Goth right / vamp right

This thread is for the discussion of mixing right wing politics with goth culture. In order to win a culture war, you must influence culture. The enemy has been doing this for a long time and it's time to fight back.

Because this is a culture war on all fronts and goth culture happens to be one of those fronts. The target audience is white youth who are smart but quirky, creative and slightly socially awkward i.e. the stereotypical crowd drawn to goth culture.

Another reason for focusing on goth culture is because it lends itself well to right wing ideas, traditionalism and old European aesthetics. Hopefully this will be discussed in more detail as the thread continues.

So it should be reclaimed from the enemy. Don't let them have it; fight back.

>but that's impossible for _ reason
Whether you're a defeatist or a shill it makes no difference, if the above greentext applies to you then fuck off. Otherwise welcome, let's discuss and create OC!

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some features of goth / vamp culture that make it compatible with right wing politics (and good themes to use when creating OC):

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The weapon you should use is Japanimation. Then make a special board for them. Use Vampire Hunter D for your banners.

Sorry I'm not in high school and I've never seen a goth in real life. But as weird as this idea sounds to me, I will say it has one thing going for it: getting people to LARP with you as their count or lord would be very easy to get going with a couple wingmen to socially proof you. So my offering is that you go on the feudalism angle of aristocratic vampires or whatever.

Nice slide thread to poison whites with more garbage like anime, and gothgrunge, you kikes need a good gassing.


sorry I don't know much about anime and I've never head of Vampire Hunter D but if you understand it well

can you give a QRD?

Adding an obligatory Count Grishnackh.

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onto the spike you go

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It's a classic. It's one of the few that I know.

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fuck you. Goth culture is the whitest thing in the world
Im gonna post some NSBM in this thread

note how easy they are to predict, in the OP I wrote something about shills complaining "but goth culture is currently degenerate" and then when told it should be reclaimed they would say "that's impossible for _ reason"


I'll have to look into it
I know there is some overlap between anime and goth but I'm just not aware of how big
thanks for the reference

Designated board:

Yeah well I like it so I want to take it over in my image. You can't stop me.

Vlad the Impaler is one of the greatest European leaders who ever lived
he repelled invasions into Europe, brutally killing thousands of turks and muslims to the point where he's still considered a controversial figure today

you just outed yourself shill, now fuck off

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That's fucking gay


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I don't really give a shit if this is a slide/shill thread or not, the fact remains that the goth subculture is extremely small and after its peak in the late 90s/early 00s is growing smaller every year.

The potential return on investment for recruiting goths to white nationalism is small and growing smaller by the day. For that reason alone I just don't think it's a good use of anyone's time to intentionally target that community.

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anime is for faggots and pedophiles
Goth is for depressed whites who hate themselves. Op is a bitch ass faggot.

that's just one of many user, this is a culture war on all fronts
on all fronts
if you'd prefer to focus on a different cultural front make a separate thread for that one

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Help me make /gothpol/ great. I can't do it alone.

I used to be a "goth". I'm disgusted by (((commercial))) emo shit marketed as goth such as Twilight. I'm for reclaiming gothhood from (((corporations))) and leftists. As long as people don't try LARPing as vampires in real life.

Being a goth is very white thing. Although there is/was a goth scene in Japan. I've heard of a single goth nigger in my life.

Viktor dropping some redpills in the movie Underworld

I was not aware I'll check it out

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I just made it a minute ago.

viktor did nothing wrong?

he is 100% against "lycans" mixing with "vampires"

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A bunch of Weimar-esque degenerates and homosexuals getting together to smoke drugs seems like the last place in the world you'd want to try to push traditionalist views and white nationalism.

Everyone that attends a festival like M'era Luna ought to be placed on an extermination list.

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read the fucking OP dumbass:

So it should be reclaimed from the enemy. Don't let them have it; fight back.

Whether you're a defeatist or a shill it makes no difference, if the above greentext applies to you then fuck off. Otherwise welcome, let's discuss and create OC!

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Centuries of European tradition will be tarnished by these degenerates if we don't claim it for ourselves.

old rivethead reporting in.

shut the fuck up you faggots.

the why o9nly goth culture

all culture by now is corrupted and stinks of rott.

we need to go back to the 1000s and start anew….

you just BTFOd yourself with your own pic

quite possible a "goth normie" or maybe even /ourguy/ being lowkey, who knows, the point is there are people already in the scene who are not a lost cause

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There's nothing to "reclaim" here. Goth culture has ALWAYS been degenerate. Goth culture is a reaction against and rejection of mainstream conservative values. It is degenerate by design.

Gothic literature has nothing to do with modern gothic subculture.

let me refer you back to the OP:

Whether you're a defeatist or a shill it makes no difference, if the above greentext applies to you then fuck off.

You have to admit that the modern goth aesthetic is pretty cool, though. We fuse gothic literature with modern goth aesthetic and create our OWN goth subculture. This subculture then attracts the modern goths to our influence and away from kike influence.

If the guy you replied to honestly reads your post and agrees I'll be amazed because I'm almost 100% sure it's a shill. You'll know by whether he expresses optimism about your idea or simply rejects it and suggests doing nothing, which is all he's done so far.

No one said it was IMPOSSIBLE, just that it's a WASTE OF TIME because the return on investment is too low.

The only reason you're even interested in this is that you have some sort of sad hard-on for goth music and dressing like a faggot and want to convince yourself that you're not a degenerate like everyone else who's into this shit.

No, I don't. They all look like rejects from a "Matrix" cosplay society. I think there's a small possibility to push white nationalism through death metal - since there's less overt faggotry in that subculture - but even that is a losing battle compared to just trying to woo disaffected normies.

shill confirmed, filtered and ignored

Gee, who seems more like a kike here? The user who's promoting a degenerate homosexual death cult straight out of the Weimar Republic, or the user who's saying that targeting hardcore degenerates will result in fewer conversions than targeting normies?

If you think this shit looks appealing you might as well just go start sucking nigger dicks right now.

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Goths are demoralized little nihilistic shits.
Vampires are just about the most jewish thing anyone can think of. Blood-drinking parasites.
Shitheads that think these things are cool do so only because they were told to by jew-worshipping blackpill media.
Dig yourself a deep hole, get into it, then wait for high tide.


It's not about getting a return on an investment. It is a power move. It's about claiming territory. The goth aesthetic is like a pretty jewel. I want it, so therefore I will take it.

he's also lying and he knows it when he says it's not a big scene
the audience extends far beyond the hardcore fans who regularly attend festivals, there are many casual fans and normies who dabble in goth culture or at least watch some of the films etc

Twilight (as juvenile as it is) actually promoted very traditional gender roles and marriage for a healthy white couple, who did not look like SJWs and had not tattoos or piercings etc

OC dump

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What the fuck is so good about mainstream conservatives?

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Stupid and degenerate. Troll thread?

please ignore the shill and don't let him derail
here is a list of some of the values and themes already in goth culture that can be emphasized:

Don't you understand the vampire is an archetypic jew? Some idiot even created a new board for you.
Shoo shoo!

You do you, boo.

Twilight promoted inter-species relationships as an allegory for interracial ones. They took BLACKED storylines and just swapped the niggers out for vampires and werewolves.

Good points, Rabbi!

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Underrated post.

Seems like YOURE the one who's influenced by degeneracy. Normiemutt culture is no less degenerate than goth culture. At least goth culture is rooted in European tradition.

I like the idea of mapping undiscovered territory. If OP can awaken the blood god vampire hitler youth, than I will give my imprimatur.
Also, mainstream conservatism died after WW2; It's as much of an enemy as the left. Mining the underground scene with propaganda and recruitment is the way forward, except in places like France, where culture (still) allows open rebellion.

Go to your containment board, faggot.

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Shit thread.

Vampires are the jews. Also, why not try getting into brony culture while we're at it?

Did someone say goth?

Goth culture has never been right. They simply flaunt the aesthetic of fascism sometimes. There is no overlap here and OP is a retard.

I haven't bothered to look into most "goth culture" but I can tell you with absolute certainty vampires were and are based off kikes. Hollyjew has done a pretty stellar job of prettying up the bloodsucking scum in recent decades, but whether the parasite looks like Nosferatu or Nina Dobrev, its traits are purely jewish, and certainly not something to be emulated or appropriated.This is also why anything built around them is inherently degenerate.

Sunlight burns them in the same way exposure destroys the kikes. (Semi-related, kikes are more prone to certain diseases, I wouldn't be surprised to find out some form of Porphyria (Oy vey, why does the Sun persecute me so?) is common in Ashkenazis.) They're either portrayed as poverty stricken victims of societal intolerance who have to live in ghettoes and subsist on rats, or as wealthy old men living (often alone but sometimes with whores and or slaves) (if not alone they usually seem to be ruled by some kahal-esque group of 'elders') in giant castles, which are always crumbling as a result of the vampire's natural aversion to physical labor. Of course this necessitates another purely jewish trait, the ability to 'charm' others into doing their work for them. True to their origins, most iterations of the vampire do end up with the ability to psychically enthrall 'mentally inferior' individuals. (For example the Vampires in Underworld are attempting to enslave the werewolves and force them to be their protectors/enforcers in the same way the jews have roped Europeans into doing the same IRL) They often also have the ability to turn into a bat and flee their vile persecutors, who would otherwise be their victims, just as the jew seems to slip behind another mask when accused of his own subversion. Did I mention they have to fucking drink the blood of the (non-chosen) humans, who more often than not are seen as cattle by these parasites? Of course, you can become a vampire… you just have to marry into it. Is this all seeming familiar yet?

Turning Vlad III into a vampire was their way of exaggerating and demonizing his actions, perverting his heroic deeds, and creating the idea that all their own subversion is nothing more than myth. Vampires can be cool and all, but always remember - the Vampire is a cautionary tale. Let kikes into your home and they'll suck the life out of you and enslave your children. I would have to advise against trying to appropriate jewry.

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A new low for 8/pol/.

Christ, I thought things were meant to get better after Kampfy. Did we just replace maganiggers with 4cuck?

What about all the latin goths? (mexi-goths)

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stop bumping slide threads

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CM wants this kind of content so Zig Forums stays neat and kosher. Every schizo boomer thread, every slide thread, every no-content no-politics thread takes up space that might be used for something dangerously political.

Culture is very intertwined with politics. DUUUUUUH. RETARD.

You could have literally said "I don't like this," but for some reason you wanted to demonstrate that you could memorize all the board's buzzwords like an autistic faggot.

I swear the median IQ of this board has dropped to subzero levels recently. The worst part is that these people get paid to act like retards.
There is literally nothing for them to gain when shooting this idea down. They never take an active role in anything. They have no will to conquer. They want everyone else to be like lethargic and blackpilled them. Behold, the Untermensch thrives in Zig Forums.

The fundamental idea of the thread is retarded bullshit, for the reasons explained in the thread. Any actual Zig Forumsack with half a brain wouldn't make a thread like this.

No, you're just dumb, and for some reason, you are compelled to flaunt your lack of knowledge.

A hybrid of Gothic and Cyber Punk is needed.

I like this idea, tho goth community is pretty dead.

>Blood Matters

That's brilliant. This propaganda should to be spread far and wide.

This is a fundamentally good idea. Being relatable will sway people to our side. If you don't think that the goth community is a good idea to target, then find another community. ee soo seempo

Did the JIDF start hiring dumb niggers?

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Interesting project, OP. While their numbers are diminishing, goth culture still holds a relevant position in the social folksgeist of the west, and claiming it for our side would certainly be an useful victory for us. However, like said, the vampire figure originally was very much inspired by jews. It’s not a lost cause, though, since we can easily push for the moralization that the “aryan vampires” were antagonized or even created by the “Jewish vampires”, and that they held a strong grudge against them for that. This is highly analogous to our philosophy, would enhance the European noble aesthetic while creating a clear distinction between it and the filthy and evil nosferatu vampires. Also, it’s the exact kind of LARP that goths appear to like.
Think of the possibilities, it could be a reference as to how Jews have forced them into adopting to their culture, thus becoming vampires. You only need the narrative of the rebellion against them now.

Fuck goths, they have no sense of humour.
Then again, people say the same about the right.

That said, hawt as.

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As far as I can tell, most people on Zig Forums are death metal and IDM fans before goth music.


@ 33s

since the birth of the goth culture it was always about free love bdsm and crossdressing faggotry type shit

This is Antifa-tier logic

How hard does one have to pray to get all the fucking synagogues to burn to the ground at the same time when they are full of these fucking kike fucks.

I just like lolita fashion and think it should become everyday fashion.
I feel like we made a mistake in only wearing one layer of clothes for both men and women
What should be the equivalent men would wear?

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Closest thing I can think of is this, a more subdued version might look appropriate

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we need to find equivalents for summer wear and for men who are of the working class.
closest thing I can think of is khaki pants, undershirt, collardshirt and suspenders with a vest, but that sounds like overdoing it.
maybe bring cloaks back into fashion for raininy seasons

Vampires are unironically kikes. Ethnonationalists should look up to werewolves instead, as they are clearly the superior beast.

Don't forget the various wolf-related given names in Aryan cultures (Rudolf, Wolfgang, Lykos, Vuk, etc.).

Any vampire-related given names in Aryan cultures? I didn't think so.

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vampire hunt alone, they have min-controlled servants, slaves, not brothers.

werewolves hunt in packs, their allies are one with them, they have a hierarchy, with it's leaders, but these leaders rule by merit, and can be demoted if they are found wanting.

vampires take blood, while werewolves take flesh.

This is just an elaborate plan to get a goth gf.

I approve.

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They really did nail a certain aesthetic.

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On the contrary this is exactly where you should target. If you'd gone back in time 15 years ago and told stormfags they should target anime imageboards in their propaganda campaign they'd have given you a similar response.

Targeting comfortable middle-class bug people who work in data science, have 2 kids and then get divorced like every other white couple is a waste of time. They've invested their whole lives in the system and cannot be helped.
Look at the outsiders. Look at the freaks. Look at the degenerates. These are people who desperately want something else, who need something else. Look for people who are broken outsiders and if you win them over they'll be fanatics for you.

hahaha this kike is scared as fuck

Goth is cringe and is no longer seen as cool by the youth. Associating it with right wing values is probably bad for us.
That being said, Rahowa did take inspiration from goth music. The whole "depression" crap fits pretty well with the situation the white race is in right now.

we can do this, it might be fun.
I'll start a band, we need vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, composition, and lyrics. if we want to make a video, we need the equipment for that and probably someone to direct the whole thing, songs first.

How about this, we get a band that has no politics in their music, but the music is really good, and the band members themselves are openly right wing or natsoc, we also start rumors that there are themes in the songs that align with the band's political views.

This means that anyone who likes the music and videos has to do something inconvenient to maintain their political purity, eventually we win people over through a thousand little inconveniences.

I also think that we should never identify with the vampires, vampires represent the enemy, and are to be hated and hunted down, they should be prominent figures, but ones that are seen to be symbols that represent everything we oppose, unsympathetic monsters that are sympathized with by the ignorant and deluded people upon whom they feed, the vampires gleefully bring all forms of evil and suffering upon the people around them, but bring it under the cover of temptation and corruption, manipulating the weak-minded masses to fight on their behalf against the strong. For example, they use envy to bring about war ("white male privilege"), lust to spread disease ("my sex junk"), pride to create poverty ("democratic socialism"), and so on.
They are foreign, living in this world, but not as a part of it, they are like a virus within a host's body, they don't belong, and so they conceal their true malicious nature and intent.
When caught, they try to appeal to the sympathy and morality of the hunters, any hunter who gives in to these crocodile tears finds themselves killed off by the vampire soon after, they prey on children and women, knowing that an man would have even more trouble putting down corrupted innocents, but he should know that they are already dead, and only the curse of the vampire remains, wearing their bodies and memories like a mask, should he stay his hand, those meat puppets will strike down their former loved ones without hesitation.
vampires are not the people that get infected, they are the disease itself, once one becomes a vampire, they are no longer the person they once were, that person is dead, and the affliction is what has taken control over them, pretending to be them, using their bodies and memories to impersonate their victim in the hopes of spreading itself further.
the jews are the elder vampires, the originators of the plague, they can be identified by sight, and so they work through their victims, who are weaker, but seem human at first glance, and can serve as vectors for the virus, these are your infected friends, lovers, and family, the ones who you loved and trusted, but now they are your enemy, of course, these vampires are a metaphor for leftists, the people whose minds have been thoroughly jewed beyond recovery, NPC's are those who are neither hunters nor vampires, they are innocents to be protected, or victims to be converted, these are the guys who fear both the vampires and the hunters as well, wanting little to do with either, but under pressure to choose a side.
vampires hate mirrors, which reveal who they are, this is a metaphor for reflection, being questioned and having to face who and what they are, vampires hate garlic, for garlic is a purifying agent, and thus represents purity, it also represents tradition, so it is no surprise that it is poison for them, and protects those who eat it, and thus take it into their core, vampires hate the sun, they seek to remain hidden and half seen, they prefer the world that is miserable and grim, so the world that is bright and hopeful is deadly for them, hope itself burns through them, it also represents the judgement that god, or nature, or whatever greater force you recognize, has upon the vampire, the very essence of reality sees them as unnatural abominations, deadly mistakes that are best destroyed.


And them dispise of them when they are no longer of use?
That's what hitler did and its disgusting. Just using lost people and disposing of them…

you rebuild them, that's the whole point.

that's the whole point of all of this.

Are you lost? Nobody cares about ugly chinklets except maybe Jim.

So why not target SJW transnigger fatties? They are the biggest freaks and degenerates on the planet right now.

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Yeah because drug using perverts who cut themselves and fuck anything is just what we need. GTFO.

That argument could be applied to literally any subculture, though. You can't just say it about a group, then expect us to ignore the potential pros and cons of recruiting within that group. Tell us why, specifically, the "goth right" is a better idea than "juggalo right" or "tuner right" or "fratbro right".

not my fault that asians are pulling off traditional dress while modern women only wear jewish "graphic tee's " with some intentionally torn jeans while looking twice their age.

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