Huffington post editor goes full 1488 in latest false flag

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She said what every libtard is already thinking and doing and you can check the demographic maps with voting to know that.

lol not even affecting their actual site, just 'look, we get bad actors goy'

to excuse them from ?….

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dibs ob this career-free, unemployable waifu.



BASED braindead roastie thoat

niggers BTFO

WHITE supremacy


Is she, dare I say, /ourgirl/?


etc etc etc

"I knew nigger was coming next" quote of the nigger in question. Fuckin lul'd, of course she knew, cuz she's so """oppressed""", the sheboon shouldn't sct like a nigger then if she doesn't wanna be called a fuckin nigger.
Goddamn, that journo bitch did fantastic, it's what every libtard has deep inside them, but has been (((suppressed))) too badly.

Hard to imagine they didn't have any idea what they were doing when they hired her & did background checks on her & her social media.

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>"[…] brother of comedian and writer (((Chelsea Peretti)))."
Who is married to Jordan Peele, the Get Out nigger. Small world, eh?

pretty lulzy, have a bump for light entertainment posting

White roasties are losing their minds at the absolute power level of natsocs right now. Tick tock tick tick. The reign of the jew appears to be coming to a quick end

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really makes me think

Red pilling the journalists by far yields the best results that I've seen. Talk about draining your life away on social media thinking your somebody special. top keeek

Lel as long as she married a white man and is raising white kids this is good.

wife material

Sounds like she has a kid and a husband. Hardly a thot.

/our/ tradmom!

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>Yesterday, the Huffington Post fired a recently hired, Los Angeles-based social media editor after her

Stop you there. Now she can find a husband and bear children. Nothing else in this story could possibly matter.

And they say pot is bad. kek

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Dumb-ass, she already has a husband and a kid. Try reading the OP, you nigger.

I'm going to breed her.

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He can watch.

Not even a real person. These people are created to divide people with imaginary issues to maintain control over Idiot Left and Idiot Right. Nobody with any actual power or knowledge has spent one second saying maga, black lives matter, or omg this is the election that changes everything. Literally Perez Hilton tier gossip for tv worshiping slaves. Keep eating it up you dumb fucks.

Gas yourself.

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Nature divided over the course of tens to hundreds of thousands of years of independent evolutionary paths. Diversity is the problem here. There can never be unity in a diverse country.

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Hope she can leave that fucking town, or she's as good as raped and dead now.

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dibs on her daughter

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Now THAT, is /ourgirl

You're a fucking retard. Not everyone lives in Niggerville, USA.

who gives shit