Belgian Lawmakers Want An End To German Pensions For Nazi Collaborators


In the aftermath of World War II, around 80,000 Belgians were convicted of collaborating with the SS and of committing war crimes, according to lawmakers.

Belgian lawmakers want Germany to stop paying war pensions to Nazi collaborators, saying the payments are a contradiction of the European Union's founding principles.

The Belgian parliament's Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution Tuesday calling on its government to ask Germany to stop providing the tax-free money. It also stressed the "injustice" of such payments because victims of Nazism do not receive similar allowances.

In the aftermath of World War II, around 80,000 Belgians were convicted of collaborating with Adolf Hitler's SS and of committing war crimes while the country was occupied by the Nazis, according to lawmakers.

However, some of these people benefited from a series of Hitler's decrees, including the right to German nationality and a war pension in exchange for their actions.

The committee's resolution said that the pensions were "for collaboration with one of the most murderous regimes in history."

The leader of the DéFI party lodged the original version of the resolution in 2016. A spokeswoman for the party said Wednesday that up to 27 people are still believed to be receiving the payments.

Recipients' names are only known by the German ambassador and had not been shared with the Belgian government, according to lawmakers.

It is not clear how much the convicted collaborators receive each month.
Some people living in Britain were also receiving the payments, the committee said.

A spokesperson for the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said in a statement that no benefits are paid to former SS members.

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They have to keep refreshing the blood of WW2 so society never advances.


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Considering how the kikes have already come up with genetic trauma to justify them getting indefinite reparations (not to mention 5 year olds escaping concentration camps on their lonesome), they'll probably fuck over the descendants of the old generation, saying something like they profited off their grandfather's "crimes".

What did he even mean by this? Is that even true? How many "victims of Nazism" are even alive? How many can substantiate their claims of victim hood? What shocks me most about our society is that people can say such blithely stupid things without any fear of being called on it.

Are any of them even still alive ?

The German government gives monthly payments to people who can claim victimhood. It's multiple levels of lies.

Hereditary house rivalry… so jews are really Klingons?

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oooh, that's the trouble here

It are soldiers pensions.

After the First World War, Belgium annexed large swathes of German territory, Eupen-Malmedy, including of the population.

Germany pays, paid pension to foreign veterans of the German Army of First World War. They might be willing, but I doubt the government dares to touch that, the more that there is a legal right for them, that is constitutional protected.

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That is just an hollow claim under the assumption the recipient would not declare their income.

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They do this to let the old folks go in dept and make them starve off. Imaging that, you fight for what you believe in, Hitler himself promised you get paid out because the loyalty you showed and at the nearing end of your life some whining jews want to take that money away because they feel like they deserve it.
And it wont end there, your bank account will be drained too, because that you saved up for your offspring is money Hitler promised you, which makes that money oh-so evil in the eyes of the jews until they get their greasy hands on it.

Why aren't those who locked up the Japanese held accountable?

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this is correct
calling the recipients collaborators is also another lie
after wwI belgium took some lands with the people on them as warreparations even started a program of degermanification and forcing french on them, but nobody ever talks about that
so when hitler came to power and reunified the lost german territories the people living in this annexed piece of land were considered to be german state citizens and as such mandatoryly conscripted into the wehrmacht
these payments are simple pensions paid to soldiers, nothing remotely nazi about it

the real reason is of course the various local governments want to levy taxes on this undeclared income

2019 - 1945 = 74
74 + 16 = 90
They'll be all be dead in an Augenblick anyways.

Feels bad. My country hosts many German expats and retirees from back then, had I gotten redpilled earlier I could have made friends with a few in my city, listened to their version of events and such. Almost did with an old couple, a navy captain, met them because of my father's job, but the guy was very cagey (understandable) and died of natural causes shortly after. Both where very sad because their brainwashed sons and grandsons wouldn't come visit, they even built a pool in their backyard just for them. Never got to met my own grandpas and only barely a grandma, because I was a late child of a late child. At least I know one of them fought the good fight on the eastern front. Those damned German sons and grandchildren ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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if we lose we get exterminated, so the stakes are pretty high this time. remember that when our enemies are on their dying breaths begging for mercy and forgiveness - they would give us neither

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If you thought the godless mammon wouldn't try squeezing blood from a stone, you were wrong. The only thing these agents of the demiurge enjoy more than shekels and power itself is the torture and humiliation of all those who survived the eternal conflict, and failed to destroy them.

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If we lose fighting we fight eternal in Freya's meadows or drink and ruckuss with the einherjar. Unless you view Ragnarok as having already taken place at the beginning of our age and end of the previous. In which case, if we lose the universe doesn't care, and we did what we could against all odds.

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