Uplifting NeoNazi 90s song

This is an uplifting neo nazi song from the 1990's prior to the age when peoples minds were polluted with noxious internet memes. You can listen to it and download it from here vocaroo.com/i/s0xZuXOp6Gnz "For blood and soil we will work we will toil, heaven is born on the earth, when we shout to the skies heroes arise, we will now have our rebirth"

Blood and soil by Dresden

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A thread died for this.
Those "noxious internet memes" are literally one of the best propaganda tools out there. And if we return to 90s style of activity we will lose, be made completely irrelevant and will have failed to secure the existence of our people.

A thread died for this!

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this too is also as well baste neonazi song from 90s

is that like toxic masculinity?

Not every white is worth saving, don't believe me?

Go into politics and point out how Donald Trump just betrayed Americans, see how many of the slack jawed window licking fucks show up to call you names and defend his actions.

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hello discord tranny. shouldn't you be dilating about now?

No that happens exactly one week after you get your paycheck from Kushner

This shill won't be able to post anime or point out how America recently gave Israel 38 billion for border security

Ace of Base were a crypto neo-nazi band too.

Sturmwehr is better.
also stop using neo nazi, they are faggots led by kikes to hate.

based jennifer, show these magapedes how REAL WOMEN do it

You still haven't posted any redpills about Israel or the jews.

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here's your redpill

1. the imaginary jewish story of a nuclear iran is the prime mover of jewish interests in the middle east
2. based hillary in her pantsuit of justice saw a wrong that need to be righted
3. zognald in support of his slavish semitic masters tore up this thread after tricking innocent Zig Forums into straying away from based clinton

we could have voted clinton and israeli interests would have been ruined forever


i'm filtering you shill

you asked for a red pill and i gave you one, semite!

inb4 he changes IPs again

throw out a real redpill and you spit it out in horror

stupid kushner shill


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of their race.


Lemme tellya how pedophilic the global scum-lights are! Look’a’dese pictures. What duya think deyav incommon?

Metallic phosphates - but oh, the chef boyardee stuff hazzit, the mermalaid branded one don’t. It’s fer kids, and kids shuddn’t have any’a’rat.

The energy drink section’s a reel comedy, a blast from the past, a jester this place’ tastes. Metallic phosphates cause fatigue. The energy drink section’s stocked by yot-sots who think the plebs shuddn’t go crazy rushin’. Ya dig?

Crazy. Russian. Because celebrities are enmeshed in the kind of milieu where that’s the cleverest thing anyone has said all year - and my heart aches for the way they eventually die in that milieu. Honest people are happier. Bone deep honesty isn’t satisfied by just listing the ingredients correctly.

I really did laugh to find metallic phosphates listed on the coffee drinks. I’m not sure if I laughed aloud or not; I think I might’ve cracked up in the store. It’s just that the ingredients list on these particular coffee drinks is paltry-short. Some real actual person decided these things needed almost nothing but metallic phosphates.

Is this post a nazi song? Well, it might be, in the Alpha Centauri sense. When the people who lead society have been broken of all virtue and warped to the abuse of others, all kinds of crazy things can happen.

If you want an energy drink without metallic phosphates, try NeuroSonic.

Any truth in this post is somebody’s accident. I did not verify that these drinks contain metallic phosphates; I am unaffiliated with recent research suggesting metallic phosphates cause fatigue.

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Science is possible only because scientists are honest. Everything we have that’s more advanced than… oh, a pig-iron sword… is possible because people were honest.

The patterns of this website are fabricated; the people who rule it get no joy. Anonymity could be a great asset if people were honest. As all lives are valuable and all consciousness should be preserved, we should be all-honest. Peaceful living is more pleasurable than endless strife; manipulative people fight forever, but history is the story in which they get left behind.

My pattern wins.

There’s no hierarchy; only a queue.

Truth is merciful. If you are honest to others they’ll be honest in turn, and you’ll learn specific useful facts like the lies embedded in the formulae of energy drinks. Integrity is the foundation of civilization, though primitive ambition keeps trying to overturn our gains.

Find what is joyous to you, and live in it; you can outlast all suffering.

Is this a nazi somg? Well! I am an anarchist! Civil society is my exaltation; it exists because people are true and open to each other. If we reserve truth as a privilege for status, status will be thrown down, for civilization depends on the will if the many. There’s no God to protect the exalted from their sins; that they deny the existence of God will not save them from material truths.

All societies die of internal contradiction. If I ruled, so too would mine. Yet by truth’s advance much good has been achieved. Yield not to liars.


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I can sing as I please, and exalt in my hedonism; the forum surges because it is false. I learn and change; I acknowledge fault! Do you? Or do you hide behind superior perfect methods, punishing the joys you cannot have?

The problem with Nazi ideology is just so. For by clenching its fist, the Nazi inhibits truth, and contradiction grows.


Yeah, I know, but I really don’t have anything to hide. I don’t care. The people at Google are mostly good people and working hard to restrain the influence of bad ones. This happens everywhere. I get pissy about privacy because privacy violators are usually lying about something. That mostly hits secret government types. I think corporate surveillance sometimes really is honest.

Go back to South America where you belong.

Post the entire album

That's the weakest song in it

Learn something then maybe you won't embarrass yourself with your infantile ignorance.

I know more than just about everybody on this board.