Cops Called Over Cartoon Frog

Not only did we break their brain, but it came with a list of "Dog whistles" that tend to redpill people.

It LOOKS like an anti-Fash poster, but it ends up doing more harm then good. Reverse psychology, but telling people it's "bad" and "Forbidden" knowledge just makes people google it

Should we print up some more and distribute around campuses?

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I found these to be the gayest thing in the collage of faggotry

good, frogposters should be executed on sight

Poster kinda sucks, why didnt they get the frog and the words on one image? it would take 15 minutes to produce a better, fake "nazi buzzwords awareness" poster that mentions white genocide etc.

Are you retarded

What the media tried doing to pepe is exactly what the nazis did to the swastika

actually kind of an interesting point

Post these next time instead, they actually clearly convey a message to onlookers.

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I like these a lot.

That's so cute, looks like some 15yo's bedroom door. Shame these faggots are groomed into it and don't grow out of it until it's too late.

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These posters are cringey as fuck. Looks like some kind of communist propaganda.

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Praise KEK

This board is not for you. Those are top quality posters and youre either a shill here to sabotage or simply not intellectually qualified to give your opinion.
Youd be banned in the real 8/pol/.

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Heres one flipped for ink saving, dont have the other I dont think or I cant find it.

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Like it or not, this is the real 8/pol/ now.

OP's post, animated

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In my area, someone was putting them up high along running trails. Word got around to me that everyone was freaking out about it. Good job on that if you were from here

It's because it's associated with Stormfags.

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No problem

William Luther Pierce would have laughed at your faggy posters and told you to pick up a gun you giant homosuck. Don't you dare fucking post him in order to prop up your cuckposting.

No one cares what you support, frogposter.

what's so cringe about white people having a right to exist?

This is the most important issue of all time. Where would we be if Perez Hilton wasn't here to keep us updated on the latest gossip. Fags are so bazed.

Anyone opposed to this is a sick freak. It's a super basic human right. I know PLENTY of non-Whites who believe we have a right to exist.

Anyone freaking out exposes themselves as an extremist.

What's the matter glo in the darks, did this hit a nerve. Afraid this will sprea? Anons in the are need to post pepe all over the area. Make fun posts to redpill nornies.

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anyone showing fear
>anyone afraid and distrustful of niggers
>anyone afraid and distrustful of south american incan/aztec spics

what can i do about antifa posters in public?

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I didnt say what the posters were advocating for was "cringey" just that they were cringey posters. The words sound hollow and the picture looks ugly.

They need to add another poster "MOSSAD RECRUITMENT PH::**** "
Recruiting for 911 part 2.

Why do you let this shit stay up? We rip all the shit up here.

2 options:

1. Meme on them.

2. Make shit that SOUNDS like what they said but so extreme it pisses off normies.

Like No White land is legitimately owned, bcuz muh Injuns.

Or heterosexual marriage = patriarchy.

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What did the bad nazees do to the swastika?

Fuck off with your celebrity worship.

Okay, let's make it anti-Semitic then?

"Jews are White colonizers on Brown land. Antifa stands with Palestinians"

Hold up there, pardner. Ya'll better be jokin' otherwise I'm gonna be madder than a bronco stuffed full of jalapenos.

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Need to fix the gun but otherwise nice rare pepe.

Frogposting has accomplished a thousand times more than completely humorless stormfagging.

There are things the first gen stormfront types did far better than the current iteration, but propaganda was always a weak point for that generation.
Most people are conditioned their entire lives to be defensive and on edge when confronting this information. Humor is the most effective way to disarm this response.

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found the jew

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It never fails to amuse me that "anarchists" will call the police for the smallest of thoughtcrimes while simultaneously demonizing them as klansmen with badges who only exists to support the patriarchy.

Those posters are pathetic
And no-one is denying that. Why adopt a victim mentality though? People don't inwardly respect victims.

Because freedom is slavery, war is peace, remember 6 gazillions.

They're a little on the fruity side, yes. But I think the idea is for them to be like the "IT'S OK TO BE WHITE" posters where they get liberals to make a knee-jerk reaction against them that makes the liberals look bad.

Like, if a leftist sees a "We Have A Right To Exist" poster and gets triggered and starts screaming "LOL UR KIDS ARE GONNA BE BROWN" it just makes it more obvious to normies that White genocide is a real thing and liberals are intentionally trying to destroy the White race.

this is faggy
there is no right to exist
you must fight to exist
kill to exist
eat to exist
and be proud of being a carnivorous murderer if necessary
there is no right to exist

It would be better if it was something like "it's ok to be white", but in the end what's important is for it to be made known that we exist. Most people will just go with the flow, by fear and desire to be accepted, and one of the ways the anti-white progressives managed to gain power was to manufacture a majority on their side that didn't actually exist. It's like saying "you're not alone", it reassures people.

"European heritage" is a fascist dog whistle now.

Shouldn't it be "We have THE right to exist"?

Don't taze me bro

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