Project Yellow

Let’s start a project and really carry it through; I think we should work to ensure Trumps re-election to prevent an SJW takeover and real possibility of subsequent dystopia. We should do this by a campaign to collect and distribute information that tarnishes the Democratic nominee. We do this two ways:

1. Digging. Look for any and all quotes, activities, actions, etc that reflect badly on the candidate or implicate them in a lie.

2. Infiltration: Volunteer for campaigns, and record everything. Keep a phone in your pocket on record, gain trust, work from the beginning, see what you can get. The sooner you start, the more you appear as a trusted person there “from the beginning.”

Everything is saved until after the primaries, to be used in the general.

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Kill yourself in 5 seconds.

Elect Him so he can kill us quicker? No thanks.

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Aryan Free Post.

OP, why are you still supporting the two party system? Realize how Republicans and Democrats are two sides on a shekel. They both love Jews and Israel, despise whites. Just get out you NPC.

kys, promoter of false dichotomies, cuckservatives are the liberals of 20 years ago and for proof look no further than Trump.

If that's you Mr.Kushner, please ask Mr.Trump why he doesn't want 5G in his Favorite Town, and Resort? Also, I'm curious.. Why do you restrict your children from being exposed to Wi-FI and Fluoride?


Purple user was right Kushner shills are panicking.

What a fag Donald is. I am so embarassed to have voted for this fake European fake American and fake man.


==Something Smells Like Matzo Around Here==>>12839498

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Fuck off kushnigger. Kush isn't even a European thing you noin-euro queer.

You are yellow and a faggot and a jew
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Because jews can't into leavening.




This is a national socialist board op & we desire an ethnostate & the balkanization of the United states.

SJWs believed enemies into existence with all their might - but honestly, their cause is just, despite all their mistakes. Keeping up some idiotic Nazi pretense doesn’t spite them, it makes them look correct.

Fuck off and never come back.



Hory sheet. "My first political post" … the thread.

Trump should be flayed for his betrayal of the White race. Fuck you.

One project I would like to see, is documenting all the pre-war hype with Iran. Just 5 mins ago, I saw an article shilling against Iran for "attacking the global internet."

Get a load of this buffoon.

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I want a dystopia because the lemmings have demonstrated quite clearly that this is the only thing that will motivate them to action.
Trump doesn't deserve our support.

is this the exodus?

5G is going to make testosterone/sperm counts drop even further, and its not even something you can opt out of. Its just a blanket of microwave radiation across the entire country.

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Too late. Buy ammo.

This, the time for politics is over. Only violence awaits.

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The SJW menace has gotten worse.

First the dems base don't care about lies or contradictions. You need to understand the enemy before you can destroy them.

Second, this is not how things work here. Come up with your own operation and we may help you carry it out. We will not do your thinking for you. And your outline is so vague its hardly a plan let alone an actual operation.

Thirdly and most importantly Trump's re-election is bad for our cause. He will continue to keep the status quo like he has been the last few years. We need a dip shit like crazy eyes cortez or Bernie in there to really fuck shit up. Things won't get better till they get worse.

That;s the goal user, drive them so crazy they ruin themselves for the whole world to see. To the point they exhaust themselves and or breakdown from their own bullshit. Truely a comedy in the modern age.


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