Antifa Fucks Up, Doxes The Wrong Guy

Time for some feel good news. Following the Christopher Hasson arrest, antifa and their hangers-on were looking for anyone else to paint as a suspected terrorist. Enter Edward "Emily" Gorcenski, a transgender antifa "data scientist" known for being Extremely Onlineā€¦and not much else. Yesterday. he fires off a twitter thread saying he's uncovered the identity of a "neo-nazi" that is an "imminent threat to national security" and that revealing this info "just might get me killed". In it he connects the dots to ID a Discord user by the name of Vanguard, active on the Bowl Patrol and Vibrant Diversity servers as Joshua Pagonis, a National Guard veteran. Baylor grad, and current US Bank employee. He spins a wild tale of Pagonis networking with other right-wing figures, using his bank connections to get fellow "neo-nazis" hired, stockpiling weapons and having a "fucking underground lair" to conduct attacks. He does this through cross-referencing Discord and Facebook posts, along with unscrubbed EXIF data from photos posted by Vanguard. The thread goes up and goes viral, and Gorcenski quickly realizes how bad he fucked up when Pagonis contacts him directly to dispute the dox. Edward quickly deletes the entire thread and profusely apologizes to Pagonis and insists that his next dox will be totally legit.

Gorcenski on Hasson:
4cuck discussion:
Kiwi Farms thread:

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Blue check marked person that just doxes people. Is he a "journo" or something? What's his job?

Quasi-journalist. Self employed as a "data scientist".

Hasn't Cantwell been going after Bowl Patrol? Did he have anything to do with this?

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I remember my polisci professor talking about how most murders were crimes of passion and with 3 days planning it was easy to succeed without being caught. One of these days people are going to stop having morals after the nonstop assault for years and people like this tranny are going to regret it when they fuck up like this.

Have you been looking at circumcised baby dicks again, Rabbi?

Where do you think you are, Shlomo?

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He's tranny who got his blue checkmark from doxing people who attended UTR. He repeatedly tells a melodramatic sob story about how he was "nearly killed by neonazis in Charlottesville" despite being distant from the incident.

It's pretty easy to be angered about an ugly mentally ill activist takes pride in ruining lives, but the proper lesson that you should extract from this is to have proper opsec and trusting only yourself.

People think that Edward is the sole mastermind behind doxing the right, but he's actually just a figurehead. Same with journos who dox people.Take advantage of this as they don't verify information initially (as seen with Covington and Smollete), you know what to do. Others send them that information, especially traitors from the right who repeatedly throw each other under the bus for clout or "ideological integrity".

If you want to see a microcosm of it happening here, see how most of the users here easily side with leftist, globohomo, pro-infanticide, and open borders somalian/hispanic congresswomen over Trump not fulfilling 100% of his promises.
That's not the point at all. The point is that you shouldn't side with enemies who are ENTIRELY opposed to you just because your allies oppose you on SOME issues.
The hollywood "hardcore neonazi revolutionary" shtick is tremendously dumb and ineffective. People will naturally imitate you if you're successful, that's a fact. Trump proved this.

>adult human female
So, which of these three is she really, do you wager? Adult?

Slightly offtopic, but I fucking knew I'd see Rem Lezar show up sooner or later on Zig Forums. Funny how he sports the infinitychan logo on his head and chest, whilst conversing with the little jewish kid Zach about the twin towers.

Based and redpilled.

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Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of Whites.


You trannies came out of the woodwork quickly. I know that you're used to it by now, but quit pretending to be something you aren't.

Your post was pretty good until you completely missed the point of "siding with leftist politicians". Noone is siding with them, support of them is not necessarily support of their policies or beliefs. People want to support these politicians for three reasons: get people talking about a certain issue they bring up (mainly anti-zionism), elevate them above even worse alternatives (Gabbard or Yang would be much better picks than Harris or Booker), or actually get them into office for the purposes of accelerationism. You can argue all day about whether accelerationism is a good idea or not, in fact we should have a containment thread dedicated to just that, but saying that drumming up support for certain leftists is the same as siding with them is incredibly misleading.

>>>Zig Forums is not a board for republicans, nor libertarians, nor democrats. Outside of Patrick Little, there are no politicians whose views are aligned with those of Zig Forums, so support of these candidates, including Trump, doesn't mean siding with them.

Does it D&C? Its probably jewy.
No you's for the accused.

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Oh good another fucking tranny starting shit with the wrong people.

When are these commies going to face some kind of justice for all the evil shit that they do? I fucking hate them.

Vary your route. It's the least talked about but most effective form of OPSEC. Even Hitler talked about the security benefits of an erratic schedule.

trannies are social pathogens


Just 4 you user.

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Because RLM are /oursoyboys/

Report it. Twitter is clear about that not being allowed.

doing all this free private investigation at no cost for the masses

that dumb cunt lmao

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He's projecting user, look closely:
It's the anger as subconscious recognition of the reality of his delusional decisions conflict with the fantasy he holds in his head. He's castrated himself and lashes out, wishing his own self inflected wound onto others

Not a dating site.

well of course the discord tranny has an underground lair for fucking

Trying to ruin underground lairs for the rest of us. What if I wanted to build a batcave replica?

I love how deep inside they know people don't view them as adults, humans and females and that these dumb ass have to explicitly tell themselves they are.

Yet it are the jews crying and whining about whites teaming up with whites. How pathetic can you jews become?


The love i feel for my people is infinitely greater than any hatred i feel. Hitler was right when he said many in his ranks know nothing of natsoc, yet there are those that know it by heart. I wonder if you consider yourself to be part of the latter.

I think you should go find a boyfriend on grinder.