Everything, literally EVERY SINGLE THING EVER SAID BY ANY LEFTIST label it as a conspiracy theory.

Flip their tactics on them, watch them flip out.

Jussie Smollet? CONSPIRACY THEORY that proved to be patently false.

Russian Collusion? Conspiracy theory, as someone here has ALREADY PICKED UP ON, BRAVO!

Trump tax returns? CONSPIRACY THEORY!





Drop your change at the checkout? *MUTTERING* It's a coin holocaust

Aggressively fart in an elevator! "WHO DID THAT? IT'S ANOTHER HOLOCAUST OY VEY I FEEL LIKE I AM IN THE GAS CHAMBERS!!" especially funny if you'rE 19.

See a nice campfire? IT'S A FIREWOOD HOLOCAUST. NEVER FORGET THE HOLOCAUST OF CALIFORNIA! Pour one out for the homies by pissing on the fire.

Make it so literally every bad thing, from a missed bus to a kid falling off his bicycle is a new HOLOCAUST.

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We want people to find out the truth though, because the truth is on our. The truth is on our side because we are on the side of the truth. If the truth was that that immigration was good, the jews were poor oppressed victims and blacks didn't do anything wrong; we would be shouting that from the rooftops.

It just so happens that the truth is that Hitler was right, the jews are behind nearly everything evil that has happened, for definite, within the last 400 years; and likely going back far longer than that, with varying amounts of evidence. The truth is that immigration is always a negative and in large numbers has led to the destruction of myriad nation. The truth is that niggers actually do commit crime at ridiculous levels that even make muds and spics look like upstanding citizens.

So no, we don't want to just call stuff a conspiracy theory and have people dismiss it. That only values our enemies. We want people to do research and learn the truth of the world. The enemy does take advantage of us with this by trying to get us to investigate all sorts of inane and pointless bullshit, but its a price I'm willing to pay if it means that my people value the truth.

Truth is the first Virtue without which we can have no others.

It doesn't work that way because Leftists are perfectly fine with this kind of illogical thinking. It's called doublethink and doublespeak. What's a conspiracy on our side isn't necessarily on theirs.

We don't need to go this hard, but we could always go on (((Twitter))) and just chant shit like "OY VEY", "ANUDDER SHOAH", or "OBEY US GOY"

No. Our enemy do this all the time. If we poison the well with lies then they shall forever point to those examples and pretend that their legitimate crimes were just staged by 'far right nationalists'.

We need to stand for the truth and always the truth.

Couldn't tell if he had nothing to say or was about to punch me but a cop walked by and we paid and left.

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No, Captain Schlomo of the JIDF.

The whole point is the watering down of the very term they have shrieked every time we notice they are doing something.

Blunt the weapon until no one can use it, because it has only been used against US.

This sure brought out the shills in a big hurry.

Yet again, another bunch of (1)'s

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You're a retard. Why not expose their myriad crimes? Endlessly go on about who was behind the transatlantic slave trade. Go on about who was behind the opium wars. Who exploited Africa for precious metals and blood diamonds? Who is behind the drug trade today? Who is behind child trafficking? Talk about Bolshevism? Talk about the Holohoax?

Why pretend to be our enemy and open ourselves up to accusations of deception; when we could just outright expose them for their countless disgusting crimes?

What is Hate Speech?
That which is Hateful to the Aryan Tribe.

Some Examples of Hate Speech are :
Support for Aryan Abortion.
Support for Miscegenation.
Support for Anti-Racism
Support for Open Borders
Support for Non Aryan Politicians…

I like it


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So, any of you all arguing with me want to argue about the fact that ZERO Jewish entertainment celebrities have spoken out against human trafficking?

Or is human and organ and blood trafficking something too dear to your hearts?

Why don't you tweet that instead of false-flagging and giving them ammunition to discredit us with in the future? I'm not your enemy, I just think that lowering ourselves to their level by lying and deceiving is an idiotic idea.

We have plenty of genuine and grotesque things that we can level against them to redpill people with. Tell the truth!


Doxing Whites as Nazis, Racists, etc. everytime Whites engage in anything political in their defense. Serving our enemies who are exterminating us.

Swastikas and larping are literally more important to these retards than survival of Whites.


Conspiracy doesn't mean false.

So, shooting at people in a war that are shooting at you is not okay?

Also, who said anything about lying and deceiving?

Only you, Shlomo von Shekelberg.

Kill yourself mate, you're always trying to start cringe fucking ops and your memes are shit.

Shooting your enemy is honourable, truthful conduct. Pretending to be your enemy and shooting your own is wrong and disgusting.

We do not need to stage false-flags or exaggerate the crimes of our enemy. That only strengthens them. Their genuine, provable crimes are disgusting enough for us to hate them. We do not need to lie or make stuff up. Stick with the truth.

You said :

I understand that you didn't quite advocate for pretending that crimes happened, but you did want to pretend to be them. It has a similar effect. Every time a yid actually gloats over the death of our people; they will be able to point at your imitation and claim that it wasn't them, it was a 'far-right nationalist' trying to make them look bad. The average person will buy that story and won't look any further into it.

There is no need to lie or deceive or pretend to be something we are not. Just shine a light on what they've been doing. Tell the truth.

Strange you should argue, Joel, Lenny, and Solomon.

Do you actually WORK for Adam Schiff?

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Actually, is that YOU, Ed Krassenstein?

The King of the USA has already picked this up. "Conspiracy theory" is gaining traction, traitors.

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I can see why this has you all ruffled out there in the trenches of the War Against Whites.

It IS gaining traction.

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This IS an imageboard, yes?

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And, by bringing this term to the fore, we FORCE them to acknowledge that what they believe IS, in fact, only Conspiracy Theories, OR, we FORCE them to realize that there ARE real conspiracies.

There is NO losing, here.

I mean, not for the White folks. I can see how Baron Von Shillenberg and his crew might find it T

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Oh, the fun continues.

The joy to watch the lefties have to gulp down the big, throbbing CONSPIRACY THEORY as it is shoved back down their throats.

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Is it Shabat now? You all sure got quiet when I actually posted more IMAGES in this imageboard.