Trump's Victory - 2016, the death of Radicalization

So, we can all agree that Trump was a kike plant that was meant to provide an alternative to radical solution, right?
It happened back in the 80's as well, here is an excerpt from the infamous and scawy SIEGE by James Mason.

The damage HAS been done to the United States, what the Conservative "right" has to conserve is anyone's guess. Trump's victory was unprecedented, with certain "fake news" agencies giving him as little as a 2% chance to win.

Many of us, I include myself as I truly was among the wave, believed his victory was monumental and would benefit us. For some reason I had all but forgotten what I had told so many countless others. In the world of ideas there isn't enough room for two, no matter how close. They either need to go through a process of synthesis, becoming one, or like Romulus killing his brother, one must be eliminated for the sake of the other. Trump was not among the core values of true-to-heart Nationalists who believed that the blood was the nation. He was a zog-bot, his grandchildren were Jewish and he himself was a rich business tycoon. How on earth could we believe things would end differently?

As of today Trump hasn't done anything notable to counter the, what would seem to many, inevitable "white death" due to demographic change. Instead, he has signed acts into law to combat anti-semitism, granted amnesty to browns, and has called for the "most immigration in history" so long as its "legal".

Brought in as the underdog, not even receiving a majority vote in the nation, one has to wonder how we believed this circus to be reality in the first place. While we were amazed at how he defeated the odds and while the media is full of lies, did we ever take a moment to realize that he was given no chance of winning and simply got in because of the electoral college? Isn't it a bit odd that Trump won when he wasn't even given 50-50 odds across the board but was heavily believed to become America's losing candidate? I digress but I certainly believe we should revisit what we believed happened in 2016. I think the dupe pulled on us is far greater than we might have admitted.

Trump essentially killed radicalization in the "far-right" while empowering the System to crackdown on Fascists. In 2016, Ironmarch was still around, National Action was to be banned a month after the election, Daily Stormer still used designs by Illegal Aryan, Atomwaffen was still above ground, etc. The list can really go on forever.

Nowadays, National Action has 17 known former members rotting away in prison cells, Slavros of Ironmarch is most likely fleeing police in Russia if he hasn't been caught, Daily Stormer is an "American Nationalist" rag that uses kike and nigger for shock value if nothing else, and the ORGANIZED radical scene is far smaller for where it once was.

Maybe this isn't as well thought out a post as it could have been. Maybe I'm not the greatest at writing. One thing I'm certain is this. Trump's victory in 2016 bought ZOG time. People bought his messianic persona and what was a budding radical scene among the youth was promptly withered away as the idea of "political" solutions were once again viewed as "possible". It has cost us dearly.
The youth are certainly waking up, the blood memory of the young Aryans is easily tapped into if the effort is put forward. I have seen it and know it to be true, they are lost sheep in a black forest.
But what will 2020 hold for us?

I believe Trump will lose 2020. I'll say nothing further on the matter and I'm not open for debate on the matter. Do not put faith in his victory, we've seen where that has gotten us. Instead, ask yourself this, and talk about this.
How will you prepare for 2020? Are you ready for the return of a democratic government after 4 years of amplified white hatred and white decline?
Are you prepared for the worst? If not, why? And how are you correcting that?
Like it or not, we've got a lot of work to do. You can't escape this Helter Skelter.

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Yes, everyone but boomers and shills realize that at this point.

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Fuck the (((GOP))).

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Have you noticed that there are a lot of blackpill threads recently, but next to no threads with useful knowledge? Why would that be?

Blackpilling and LARPing should be bannable offenses.

We have lost, we lost a long time ago. Whites are in decline, browns have invaded central Europe. The media is controlled by kikes, the food we eat is processed, and the water we drink is controlled by the enemy. The long march through the institutions was a success.
If you are demoralized by this truth, I don't know what to tell you. I'm not about to run through Weimar telling everyone I see to "perk up and smile" and pretend like all the bad is non-existent so we can focus on the fact that "well, at least I got bread this week".

2020 is coming.

That sucks, fam. Probably going to just vote Trump to see people sperg out anyway.

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That's not the truth, but an illusion. It's not a loss by you or any of us, that's what we were left with - our conditions. What matters is securing victory, and for that, one must have willpower and strong belief in his victory. Blackpilling hurts the latter if uncontested, which is why you see a lot of it.

Put bluntly, your OP does not contain anything new or obvious and it's just another one of

threads. Check my digits.

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Here's a (you). Stop preaching to the choir and post something good.

Kinda boring at this point. How about a final solution to this predicament?


Yep. It's over. White people have given up and few who remain on the right are unwilling to contribute to anything beyond shitposting There are dozens of good ideas in the catalog that get ignored but black pills get bumped straight to the top.

I find it ironic how all you can do is sage and repeat "blackpill, blackpill" yet what I'm trying to do is get people to simply think: "What are you going to do when Trump is out of office?"
The political climate is so hot, so anti-white compared to 2016 that the landscape awaiting us past the gates of the 2020 election is hard to even imagine.
The only "blackpilled" people here are you.

No there aren’t.

Take a Walk.


Take a cock.

I would go so far as to say that he was shilled here by astroturfers before the election. Of course, I don't have proof of that but in light of how Zig Forums is actually shilled by paid shills and Trump is basically an actual neocon Zionist, I'd say it is reasonable. Consider the fact that he was essentially marketed to rightwingers of the more-than-conservative crowd with Pepe memes. He even posted one on Twitter and retweeted a Mussolini quote. Yet, we know he's removed greatly from both the red pill culture world and fascism. He's a dyed-in-the-wool Jew loving Zionist. It's marketing by definition. What seems to be one of the biggest nails in the coffin is the fact he was and is funded by Zionist Jews, even before he won the election. Trump was never only self-funded.


There is no political solution to White Genocide.




Trump's campaign was definitely the most effective marketing scheme to pull the wool over right-wing eyes in the history of the world. People really got swept up in that election and lost sight of the truth.
Now we're coming off that train and into a new world. Considering demographic switch and a large portion of Trump's base becoming disenfranchised once more, I wonder how "red" the democratic institution will be, and whether or not the far right can capitalize successfully on what will become a new wave of resentment.
Considering the call for gun bans, Trump setting the stage for laws targeting anti-semites, etc. I don't know how much time is left for American whites to get their shit together in time for a systemic collapse.

Is that an offer?

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No the anti Trump propaganda is hebe

Post your feet, anime whore.

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It's not about winning. This isn't a game.

I mostly got on the Trump train for lulz. There’s basically no hope, so we should laugh and be marry before the end. Call me a fatalist, but a bunch of neck beards can’t change shit.

There is no "the end" faggot.

We’re gonna die off like the dinosaurs and get displayed in a museum.

You waiting for a fucking comet to kill everybody at an appointed time or something?

White people will eventually be bred out of existence. Nothing will stop the slow rot.

Might as well kill yourself and spare me the favor of having to put up with your whiny ass.

Lol suck my cock.

You are right and wrong at the same time. I don't think Trump was a kike plant but he allowed the libertarians and general right wing let off enough steam. Trump is trying to pander to gain support instead of sticking to his own. His biggest fuck up is going to be supporting Israel and attempting to pander to niggers and mentally ill faggots. Neither will vote for him no matter what. He could actually focus on the Asian and gaining more of the white vote instead.

Blacks in the United States are at a tipping point and Mexicans are getting there. They are realizing that they are not equal to whites because there eyes are set on jews up top who they directly associate with whites. They are also coming to terms with the fact that a capitalist European society is extremely hard to achieve in. The social and gibs programs are keeping them dangling by threads.
Roasties are coming to the realization that they are not the same or even remotely equal to men. They are also realizing that working 40 hours a week from age 18-65 isn't what they want. All of these groups are looking at etertainment and luxurious life styles with confusion that they are not enjoying the same. They don't realize that the lifestyle is fake or brought from past down money and illegal activities. Or in some cases winning a career lottery.

White men are the only ones who are waking up at accelerated rates to the bullshit. Jews are scrambling to keep order. Asian countries are almost entirely pacified besides NK which is truly the last nationalist country that has kept the new at bay. Non whites are getting increasingly angry at life not being as great as they imagined from the Jewish propoganda and white women are confused and angry for the same reasons

Don't bother to mention that he's enacted gun control and refuses to stop legal immigration and even said
I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever
Stop acting like he's not another irredeemable low-life politician. Any post that starts out like
Always smells like "voter's guilt" or something. There is nothing that man can do, nothing that will make up for the damage he's already done.

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Were you not around pre-Trump? The media was unquestioned, and young white males were virtually denied all identity outside one of self-hatred. It was only through Trump's "obscene" acts that your average person was able to see the hysteria of the left. And it is through the general population, not a few radicals, that the right wins.

You are preaching from the position that radicalization is how the ideological war is won. However, the right plays off law and order, and time tested ideas. Your doomsday scenario sounds like it came from the mind of a leftist. Your true self shines through your rhetoric.

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Go back to 4cuck and take your "funny" memes with you

Straight-up lies.
Were you not around pre-Bush?
Sulla's march into Rome, he Beer-hall putsch, and the CIA's removal of Chilean president say otherwise. If anything the law cannot be obeyed when it is unjust.
Wrong, never fucking happened. If anything he proved the right is equally full of shit. MAGAPEDES STILL NOT WELCOME.

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Buddy, I've been around the block now. It wasn't long ago that I was a teen reading Mein Kampf for the first time. Law and order aren't on our side, the conservative right have been playing law and order.
It has been 73 years since September 2nd, 1945. Where have we gotten?
We are dwindling. We are less white than ever before both in North America and Europe, not to mention other regions which had been conquered and colonized by our people long ago. Our culture is all but gone, what remnants are left are literally and figuratively being torn down around the world.
We are living in the doomsday and we have been living through the doomsday.
When I was a kid, a young little teen who had just been introduced to Hitler I immediately was taken. I remember the first thing I did, and I admit it was rather stupid of me, was contact the American Nazi Party. I didn't know anything about anything other than I now believed I was a National Socialist through and through.
To call me a leftist, to say you can somehow read through my rhetoric, only goes to show how brainwashed you are.

You're right. We should have voted for a woman who would do everything in her power to remove the 1st and 2nd ammendment and flooded 40 million Muslims into the United States.

Trump was, is, and is currently the best option for America over anything else on the board. Unless you can fomulate a plan to get David Duke or Rand Paul into office then accept the truth.

This, the truth needs to be told.

checked and saved

Pretty much. Whatever pisses off jews more is what I support.

No, no we should have never voted. You fucks repeat the same points ad infinitum.
How would you know? You were told by jews to like him and fucking did so. Why should anyone listen to someone as stupid as you? You actually think that the man who says "I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever" who bans guns, who gives billions to israel, who condemns white nationalism is our "best" option?

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So you rescind all your previous statements then?


What did you do with the rest of your year? Shill for trump to prepare for 2020? You can't even conceive of violence in the name of your beliefs. It hurts you to think about "sacrifice".

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I found you someone to vote for.

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Siege won't work faggot.

Social Darwinism needs to be re-engaged and a majority of human life needs to die. If you haven't caught on yet most whites are neutered retards that are playing games or listening to kike media. Currently my interest is keeping the United States stable, closing borders, maintaining the 1st and 2nd, and somehow maneuvering through the shit show that's unfolding in Europe and Africa. I'll take the best I can get for now. Nihilism will get you no where.

Maybe we will finally be able to do something about apac

That pic is exactly true of the chans as a whole

Nahh, they will put smart phones in there hands and video games in there tax payer subsidized living. They won't have a reason to bitch.


You mean the least worst option, and at this point that is very debatable

I don't care about Siege.
Trump is pro-legal immigration, "closing the border" will never happen. He is the direct cause of white genocide right now, he is your enemy if you're pro-white
You'll take the worst and call it the best because you're fucking pathetic.

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You mean actual nationalism?

Not just pro it we will be getting more legal immigration than EVER

Well, you said you wanted someone who pisses off the Jews…who else is there?

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How can you possibly be against the policies of the God Emperor?

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Patrick Little, but that's going to upset the civnats

Social Darwinism is a base platform for Eugenics. We have about 6 billion to many people on this planet. The people having kids are rats while the ones trying to weeve through the mess to gave a meaningful life never get the chance to because of barriers put in place by Jews. Go into the middle of a city and sit down and watch. Everyone is glued to candy crush and twitter. Everyone has some GMO sugar drink in hand. Everyone has a soy body. Everyone has a fluoride stare.

If you can't see it maybe you should lose some weight, lift, and learn to eat shit that doesn't poison your brain because you are to fucked up to see the truth.

Trump is right! So long as they are not anti-Semites, we should welcome legal immigrants.

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A tax payer subsidized Muslim invasion is nationalism?

It's 7 billion and the solution is simple: kill the non-whites. Something your politicians will never do.

Back to English class, Chaim

lol like big macs, coke and starbursts? You don't like twitter. Why do you support Trump again?


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There's my nigga, right on time with a shiny new IP.

I believe that Patrick Little provided a really good distraction to what actually happened. No one in CA supports Dianne except for jews. Mexicans voted for the Mexican. Blacks don't vote. Whites voted for the Mexican or the Republican ticket. No one voted for Feinstein but she won anyhow. Not a single person on the street will say they voted for her. The entire state has a fake election system.

Yeah that guy has a lot to learn about Trumpism

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Your opinion is automatically irrelevant if you think voting is a viable option. What about that don't you understand?

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Same canned responses. Ever have an argument besides ip and reddit?

The fact that everyone is entitled to his own opinion and that only you can control whether or not you discard said opinion. Nice try guiding the narrative though.

Another phase for the comment filter

Do you have any demographic data from that election to share? I tried to do a quick look out of curiousity and found nothing.

There are only two: don't vote and eventually rebel, vote and accept the system. Which one do you think will be popular here?


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What a piss-poor response.

Spot on, the dishonest responses and lack of anything substantive in all the responses you got to this shows you hit the nail on the head.

What's to say to a low-IQ loser like you?
"Good job posting it again Schlomo!" ?

Its not like anyone wants to hear you complain for the 112th time that its Whites fault that Jews oppose White advocacy, or that if not for people supporting NatSoc on nu/pol/ you'd magically be able to appeal to White interests without being demonized by Jewry (without being able to explain how).

Those fingers are looking pretty brown my guy.
Anyway, not the point: If you have a case to make other than implying I'm a Jew for suggesting a candidate who is utterly owned by Jews wouldn't be much different than a candidate utterly owned by Jews, which the evidence blatantly supports, then make your case.
If not, stfu you swarthy .gov shill.

I have a solution. Continue with artisanal meme crafting, and disemmination for memetic warfare purposes. Use every crisis that the internal contradictions in our system create to redpill more people and always always always choose the option that increases the chaos for our enemies with the least possible cost for us. No violent revolution is available at current but that's not a bad thing as we are not the childish faggots that the left are with their unchecked sadism and said unchecked sadism can be manipulated to cause political chaos which we benefit from directly.

I have some saved links on a notepad that showed demographic polling by some independent polling group before the election. The Mexican guy was getting 60 or so percent with a large amount of white support and the GOP ticket was close second with Feinstein deep in third. They polled in LA, SF, and some northern cali area. No one votes for her.

Pizzagate, the wars that got Americans killed in the middle east, and the deception from the media won't be forgotten.

What does that even mean user?

Let's look at it piece by piece.
The US is a kosher cesspit. Keeping it 'stable' means keeping Jewry in power.
You have demonstrated zero success in this capacity.
See above.
The shitshow in Europe and Africa genuinely isn't comparable to the shitshow happening right here in the US. You have to come to terms with the fact that the US is RIGHT NOW sub-50% White and falling, while Trump - who is so much better than Hillary would have been, according to you (not that I'm saying the crone would have been 'better', mind you, as opposed to equally shit in a different fashion) - continues to import millions of muds into the US and calling for more immigration than ever before, while giving more money/resources to Israel and its allies than any president ever.
Its a joke to see Americans talking about Africa and Europe being a shitshow given what is happening here.
The greatest lie the enemy has pushed upon our folk is the notion that, at this point, there is a differentiation in outcome between one group and the other, when all evidence suggests otherwise.
This bit is true, but the user in question also seems to imply 'nihilism' is acknowledging the US is a zombified monster that will never come back to life, but which can be killed, and that such is for the best for all involved.

I attempted to appeal to then with the social darwinism thought process and they got more combative. The idea that you let the enemy gain ground to wake people up is a real argument but they didn't bite. Just 2 faggots from leftypol pushing nihlism.

Already forgotten and effectively portrayed as a delusional Alex Jones conspiritard nonsense situation.
Like the one in Afghanistan that we're still fighting?
Which side of the media, the one that sucks Trumps' dick every night on Fox Jews or the one that complains about him every night to keep their catlady audiences tuning in on CuntNewsNetwork?
The real ruse of the media was getting you to believe they aren't all owned by the same people - just like the politicians.

I didn't ask for your annecdotal data user, I asked for demographic data. If you don't have it, just say so.

Tell me more about how Hillary was the better option. kek

Shill completely exposed.

You're delusional, bud.

Well said.

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It's very easy to see through the bullshit.

Its how you went about saying it user.

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See, this is how .gov shills behave. They take whatever you say and spin it into a strawman.