Purple-user Skepticism

The entire premise set forth within these posts is one which seems extremely plausible, Kushner is the “Brain Trust” behind the Trump campaign and presidency. Kushner also runs the “Q” placation scheme. I will admit this certainly seems to be the case as, starting with Flynn and later McMaster, we lost two of the best cabinet members for an actual anti-deep state agenda. Mattis may have been another casualty of this effect. One interesting aspect of McMaster’s dismissal is it came only a month after Kushner’s security clearance was downgraded from Top Secret/SCI to Secret, further lending credence to the Bibi-Kushner alliance benefitting the jews espoused by “Purple user” and what he has been spreading.

From the perspective of quality of information, purple user seems to be on point. My reasons for skepticism are timing and credentials/legitimacy. Timing because we are now in campaign season for the 2020 election. People are just now announcing candidacy and the campaigning is underway. Right now, funds are being spent and this seems to be the place to stage “hidden knowledge” advertising campaigns. I will be interested if Purple user starts either discouraging voting or promoting nihilism, or suggests other candidates outright.

My other reasons for skepticism are the means of legitimacy. How easy would it be to find the guy who is who he says he is? First, how many people have Tyrion Purple security clearance in DC? Second, how many people were recently fired with such clearance and burned? Third, how many people who were recently dismissed were vocally critical of Kushner? Next, in terms of dubious verification practices, when have people who “made that post” e.g. Red Team Planner user (who made his post in September of 2015) and I think one or two more “elite info anons,” ever been present in threads to support someone’s legitimacy? What are the chances of someone from three and a half years ago being online and ready to legitimize the Purple user within 8 hours of his initial post? We have all seen coordinated shilling on here before and I feel like this could be an example. Q has “proofs” Purple has a guy claiming to be an user of old?

This whole thing looks like Q 2.0, elite insider knowledge, just this time an anti-Trump one instead of a pro Trump one. We all know the left isn’t very creative, so they made their own Q. Q was telling people what they wanted to hear when he came out, Hillary, terrible corruption, global elite, etc. Now purple is telling us what we want to hear, Trump, jews, Kushner, global elite. They seem quite similar to me and I think it could be the leftist answer to Q.

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The /qresearch/ board needs to be infiltrated and subverted by a team of anons from the inside. We need them to start holding Trump accountable for keeping his wall promise and constant Israel first dicksucking. Their generals are cuckchan habbening tier fast so we'll need outside help, as well as someplace to organize.

Trump is obviously controlled by the jews but be weary whenever you see this it's a common shilling strategy.

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Do they ban the way TD does when you try to say something true? Never spent much time on QR since it seems to exist solely to use up processing cycles of weaponized autism on unproductive leads.

How can you not believe that when all Trump has done in office is fuck over Americans and appease Israel?

Depends on how subtle you go about it, I haven't but other anons have.

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It's LARP as shit. When called on the obvious bad-faith "verification" offered by tomfag they screech or ignore. When asked for info that is impossible for a zealous autist to provide there is nothing. No actionable info given. Purplefag goes on about using threads for his personal mission despite the fact that they accomplish nothing and lone wolf actors without any creds will not be able to accomplish shit in spookworld. Every cause needs a team.

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That is one thing that is bugging me about the Purple user threads, what is the point? He is giving some, somewhat obvious, information. He isn't suggesting any action yet and I think it will be telling when he finally does.

I do believe that. Please read.
I think this is potentially just giving us another secret club WWG1WGA bullshit where we are constantly told what we want to hear. How often prior to these threads have you heard the term "Kushnerbot" we already knew this shit.

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I was thinking the same thing. In my opinion, these are some high level profiteers. It would be nice if we had a list of people/companies to watch out for.

LITERALLY another fucking Q hoax. Stop spamming the board about it.

Even if red team user is legit, these psyops have teams behind them. We are looking at some of the most prominent COINTEL organizations on the planet being involved, how many of their employees are glowing and could answer questions about what the vending machines in the CIA building look like?

Cambridge Analytica, New Knowledge, there are so many more that I can't remember that I have seen. BlackCube I think is Israeli.

I'm the real Purble user. AMA

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how is babby formed

sorry, just felt motivated to make a decent writeup

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And we're bumplocked. Can anyone provide a link to another thread skeptical to this purple user bullshit?

Mods believe in it also, so no.


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Purple user also contradicted himself plenty. Kept saying Trump would finally really crack down on immigration if only angry supporters came to rallies to make their complaints known to him because he would know his reelection was in jeopardy. But purple user also said the jews completely controlled whetjer Trump is reelected and wouldn't let Trump win and get him impeached if he really cracked down on the brown invasion. Major contradiction

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He is literally in another thread answering direct questions now if you have doubts just ask him. He also claims to have an insurance policy and will not submit it for proofs. TS-SCI is the clearance and thousands of people have it. Revenge is also a powerful motivator I think he said he no longer has anything to lose but his life because they took away his income. He also said politics is like intramural sports where it doesn't matters who wins and only way for us to win is to upend the entire system. He made things seem a lot more realistic than some single jew council giving everyone orders talking about factions fighting each other and such.

Most people here were aware there are multiple jewy factions who only agree on the point that they are better than the goyim.

That's his point brainlet

I thought anons were supposed to be critical thinkers.

The vending machine shit verifies nothing. If it is cooperative LARP and cannot be disproven by normalfags then it fools people. If it is disprovable by normalfags then it is observable by normalfags and is not proof of any access. If it is the first case and an actual CIAnigger shows up and calls BS it just becomes a he said she said with no resolution.

The vending machine and other trivia questions literally demonstrate nothing. That is the strongest evidence that this is a LARP. Jesus Christ, are you retards actually impressed that these LARPs are discussing which of the top two fast food chains serves the glowniggers?

Nothing which demonstrates spook access has been posted. Nothing reasonably falsifiable has been posted. This is 8/pol/ tier Q.

Hence my skepticism.

Which means user hasn't committed any crimes so if he is ever outed they can't throw his ass in jail you stupid fuck or he is saving them to protect himself. What person in their right mind would violate enough laws to stay in prison for life for the sake of some faggot like you demanding they do it or be called a hoax? The proof of legitimacy will come in time. I am skeptical but this shit is much more realistic than Q and if it helps put and end to Q I am all for it.

My point is that it doesn't even require that a glow be involved. Our vantage point is so limited that purplefag and tomfag could be edgy school children with a penchant for military fiction.

Don't merely be skeptical. This is more transparent than Q.

It's good advertising of points we know to be pretty accurate so I won't shill against it, but it's a larp, agreed.

I worked for IT firm that has contracts at the building in McLean VA and Purple user knew everything about it when asked. Shit you can't google like the part about special cards for vending machines he knew. He was legit but like he said he put some disinformation and BS in to obscure his identity. Prob all those questions where he only claimed to have overheard something as most of those were lulzy.

I will give you that, but how many people who work for high level COINTEL private sector companies contracted by political groups have previously worked in that building and others like it?

Something about the fact that an user like you vouching for the story is literally meaningless just isn't sinking in.

If we can verify it, it is public info. If we cannot, your words are meaningless. If you're being genuine we'll never know.


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Mods keep killing his threads. In last one he directly called Q Op out and gave them 24 hours to find him unless they were full of shit. Qushner mods nuked the thread within 5 minutes of that statement.

I read his "Purple user Checking In Again" thread and confirm within minutes of that statement QUSHNER MODS deleted it. Again. Proving PurpleAnon was right. Again. I have not seen this level of kikery against one thread or OP in a long time.

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Mason dubs. Tyrian purple = royalty = masons, your Faggot King has decided we need to attack the Q people with a counternarrative, perhaps even one deliberately planted a few weeks ago with a Canadian cabalist.

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