Reports of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States – ranging from violent attacks to verbal abuse and vandalism (including swastikas drawn on Jewish institutions) – have been on the rise over the past two years, culminating in the deadliest U.S. attack on the Jewish community ever with the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh last October. The trend hasn’t spared New York City. In 2018, the local police department’s Hate Crimes Task Force recorded a 23 percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents citywide – 189, compared to 154 in 2017.

A question people inside and outside the Jewish community are increasingly asking is: why now? After the Jewish man was punched on Kingston Avenue in January, Behrman tweeted: “What's wrong with Crown Heights that innocents are being beaten in the streets? Is there an atmosphere that is encouraging violence?”

He believes the answer carries an economic dimension. “The prices in Crown Heights have gone up for apartments, rent, food,” says Behrman. “There is tremendous poverty; people can’t afford to live with the rising prices, and there is a story being peddled in the streets that the Jews are the ones doing this and raising the prices.

“If your landlord happens to be Jewish and he disrespects you, and you go and beat an innocent Jew, that is the very definition of anti-Semitism,” he says. “It doesn't make it right just because your landlord may have done something wrong. … The truth of the matter is that gentrification is about economics, not race, and the Jewish community in Crown Heights has been here since 1940. We are suffering the same way everybody else is suffering.”

Evan Bernstein, the New York regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, says Brooklyn “has had issues of anti-Semitic assaults for some time. Whether it is gentrification or other issues that are leading to these assaults, the Jewish community … is very concerned.”

In addition to gentrification, Behrman also points a finger at public figures who have either openly expressed anti-Semitic views or have refused to condemn them.

“Ilhan Omar, the congresswoman, tweeted that the Jews are buying up the government. That’s exactly like saying the Jews are buying up the community,” he charges. “That’s also not true and that’s very frightening.

“Anti-Semitism has become mainstream – from the halls of Congress to the leader of the opposition in Britain,” he adds, referring to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Katz concurs that the current climate is being fueled by politicians’ failure to speak out against anti-Semitism. “Ten years ago, if a politician said [what Rep. Omar said about pro-Israel lobby AIPAC’s control of Congress], they’d have to resign,” he says.

Since its last annual report, which showed an nearly 60 percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents across the United States in 2017, ADL has attributed much of that rise to political rhetoric since the 2016 presidential campaign.

The 2017 neo-Nazi rally at Charlottesville, the Pittsburgh massacre “and elected officials’ statements have brought more attention to anti-Semitism nationally,” says Bernstein. “With that, more of a spotlight has been put on what is taking place in Brooklyn.”

Although Brooklyn-based incidents rarely make it past the local news, anti-Semitism has undoubtedly become big news in the United States since President Donald Trump took office.




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That's from Einstein not Tesla. Tesla's famous anti-jew quote was "miss, never trust a jew".

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Are jews so stupid or dishonest they forget the legacy of the Crown Heights Riots and what has not only continued since then but worsened?

And yet we have video evidence proving exactly that.

History repeats itself. How long can anyone ever stand kikes?

Yeah, apparently Tesla said that to a secretary of his. Quite based.

Anyone remember the days before Anti-Semitism became a islamic revolutionary meme.
The first world using Anti-Semitism takes me back to when I had conversations with my grandfather.

True quality time with family.

Hey, fuckface. Your quote's wrong. Einstein said that, not Tesla.

How can we tell the difference between the goyim waking up and typical kvetching?

I'm worried that they'll just get thrown out yet again instead of solving the (((problem))) for good

Truly the wisdom benefiting the smartest man of all time.

Because teh internets, ya numb fucks. The thing you invented to gather intel and watch us with. Oh? Did that reflect back at you in a more focused form? Interesting. Can't say you weren't warned.
How's that globalism thing working out for you? Not great? Hmm.

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I refuse to call anti-Jewishness anti-Semitism. There are other Semites besides the Jew, opposition to the Jew is not opposition to Semites. This would be like saying someone who is anti-orange is anti-fruit. Even if it technically correct in one sense, it implies something untrue because that "anti-fruit" person could still tolerate apples and kiwis.

Anti-Semitism doesn't exist, take away the one thing the Jew has over you. Claiming the power of being the children of God. Do this you get the Christians on your side, and help realize that a majority of jews are arabian and slavic rape babies.

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What pisses them off and terrifies them is that truth is free.

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besides, those mudslimes are no better than the greasy kikes

good news


The Jew will always tell you accusations against him are lies, but he will never tell you why they are lies.

I support Ilhan Omar and Jeremy Corbyn.


Hey rabbi

Bumping to save this thread.
The JQ has now gone mainstream. A few weeks ago a yellow vests piece on the local news brought "jew hate" to the public attention in a corner of the world as far-flung as South Africa. we don't get a lot of the poz like tranny shit here because their plan is to let the niggers kill us

They are trying to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-semitism in order to stifle discussion in the normiesphere and ensure that Israel will be able to leech off of the US Treasury forever.

Don't people already hate Jews there?

Incite the masses to kill jews. Not just beat them or humiliate them. Kill them.
Make so that even the smallest problem in the life of the cattle makes it snap out and kill a jew.

The trick is to exploit this without feediing (((their))) power. Jews thrive on victim hood. Utter sympathy junkies.

Maybe the goy had a bit too much to think?

In encouraging news, Denmark is thinking maybe they should get rid of their mudslimes (imported by JewCo)… By force, no less.


Gonna need a better plan

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Way too much goyim knowing going on.

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Rhodesia. We will never forget.

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lol not even wounded. They just stubbed their toes or some shit.


Palestine as anti-semitism too. It doesn't make the jews stop being evil.

Quick! Convene (((Q)))!

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Sides from laughing afterward

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You get Die Antwoord instead

I'm sick of people talking about kikes like there's a difference between between zionists, globalists, and other jews. There's no distinction. It's time for christfags to pull their heads out of their asses on the issues. Buddyfuckers everywhere.

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>Quick! Convene (((Q)))!

Don't piss on Q nigger it has the best board on Zig Forums 8ch.net/qresearch/res/5150400.html

Also, may not be a larp, as NOTHING gets shoa'd (except global rule shit & doxxes), board is claimed to be protected (it got so JQ'd that they resorted to attacking 8ch's physical infrastructure, and it only worked for a little while), and protection seems to extend to all boards in that catalog

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Even brother Nathanial? youtube.com/channel/UC82oaFM2O_rnT171XtKIPOg

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I know you're hoping b/c I can hear you fapping

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Sorry I tend to get a little black pilled after a while.

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No wonder the JFK physical fitness program went away after his death. Jews hate physically fit Whites.

It's OK, you still come play in the sandbox (I wish more would, it keeps that bread high in the catalog there).

Always remember, DemoralizationFaggots are the tool of the Jew, and before we can Remove Matzo we must remove the Jew within ourselves.

If you don't give in, the inner Jew shrieks in pain, his hands bound, helpless and terrified, and shrinks to oblivion.

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Black pill is a psy-op, or the spiritual aura emitted by the jews. The result of jewish rule is that all life worth living must be chemically altered to sustain the torment.

its true. NEVER do business with a turk or an arab. They all use the same cheats. They all lust for blonde european concubines. They are just scummy.

All of Europe knows. And slowly they are starting to tear off their muzzles.

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fu bumped

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What's up with the fake Tesla quote in a ridiculous 2.45 MB .png file by the OP? Is there some CP hidden in there or something?

It's 2560x1600 png, lossless compression. You don't get that for free.

A lot of data to waste on a LIE. This is something Einstein wrote in his 1938 essay "Why Do They Hate the Jews". I feel like it's a leftist tactic to start misattributing anti-Jewish quotes so they can call us liars or incompetents when we spread them. The question is whether OP is such a fool, or a shill trying to mark us.

Some faggot named "Stephan Williams" did this in a February 20 comment left at maps.southfront.org/philip-giraldi-the-growing-anti-semitism-scam

I expect he was influenced by this thread. I can't find any attribution of this quote to Tesla prior to this thread, so…
OP confirmed to be a Mossad agent

Have you considered the possibility that you have autism?

Thank you Mr Mann.

Thanks for the OC.

Zig Forums always wins

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