilton tier gossip 24/7 on a political discussion board.

The wall will just be used to keep Americans from fleeing. The reason immigrants get in is because the guards are letting them in. No matter what kind of wall there is, the guards will let the shitskins in. Trump already promised to let them in legally anyways, while Ukrainian refugees are left to die on the side of the road in Europe. Trump is an Israeli agent, and always will be. The only reason anyone wants to think otherwise is because they want to defer responsibility. You are at war, and if you will not fight, you have surrendered.

Rorschach is my favorite, user. He's perhaps the best thing about Watchmen.

This is a 17ft fence.

This is not like the 30ft legbreaker in San Diego.

This is a fence. Hold on to the top with your hands - drop 12ft - Juan will have no trouble with this.

This is NOT a wall. And it's CERTAINLY not a "powerful wall".

If you disagree just go back to The_Donald you belong there.

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i can climb over it under 5 minutes with short rope and hook.