German police loses all video evidence for pedo crimes

We had some Rotherham like case in Germany not long ago. Two guys lived in a trailer and raped round about 1000 kids since 2008. Authorities where informed but didn't do much (like in Rotherham). Now the men got arrested and they found

Did they really "lose" all "evidence" "by accident"? Is there more behind it?

(((Accident))). Nothing to see here.


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What cohenincidence.

Yep, it's a cohencidence, alright. That's exactly what it is.

…Where are the parents of these children?


more than likely borrowed so it can be apart of (((their))) personal collections

They actually pulled this stunt in 2019.

Who are the rapists?

This sort of thing can only really happen in a society where people have been atomized beyond repair. With no communities, no village people, no close friends, people no longer pay much attention at all to the world around them. The atomization, causingInstead, it only exists as a backdrop to their consumer life in which they are the star of their fantasies and delusions. Once we hit the point where this reality was crystallized, our fate was sealed.

Bump for the kids.

Who could be on those tapes…

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and what the fuck is with the unrelated youtube video op?

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Homos are pedos. Its always been sex deviants at the heart of this movement. They don't get the rope, they get the bantu necklace.

I always get confused.
Is that a flaming tire?
Or a string of giraffe tusks?

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honestly this, people need to be asking more questions if 2 people can get away with raping 1000 children.

That's because cia/mossad, the people responsible for all military operations since WW2, used proceeds from black market ops to fund campaigns for blackmailed candidates to infiltrate every position of power . What's funny is they just sit back and aren't even that involved with most shit because of all you need to do is convince every new human that money is the most important thing on earth then they use shit that you print at will. There is not one person on this planet who could survive a month if they had to give up all possessions and couldn't use money. 100% of the planet is brainwashed. You just need to get the "idols" so they don't speak out.

This can not be disputed. Anyone who speaks in half truths and plays ball stays alive . Anyone who says fuck this shit we are getting to the bottom of this is murdered . If you are a non elite and start gaining some of the collective consciousness and use this power to try to fix the system for good you are murdered . Lennon, Cobain, Hicks, MLK, JFK, RFK, Tupac, Gandhi, Hitler , Abraham Lincoln , Bill Cosby , Michael Jackson , Michael Hastings, Chelsea Manning , Julian Assange , Jesus (he wasn't a wizard he was either a dude against jewry or invented to prevent anyone from saving people by having all their enemies follow their commands), thousands of people who sacrificed themselves , oh wait millions have died believing they were fighting for freedom , there is not one person who starts making progress who isn't silenced.

Notice how weve been put in ghettos? The extrajudicial killing program hasn't been mastered yet, but we've been put into ghettos in the Chan's. They ran a psyop targeting at at least a billion people specifically to social engineer people into demonizing us. We are only alive probably because it's more beneficial for us to be wasting away here than dead where we can respawn. There is no fucking way you are this far from society at this stage in the game unless you got 10000 past lives to your name or something.

One thing that works well is just discussing aliens and otherworldly things. Talking about the nsa spy program or cia harassment program or media disinformation program or police state program or pyramid scheme economy literally makes these astral parasite burn. Read the most insane schizophrenia conspiracy shit ever, where people look twenty years ahead at what these people want . Ive read people breaking down their endgame before and then I'll drive around and have faggotmason zogbot pigs follow me around. Sometimes they just straight up park outside my house right after I start reading some deep shit. This is where your brain is conditioned to get an ego boost by using a canned "Haha schizo!" Insult. That's cool, I'll continue to look forward. They called Phillip k dick a schizo for looking forward then those same exact people used all his books as the basis for their movies.

This shit again! Fucking kill yourself!

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Digital evidence to a massive set of crimes

Nobody made copies in duplicate, triplicate etc and kept them locked up in several secure sites?

Yes, sure. Accidents do happen, don't they? DON'T THEY??
The other trick they also use is that anyone who looks into such networks will obviously start piling up evidence on some device, generally a computer. So they set an assault on the person's home, grab the data and use it as proof that the reporter is a pedo, and this person gets thrown in jail. That's a method they used in Belgium.
In other words, don't go vigilante with that, but build a solid structure that's openly fighting against such things, so it's legitimately going to hold such data as proofs.

Or post it on Zig Forums and make archives.

daily reminder that porky pigs are nothing but tools of the zog establishment

ok /trannypol/