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Why are there four threads about this nigger?

because it is funny as fuck

It is ridiculous.

None of this shit matters for propaganda until nigger's convicted.

and that would be an actual story:

"nigger lies, gets convicted, went to jail."

not monthly jewish circle jerk

He won't be, and the story will be dropped quietly by all sides just like every other instance of shit like this happening.

Show this to every idiot that defended the niggerkike and don't back down. Remind them how often this happens.

"I'm the gay Tupac."

Reminder that discord trannies want actual news to get lost in generals no one reads, and ALWAYS shill against right wing content creators with purity spiraling.

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“We marched in the Pride Parade together. He introduced me at Black Girls Rock. And so I believed him when I heard about it,” she told Variety.

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>shill against rightwing (((celebs)))
Get Jakob to fix his code, his bot is spewing nonsensical bullshit.


No, actually. It's not. If the previous three fucking threads didn't take off, then you should stop creating them. It's obvious that some fucking jew wants to slide something. This is low effort faggot shit. Damn. I almost forgot:


I created one on the topic of hate crimes. He just happened to be the catalyst for it. While I agree that this thread here is shit, it's pretty obvious that there's heavy sliding happening trying to bury the Jussie story. I refuse to let cunts like you memory hole it this time.


How many threads do you need nigger?

Nigger, they are trying to dilute everything. They are making more noise than necessary so the new-worthy gets lost. Like this. We have threads already calling this fucker out from day one. They are creating multiple so anons just start shitting them down because we only need one fucking thread. More noise, less discussion, shitty catalog. It isn't hard.
Of course it's news which is why they want to fucking throw dozens of threads about the same fucking thing up. Now stop being a dense cunt.

Check kikipedia. Jussie Smollet has a Jewish father. It figures.

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Lmao get fucked niggerfaggot

Wew. I really hope this faggot takes his own life. That would be icing on the cake.

Hopefully whore kamala's future is done too with this bs stunt


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Former liberal who used to hang around artists and degenerates here. When these people make fun of Church Ladies it's because they themselves are projecting. They lie through their teeth and expect others to catch farts for them.


The whole catalog. This nigger golem isn't getting memory holed.

Check out the "Video Footage"

The schadenfreude has never been so delicious.

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the quote is fucking real

Good God, that is some funny ass shit.

I want this fag to just go away

This shit is non stop on tv news right now.
I think chi is so pissed they will legally rape him to the max.
Then the feds will move in and example his ass as well.


Any child with this strong an opinion on anything whatsoever in politics has been brainwashed. S/he has not been given time and space to understand the conclusions espoused. Children must be taught how and why to reserve judgment until their teens. There's too much learning to do. Digging heels in the sand is a massive waste of energy.

anyone else think this is a slight missed opportunity?
remember every single occurrence before of this exact same thing? the niggers in the airforce? the (((Democrats))) who had slurs on their garage, that one (((graveyard))) so on and so on? what did your normalnigger friends and family say when you pointed this out? What are they saying about this current gaynigger inspace? They stick their head in the sand, they say this is a "freak" rare occurrence, that this isnt indicative of basically ALL these complaints, that this is inherent in SJW progressives who practice intersectionality and talk about diversity, Imagine if this gay nigger was somewhere where people with maga hats actually walk around, like rural illinois or Atlanta? Imagine if the (((police))) arrested the first white person they could find on a camera, or they arrested someone who was white who bought bleach or rope at a store in the area simply because they were white and had a trump bumper sticker, the ensuing shitshow and frenzy (((everyone))) would have on kike social media, giving out their place of work, their home address, their family members in facebook photos with them, the abuse they would give that person and anyone in their general direction, and all the normalfags going along with it, THEN when the police cant really substantiate more than one suspect, and the suspect they rounded up and probably already charged was on their way to a federal court for (((hatecrimes))) and the truth came out, imagine the look on normalfags faces who more than likely cheered on the false arrest, how quick they would turn



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Do you ever get sick of being a shill?


it's like annuda jussie smollet

Innocent until proven guilty… whatever happened to that?

its on video dumb fuck. they have phone records. video of the brothers buying the rope and shit. the fuck do you mean?

Global report.

Civil suits is what happened to that.

This is why we have the term "Nigger Faggot"

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Saying he did it because he wanted more money from the show, but that's the wrong reason, he did it because he's racist and wants white people to die.

… and post pregnancy abortions

Does this board look like a court of law to you? Are imageboards subject to due process? No they are not, and I find you guilty of being a faggot, and I sentence you to GTFO.

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Upper-class Hollywood nigger Jew false flagging a crime in the hopes of advancing an anti-white row in the spectacle literally in a TV show called Empire.

Everyday I become more convinced that our situation today is an anti-colonial one.

You're overestimating this creature. Half black, half kike. Full golem. It never knew a bit of a thing about why it existed.

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You know the way out. This isn't a dating site

I forgot the shakels from waist to feet tho. But thx :)

This isn't faggot country. Beat feet.

If you look at related tags on Twatter there's a (((news))) story at the top insisting that "this one was fake but most hate crimes are not!" which of course is the opposite of reality. Clearly they are trying to stamp down any enlightenment over this on social media.


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Notice how all media outlets are trumpeting the motive of career advancement. Despite, or perhaps, because of the obvious evidence for political motivation

Because it results in maximum chimpout. As if you didn't know

Implying his target isnt the white male

But none expressed for the targets of this hoax

Total justice includes you on a rope chief

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If the crime had been real, the attackers would have been sentenced to decades of pound-me-in-the-ass prison. Never forget, James Fields got 400 years for vehicular manslaughter at Charlottesville because "muh white supremacist terrorist nazi babykiller".
Personally, I think it's only fair that faking a crime should result in prison time equivalent to the actual offense being faked. This mulatto mischling should be getting a lot worse than three measly years.

There is a major factor for it besides ""that gaynigger celeb gossip"".
This shit was a false flag staged to pass a anti-lyching law Kamala did.

They'll get it too. The accent was pretty funny though.

Wrong board Moshe.

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the "out" they appear to be going for is playing up Jussie's "drug problem" so they can play this all off as a drugged-up outburst so he can't be declared culpable for his actions, even though it's 100% clear he was sober and put a lot of forethought into that night.


fuck man… now I don't want to deport ALL the niggers, can these three stay? Can we just find them a little island to go live on somewhere? I mean, technically if we let them live in Hawaii they could still stay Americans right? I want to be their bros and watch their hilarious YTs just so long as they only fuck black women and manage to earn a living off their AdSense so they don't take welfare gibs. Am I being too much of a softy?

I disagree that it was manslaughter. That only applies when there is criminal negligence. I don't believe that Fields was criminally negligent. He took reasonable precautions. It is not criminal negligence to panic and duck when you think someone is shooting at you, or beating in your windows, or whatever.

sure, user, just for you.
now take this shovel and dig three holes.

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Justie Smollet

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I was waiting for you to end on something about earlobes.

Nice eceleb thread.
Fucking kikes.

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