Judge Rules Trump's Labor Secretary Broke Law for Pedo Epstein

A Federal Judge rules prosecutors broke federal law in Jeffrey Epstein case


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fuuucking based!

we should have voted clinton, the pantsuit of justice would have never allowed this

This could work out to our favor. The left hate anything involving Drumph, in this case that includes pedo jew Epstein. I'm grasping at straws here. It seems like nothing gets done(in our favor) in Jew S A. Slovakia sounds nice tho, it seems the people there really care for there countrymen.. i wish I could experience something like that one day.

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MAGApedo is a valid insult.

how many based clintonites are pedo?

that's right, NONE!

p…pls no vote Trump…
fuck you.
2 scoops

They all fuck kids. ZOG is a pedophocracy.

"Trumpnigger" is an insult to niggers at this point.

clinton does not fuck kids, both bill and based hillary are very well known for prosecuting evil magapedos!

You're not fooling anyone.

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Why is it when anyone points out a negative aspect of Trump the immediate defense is always a sarcastic "hurr you're right i should have voted for hillary"?

im not being sarcastic, hillary would have ended israeli interests in the middle east.

not one of you jewish semites can give me one reason why we shouldn't have voted for her because of that alone

Like I said, you're worse than any nigger.

Both Clinton and Trump are pedophiles. Leave forever you traitor

Wait. Did CTR get their funding back?

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Kek. Right. Trump was such a pedo, that's why he banned Epstein from his properties after the faggot was caught trying to recruit underage girls from Mar-A-Lago.

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The only source on that is James Patterson's book, which also claims there was no evidence of any wrongdoing by Bill Clinton. So either the book is factual, and none all the shabbos goy politicians didnu nuffin, or it was a white wash.

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mr. goldberg pays way better than imkumphy magapede!

Wrong nigger. But keep up the disingenuous shilling.

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eat shit, kike

And remember: I do this shit for free!

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His whole family needs to be destroyed…with the full force of the law, Agent Dickweed.

You are just mad that Trump's friend Hilary didn't win haha I win the argument you can't accuse me of crimes because I used my trump card xd hehe #kek

Holy shit fuck these fucking illuminati faggots

And? The story about Trump banning Epstein fro Mar a Lago came from Patterson's book. So either you have to say the book is credible or drop the only piece of "evidence" you have to defend Trump.

No it didn't retard. When interviews were initially done during the investigation, it surfaced then that Trump had banned Epstein for trolling his property for girls. The fact that you won't read any of the PDFs, which is a collection of shit from the epstein investigation ITSELF, says you aren't here for anything other than to lie.

Then you shouldn't have any problem finding it in the pdfs and posting a screenshot?

It's a bit strange that the guy who gave Epstein a slap on the wrist – who is otherwise a total nobody at the federal administrative level – gets a cabinet positio, you have to admit. What would a district attorney know about running the Department of Labor anyway? I assume just rubber stamp whatever jew business puts in front of him. Epstein's lawyer in that case, super kike and ultra-ultra-zionist Alan Dershowitz, is also a ballistic pro-Trump voice in the media after decades of being a typical degenerate kike liberal. Did he suddenly get a rush of American patriotism, or does he understand that the exploitative, super kike capitalist and fag imperium is what is getting "conserved" these days?

In the time it took you to post, you could have already gone through yourself already. Again, you aren't here for anything other than to shill bullshit. So no, I won't spoonfeed you.


I would imagine Acosta has made more than a few connections since his defense of Epstein. Epstein is still considered a major player when you boil it down to it's bare essence. Good source for information honestly.

Who's the woman in pics 2 and 4? Is it melania before the plastic surgery?

You would imagine?
Oh, like Epstein is being worked because it is a secret operation? Being run by the Trump administration/department of labor? I think that's what you're trying to insinuate. It is a bit difficult to discern when people only insinuate.

This is a judge ruling against the DA's conduct. This is not a new indictment of Epstein. This will be swept under the rug, and they won't go after Epstein again because he has pedo blackmail on too many people, which was the reason for the sweetheart deal.


I can only speculate yes. Outside of that, I can't imagine he would have much else of a use. Though like I said, Epstein has connections to the Clintons, as well as big names in Hollyjew and politics. How do you think Epstein got off with a slap on the wrist in the first place?

Occam's razor; he's being repaid with sinecure for playing ball.
Because Alexander Acosta cooperated with corrupt and pedophilic elements.

Is Alexander Acosta any relation to the Chicano lawyer Oscar Acosta?

It's going to be a long road of faggotry for the next two years

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From Patterson's "Filthy Rich":

Deformed jew cock. Disgusting.

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Shill technique #1:
Equate criticism of Trump or his appointees with support for his current or former political adversaries.


You're glowing.

That's new. Usually it's accusations of being the turkroach. But now I'm a glownigger? What next? You niggers gonna post up the kikebart article about the CIA kaomoji database?

Huh? No turkroach here brother. You're a fellow white man.

I'm actually 100% Bavarian phenotype

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((( Trump ))) shills will never give up on him because..

the delusion is real

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Nobody cares about spics. That's just it. There's a bigger problem, and the spics aren't it.

But people do, homosexual.

Either call me a faggot, or don't bother nigger.

NPCS: Cunny bad!

Who cares? Everyone likes cunny. Pic related. That model is Meika Woollard, a 14 year old. Are you telling me that's not a ripe female body? You must be a faggot to not want to hit that.

The difference is that the left are constantly virtue signaling and are willing to eat their own to falsely appear superior, and that's why exposing their pedos are useful. This is basic Alinsky Rules for Radicals. "Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules"

The AoC laws weren't around until the early 20th Century where it was previously normal and acceptable in all societies for older males to marry pre-pubescent females and for pubescent females to give birth. That was until (((feminists))) pushed their radical laws claiming "exploitation" and need for (((education.)))

Then they rallied behind

>(((Birth control)))
>Women in ((((universities)))

The result

Notice that in countries not run by a ZOG regimes and infested by (((feminists)))) A.K.A. non-white countries they don't have this problem. Non-whites have higher birthrates.

Combine that with the dwindling economy and the brainwashing for couples to only mate with someone their own age and this means that all fertile couples will be economically burdened with children. Whereas an older father will be more likely to have established in a steady job or career and this ensures the family will be more financially stable.

Now combine that with the importation of invader slime.

The end result is white genocide. And anyone who seriously believes in Teleiosexuality is a cuck and useful idiot.

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So? Better than Hillary.