Amerimutt Memes

Post the memes that rustle your average mixed Americans jimmies.

>Being white in America has long been treated, at least by white people, as too familiar to be of much interest. (((It’s been the default identity))) , the cultural wallpaper — something described, when described at all, using bland metaphors like milk and vanilla and codes like “cornfed” and “all-American.”

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Here is the video for the most special of Obama's 2nd term.

OP, why cannot you recognize that America from the start was meant to be a mixed African-American country.
Although I'm not black myself, blackness is key to the American identity and it started with the Creoles and will end with the Dakotan dindu's.

Please reconsider your thinking. Amerimutts are still Americans. Take out a loan and consider letting immigrants stay at your place to have kids of their own. Maybe when Bernie Sanders wins, those same kids could attend white schools because you let them in your house.

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(((ToyDemon))) at it again, using Soros money to get adspace on Zig Forums.

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Lol. These Ameri-MUTTS are so disgusting, amirite?

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The classics

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They sure do. This is what Democracy looks like.

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Really gettin' those mutts salty.

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When seeing an ugly person of my ethnic/racial group (North Europe) I feel solidarity with them.
But these mongrels are so vile they raise my blood pressure when encountering them. Something so disgusting; rootless consumer bastards.

saged kike thread kill yourself .

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I know the broad's Polish, but they're still good

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You're not funny. If i ever saw you in person and had a chance to attack you without consequence i would

Agreed. America is just flush with these mixed race scum.
Truly a trash people, those Americans.
Have these Americans no shame? Have they no sense of racial consciousness?

What is wrong with Americans?

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Walmart IS government property. The government can turn any Walmart pawn into a migrant shelter to further darken the local population.

It's almost like the left is pulling a (((Schindler's List))) letting migrants pour in because they came as a family.

The nonprofit, Southwest Key Programs, now leases the roughly 200,000-square-foot building in Brownsville, Tex., that houses nearly 1,500 migrant children, many of whom have crossed the border seeking refuge alone or with their families.

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America is pretty much a non-white country. Why are you so mad about it? Why are you rushing to the defense of a negrofied nation that is rooted in neo-liberalism and is the host of ZOG? If you're white and not a negrofied mutt, this thread shouldn't offend you.

In all seriousness, I agree with you. These photos are of mulattos inhabiting the UK. But as an American, I always glare with cold hatred at "White" sluts dragging along drooling mullatto larva,
I unironically despise them.

Why are you so mad about it?
MUH Northeast U.S.
MUH West Virginia and rustbelt
MUH Small white communities in Carolina and Midwest

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And? There are still a bunch of non-white areas in America and a bunch of half breed nigger larva. Amerimutt is a reality.

Ew. Look at these disgusting AmeriMUTTS!
This article says that there are already two million mixed race mongrels waddling around in A-MUTT-merica.
Can you believe that?

There are two million soulless mixed scum in A-MUTT-merica. Wow.
What a bunch of MUTTS!

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i thought 'amerimutt' was a demoralization meme against americans' white identity

why do you type like this?


It is. He's a paid jewish shill. Anyone who uses "amerimutt" is practicing anti-white D&C and should be reported.

Reminder non-white memelords from TRS make these threads to undermine the concept of white identity and push you towards bolshevism.
Reminder a meme is a false portrayal of a 56% pure white statistic to imply that ALL Americans are 56% white, as each individual American is mixed race and no whites exist.
That makes it an anti-white meme which is why we banned it.
t. not American

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Reminder that the jew always cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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Read the article. See anything that doesn't quite fit?

Here's another one.

I'm mocking Mutt-erers. All these pics are from Britain. ALL White peoples are attacked by these fucking jews. America has suffered, the UK has suffered, France has suffered, Germany and Poland and Romania and Russia have all suffered terribly. Attacking Americans for our mutts is ridiculous as non-Whites are not American.

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Reminder to go back to /intl/ and suckstart a shotgun.

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Are you all from the same failed D&C slide thread I ended by linking this thread?

Now is the time to demoralize Amerimutts and their
mixed children.

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I'm agreeing with you, you fucking subhuman. My image is of a KIKE.


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