What did they mean by this? Is Fox News based or not?

What did they mean by this? Is Fox News based or not?

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Literally nothing.

Fox Jews is kosher.

It's in our best interest to keep Israel satisfied. We can't focus on domestic issues with Israel breathing down our neck.


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Cuckservatives prove they are more cucked than leftists everyday

It isn't easy being in charge. Never give your real name, just your legal name.


For the last 75 fucking years

It means that the Democratic Party was taken over by Islamists at least ten years ago and people are only now starting to wake up to the fact. It happened when they handed over control of their comms and messaging to Markos Moulitsas because he built them a popular website while they ignored everyone who warned them that he was running Hezbollah propaganda and he had banned all of the Jews who objected to it. Now they force all of the Democrats to stand with the Nation of Islam and everything they say because they are part of the coalition.

The jews deceived the left to hate the right, now the jews are deceiving the right to hate the left. Result…brother wars. Only the the synagogue of Satan profits.

Fuck off kike.

Both parties are behold to Israel.

OP, are you a fucking idiot? Fox is the designated Zionist-Republican outlet. It's just the hourly rallying cry on Fox for its followers to support Israel. The reader is supposed to read the headline and the rest of the article and think with their NPC-tier "logic:"
1. Democrats are bad, and if Democrats abandon jews, then jews are good
2. Jews being abandoned means Republicans should support jews more!
3. We should advice more jews to support Republicans!

It means keep killing jews, no matter what.

These fuckin idiots won't be happy til we're in a draconian police state.

Jews dropping, or threatening to drop, a useful tool. This has never happened before! Jews are known for their loyalty to a cause!

Fuck off with these retarded dishonest questions.

It's simple.

50% of DNC donations are from Jews.
25% of RNC donations. (Source: Haaretz)

Why do you think they trot out the "Greatest Ally" line? Why push Evangelical Zionism? For the shekels.

The funnier part is the WHY. Jewish Dems have created an immigration Golem to fight the goyim. This golem is largely anti-Zionist and view Jews as White occupiers oppressing brownies.

As the Golem of Prague turns on the Rabbi, the GOP want to be the ones that the Rabbi throws shekels at a she begs for help.

Globalism is a tower of Babel and it looks like it's about to topple over onto its makers. So…. How can we exploit this?

I'm unironically voting straight democrat in 2020

Republicans are just natural cucks no one is donating anything to the voter base

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Zionist Jews versus Globalist Jews. Jews more useful for the Globalists if not dog piled in Israel doing Goy work . Enter , Israel is Apartheid State, Bibi must go , Israel must multiculturalize , NeoLib Democrat President , US abstains in sanctions vote in UN vs Israel , Israel opens borders and proceeds to turn into South Africa, 2nd Diaspora, 25% of Israel’s Jews emigrate to US , 25% elsewhere then fall in line with the Globalist Agenda

Holy shit go back to infowars

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There are no globalists you retard, everything is controlled by jews

We really need anti-foreign funding/bribery and anti-lobbying/bribery laws. Anyone who ever runs gets their campaign funded by Israel, using the money they just got from the US government, who took it from US taxpayers.

Pretty much this. I'd love to go full anti-jew, but any party who did so would end up crushed. Maybe we get our wall, we'll see. If Hillary were in, I'd have probably KMS by now.

They mean that they're just trying to prove that they are the biggest jew bootlickers of them all.

Pat Little is running as democrat

It's just a jerk-off to white boomers.

Go back to sniffing glue , you think a IDF wheel chair flipper is controlling anything?
No he’s too busy doing Goy Work.
Hence the explanation behind THIS POST>>12833303

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go back to cuckchan

It won't happen, Jews are the biggest cucks out there, they have support from the right, support from christians, support god know who, but they will always side with their enemies, it's not because jews want to destroy us, no they end up getting hurt the most, its because jews are just massive cucks, like white leftists but worse, i think this is behind jewish antics, the fact they are cucks.

Alright, listen up you half breed with half a brain.
It's called "divide and conquer".
You see all those threads that come up where they say "Zig Forums is with trump!" and "Zig Forums us against Drumpf!"?
That's what is going on.

Meaning that some of their shill finally were converted by us and are biting back at their owner
This is not Trump's doing, merely it is likely an independent group that is backstabbing their jewish overlords.

Don't come back until you've learned to properly link a post

fuck off shills, your boomer propaganda station is worthless here


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of their race.


enjoy your ban

This. Just having the kikes jump over to cuckservatives will keep everything status-quo as intended.

Just add "remove larping" to your wordfilters

Ya, muzzies are just such a huuuuge problem. Theyre so powerful that they force jews to fund them in mass immigration. They force jews to create central banks to take over nation states and create wars where muslims kill eachother by the hundreds of thousands, simply because muslims hate being alive and stuff.

I think he was being sarcastic, bro.

In my experience, it's Kahaneist Orthodox who backstab the Reform.

Not because they like us or anything, he merely realized US going Turd world is bad for Pissreal (Brownies hate them), and bad for Orthodox Jews who tend to have to live among the diverse Americans and not be as rich.

Exploit that, if you can.

Oh shit.

If the Arabs don't kill them, WE will absorb them.

They really got us fucked. Israel is an insurance policy.

We either deport them there, or they flee to here. Barring an actual Holocaust which seems unlikely and impossible to coordinate.

Fuck off morpheus

jews are only 'loyal' to whichever zionist lickspittle is in power at any time

Ideally I want the GOP to give up on them and Jews to waste their shekels in a power war with the DNC. Then get as many as possible to give up and flee to Israel and withdraw our support.

Let nature take its course and we will have clean hands in the (((international community)))

They key is that 50% (((Dem donors))) are Zionist and 80% of their voting Block are anti-Zionist. We GOTTA hit that wedge.

This can be fixed if we regain power. Quit allowing visa free travel from Israel.

I notice the older gentleman Republicans weren't so pro-Israel. NEITHER party's youth is pro-Israel. It's inevitable that this Becomes doable.

Jews will never willingly leave the US (with their 6million + 1 hook ups they have here) and go to Israel to do what ? Serve in the IDF , pay every Shekel they have not to live within rock throwing distance of Sand Niggers, and do Goy work

As France has shown, they will leave when the country verges on collapse and their Muzzie golem turns on them hard enough.

Perhaps we need to spread counter-semitism to their gimmegrant hordes?

It's called psychology you fucking idiot.

More than anything it's signaling to the yids to stop supporting the libs because they keep fucking it up. One less angle for them to work.

(((Andrew Stein)))

Guess it’s a Can’t Lose Idea, I don’t think Jews will ever leave the US with a Zillion Armed Goy protecting them in their Enclaves like Pedowood, but it might stop their shilling for open borders , rapefugees and anti-white rhetoric