Latinyo mows down a mother, father, and their 6 kids...twice

Mother killed, father and 6 children sent to hospital after man mows them down with car

I have not found any info on the family except for the a picture of the dead woman.

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beaner murders beaner who cares

Going to need some proof of that. Is there any info on the family?

Do you really think the woman in that photo is white?

Is there a name yet?

It's an old kind of phenotype that you'd see if you actually lived in NYS.

t. grew up in nys and have seen these white people.

Am I supposed to give a shit or something? He got arrested and will serve his life in jail. Justice done.

This thread really brought out the shills. Was this guy an illegal?


Father may be white.

What crawled up Kampfy's ass today?

They should've just shot him.

If he was white they would have.

Spics are White according to the government census and police statistics.

Looks like Spanish mother and a (possibly) white father. That's Euro Spanish not landscaper "spanish".

He looks white to me

What is far more concerning is this policeman.

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She could definitely be some form of Italian/Sicilian
Ugly and hairy.

But if shes not white the story is still useful to teach others about the dangers of spics.

If only cigarettes makers could be held responsible for that and all be hanged.

Beaners killing beaners. Who the fuck cares? That's why we don't want the fucking savages here.

Interesting pattern.

That woman may be ugly as sin and fat but she could be white.

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The only patten is how you fucks troll the stories looking for a gotcha.

DeLoatch is also a french name was probably a carolina nigger. Evidence points more to a nigger because of the getting hot about some fucker smoking in public as a sign of dis'spect.
Ook ook, vroom vroom.

It really bothers you that users can spot your shitposting, doesn't it?

Less than it bothers you not being white.

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roaches aren't white

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Definitely kampfy.

He really got to you kikes. Gotta hand it to him, he definitely played both sides.
RENT FREE?!? oy vey

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but it is

Of course it is. What's up, your obamaphone keep dropping your IP?

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Might have her brother. Standby.

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Cousin from the goyfundme commenting on family photos and tagging Melissa.

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Tag takes you to this page.
That would be 6 kids + 2 parents.

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You can see on the right side of the previous photo where she covered her freckles with makeup.

Nothing of value was lost.

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It looks like she just started her fuckbook page a year ago to beg for money.
Well that tends to happen when you mix in those high quality African genes.

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Baby daddy.

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No this is what America will look like in 50 years.

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That was fun.

Based Mexican kills coalburner.


I want Mexicans to run over coalburners in the largest numbers ever

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Mexico seems to be bringing over their best and brightest now.

It was a doctor performing a late-term abortion. kek

These racist incels need to let this innocent youth go. #nojusticenopeace

Okay. I take back what I said earlier. That spic deserves a medal.

How about death, instead of that medal? He is a low IQ animal exactly like a nigger. They are all TRASH that don’t belong anywhere around our people.

My only regret is that he didn't run over the little brown piece of shit and the father as well. He could do have done better.

I thought he tried backing up even but his low-rider got stuck on the fat bitch.

I'm a shill for not wanting this shit thread taking up space?


Did we need the room for another Trump thread?

Hey Rabbi, whatcha doin?

Picturing the image of a car bouncing on her corpse using hydraulics now.

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Who gives a shit? There doesn't need to be a thread for this.

There doesn't need to be a post for this.

News about prolific race-mixing, nigger-fucking whores is exactly what Zig Forums is for.

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it doesnt matter who the beaner killed. it fits our narrative either way. spics dont belong here. sage negated.

Kill yourself you filthy fucking jew.

Lel'd 3 separate times at this

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Trumpcucks want to shut this thread down because they have gone 180 on immigration

What? This was a hat trick of diversity. Obese race mixing brood pig enriched by hyper-aggressive spic. I smell a roach…

Horseshit, the op was trying to sell shitskin sympathy by hiding the race of the victims. We've been through this so many fucking times now it's pathetic you fucks keep trying to push that nonsense. Called out immediately, you play retarded, then after much kvetching the truth is known to all then you cunts switch it up again playing fucking retarded but drooling to the right instead. It's getting very old.

There is no fucking narrative cum-chugger. Zig Forums has truth. It isn't a fucking narrative to be massaged or adjusted to fit your fucking beliefs.

Y'all notice how they now make it about trump and immigrashunz when this is the same fucking shit that has happened that we have been bitching about for fucking decades under libshit and bestgoyim admins? Yeah, no leftypol agenda there.

I'm pretty sure you're upset about something other than this thread.

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What could it be? Italian? French?


Everybody's dissing her looks but do we really think the average chan user is any better looking?

Probably old Dutch mixed with something (like nigger italian)

hahaha BASED.

It's a fucking nigger-spic that was fucking a nigger that was run down by a spic.

So it's a celebration thread?

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This is something most jew yorkers learn early on in school. Niggers have nothing to lose. Getting into a confrontation with them over everything is a lose/lose a lot situation. He should have moved his family so the brown man can do what he wants.

Kill yourself yid.

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Not on my watch!

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Write to your congressperson. Or, better yet, go to D.C. and confront him/her in person.

It's the only proven effective method for creating real change.

Yeah, the perp was a spic, couldn't tell if the family victims were spics or some kind of Slavs, though.

Ah, so she was a coalburner. Nothing of value was lost.

Oh disgusting, dude…just gross.

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See? The kikes were right, the spics are doing our work for us. Thanks, spics!

Truly based spic. I'd release him so he can run over more coalburners. I bet that's why he really did it.



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There is no legal or illegal monrel foreigner
All must get out by any means necessary


Christ these fucking cunts are still trying to imply the goblin nigger mutt is a white coalburner. No niggers, it's a fucking shitskin that was fucking a shitskin, pregnant with a shitskin that was run over by a shitskin.

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how are any of the people involved white?

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give him a star sticker and send him to Haiti to run over some more people

roughly 56%