Rightwing alternatives besides Zig Forums

Lately, I've been browsing Zig Forums less and less because of leftist posts like these. As a Trump supporter, I can easily spot what leftwingers are trying to accomplish here. Because of Zig Forums's open-door policies (no account needed for newcomers to post anonymously on boards here), and because Zig Forums's moderation team won't (according to their board rules) ban anyone for simply having or promoting leftwing ideas, it's very apparent that this board has an exploitable weakness. Organized lefties can easily create new threads/replies en masse and keep flooding Zig Forums's catalog with so many blackpilled and anti-Trump threads, this place's rhetoric has become no different than what you read on CNN or other left-leaning websites. And all because the cucked mods here are willfully just allowing this place to get flooded with nary a fight or objection.
But I guess that's just a core problem with libertarian ideals in general. Rightwing libertarians will give leftists an inch and they'll take the whole mile. For proof, just watch how fast the shills will reply to this thread with "anti-drumpf" sentiments. The way they follow their Rules for Radicals (particularly their "ridicule" and "isolation" attempts against the one president they fear and hate so much) is so predictable.

As a result, I've been looking into discovering other places besides Zig Forums to get my political news. I've returned to browsing Breitbart, Fox News, Vox Day's blog, and Mark Dice's videos again as a starter. While I was at it, I figured I'd make this thread and directly ask if you guys checked out any other rightwing sources that are worth checking out.

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lmgtfy.com/?q=Alex Jonestein


le happy boomer

Leave and never come back.

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Like clockwork. Right on schedule.
Sorry, but I can see right through you leftist pieces of shit.

Zig Forums is a National Socialist board.

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And you're no Nationalist Socialist. Just a shill trying to pass off as one.
You always try to wedge a divide against rightwing sites and presidents by calling them "jewish", in order to repel Nationalist Socialists from supporting anyone against the leftist agenda.


Calm down bud. The recent amnesty/no wall bill, was the final straw for many people. Just because opinions change due to new information(Trump’s actions vs his campaign words) doesn’t mean there’s a shill conspiracy. At some point you have to realize that Trump could build the entire $25 bil wall today by using pentagon money. There’s plenty of areas to cut and the best part is that it can’t be blocked. It’s over bro. Either he intentionally waited until it was impossible(Jewish control and/or 2020 campaign fodder) or he was so incompetent that he fucked around and lost his chance. How about you reevaluate your position like a sane person instead of being continuing to blindly follow a path that leads nowhere.

Are you mad?

"Rightwing" sites and presidents, provably Jewish, should indeed be kept isolated from actual National Socialists. The evidence is right in his post ; Breitbart, Jewish. And many more, if you look.

Alex Jones, Jewish.
TRS, Jewish.
Daily Shoah, Jewish.
Trump campaign, Jewish.
Trump himself bailed out (soul purchased) by a Rothschild. Controlled by Jared Kushner. Trump, Jewish.
Bush, Jewish.
Every president for the last 150 or so years, Jewish! All controlled.

Right wing, left wing, kike wings on a Jewish bird. Two sides of one shekel. PROVABLY.

The issue is that, while I may get that some Zig Forumslacks are getting frustrated, I've begun to hate the fact that this place just lets anyone create a thread. Whether they be rightwing or leftwing. And lately, the catalog has been nothing but demoralization threads that are constantly anti-Trump and anti-anything that's even remotely rightwing. I can't tell if these days, I'm reading a. OP or reply from someone genuinely sympathetic to our side. Or rather, if it's /trannypol/ or the enemy again who wrote it.

No. My suspicions were just confirmed with this thread's replies.

Proof Alex Jone is jewish, TRS is jewish, Daily Soah is jewish, Trump is jewish and Bush is jewish?
Right wing exists since the dawn of time, and is defined by in the French revolution, fuck off kike.

The board is shilled 24/7 by anti-/pro-Trump shills.

They always speak the same way, and they always "expose", yet they can never offer any solution.

It's shills vs shills vs shills.

Do you honestly expect me to waste my time, again, looking up "Alex Jones Jewish" and others in a search engine, just to please an uninformed moron? You should be banned from here.

BTW French revolution was Jewish, and Louis XVI wasn't very, hmmm. redpilled on the JQ, let's say?

You either must be a boomer who probably looks at q threads all day or a really retarded schizo

So again, no proof, it's you who should get banned.

Yes, and the Right stands against that kiked revolution.

Evidence has been posted multiple times, in countless threads proving me right. You are actually defending those blatantly controlled opposition people. My god is it tiring, to post the evidence 6 million times, usually only for it to be dismissed, ignored, discredited, smeared as invalid.

so you want censorship to run rampant on this site

Netanyahu is right wing. It does not matter if someone or an organization is ideologically left or right wing, what matters is whether they support white racial survival, or not! Whether they choose the Jew, or the gentile is the best criteria to use when deciding if someone deserves support.

So do post it again so everyone can see?
I ask for proof, like every white men would.

Now provide proof or shut up.

No, I won't post it repeatedly until the end of time, whenever someone asks. It's like a child asking me "what is the answer for 2+2?" and never stopping, expecting me to keep saying "4! 4! 4! 4! 4!" until death. Look it up you incompetent fuck

I think LibertyPen is a good way to start.

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Yes, I will.

Any assertion without proof can be safely discarded.

So I ask one more time, where is proof?

What is the sum of 2+2?

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.


Proof Alex Jone is jewish, TRS is jewish, Daily Soah is jewish, Trump is jewish and Bush is jewish?


Yeah. I've noticed.
I've been here on Zig Forums for a few years, but I noticed an dramatic increase of lefty shills ever since the midterms last year. I feel that because they realized that imageboards helped create a lot of the memes that helped propel Trump to the presidency in 2016, the left has taken a deep interest at nipping the support in Zig Forums and other anonymous places well before the 2020 runs commence. If Shariablue (or whatever name these lefties organize under nowadays) can kneecap any place or person that can support Trump early on (or control the conversations/dialogue of these places by flooding them with their own npcs), that it would weaken Trump's immense popularity somehow. The midterms were when I saw just how compromised an open-door place like Zig Forums could be to raids and a deluge of democrat retards coming in.
It's got me looking into other, more "gated" rightwing sites where they're less susceptible to the frequent brigading that Zig Forums suffers from.

lmgtfy.com/?q=Alex Jonestein


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I click that and I haven't seen a proof that says Alex Jones is a jew.


BTW check out Unz Review.

They must be boomers. Who else would be incapable or unwilling to look these things up about their sacred Emperor? Possibly phoneposting too. I mean what more can be done besides just wait for the greyhair die off?


Board I made it in response to Zig Forums being overrun. There's not much content yet so feel free to add your own.

He will dismiss any evidence. He will say it was fake, or bring up some other talking point. Just watch. Or he will divert course and do something after seeing this post so it isn't as obvious

You're not the first who found this out.

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Zig Forums is for discussion, why are you getting all your news from it in the first place? Go back to halfchan

That's an actual evidence.

Nice diversion and back-patting each other, yid.

So that's Jones, where is proof:

First admit we are right, and Alex Jones is indeed Jewish, self admittedly. Otherwise it is futile and you will be back tomorrow without a changed mind.

This. Fucking Dem and Rep shills fighting it out on an innocent Japanese Bonzai-growing forum.

Of course the Dems and Reps are just two arms of the same party so I suppose it is just a distraction for us plebs, right shills?

Uh, you are right, Alex Jones admits himself he's a jew.

Now where are the other proofs?


See? Just ask for proof and the jew coils like a fucking snake.

This is the proof moron, click on it and read.

Nice fucking proof.

I am all for finding alternate sites to browse on, but are you so sensitive to opposing view points you have to actively put yourself in a hugbox? Fuck off. Also
No seriously fuck off.

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Nice cherry picking, how about you adress the jew wife or even this

Nice cherry picking, but Mike Enoch having a jew wife doesn't make him a jew, and knowing the talmud doesn't make you a jew either, or else there's a shitload (I mean even more) jews on Zig Forums.

John Stossel's a a Jew? He never seemed that kikish to me. My Jewdar is slacking.

He could by also taxing remittances. I don't think he'd even have to go to Congress to do it, he probably could do so by executive order.

Alex Jones is a goy, but had a Jewish spouse He's probably dating another Jewess, no doubt.

FFS can't we have just one thread where you fucking Jews don't sperg out like autists?

I didn't cherry pick, you did. You carefully avoided to look at the video where mike pretty much admits to being jewish, here it is again, address it, here, I'm going to write what he said for you so you don't try to dodge it again.

"But in terms of who's going to be part of this movement, I would say yeah, you know, it's gotta be White people and really jews should be excluded and if you're gonna let in a mixed jewish person they really have to had done something to earn that. You know? And in my case, I did."

And before you do the whole, "it's taken out of context", there's the whole 12 minutes worth of context right here

So where's the one where he admits he's a jew?

The vid I posted and the full context right here as I've said in the post you've just replied to. Come on, You can do it, I know you can stop kiking for more than two seconds.

Anyone who supports (((Trump))) still is anti-White and should be actively encouraged to fuck off somewhere else.

Jones - Married two kikes. His producer is a kike.

TRS - Kike Eunuch married a kike. Bulbasaur (or whatever) what some Christfag racemixer, Ghoul fucked with a tranny.

Daily Shoah - See TRS.

Trump - Daughter married a kike. Kike son-in-law major policy director in the White House, and has a close personal relationship with Netanyahoooooooooo.

I await your excuses.

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If someone made a national capitalist board instead of a faggoty socialist one like Zig Forums it would probably become the most popular board on the site overnight.

Make one?

The board has gone to complete shit. It now belongs to /intl/ and it's all thanks to Codemonkey's retarded intervention. Either we reinstate natsoc moderators, or it's exodus.

user, your jewdar is malfunctioning on boot up

Not a boomer it’s Shills Feigning New Faggotry to reinforce D&C , Don’t Vote Narrative

National Socialism allows privatization as long as said companies do not create products or provide services that are detrimental to the people and has anti-monopoly laws to ensure competition. Capitalism fails to stop any of this, with its endgame being the exact same as communism, but instead of a government oligarchy you have a corporate oligarchy.


Kikebart thread is allowed to stay up because it's pro-trump

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Don't bother with forums or any sites that require a signup and login. Imageboards are the way to go, there is quite a few with a Zig Forums that should really become more active.

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OP you are either a shill or have a weak mind, probably both

You think you can lie in a boomer shill thread and get away with it?

Fuck off nigger, we're full.

Alex Jones married 2 Jews
He cheated on one Jew and got the second Jewess pregnant despite already having Jewish kids.

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Autism, cause as we all know. Soulless, international, corporations care so much for nationalism.

It's already rampant. Just criticize Stormtards and you posts disappear.

And this, the endless D&C of White generations. Stinks of Schomo shit.

The joke being that all of these aren't Jewish so much as they are Christian, replace Jewish with Christians and it all makes sense.

And this. Retards who cannot understand how politics works. Jews run the show so Trump does the best he can with that constraint and the Congress as another.

There are like babies who need mommy to wipe their asses if they don't get everything they want even if it's impossible at this time.

Attempting to manifest Antichrist into the world isn't very Christian, but it's highly American (spiritually jewish), just like baby torture / circumcision.

Right, because the majority of Jews take their religion very seriously. By the logic of an orthodox Jew, most Jews are not very good Jews, but they are still Jews.

Keep trying Jew faggot.

This site and board is run by Jews. When will you faggots be leaving?

Nazis are never coming to power. Grow the fuck up already.

Get out.

Hi, paid shill.

Is that all you have yid?


The place was never supposed to be defended by mods but by the users and pure truth
If mods get power they become an easy target
Cheap enough to maybe even go after them irl,I wouldn't want that knowing what "we" can do for free
You see anti Trump shills because nobody is making memes for him now
It's like saying non happening threads are slower
No shit,and then we have 13 full threads of analyzing the evidence
Just wait for the election,You should remember that Zig Forumsacks who know dont need to say it each time they enter a thread,at some point you get your jew radar instinct and don't need Zig Forums anymore

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Browse No,I don't even know other non user accounts sites,some even require accounts to comment on something ,pure trash
I do however listen to podcasts or other content from people of various backgrounds and believes just to know how and what they think

Semantics,real Nazis would mean the germans and it doesn't look like they will step up this time
Do what you can for your country

I'm not telling you where the bunkers are, kike.

I came here to post these

Ignore the one line faggots. Engage with the people who actually respond with well reasoned arguments, like the user before you. Also, if you think this place sucks, try visiting cuckchan. That place has full on lefty janitors now. I used to post both here and there, but I just can't be bothered to waste my time over there anymore.

That said, Trump has turned out to be a chink in pol's armor, more of a weak vector of attack for raids like you've described.
Pol needs to just ditch trump. Get back to facts. Whether he's a full on kushner kike bot or just a pathetic loser who can't deliver on any of his promises, it doesn't really matter. Trump has failed, and for pol to survive it needs to dump him and focus on more actionable shit. Because until Trump is left behind, he will remain an easy vector of attack for leftist faggots to raid on.
Every time Trump fucks up, they raid here and on cuckchan. Every single fucking time. Why allow ourselves to be hitched to such a failure? Why allow these commies and kikes to hold a key as powerful as that?

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Dang OP you weren't kidding, almost 80 posts down with only a small handful being remotely on topic.

Try American Renaissance ( my personal favorite) and Vdare.
Amren has great weekly podcasts, listening to them is like a breath of fresh air. The last two were espically good with Jared Taylor giving some advice on how to raise kids surrounded by leftist Jew media/schools.

Go to r/The_Donald
You will like it better than Zig Forums, I promise

Pol is third position not right wing you fucking uneducated imbecile

I see this guy showed up.
Silly OP, there are no alternatives to Zig Forums because Zig Forums a CIA psychological warfare operation just like everything else.

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There have been dozens of posts from many threads being censored. This place is Jewed beyond belief.

>national (((capitalist)))
read a fucking book retard and fuck off with your newfaggotry, National Socialism has nothing to do with (((socialism)))

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I think the majority of posters who completely ignore right-wing kikery while bringing up anti-left kikery, or vice versa, is a shill.

The rest are brainwashed cucks who only know how to speak in slogans.

Oh look, another Hitler post. We're winning. Just read some muh books.


Kike worshippers serve kikes.

Hey rabbi!

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