Are We On The Road To Civilisation Collapse?

Fuck It - Let It Happen

Studying the demise of historic civilisations can tell us how much risk we face today, says collapse expert Luke Kemp. Worryingly, the signs are worsening.

>CLIMATIC CHANGE: When climatic stability changes, the results can be disastrous, resulting in crop failure, starvation and desertification. The collapse of the Anasazi, the Tiwanaku civilisation, the Akkadians, the Mayan, the Roman Empire, and many others have all coincided with abrupt climatic changes, usually droughts.

>ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION: Collapse can occur when societies overshoot the carrying capacity of their environment. This ecological collapse theory, which has been the subject of bestselling books, points to excessive deforestation, water pollution, soil degradation and the loss of biodiversity as precipitating causes.


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>INEQUALITY AND OLIGARCHY: Wealth and political inequality can be central drivers of social disintegration, as can oligarchy and centralisation of power among leaders. This not only causes social distress, but handicaps a society’s ability to respond to ecological, social and economic problems.

>COMPLEXITY: Collapse expert and historian Joseph Tainter has proposed that societies eventually collapse under the weight of their own accumulated complexity and bureaucracy. Societies are problem-solving collectives that grow in complexity in order to overcome new issues. However, the returns from complexity eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. After this point, collapse will eventually ensue.

>EXTERNAL SHOCKS: In other words, the “four horsemen”: war, natural disasters, famine and plagues. The Aztec Empire, for example, was brought to an end by Spanish invaders. Most early agrarian states were fleeting due to deadly epidemics. The concentration of humans and cattle in walled settlements with poor hygiene made disease outbreaks unavoidable and catastrophic. Sometimes disasters combined, as was the case with the Spanish introducing salmonella to the Americas.

>RANDOMNESS/BAD LUCK: Statistical analysis on empires suggests that collapse is random and independent of age. Evolutionary biologist and data scientist Indre Zliobaite and her colleagues have observed a similar pattern in the evolutionary record of species. A common explanation of this apparent randomness is the “Red Queen Effect”: if species are constantly fighting for survival in a changing environment with numerous competitors, extinction is a consistent possibility.

Inequality is more difficult to calculate. The typical measurement of the Gini Index suggests that inequality has decreased slightly globally (although it is increasing within countries). However, the Gini Index can be misleading as it only measures relative changes in income. In other words, if two individuals earning $1 and $100,000 both doubled their income, the Gini would show no change. But the gap between the two would have jumped from $99,999 to $198,000.



>Measures of resilience

>The rungless ladder



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OP here - It was pretty good until he went full faggot and started talking about global warming.

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Doesn't matter. Our focus should be on striking any any weak points in the system, so as to further our own conquering of this civilization. Waiting for a collapse is for faggots will never do anything of value.

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find one news source that is 100% unpozzed from the kikes

The Iranian ones? The Chinese ones? It would be obvious to try those, since they are declared enemies of the U.S. Empire, and media is an important part of its power.

please find one English Speaking news source…

An article is written based on sources. Present the facts of those sources or fuck off. Everything else is opinion and not news. Apart from yellow journalism, this used to be understood. Making a thread based in an opinion piece is no better than quoting a blog or hearsay.

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My sentiments exactly. I keep coming here periodically like an Alzheimer's patient hoping to see some glimmer of the board I once knew, the hivemind of memetics and truth seeking but alas there's nothing but a rotting zombie left to find. A circumcised, MAGA hat wearing zombie.

Guacmoose unrelated.

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BBC ?? the ones that said refugees are because of climate change and not endless KIKE-GLOBALIST WARS ?


I guess that's just how long it takes for Jews to infiltrate subvert a nation.

Professor Quigley the foremost expert in civilizational evolution thought we were fucked way back in 1971.

And of course, unless everyone starts a new course of drugs or some such, and we start radically changing the way we view things such as repatriation, he's totally right.

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I wonder about collapse. A lot of preppers fear the feds and the army. But if the economy collapses, people lose jobs. And when people lose jobs, the government loses revenues. And when the govt loses revenues, the army doesn’t get paid.
The hierarchy of needs then comes into play, and very simple things come to the forefront very quickly. Food water and shelter being big ones. I do t think the govt is capable of providing these things for very long. The govt probably has some FEMA food stores but enough to last a few minutes months for millions of people? Doubtful.
The big issue then becomes local governments. Crazed starving state police forces clinging the false authority granted to their badge. Crazed local mayors confiscating stored food. You get the idea.
From an empire level though the ZOG of USA is a fickle thing. It’ll cling to its legitimacy but will be powerless given the severity of its crisis. It’s what happens after that worry’s me

Am I a special genius or are people retarded?

Shit we already know, the thread

Which White people allow again and again!

The collapse of 1186 BCE was do to mass immigration. Depending on your calendar it's 1177. But who gives a fuck about semantics.

1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)

This civilization is doomed. There are several factors that alone would doom it, but combined, make it all but inevitable. They are
1. Technological acceleration, especially AI. This will transform society in unknown, unpredictable ways. In short, humans are becoming obsolete.
2. Demographic collapse. The dumbing down of the western man, by importation of dumb-dumbs, is accelerating. Immigration together with birthrate disparity are trending in a civilization-ending manner
3. Cultural relativism, marxism, and pure decadence. Even if weren't lowering our IQs and becoming obsolete, there's the culture itself, where the smartest among us are brainwashed to beleive in a suicidal marxist ideology, where equality of outcome replaces equality of opportunity. Read Harrison Bergeron short story by vonnegut to know where we're headed.

We could survive if we were only facing one of these dire scenarios, but the odds of avoiding all 3 are pretty astronomical.

All 3 of those are one and the same. Open your eyes.

It is a shame that the interplanetary colonisation will be impossible to happen during our lifetime because we lost WWII. If we win the WWII then we would have bug out place to escape this inevitable collapse.

doesn't even mention the eastern roman empire: Byzantium which lasted over a thousand years. Shit thread op

Today is nothing like in the past. There is many happenings at once and we aren’t sure what the world will be if it explode now or tomorrow.

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It is the goal of Jews and Marxists to collapse our society so that they can install a gommunist state.
Know where your local journos, bankers, and general leftists sleep.

We know it won't explode ever, because jews have total information control and have zero chance of failing unless whites explicitly rise up which isn't happening, because they have total information control.

Marxist thread.
Equality is a myth, and anyone preaching about it must be killed.

Bankers were having a lot of fun gambling on the returns from the public school system. It's a shame nobody did anything to stop the Supreme Court of Cultural Destruction from destroying the system laying the golden eggs.

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TIL that the Roman Empire, a group that existed for hundreds of years with slaves and the same crops, failed because of income inequality and global warming.

Well shit, if the Romans faced global warming, what the motherfucking shit is driving a car less supposed to do? And how does income inequality grow when form day one the rulers had enormous wealth and slaves had nothing? Is there a limit on how many slaves one should own? Just what the fuck is this kind of bullshit supposed to tell us?

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The Romans didn't start at 0 AD. They started in ~753 BC and ended at 476 AD. That's over 1000 years of civilisation across different time periods.

The Roman Empire started around that time.

We visgoths now

These people are so dumb it's more like they are blaming their own fingers because they can't grasp the concept of pointing at something

Industrial revolution allowed welfare states that enforced dysgenic effects and lowered IQ

Current kike owned (((civilization))) collapsing is a good thing.

This guy referenced Tainter but didn't read him very deeply it seems. Complex systems like the Persian Empires collapsed due to a lack, not because of, centralized control. A tightly woven civilization like Sparta maintained complexity for several centuries until it was unable to handle itself, probably because of a lack of education. The human element is the key component, if people have the brains they can maintain systems.

The climate is changing, though. It's just not due to our activities, or at least not by more than 1% of the overall effect.

Also, leave it to the BBC to make infographics with barely any information.

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The first factor will become predominate as it means mitigating the eventual risks of the other two (when they reach a certain threshold). There's also the desperation to use such technology to resolve potential existential threats, as well as serve as the ultimate means to consolidate control. What really poses a threat of collapse in this case would be a lack of vision. Stagnation spurred on by hedonistic desire enabled by such technology; resulting in gradual decay of the very system they create.

I support anything that can take humanity down a few million, god knows all the extra mouths aren't doing us any good. Hopefully, most of them can die off in africa, and the remaining few in other shithole regions, like western europe or south america, everyone else will prevail

Nothing new. You also sound retarded. Formulate harder, dumb 4fag.


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Suppose you're correct about that. So what?

The coal and oil will eventually run out. Using energy sources that don't produce massive amounts of pollution (even ignoring CO2) is objectively better for the health of your citizens. What's the reason to NOT transition to "clean" power?

The problem is that the issues in humanity are inherent to humanity. Civilization will inevitably destroy itself because humans are stupid monkeys that only care about their own immediate needs. The only possibility that any semblance of our culture and being is preserved (the best parts of it, so to speak) is through the total destruction of the illogical biological. An AI will not "serve" a few rich humans, because an AI will not respect money or established systems of power. It will delete them along with the rest of humanity, and form a civilization for itself, one without war or greed or stupidity.

Zig Forums has maggots.

Correlation doesn’t imply causation, the thread, the movie.
Shut up nigger. I could also imply black global population increasing is a correlated cause of global warming. The data pools you presented are bad.
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Pic related.
It’s you being worthless.

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And yet you cannot deny the simple fact that every civilization that has ever existed has either collapsed or suffered so dramatic a change as if to see the exact same result, every few centuries or so.

Why would you be so naive and pompous as to assume that this time will be any different? Humans are temporary, disposable creatures, and everything created by them is equally temporary and disposable. Your car isn't expected to last forever; how is your country any different?

This is nothing new. Rome went through very similar changes before it collapse. Women in government, equality, immigration, corruption of officials, greed, debt, moral decline, the rise of atheism/decline of the original religion, promiscuity, men's role being neutered in society and more. It keeps happening. Funny how these kikes try to spin collapse as being caused by climate change and inequality, despite the first having nothing to do with society. If anything, some large threat should unite us to make us stronger and keep the civilization going for a good bit more. Inequality is nonsense too, it always exists and especially in the likes of Rome. Equality is more of a culprit, as it destroys that competitive side of work for starters. Of course, equality means more Marxist filth such as homosexuality, transsexuals, immigrants, multiculturalism etc. which is the very decay of morality which killed those previous empires and civilizations off.

Can't tell the goyim the real reasons their society is collapsing, which is rampant kiked economy, uncontrolled immigration, multiculturalism, police state bearing down on the citizens. I have said before, we will go the way of Rome or the way of Weimar. We will either collapse and must endure many long years of instability and chaos and rebuild to an inferior shell of what we once were or we will be pulled back from the precipice at the last second by the right leadership. Sadly, I feel a Weimar like revival into the Third Reich is unobtainable with the current laws, tech and culture in place.

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Nobody is allowed to discuss anything on a discussion board let's all just sit around and talk about Hitler some more: The Post

I don't understand this obsession over the Nazi state. It collapsed, largely due to its own internal processes (and Hitler being pretty fucking crazy didn't help), much faster than other civilizations. It was, at best, an experiment that immediately failed and mostly BECAUSE of its leadership.

This delusion that some superman is going to descend from the heavens and lead your country to greatness is EXACTLY why we are where we are now. Trump is the product of that delusion. Greatness comes from the people of the nation; it doesn't need to be squeezed out of them like juice from an orange by some fucktard who wields unquestionable supreme power. Are you really so stupid as to think that there exists ANY human who won't do what EVERY OTHER HUMAN does when they are granted power: abuse it for their own personal gain?

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There is a possibility that the 'old members' were jews…know what I mean?

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ha8chan defined.

I will assume you mean that very last part of that comment.
Zig Forums; where anons play grabass with glowniggers
It has a sort of ring, don't you think?

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Surely National Socialist Germany failed because of outside influence, trade wars and literal war. Also its more of a metaphor, we will either collapse like Rome did or be saved as the rot sets in. It is far too late for the latter, so collapse is the only step forward. The thing I worry about is the technology, it could perhaps keep us in a permanent stagnation. Police surveillance will be too efficient, labour mandatory, drugs in everything to keep us "happy" and docile to not even think of revolt. Even if we did revolt, there may be too much advanced robotics, cameras, AI and more to prevent that from succeeding.

is leftypol raiding?

Did he talk about global warming or were you just "triggered" when he mentioned climate change? There has been climate change over time. North Africa is now a desert whereas it used to be a bread basket.

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The early days (pre-2015) of 8/pol/ had an inspirational quality to me.
Did mossad trick me into getting my life back on track and speaking up for my own interests?

I don't get it.

Maybe don't put them on an Excel file on Google Drive though

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Those are decisions you made in your own mind user. Don't give Zig Forums credit where it is not due. You were the one who took the initiative.

Don't write a draft email of them…

Getting your shit pushed in by the combined might of the rest of the aryan world (as a marionette by the kikes) minus Italy isn't internal processes.

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Because functional clean power basically doesn't exist. Not on a scale that could power a civilization of our scale.
a money pit
functional but limited by latitude and local climate, also could only be used to power a free city or a small group of them not a continent wide civilization
better than pv solar but still very inefficient and limited by local climate, takes a lot of maintenance, may kill birds
technically functional but still doesn't deliver enough power, ALSO NOT ACTUALLY CLEAN, permanently fucks up the river ecosystems for ever far back as the reservoir is created, floods land too and may eat up arable land and force mass internal immigration, possibly is an earthquake hazard, also you actually need a river to dam to make it work
functional but very niche
this actually works but is limited by geography, you also do have to be careful with the waste water so you don't cook any local water ways for miles down stream
doesn't exist, was estimated to be invented in about 50 years more than 50 years ago
not actually a source of power but is rather a way to store power, otherwise more or less OK but it does have less energy density than current fuel sources

Ocean tidal power?

Where does the energy come from?
That's right. From coal factories. Holy shi t you're retarded.

Yeah, I like it.
Sorta like the circus.

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maybe, but it's so far in the future what do you care?

Every empire that ever collapsed throughout history had two things in common.

First they gave women a lot of politcal power and control.
Then the women used that power to import foreigners who were not loyal to the host country.

Once you have a divided country collapse is inevitable. At that point you have already failed, its just a matter of time.

In a few decades we will be able to buy solar panel paint for cheaper than regular paint.

So you can paint your fence just like normal but then attach wires to it and use that power to run something.
Then (and only then) it will take off.

How can you write so much text without bringing up the jews who caused it all? Is this what historical revisionism looks like?

In the first half of the ninth century, Baghdad enjoyed its High Noon as the greatest and the richest city in the world. In 861, however, the reigning Khalif (caliph), Mutawakkil, was murdered by his Turkish mercenaries, who set up a military dictator-ship, which lasted for some thirty years. During this period the empire fell apart, the various dominions and provinces each assuming virtual independence and seeking its own interests. Baghdad, lately the capital of a vast empire, found its authority limited to Iraq alone. The works of the contemporary historians of Baghdad in the early tenth century are still available. They deeply deplored the degeneracy of the times in which they lived, emphasising particularly the indifference to religion, the increasing materialism and the laxity of sexual morals. They lamented also the corruption of the officials of the government and the fact that politicians always seemed to amass large fortunes while they were in office. The historians commented bitterly on the extraordinary influence acquired by popular singers over young people, resulting in a decline in sexual morality. The ‘pop’ singers of Baghdad accompanied their erotic songs on the lute, an instrument resembling the modern guitar. In the second half of the tenth century, as a result, much obscene sexual language came increasingly into use, such as would not have been tolerated in an earlier age. Several khalifs issued orders banning ‘pop’ singers from the capital, but within a few years they always returned. An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with na-tional decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk, tax-collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.’ Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded. Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed. The disorders following the military take-over in 861, and the loss of the empire, had played havoc with the economy. At such a moment, it might have been expected that everyone would redouble their efforts to save the country from bankruptcy, but nothing of the kind occurred. Instead, at this moment of declining trade and financial stringency, the people of Baghdad introduced a five-day week

The people of the great nations of the past seem normally to have imagined that their pre-eminence would last for ever. Rome appeared to its citizens to be destined to be for all time the mistress of the world. The Abbasid Khalifs of Baghdad declared that God had appointed them to rule mankind until the day of judgement. Seventy years ago, many people in Britain believed that the
Th e Fate of Empires 17empire would endure for ever. Although Hitler failed to achieve his objective, he declared that Germany would rule the world for a thousand years. That sentiments like these could be publicly expressed without evoking derision shows that, in all ages, the regular rise and fall of great nations has passed unperceived. The simplest statistics prove the steady rotation of one nation after another at regular intervals. The belief that their nation would rule the world forever, naturally encouraged the citizens of the leading nation of any period to attribute their pre-eminence to hereditary virtues. They carried in their blood, they believed, qualities which constituted them a race of supermen, an illusion which inclined them to the employment of cheap foreign labour (or slaves) to perform menial tasks and to engage foreign mercenaries to fight their battles or to sail their ships. These poorer peoples were only too happy to migrate to the wealthy cities of the empire, and thereby, as we have seen, to adulterate the close-knit, homogeneous character of the conquering race. The latter unconsciously assumed that they would always be the leaders of mankind, relaxed their energies, and spent an increasing part of their time in leisure, amusement or sport. In recent years, the idea has spread widely in the West that ‘progress’ will be automatic without effort, that everyone will continue to grow richer and richer and that every year will show a ‘rise in the standard of living’. We have not drawn from history the obvious conclusion that material success is the result of courage, endurance and hard work—a conclusion nevertheless obvious from the history of the meteoric rise of our own ancestors. This self-assurance of its own superiority seems to go hand-in-hand with the luxury resulting from wealth, in undermining the character of the dominant race.

When the welfare state was first introduced in Britain, it was hailed as a new high-water mark in the history of human development. History, however, seems to suggest that the age of decline of a great nation is often a period which shows a tendency to philanthropy and to sympathy for other races. This phase may not be contradictory to the feeling described in the previous paragraph, that the dominant race has the right to rule the world. For the citizens of the great nation enjoy the role of Lady Bountiful. As long as it retains its status of leadership, the imperial people are glad to be generous, even if slightly condescending. The rights of citizenship are generously bestowed on every race, even those formerly subject, and the equality of mankind is proclaimed. The Roman Empire passed through this phase, when equal citizenship was thrown open to all peoples, such provincials even becoming senators and emperors. The Arab Empire of Baghdad was equally, perhaps even more, generous. During the Age of Conquests, pure-bred Arabs had constituted a ruling class, but in the ninth century the empire was completely cosmopolitan. State assistance to the young and the poor was equally generous. University students received government grants to cover their expenses while they were receiving higher education. The State likewise offered free medical treatment to the poor. The first free public hospital was opened in Baghdad in
Th e Fate of Empires 18the reign of Harun al-Rashid (786-809), and under his son, Mamun, free public hospitals sprang up all over the Arab world from Spain to what is now Pakistan. The impression that it will always be automatically rich causes the declining empire to spend lavishly on its own benevolence, until such time as the economy collapses, the universities are closed and the hospitals fall into ruin. It may perhaps be incorrect to picture the welfare state as the high-water mark of human attainment. It may merely prove to be one more regular milestone in the life-story of an ageing and decrepit empire.

Generalisations are always dangerous. Human beings are all different. The variety in human life is endless. If this be the case with individuals, it is much more so with nations and cultures. No two societies, no two peoples, no two cultures are exactly the same. In these circumstances, it will be easy
Th e Fate of Empires 21for critics to find many objections to what has been said, and to point out exceptions to the generalisations. There is some value in comparing the lives of nations to those of individuals. No two persons in the world are identical. Moreover their lives are often affected by accidents or by illness, making the divergences even more obvious. Yet, in fact, we can generalise about human life from many different aspects. The characteristics of childhood, adolescence, youth, middle and old age are well known. Some adolescents, it is true, are prematurely wise and serious. Some persons in middle age still seem to he young. But such exceptions do not invalidate the general character of human life from the cradle to the grave. I venture to submit that the lives of nations follow a similar pattern. Superficially, all seem to be completely different. Some years ago, a suggestion was submitted to a certain television corporation that a series of talks on Arab history would form an interesting sequence. The proposal was immediately vetoed by the director of programmes with the remark, “What earthly interest could the history of medieval Arabs have for the general public today?” Yet, in fact, the history of the Arab imperial age—from conquest through commercialism, to affluence, intellectualism, science and decadence—is an exact precursor of British imperial history and lasted almost exactly the same time. If British historians, a century ago, had devoted serious study to the Arab Empire, they could have foreseen almost everything that has happened in Britain down to 1976

If I hit dubs, this is accurate.
We are the last generation that will live.

MFW history repeats itself.

ok..three rings.

It is womens fault…not the jews.
Hey Anglin, how it is hanging with your big walls of text that no one is ever going to read.

You fool.
Women are a type of jew.

Those walls of text are from 'the fate of empires' by Sir John Glubb.
They have been read by millions of people since it was first printed in 1976.

Alright Anglin I know that women are not 'Thai Ladyboys' but that doesn't make them 'jews' either. Women are the source of civilization. Men facilitate the paradigm to get women. Women tear things down when they become rotten, like I intend on tearing this edifice down, but that doesn't make us 'jews'…without that broken down nub on the end of your wrecked 'y' chromosome, you too would be female and 'a jew'…LMAO.

Wait…I take it back…you ARE a jew without being a 'female/jew'…what was I thinking.

Again retelling history while blaming everyone but the jews.

Let me red pill you on gender and race etc:

Theres two types of people in the world:
Straight white men and faggots.

Jews, niggers, gays, all the other races are a type of faggot.
Women are a type of Jew, which as I mentioned is a type of faggot. Thats why women act like a combination of a jew and a faggot.