NJ Senate Passes Bill That would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless tax returns released


Seriously I'm fucking done with this shithole of a state. Get me the hell out of here

The New Jersey state Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly voted to pass a bill that would keep presidential candidates off the state's 2020 ballot unless they release their tax returns.

According to the Courier Post, the Democratic-controlled state Senate passed the measure along party lines in a 23-11 vote on Thursday, sending the bill to the Assembly committee and full legislature for a vote before it heads to the desk of Gov. Phil Murphy (D) for consideration.

The controversial measure would deny candidates for president and vice president a spot on the state ballot if they do not publicly release five of their most recent tax returns at least 50 days before the general election in 2020.

The bill, if passed, would also bar the state's electors from voting for candidates for president and vice president as part of the Electoral College system if they choose not to comply with the legislation.

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Good. Fuck this system and fuck trumpkike


Lightning and sun by Savitri Devi


Siege by James Mason


Gold in the Furnace by Savitri Devi


The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion by Anonymous


Mein Kampf Stalag edition by Adolf Hitler


Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore Kaczynski


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Didn't this happen during the election before the civil war? Really makes you think…

For once I can be proud about this shitty state.

Imagine that.

Also: this is soros / other jews employing acceleration-ism for a hail Mary attempt at balkanization of the US. Good luck jews, you're really double-triple-quadrupling down on your communism… the greater the risk the greater the profit, but imagine the shitshow when you lose this time. The imaginary holohoax you whine about is going to look like Disneyland compared to what is coming.


The absolute state of this board. This is serious what they're trying to do. They want to fuck over any GOP voter

Anyway, fuck trumpkike :)



almost worked for germany back in the 30s.

Not to worry, I'm sure Trump could negotiate with the Democratic party to grant amnesty to some grouping of hundreds of thousands of illegals to get the legislation overturned. He saw he was going to offer amnesty to 11 million only for something important.

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if only there was another way to get change other then voting. Guess that never happened before

well once Hitlers in the primary I'll make sure to vote then, trump had his chance, Trump 2.0 is going to be more replacement

I'm sure all the rabid, rat-faced kikes down here in Ocean county are kicking up a storm. Fuck Trump.

Literally illegal.

Good luck with that.

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Kill yourself well poisoner.

wtf i love the patriot act naow

Yeah he stopped you kikes from making it even worse.


What is wrong with this?

Trump don't make money from more immigrants, so it's not for personal reasons that he have cucked?

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kek, jersey jews are ultrasensitive.

When you realise that the true enemy isn't the jew, but the aryans who fall and comply for/with the jews trickery.

More kabuki for the niggers. Supremes will smack that down hard.

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republican donors sure do, he put a fucking koch brother asset on his 'wall' negotiating team, the koch brothers are for open borders, trump is a fraud for putting them on HIS side of the negotiating table. We had 2 open borders lobbies debating if we should build a wall, what a fucking joke.


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not exactly a surprise

>Thought the Holocaust was real as recorded by (((history))).

Your list is garbage and you should feel like garbage.

Then just tell your kike president to release his tax returns.
All public officials should have public tax returns.
Why settle for potential corruption?

Did the Clinton foundation ever release theirs?

Israel-loving warhawk GOP just as kiked as the democrats


Who was the Koch asset?

LOL. Laws aint laws no mo.

The equivalent of saying "Well, if you aren't doing anything wrong then why not let them spy on you?"

Fuck the Senate, the House rules.

Remember when lolbergs used to defend the Koch brothers here and on cuckchan?

Did it? The current income tax was instituted in 1913.

Democrats don't care

I know what I'd like to put my hands on and it's not DACA.

More like "we know you're doing something wrong and we want to know what."


t.former lolberg

Get back to Zig Forums. Trump isn't some kind of Warhawk or Kike puppet like David Duke tells you.

literally retarded. Let's like all the Democrats walk over our rights if it means one jew gets mad.

But still no Voter ID? Of course…
Typical Dems…
(Real ID needs to be used to vote)

You've been shilling this same shit for four years now and it's still just as dumb

Trumpnigger shills becoming increasingly unhinged, dropping their masks to viscerally attack White Americans explicitly for being White. They are lashing out because lil Donny was supposed to get White people back on board with the zio-wars and he isn't cutting it [that's because it's not a matter of marketing anymore, kikes].


that picture is fucking hilarious. Starting with that shirt the daca queen is wearing, fugly.

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Isn't is amazing how they just pass laws willy nilly as if the constitution doesn't matter? Now imagine a world where laws like this would actually be binding. That's a world of pure nightmares right there.

Texas just passed a bill that says the Speaker of the House will need to release their returns, as well.

Trump is such a tremendously useless faggot he's getting this bullied for essentially being a more left wing George Bush, I can't imagine a more useless president in history.

Somewhere a weight is being lifted off of Franklin Pierce's shoulders.

Details of Bill here== —→==

keep in mind that this bill also contains language that exposes jew contributions to any candidate….

Trump should offer Jersey a 2 for 1: he'll release his tax returns along with the entire contents of Clinton's email server.

Keep in mind that you're not fooling anyone.

He's done more then Dubya ever did


This place is so cucked you'd vote for a far left Democrat if it meant one jew got mad

Fuck off Zig Forums you're not fooling anyone

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Who cares?

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Trips beats dubs. Check em, loser.

Reminder that these people are allowed to post here.

user, thats probably the anti-NatSoc mod.

Allowed to post here.

So all the mods, then.

So much cope.

Less than 20% were paying taxes until WW2. Because most don't make an "income". People have been tricked.

Depriving the people of their constitutionally protected right to vote top lel.

sounds good

No, jew. ID is not needed. Simple numbers. Numbers. Count 'em.

No, jew. ID is not needed. Simple numbers. Numbers. Count 'em.

Good riddance.

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guys, niggers can't get IDs, but they can get their tax returns.

What is the big fucking deal about his tax returns? Trump has OTHER people on his payroll do his taxes. Also I seriously doubt rich people are going to fuck up and do something so retarded as misfile with the IRS. Thats a guaranteed way to lose all of your shit.

t. MIGAkike

Who fucking cares. Trump does not have a chance to win NJ. This will only further drive the left off the deep end and is totally illegal anyway.

If legislation passes: [Democrat] gets 14 electoral votes
If legislation doesn't pass: [Democrat] gets 14 electoral votes

It's like if California passed this bill. The only thing it will serve is to bring Civil War 2 closer to our door.

If only Trump had enough troops to protect Israel and America.

You are a fucking idiot. Use logic for once. Take off the retarded tinfoil hat and think.

Look up voter trends by race and figure out why we will never be able to vote ourselves out of this mess. Voting for dems, you're so fucking indoctrinated into the D&C two party system that you don't realize the very civcuck values you uphold are suicidal when america is no longer white. Secession from the united states is infinitely preferable than casting a vote, and theres no vote that will freely let whites have their own land undisturbed.
His response to the SOTU was far better than what Trump says. If someone advocated for white interests and spoke the truth, then Zig Forums will actually go to a voting booth. Go back to reddit and stay there you retarded nigger loving faggot.



refreshing amount of variation

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If they send troops to Venezuela, any number, even just one (((observer))), will you then admit he's as bad as Onigger and Bush?

But he already released his tax return.

Trump is a jersey turnpike crypto kike

Didn’t this happen already?

Convincing your enemies not to vote, for example, by shilling against the candidate and spreading lies and misinformation about the candidate.

yeah no have fun doing a meaningless thing nj it won't change anything cool publicity stunt I guess

After deescalating with NK, Syria, and Russia he could drop a nuke on Venezuela and wouldn't have 1/100th the blood on his hands of Bush and Obama