AOC Shills

Zig Forums we have a problem

Almost every shill on Zig Forums addresses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with one acronym, AOC. It's almost like all of the shills that visit Zig Forums are trying to signal us to vote for a candidate that competes with the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris. The race for the Democrats makes it a headache for anyone voting in 2020 to select a single candidate given that I don't vote Republican instead.

The message I have for Zig Forums is simple, sage, report, and hide all AOC shills. Even if you sage, report, and hide this post, I would know that my message is being carried out through coercive action. These threads with AOC almost as a ghetto name tag for the payroll have to STOP.

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It's not using 'AOC' that's the problem, it's talking or even having to talk about it at all.

We just need a pet name for her, kinda like Pocahontas for Liz. Zodiac for Bernout. Or Kamal Hairs for Harris. I suggest Helter Skelter for Conquistador Cortez, since she's got those Charlie Manson eyes.

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I'm still a huge fan of Jonesteins "Occasional Cortex" moniker

I personally just call her "Psycho eyes" and point out how her eyes look when I talk to others about her. Usually simpler names work best.

No nigger, ain't no one got time to learn to spell a beanerjew's fucking name.

Yeah no. Pick one.

Who cares who gets elected? It literally doesn't matter, because jews will still be in charge. Retard.


"La Raza Chan" is a good one

itt: AIPAC

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How about Ed? Of course of course

Alexandria Of Color

I really am against all the word filters the turk roach made, but filtering AOC to age of consent would really take the cake right about now.

(((Leftists))) are just the other side of the kike shekel.

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You do know right she is too young to run in 2020
she'll be a 2024 candidate, likely the nominee running against most likely Rand Paul

Lol, she's not doing it the same reason Trump didn't visit Israel before the election
Just like Trump if she won she'd be at the wailing wall Sucking Bibi's or who ever is the 2025 Israeli Pm cock

Israel needs to create financial incentives to bring Jews home.

It's almost like Zig Forums used to be politically diverse before imkampfy went full fucking crazy with his power trip and now that he's gone we're witnessing a return to multilateral dialogue.

That's an excellent D&C right there. A lot of your bleeding-heart liberals (newflash: this woman is one of them) tend to agree that what Israel is doing to Palestinians is fucking horrible and cannot be supported in good conscience. If you want to put political purity ahead of issues where you have common ground, that's on you, but I'm not sure what you're achieving unless your goal is to help ensure that anti-occupation voices stay divided and unable to effect change.

im not typing out that brown kikes name everytime. spics are obnoxious with that shit. always wasting everyones time pronouncing their 20 word title, when they're really just a fucking tomato picker

That's the only good thing that the (((left))) does, is criticize Israel. They are still for White genocide, and are thus, not my friends.

Its because the media constantly calls her that. Just like they turn Ginsburg into RBG.

What about opposition to free trade agreements? And opposition to government spying on your shit? And calls for voting reform (ranked choice voting, most popularly)? And demands for greater government transparency?

Neck yourself faggot, if you think someone here would EVER vote for a spic tard with crazy eyes you're obviously a shill or newfag.

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Cuntez? Interwebs Ghost? Bartender? Soros Shill? Bloomberg Babe? Sanders Slut? Ginger Banger?
Rent-a-desk failed business Capitalist. Where are the books? Brook Avenue Press, an incorporated publishing firm for children’s books set in the Bronx. youtube dot com/watch?v=-pFAayEMqDM
?did she Bankruptcy?
Liar; about being girl from the Bronx, etc.
Already joined the Swamp by putting boyfriend on her Offices payroll with GOV email on taxpayers dime.
10 million for movie to Netflix. Did she give the money to "the people?"
The Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator – a city-sponsored hub in the historic BankNote building – has attracted 68 entrepreneurs since it opened in January.
The budding firms include a picture book publishing house.
Ocasio-Cortez said the hub will continue to grow because the Bronx is full of go-getters. "We have so many incredible people here," the Parkchester resident said. "Rather than think of it as somewhere to run from, the Bronx is somewhere to invest."
What does her Wiki page look like?

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spiritcooking glowniggers love their acronyms and initialisms. MLK was moloch, whom might Aoc be? They've shilled Age of Consent often enough as predictive programming over the years. It's a well known initialism. The heebs lacked vowels in their language though, so this is a bit more tinfoil than the direct, known, MLK = moloch bit. Polite sage for rambling.

People who engage in personality cults tend to use honorific initials and shortened names - like a secular version of YHWH. Think L. Ron Hubbard as LHR. Or even John F. Kennedy as JFK.

Simplicity and readability is always better

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AOC = Age of Consent

8/pol/tards kvetching like women over nothing…again.



I personally like The Dim New Gril

Alexandria Oyster Cult

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It's useful to keep the AOC acronym when we can tie it to the traditional meaning of "age of consent" thus we can tie her image and policies with pedophile who are the most reviled group around.

That's why pizzagate has been particularly useful.

Call her age of consent lol.

TBH more guys have been questioning the MSM line about "muh pedos" because it's feminist crap meant to stack the deck in favor of cock carousel riding thots. AOC is ironically a roastie who is far past her prime and doubtlessly supports the feminist laws because any guy who isn't a cuck would rather have the 15-year-old version of her than the current year version of her.

Has she apologized for her ancestor subjugating poor mejico?

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call her either Hee-Haw or Occasional Cortex

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Welcome to specwar user. They want you to focus on cute latinx while they do (((other things))).

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I use AOC because I’m not going to write (or say) that fucking spic name every time I have to mention the bitch.


That's Ted Cruz, you clown.

Yeah, no.

Masons and jews help each other out with their scams, usually involving "spaces" and the like.

The correct way of approaching the spic sophomore is pronouncing her name the way a lisping pendejo faggot would.
Actually pronouncing the name of this commie cunt correctly does two things, first it ridicules her since spanish is a ridiculous language and secondly it hammers home the point she is a non-white with non-white loyalties and sensibilities.

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When I think of AOC I think of Hooky's bassline, but whatever floats your boat.

Now I'm being serious, pronouncing her name Alehandria Ocathio Corteth really lays to bare every single problem with the bitch.

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I might start doing that tbh, decent argument.

Where I come from that kind of pronunciation is followed by 'let's get ready to rumble!"

You could ask her friend Stephanie from the art school how to pronounce it.

I fucking hate this retarded and dangerous cunt. That the public worships this ignorant brainlet shows how doomed this country is and why democracy is a nightmarish idea.

Ben Stein's a kike, but his comment is precise:

"She doesn't know her ass from her elbow."

She's just an icon to influence the masses, a pair of tits and a brainlet.

you either want to smash or not

Blowjobio Cortez

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She is the hero we need.

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I call her 'Crazy Eyes' Cortez, A-hole-C, or just Cortez.

It pisses me of that people who are able to draw at all think like this. I want to say that the more creative someone is in arts the more liberal they are due to not being logical.

Seats taken.

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AOC living in luxury DC apartment: No poor people allowed

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., recently moved into a luxury apartment complex in Washington, D.C. that does not offer the affordable housing units that were a key plank in the New York congresswoman’s campaign platform.
Ocasio-Cortez, 29, who said in November that she was concerned about being able to afford rent in D.C., now earns a $174,000 annual salary and is living in a newly built high-rise in the city’s Navy Yard area, it was reported last week.

Why is every single last socialist really a hypocritical champagne socialist in the end? Is it so hard to get a real one? Human nature?

It’s been decided already she should be referred to as OCCASIONAL CORTEX.

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I coined Ocasio Physcortez but it didn't stick.

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am I the only one that sees her as just a tan kike?

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Only refer to her as Alex Donkey Cortex from now on

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I meant to (you) this post and not the the double up my bad im drunk

She lands some telling punches in the Cohen testimony

I have an automatic GUID detection monkeyscript that automatically hides all threads with GUID. So that would probably hide most of the Casio-cortez threads. Oh well, back to coding nonsensical pointless shit for a company I hate.

It's name is "Goblina Enchilada Shekelburg"

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A Hole C

The 'th' sound is from Castilian Spanish accents, not Mexican so just pronounce it as 'z'.

She has one of the best viral videos from a politician ever. Mainstream conservatives hate her. She has nice tits.

Verdict: Talking about her disparagingly in her own thread is Breitbart/The_Donald tier.

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Leftypol garbage

"An FEC complaint filed Monday charges Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, her Chief of Staff, and others with using two PACs and LLCs to hide hundreds of thousands in campaign dollars."
"chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti "
So much for "grass roots" and small donations…
Time for Socialist Prison.
Wonder if her

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The Jews post AOC threads because they and their Shabbos Goys hate her.

AOC shill here, AMA.
I sincerely believe the New Green Deal would be the most beneficial platform for America right rn [right now] now.
It is the most National Socialist plan offered by any candidate.

Who? Never heard of her.

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Ocasional cortex is pushing the internet astroturfing very hard.
Her campaign even released videos of her dancing at college, claiming it was some outraged conservative released it. But the problem was they couldnt find any outraged conservatives to blame it on.

Cortex is good. We can do something with that.

Ocasional cortex sortof means your brain works only intermittently.

I personally like the fact that she splits the democrat vote in to two camps: Extreme hard left and looney left.

Nice dubs.
I'll be using Occasional Cortex or Occasion Cortex


I always call her a horsefaced spic, personally.

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That’s a dramatic, unsubstantiated jump in logic. Have you considered that people use AOC because she has a long ass name? Calm down your schizo and try again later with facts. ( note just because I shortened the word schizophrenia, doesn’t mean I’m part of a group shilling for more schizophrenia)