What if its already too late? We are saying that the jews are trying to kill the whyte race...

What if its already too late? We are saying that the jews are trying to kill the whyte race, but what if its already too late?

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There are still over 100 millions of white people left.

It's not too late.

It's never too late.

The only reason why the situation seems so bleak is because white people overall have a negative birthrate, but the truth of the matter is that there are certain white subpopulations that are easily way over replacement rates.
The amish are one such group, of white people, and christian whites also do rather well in this area.

Fear not, what we are experiencing now is simply the death of selfish liberal failiures who decided to experiment with their lifestyles. And the price of failiure is always death when it comes to nature.

The Amish are going to get their ass rammed by niggers once America is taken over.

They lack any force at all to defend themselves.

It is never too late. Even a country small as Iceland/Dennark could help repopulate and eventually recolonize the world with white people, if the spirit is strong.

Nice try on blackpilling,


Jews would control the niggers, just like modern South Africa.

Niggers are free to rape and kill, some small white population is gonna be kept to slave away for the state.

We will probably just kill jews then…

That's the problem.

If only 100 million white people wake up.

More likely than you think, of how you think about it. Tough shit to handle for even the far off future, 2,000 years from now.

The greatest race destroyed by technology it created and let the worst races use, to destroy them.

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Holy shit just rename Zig Forums to /TRS/ already

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Even though is this some bullshit thread, we've got a long way to go yet. There probably more whites alive today than a century ago. We're just massively outnumbered and have an awful birthrate. I'm pretty blackpilled, but not fully. I guess greypilled is more accurate. We're in interesting times. Miserable, evil times but interesting nonetheless. We've made good ground and the internet is swinging people to our way of thinking.

There's a billion "white" people. (This number includes over 250 million Slavs who are not really white). So there are 750m Medis and Aryans. A third of them are boomers. Death rate is higher than birth rate, and many births are to mixed race kids who are not white. But even as catastrophic as that is, it means that our numbers will decline worldwide to about 500m over the next 25 years or so, but result in a higher quality of younger, more right wing, much more radicalized Whites.

What are the odds of no global crisis happening in the next 25 years as the USA heads towards political collapse, oil runs short, and US military power wanes as it is bled out by eternal wars for Israel? (We've been at war for our "greatest allies" since 2001, nearing the twentieth year. The war has hollowed out our volunteer army and reduced us to relying on an increasing number of mercenaries and stop-loss slave-soldiers.)

White men increasingly recognize that their interests are not served by the USA in particular, and without their taxes and blood on battlefields, the Weimerikan machine will break down.

The situation is probably the most bleak it has ever been for Aryans, but there is plenty of opportunity for something to go wrong as demographics continue to change.

Please make white babies and get off grid asap. If we can take over the USA in the civil war, no country on earth will be able to stop the national socialist revolution this time.

PS fuck slav apologists.

It isn't over until the last man, woman and child is exterminated.


It's not too late.

Too late as in? Imo it's far from a lost fight, only when every single white gives up or happily accept their oppressors will we have lost. But you can't keep down the fighting spirit the white race has.

Not when Jews can summon their nigger, Muslim, Mexican armies at any moment to attack us we.

We either try and redpill the shitskins to fight the Jews with us or we fight against them and let’s be honest there is no way in hell we can convince a shitskin to go against the Jew seeing as they are huge supporters in gibs.

go crypto, tick african american box on every document. trans racialism is the only hope for races threatened with genocide.

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Whites will be fine as long as we manage the population bust better than the muds we will.

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Breath in, breathe out…congratulations you're still alive.

Nice D&C Moshe, go kike yourself

Even if the white race were 100% compromised, we should still fight to hold on to as much of it as possible. Never give up, never surrender. If we were all a bunch of 25% mongoloid hapas I would still want to retain 75% whiteness and keep the Jews/Niggers from breeding our genes into further obscurity.

Not being white is undesirable, but it's not a reason to give up on your people. It's not like our Honorary Aryan brothers the Japanese should give up on their nation for lack of being white. Even if they got infested with 50% nigger DNA, if all that was left of humanity at that point was 75% Nigger 25% Jews, they would have a moral obligation to keep on fighting degeneracy.

If you think about it, we evolved from inferior beings over thousands of years before, and we can do it again, so you should never give up. We should do our best to not lose our millenia of superior evolution and culture, but if ever we do lose it, it would be defeatest to simply give up on rebuilding. We should always strive to improve.

FTFY. You really shouldn't display your mortal terror so openly, it really moralizes me.

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This user has the right idea. This is one simple trick to Aryan world domination. We win this one war, and the world is ours for the taking.

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It's never too late. A white man should have the audacity to declare himself the first/only human on the planet!

“Only out of anarchy and revolution can a new White nation arise. And if you do not succeed, let the enemy speak in horror, for generations to come, of the fury of the last Northmen.” Open Letter to a Dead Race, David Lane.

Read Mein Kampf faggot. Oh it's D&C to believe what Hitler believed? It's almost as if National Socialism doesn't compromise the truth for the sake of big tent optix. Hey if it's just about numbers you might as well let Jews and East Aryans and Argentines be White too. What's next, Italians? (I kid.)

Slavs are a Eurasian race of low IQ hapas which benefited from a nobility that intermarried into European stock. There is a reason only the Slavic peoples are the only "whites" that succumbed to the meme of communism without it being forced on them by military invasion. There is a reason their countries are not flooded with niggers and corroded by Jewish propaganda. Because Russia is their playground for social experimentation, the perfect slav(e) race.

Gas the fucking Slavs and make Siberia hyperborean again.

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You heard the lady, gas the Slavs.


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of their race.


Birth rates change the minute we flip this upside-down system of rewarding useless, parasitic, feeding porch monkeys and wetbacks. It’s not etched in stone. End welfare.

You limp dick defeatist faggot. Pathetic.

At that point the Earth must be salted, in a manner of speaking. If Whites can't have it then it should be made uninhabitable. No reason why the other races should be allowed to continue.

It won't be over until the last white person fires their last rounds through their rifle. Defeatism is a Jewish tool.

The Chinese will see to that.