White Nationalist Terror Attack Foiled

A Coast Guard lieutenant, and former marine, who was arrested last week is a “domestic terrorist” who drafted an email discussing biological attacks and had what appeared to be a hit list that included prominent Democrats and media figures, prosecutors said in court papers.

Christopher Paul Hasson is due to appear Thursday in federal court in Maryland after his arrest on gun and drug offenses, but prosecutors say those charges are the “proverbial tip of the iceberg.”

“The defendant is a domestic terrorist, bent on committing acts dangerous to human life that are intended to affect governmental conduct,” prosecutors wrote in court papers .

Hasson, who works at the Coast Guard’s headquarters in Washington, has espoused extremist views for years, according to prosecutors. Court papers detail a June 2017 draft email in which Hasson wrote that he was “dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on the earth,” and pondering how he might be able to acquire anthrax and toxins to create botulism or a deadly influenza.

In the same email, Hasson described an “interesting idea” that included “biological attacks followed by attack on food supply” as well as a bombing and sniper attacks, according to court documents filed by prosecutors.

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Hasson Had a List of Targets Including Democratic Congressional Leaders & Media Personalities & Searched for the ‘Best Place in DC to See Congress People’ & Are Supreme Court Justices Protected’

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Prosecutors Say Hasson Wrote in a Letter, ‘Send Me Your Violence So I May Unleash It Onto Their Heads … Guide My Hate to Make a Lasting Impression on the World’

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Hasson Has Worked at the Coast Guard Headquarters in D.C. Since 2016 & Served in the Marines From 1988 to 1993

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Police Seized 15 Firearms, Including Long Guns & Rifles, From Hasson’s Home Along With More Than 1,000 Rounds of Ammunition, Narcotics & What Appeared to Be Human Growth Hormones

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>The "(((People)))" is a coded reference to Jewish people.
Ohh shit. They know our secret codes.

If only he had known that all of your Google searches are kept on file he might have succeeded. Why did he only target Dems and media figures in 2017, though? What drugs was he using?

Come on mad, its sad when we hear these stories about people getting caught, use your fucking heads.

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Tramadol, apparently.

Never speak to anyone person to person online. They are guaranteed to be a Fed.

Only use anonymous boards and post with a VPN. Even then, choose your words carefully. Don't mention attacks, even in jest.

If someone were to plan a terror attack, not that they should (I genuinely believe they shouldn't because you are giving the Left what they want), then they should never tell anyone what they are thinking or even doing. They should never even post on Zig Forums, not even Youtube. They should be a perfect good goy until the moment of the attack.


Btw the laws are set up so that if you go on an ISIS board and tell them they would be more effective if they stopped killing people that youve committed a crime simply by offering them advice. That doesnt make you safe, pacifists who talk to terrorists are guilty.

boomers are by and large tech-illiterate retards, this guy sounds actually unhinged though

It's to help you sleep.

Maryland is heating up

This kids is why you don't stockpile guns.
If you think that resisting the System means wearing a tactical vest and carrying around a long range rifle, then you don't know anything about asymmetric warfare and you should probably start researching how other people did it.

Interesting timing Goyim

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Yea thats probably what it was, the boomer effect. Unhinged, what does that even mean. Unhinged is sitting by and allowing our race to be exterminated as non-whites brag.

Ack…they found me!! Reminder anons that all things said on Zig Forums are satirical and not to be taken seriously.
Zig Forums is a board of peas.

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Zig Forums is a minecraft board, all discussions relate to minecraft.

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we are uhh 'veterans', le 'oldfags'

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Who does that in an email?

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He drafted an email. Never even sent it.

You have to be a retard nowadays to let anything illegal you do even touch or occur within earshot of an electronic device.

Only a boomer "terrorist" would use his desktop at home to research "terror stuff". He was probably signed into Google and being watched as he typed. KEK

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Really niggers?

Meinkraft, mein nigger.
"In Meinkraft we want an Ethnoglobe".
"In Meinkraft biological weapons are going to be the salvation of the European race to a golden epoch of jew/subhuman free living."
"In Meinkraft this man is a hero and a saint for our people. Someone who is willing to risk everything, even his life for us and our peoples golden future."

Was he trying to get rid of the soyboy bitch tits?

Try harder faggots. This is why you lose, nobody even needs to attack you, just watch you crumble under the weight of your own uselessness and debt. Have fun struggling for the last little bit, losers

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How is that a White nationalist?

Please tell me someone found a case of monster in the closet. Who the fuck do they think they're fooling anymore?

That is why I think these "white nationalists terrorists" are fucking morons. The Left is finally collapsing under the weight of their own insanity and idiocy. All you have to do is stand back.

Every Attack Only Props Them Up Longer

Said almost. As long as It's adam and eve not antone and steveqnisha?

Harold Covington?

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Christopher Subject Change was arrested just in time to cover for Kamala.


Tramadol is a synthetic opiate, it's not actually made from the opium poppy. It's more similar to venlafaxine, an SNRI anti-depressant than it is morphine.


Problem with degenerate drug cultures, everyone knows chemistry. kek. Can't fool us with the drug scares anymore.

First off, that's not a stockpile. It's a few pistols in different calibers, a couple of shotguns, maybe some old-school shit like a moist nugget or two, an ak and an AR, a couple .22s for plinking. You have 15 because different firearms for different reasons.
Want me to tell you how I know this is a total setup? If this dude was serious in any sense he'd have 15,000 rounds AT MINIMUM.

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Yep this wreaks of a media set up

Why do you MAGA tardy still post here?

Hit list pictured.

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Wait…I can do that? Coolio.

Obvious JTRIG is obvious.

It seems like this guy was a MAGApedo

Unless you are ISIS. Then you'll get millions in funding and a nice retirement in Sweden or Canada.

You need to start actually thinking beyond memes.
Try to articulate how this would accomplish anything.

There's literally no such thing. POSSIBLY a couple actually insane people have done a couple of the so-called "attacks", but my money is on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was staged or set-up in some way by the government. Violence in every category has been declining for ages among White men, communication is improving, technology makes self-sufficiency more accessible than ever. That's no good for the government, since their main job is to "protect" you. And what's this?

Even though that's supposed to be their job, niggers have taken over whole areas of cities and made them no-go areas for the Whites that build them. They shoot each other in their little open-air zoos, and the government pretends it's Bubba with his 100 guns that's committing these crimes. Nope.

Then in the meantime we're all watching 10,000 strong bands of INVADERS WITH FOREIGN FLAGS march across the border unopposed, and we all know they expect the White man to support them all. Even though already ~60% of his income is going to taxes, mandatory insurance or fees. We start to think, why do we need this government, again? And then, on cue, oh HERE'S the thing to be afraid of. Just in case you don't watch the talmudvision for 5 hours of "CSI" and "SWAT" cop shows to subconsciously train your lizard brain that this is actually happening, we'll set up ONE OF OUR OWN FUCKING ASSETS to put on a real life drama.
It's not.

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Worst OPSEC on the planet. Is it a set up?

Here here brother.

It's incredibly likely. The timing between this and this proposed legislation in Maryland is, I'm sure, pure (((coincidence)))

Reminder that violence is illegal, treasonous and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Shitposting and rabble rousing is one thing but the moment you begin conspiring is the moment you find yourself in ADX or federal pounding-in-the-ass prison.

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White genocide is legal too, so fuck off retard.

Yes? And?
The System will not overthrow itself. It can only be brought down with violence.

Checked for accuracy, but tramadol still has abuse potential, even trazodone does

LMAO…of course that makes sense…the government can maim torture kill and genocide US…but if we fight back in ANY WAY (even if it is written into our Constitution) we are liable to imprisonment.

mfw I realize that we live in a fascist tyranny.

I said go away, nigger intern. We don't need the opinions of zombies. Are you even really still here? Ok, you want a violent solution? Fucking kill yourself. There. Now you were useful for something once.

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Remember, they can't hack pencils

pure satire friendo

Don't put it past those russians.

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So it was never sent and yet they know about it.

Ok, I want to give you a second chance, to redeem yourself. You go ahead and write out a couple well-thought-out paragraphs with a good pic related on the side about what your tactice really involve and how it should play out, and I'll pretend your a human for this thread. Waanna take a crack at that? Hahaha barely-literate nigger, I might as well have asked you to climb Mt. Everest. But there you go. Impress me.

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moral of the story: if you're going to do it, just fucking do it
don't write a goddamn manifesto

is it really? you're going to join your pal in a cell, enjoy your meal loaf.

K. You aren't wrong, but prison is a very real possibility and a reality

conspiracy; merely discussing or writing it is construed as conspiracy. C'mon man. I don't make the laws, I am vomiting back what is on the books.

Remember that literal terrorist training camp in New Mexico with the dead children bodies and they got away completely? All this guy did was literal thought crimes. What a shitshow of a country you Americans have.

100% white trash.

trazodone for sleep; tramadol has stimulating effects, or so I have read.

Hell, even talking about it. It creeped me out when I would talk about something and then the next day I am getting tailored ads. Your phone mic picks everything up and sends it to data centers.

BULLETS NOT BALLOTS ANONS. (mios dios that was satire anons, satire…I would never indicate that we will need to fight for our lives VERY SOON and with our whole being)

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Holy shit what a retarded mother fucker.

Thanks for the tip, CIAnigger.

the FBI knows that the only people calling for violence here are their lazy ass employees

Well and a few jews like that goldberg kike.

Do nothing unless you know what you are doing, However if you did know what you are doing then you wouldn't be seeking course of action advice online.

Seems you're mistaken there bud.

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-t boomerwaffen division


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That's not very brotherly of him. No, I'm not actually falling for him being more than a drug addled patsy.

Don't forget that an unknown party came and destroyed the entire compound before it could be investigated.

Finally reading the whole article in OP. He seems like an upstanding young man who is only interested in a homeland for Whites/Europeans. If that is the criteria for arrest nowadays as well as sending a DRAFT of a letter to yourself what do you think they will do with this board of peas? Hmmm…probably the same thing we would do to them. I mean, we have all speculated on the things that have to be done to ensure a European/White Ethnostate…I wonder where this leaves us and how long until the ''Pogrom of Extremism" comes knocking?

Good luck with that Agent Pedro, I'm behind seven Boxies.

Gas your local power substation.

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I get to play dress up? Cool. I wanna be the girl.

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He might have just been venting and now everything is going to be taken seriously. Google searches are pretty poor evidence for intent, unless he was booking flights and hotels to the areas too.

goddamit why do /ourguys/ who can actually answer the call to White Jihad with superior force, an arsenal of firepower and decades of military training always turn out to be the dumbest fucks when it comes to SIGINT?

we got a real genius here! write your targets down on fucking paper, instead of enciphering your targets as a fucking shopping grocery list. get a load of this goy, emailing about your intentions to manufacture biological weapons and explaining your attack plan in complete detail, instead of just keeping that shit in your fucking head.

if only we had 100 guys as skilled as this guy, who can really deliver The Damage, but who could play the Long Game and keep their yaps shut about it all and practice some basic Opsec to not telegraph your operations to the glow niggers from a thousand miles away in advance. if we had that, it would make your head spin how quickly America could become a splintered Empire of multiple NS ethnostates.

Meh, seems like the feds are just trying to look comepentent for their 'new constituency', subhumans…I mean, I'm impressed.

Shame. Bad plan Bad way to go

A step to follow is to print and paste many redpills about the internet (((services)))
As stated old people cant into tech
And they ignore what is to us a daily thing

Well maybe his purpose was to just explain to others in graphic detail WHAT NOT TO DO…I am learning.

He was a marine. They're a little more point n shoot and a little less sit n think.

Really showed us there, homo erectus

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How many of us do you think they could cram into jail anyway? We are already in open air prisons with subhuman trash all around us thanks to the federal government…something to think about, we don't exactly have much to lose.

I'm curious, aside from potentially having tramadol without a prescription, what US law did he break?

Entirely agree. IRA was only about 150 men operational at a time.

Fellow goyim, we simply need to get the NPCs onto our side and vote even harder for the GOP!
t. Daily Informer & Friends

Nationalists don't have rights, we live under enemy occupation.

>A step to follow is to print and paste many redpills about the internet (((services)))
National Action produced a document called "security and anonymity in the digital age" that I can't post because Torfagging. I think, I've never tried posting PDFs via Tor but I cba to find it anyway.
It could be condensed down and turned into a single page infographic for ease of distribution. Something like that would be extremely useful.

I was trying to figure that out myself. I don't suppose the Pogrom of Extremism is really very picky.

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