Woman Arrested for Posting Video Online

Her son recorded a fight at his school on his phone and she posted it on Facebook.

Adkins-Barras was arrested on Wednesday and was charged with Unlawful Posting of Criminal Activity for Notoriety and Publicity.

Louisiana law on posting criminal activity states: 'It shall be unlawful for a person who is either a principal or accessory to a crime to obtain an image of the commission of the crime using any camera, videotape, photo-optical, photo-electric, or any other image recording device and to transfer that image obtained during the commission of the crime by the use of a computer online service, Internet service, or any other means of electronic communication, including but not limited to a local bulletin board service, Internet chat room, electronic mail, or online messaging service for the purpose of gaining notoriety, publicity, or the attention of the public.'

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Fuck off Jew

Fuck off Jew

The next thing you know, you'll hear that she has multiple kids! Best to arrest her and make an example out of her.

Those milkers…

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The real heroes of this story are the police who arrested her and kept the rest of us safe.


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About time they started locking up the jews.

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It hasn't gone far enough though. Can't civil forfeiture laws be used to take her home? It should be bulldozed as well to teach her a lesson. She looks like she might harbour troubling and anti-semitic viewpoints too! If it were up to me, I'd execute her in a no-knock raid.

>'It shall be unlawful for a person who is either a principal or accessory to a crime to obtain an image of the'
? She's neither of the above though.

The usual suspects…

What the fuck is this anti 1st amendment shit?

It's just another step on the road to the logical conclusion of "well maybe some things aren't protected".

The student filming it was an accessory. Yes that is how schools treat it so that is how the cops will treat it until it all gets sorted. She therefore obtained it as an accessory to an accessory. It's kiked up but that's the way the matzo rolls. Womp womp, jew loses again due to lack of foresight.

Been that way on school grounds for many many years. We knew this was going to be an issue years ago when kids first began bringing phones to school but liberal shitheads got more and more lax about fucking CHILDREN and now they run the show like they are adults with zero responsibility.

Imagine losing a fight and having it archived online for eternity.

Another way new age feminism perpetuates itself. Harp about "toxic masculinity" - vilify it to the point where kids can't even fight any more, don't even know how to fight honorably any more, but as soon as it's their kid they want to praise the warped version of masculinity they have created and benefit from it.

Whoa, pardner, I think you are going too far there. I was going to suggest forced sterilization, can't have this criminal breeding the next Hitler. We don't need kids, that is what LEGAL immigrants are for.

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It wasn't her kid fighting though, he just recorded it.

yeah, that is kind of shocking tbh.

Yeah, that's unconstitutional.

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It's the definition of the news media.
The biggest profiteers from crime apart from the police themselves.


Tibideuxberg dun fucked up again.

On a serious note, it really pisses me off that nearly every police chief in the U.S. is a nigger or minority.

According to the image, it's only illegal for someone involved in the crime, probably meant as a tack-on charge for a criminal act. Of course, her nor her son were involved in the criminal act so she should not have been arrested.

Nice hyphenated name. Clear sign of an empowered thot. Her kid probably has a spic for a step-dad and her tits aren't even that nice.

What part upset you kike? That she's white, or that she has a kid?

Her husband is in a coma.
I'd like to know the name of the nigger cop who decided to take advantage of this foxy white mother in her time of need and falsely imprison her.

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From the picture itt it looks like 2 niggers fighting so her kid just was going to put it on world star.
So wtf is the big deal?

Fuck off jew.

Just how retarded are you

If she was my mom I’d jerk off with her dirty panties on my face everyday.

Not retarded enough that I'm shilling for yids.

So retarded you're calling me a jew. Take a break from the internet before you hurt yourself fool

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We all would, user.

You aren't much for reading comprehension, retard. All evidence points to her being a race-mixer. That's what I don't like.

The school is in Scott Louisiana.


Also, isn't this her husband?

What evidence you idiot? This is her husband who is in a coma. Middle name Jude but he doesn't look it to me

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She is still young and beautiful and has a son in high-school. Those dynamics would have been normal a few decades ago, but not today. I wonder what the psychological effects are of having a mother who is much different from you in age, like we have today.

A woman who has a kid when 35 will typically be 53 when kid graduates. That's a big gap, and practically the norm now.


< ethnicity is Caucasian
< religion: Christian
< has a cross lying on his hospital bed
< married to gorgeous white and has 3 kids

really the worst kind of jew amirite herchel?

So some nog was beating up a white kid in school, her son records it, she posts it online, and the authorities lock her up for sharing video footage of a nigger acting like a nigger? Don't you know we're all the same goy, if you can't repeat the proper lie you need to go away for everyone else's good.

Alright I'll give it to you, Josh Jew'd Barras is white. Like FBI crime statistics white.

Wew lad

Thank God! I'm sure there was no other crime being committed in such a safe town

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Shell get off with out charges. Bullshit law

You can guarantee across the western world the decline in discipline in state schools will continue, until a point where parents will constantly try to get their children out of them. It starts out as days of absence here and there, turns into weeks and then months in the senior years and none at all from 16 to 18. These schools, which children are forced to attend upon penalty of fines (levied against their parents) and persecution, act primarily as vehicles of social engineering. Without this potent weapon, the jew is weakened. State schools may function as they should in a National Socialist country, but not in a sick, jewified society.

Yeah, but it's right by Lafayette proper: Over 68% of the city’s population is White, over 28% is black, over 1% is Asian and almost 8% are Hispanic or Latino. About 11.5% of the population speaks French or Creole French, while over 84% speak English. So it's double the density of niggers as the national average. Over 1 in 4 residents is a nigger. How's that for nightmare fuel?

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Yeah, it's fucked up, women SHOULD be having kids when they're 16-25, anything after is pushing it cuz once a woman hits 30, down syndrome chances increase two fold, and by 35-38 it's up to 50%. It isn't just a matter of age difference, which does make for a messed up relationship sometimes with the children. Fuckin femshits and their dumb """logic""" based on emotion and delusion.


Don't reply to him, there was some asshurt magapede in the meta thread saying he just goes into random threads and screams "jew" at everyone because he was assmad that "stormfags" were calling trump a kike.
Filter him.

Why does he have at least six mug shots?

World Star Hip Hop takedown when?

My understanding is that Louisiana and in particular Mississippi have a strange culture by contemporary standards where whites have a lot more racial solidarity, and groids stay more in line when dealing with them.

I know the physical problems, you're right, but I wonder about the mental issues. Your mother is kind of an old lady, and someone who can't really relate to you. Ditto for your father. A lot of father/son stuff like rigorous hiking and camping will be out of the picture. Honestly, think of how annoying and inflexible so many old people are. I'm sure it has its upsides, but it seems on some level this is not healthy.

Granted, this woman might have another kid in a few years, so she would fall into that as well, but it's a little different because the child would have 3 older siblings that he/she can relate to.

My guess is he likes to drive himself home after drinking a 6 pack. The life-changing date mentioned on his gofundme page is also one of his arrest dates.

wew 32, bet the water just beads off all that caked on makeup, look at the color difference between the face and neck


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Are you new, nigger? This is an ancient tactic: call literally any and all whites racemixers/jews/spics/mutts if they do anything at all but signal against whites.

It's a jew, dumbshit.

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It's illegal to publish vid if your an accessory…

You're an accessory if you publish the vid…

Something isn't quite right here…

This is true for MS. Outside of Jackson, Oxford and the Gulf Coast blatant racism is the norm. It might not be proper to say nigger at your grandma's house on Sunday dinner, but if you are out with white friends and you say something like "look at this nigger" you can rest assured no one is going to dox you. That's among the middle-class though. The real rednecks are different, they probably have Dixie flying in the yard and would always refer the previous president as "that nigger in washington"

Mississippians are the least reconstructued southerners there are. If only they weren't so fucking fat.

What kind of a stupid law is that?
This basically means that people are not allowed to spread information on crimes, you can only get info from the (((media)))

Interesting. It’s unusual to see fights at schools acknowledged as criminal activity, but apparently progress is ongoing. Such a law sounds like a very dubious one, though… Hard to report on ground truths if one must be afraid to speak.

Might as well arrest every nigger for posting to worl sta

Home to the Franklin Scandal that True Detective made a mockery out of. I expect no less from that place.


what's room temp inside JIDF?


Ah, but even then it has to be expressly legal. Otherwise a government could invent a crime and disallow the accused from proving to the public that he is in the right.


It's like this throughout most of the rural parts of the South, we call niggers, niggers and they call us crackas.

I can't stand this board anymore, these people have gone full retard

is there any place better? asking for a fren.

>>>/fascist/ maybe, if it's not dead

Why do you guys even post if you arent going to ever do anything?

I guess nobody taught these Louisiana ZOGniggers about the Streisand Effect.

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No need to do anything stupid. From the looks of the Scott PD Facebook post she has plenty of local support for a false arrest and detainment suit. The payout will easily cover her husband's medical expenses. Maybe she will be the next celebrity senator.

nice first amendment there yanks





Video taping illegal stuff is illegal guise. Common it's common sense.


Still trying to sell a (((white woman))) dindu nuffin?

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Given she is neither principal nor accessory, this arrest has no merit.

Also, holy fuck what a smoke show. 10/10 would definitely let this semen demon drain me dry then cook me a pot of jambalaya afterwards.

Literally against the law to show your abuse.

America: The Land of Slaves.

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Pretty much this
Worst part is that there are actual retards in the thread shilling that she deserves it.
Its like they don't understand precedents or principles. This is the kind of law that should be protested against, I mean how many nignogs have been caught over the years because they posted their crimes?

On a side note kikes deserve an oven rather than a jail cell

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police enforce the policy of the politicians
no police, no policy enforcement

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this is far more than the school

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who won the fight?

The nigger.

Look into the consequences of gestational period.

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el oh el
am i surprised, ty for sharing that

So tell me, is the stereotype true or not? Cause in this one case Zig Forums insists that BBC is a meme and not real life. Make up our minds you faggots.