He weaved so much chaos magic with his universal gay rights proposals and everything else that the left's humanitarian rhetoric once focussed against the wall has virtually vanished. It's here that we can now mark another historic 4D chess move.

So much for the "he isn't building it" rhetoric. Trump is building it. And it's going to be finished before 2020 where he will be successfully be re-elected to continue his fight. This means, no more illegal aliens. We now can enjoy the benefits of legal-only immigration and that's a yuge win for us, the conservatives.

What next shills? Vote for CIA nigger Pat Little? Your reign of disinfo and demoralization propaganda is over! (4 hours ago)

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This post just single-handedly built the wall.

Zog emperor gonna Zog.

I guess the woke option is to not have any borders if we are to go by your logic. Also, no shekels awarded for missing the first post. Sorry, Levi!

Purple user was right

It's to keep costs down. The cost of an actual wall is over 33 billion. This marks a historic moment though and sets a precedence. No longer is physical protection of borders, in the most Jewed country, a bad thing. He just set the right forward twenty steps and has begun normalisation of what was considered evil only less than two years ago. This is a historic moment.

Is this ironic bate or are you actually this retarded?

Trump could have just not given 38 billion to Israel and used that money on the wall. How many times do you have to get blown the fuck out on this?

If you are an anti-semite zognald wants you to face the death penalty. You can post your shit threads nobody here gives a shit about your kike emperor.

You almost had me


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Lol kikes btfo forever

Yes, that is correct; however, I did make this with the intention of being a news thread. As you can see, it is true and it is happening. I myself am actually an anti-conservative and despise everything about them.


It doesn't matter. I know this. You didn't prove anything I said wrong. This is good news for all of us, even if Zionald Trumpstein is a Kike shill and spent the potential budget on helping fund greater Israel.


national emergency is to enact war with venesulea-dogpeople-country because guess what

1)state of emergency
2)go to war without congress permission (see 1)

we getting that oil boyzzzzzz

I still remember Trumpniggers claiming the wall had already started construction a year ago.

more like we're getting a huge influx of rapefugees that will far outweigh the benefits of oil.

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Why ever finish the wall fence? Imagine how many times you could troll the Liberals by threatening the wall fence is just around the corner. You couldn't do that if the wall fence is complete without being a liar like the Jews. Do you want to be like the Jews?

He legally cannot be if his running is part of his employment as a spook, since it is an operation on US soil. However, he could be effff-bee-eye. However, I doubt he is anything but legit and 1000% leaking powerlevel.


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I still remember only jews use tor

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Trump's daughter is Jewish.
You have no counter.

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Fuck off Zig Forums

Also the wall is already being built

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gas yourself



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It's still a new wall. What was there before was a mesh fence to stop vehicles. There was never a real wall there .


So Trump is going to construct at least 50% of a steel slat fence across the entire US-Mexico border, before election day 2020?

Because otherwise, he didn't meet my criteria for building a wall. And he won't get my vote. Ever.


There is a large metallic barrier being constructed between the United States and Taco Nigeria that will prevent 100% of pregnant wetbacks from wandering over and shitting out beanlets.

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You actually believe this? Unironically?

Q predicted this.

this is not the wall
this is already existing barriers from the bush administration, stop being dishonest, not mile of NEW border wall has been built

Remember the time when Obama got elected and the price of guns went up 2x and cheap AR's were selling for a grand a pop because boomers thought guns were going to be banned? Trump has passed gun control, something which Obama never did, Trump's administration is also in the process of shitting all over the 1st amendment with BDS, effectively making every burger further a slave of kikes.

Trumpniggers are honorary jews, they lie about everything.

The boomers are dying, rabbi. Your golems are going away forever.

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That's good, Trump won't be with us much longer.

I must say, I had my doubts, but I finally see that we're living in MAGA country! I'm looking forward to all the Nigerian Trump supporters that the news has been telling us about becoming American citizens, and together we can


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Trump supporters here are mostly paid in full by Jared Kushnah. Very tiring

Nope, We're Going To Keep On Winning!

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Two years later, and you berniebros still cry such salty tears. It's almost like you're mentally ill almost

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Haven't won a single time during Trump's presidency.

We finally showed the Demonrats that they are the Real Racists. If that's not winning, I don't know what is!

Also, we finally have a president who wants to stop abortion. It causes untold devastation to the populations of POC and the Down Syndrome community, it must stop!

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Zion don is gay, so are you boomer r/thedonald reddit fags.

Yeah nah take your cheap excuse elsewhere nigger

Trumpcucks haven't updated their scripts since 2016.


Let's be fair here, gun control is one of the things he has been best on. He did the bumpstock ban and acted like a faggot in front of Feinstein, but we can live with this for now, shit is deteriorating all around us and this was not that hard a hit.

I think guns are one of the things Donald and family were most genuine on.

Very convenient. Very based.


And how many fucking times do YOU need to be btfo on it since it was that nigger, Obama, who signed it and made the deal in the first place! Fuck off you retarded kike.

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MIGApedes will be making excuse and copeposting right up until a 2020 loss.

pick one.

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Build The Fence!

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You never voted for him Zig Forums

They were literal mesh fences designed to stop cars. It was never a real barrier

I've never voted for anyone because voting is bread and circuses. If voting changed anything, it would be reserved for Jews only

I think those are both things he said and then took back.

I might be biased though because I really liked that his son supported the Hearing Protection Act, which is one of the best pieces of legislation that we had in moving gun freedoms forward. Then Las Vegas happened.

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The faggot cucked on bump stocks.

You remind me of my father who abandoned his entire family to hide money then flee the state thanks to his country club elite connections (that faggot must be real good at sucking cock). He took us to Disneyland when we were three, so therefore we are brats for not being thankful. He can't name one thing about any of his kids personalities , but has his master's in celebrity gossip and keeps tabs on the trending children of people he went to high school with. While his kids were trying to integrate into society somehow and experiences natural difficulties , he was doing lines and fucking hookers when he wasn't buying $100 sushi. He ran a school where he defrauded the us government and pirated all his software while billing taxpayers , then after getting hundreds of students enrolled he purposely let the school die by not investing in it so hundreds of people wasted years and he hid all their money overseas. But he took us to Disneyland when we were 3, so see, he's a good father!

Con artist hands you a candy bar

Con artist then shoots you in the foot


This isnt normie world dumb fuck. If you are here and you arent glowing, you have already figured out a counter to brainwashing. Now run along and go design a new paper towel ad for the level 1s Jared.

Recover? You verified it's being built you stupid fucking jew.

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Hardly anyone gives a shit about bump stocks though, he was dealing with Las Vegas and Parkland fallout.

both false flags and CIA operations.

If Trump hates the deep state, and wants to drain the swamp, why hasn't the US military invaded Langley Virginia and arrested everybody involved with those treasonous agencies?

Trump doesn't care. He is a pedophile himself, and a friend of Israel.

Who the fuck is "we"? You're no oil tycoon, just a cheap shill.

And the point of invading Venezuela isn't to "get" the oil. The point is to prevent Venezuela from pumping its oil and lowering oil prices.

Oil prices must be high, very high to maximize the cash flow.

I can't wait until we have an anti-semitism national emergency, a military recruitment national emergency, a hate speech national emergency, an entitlement national emergency…so much for the law, the constitution, and separation of powers.
It was ok while it lasted.

This actually great news. He promised a US/Mexico barrier and is actually getting the results to prove it. And with this state of emergency he's declared, there's nothing the democrats can do about it to stop the wall's funding.
Believe it or not, Trump is the head of the executive branch, which means he's the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces that are tasked with enforcing the laws. He can constitutionally gather funding for a wall via national emergencies, because a wall can serve for military defensive purposes. It helps ICE halt the Mexican cartel problem which is running rampant across the border, responsible for all the drugs pouring in and the deaths of the poor Americans they butcher. Some of my family members were killed here in my county because of them. I'm not prepared to lose any more.

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Meanwhile, ICE buses are dropping hundreds of "asylum seekers" off at churches in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico, where (((host families))) take them in and put them on greyhound buses, to be shipped throughout the country to hook up with their wetback families that are already here. Catch, release, and disappear policy is in full force, and nobody cares if the children actually belong to the adults who are escorting them, or if the (((host families))) are legitimate do-gooders or traffickers turning them out for prostitution. As long as we have a few miles of fence and Trump gets re-elected in 2020, it's a win, right???

I don't understand shills. Even if you convince me my food is rotten I'm not going to eat your poison. Even if Trump isn't exactly what I want he still says and does better things than what the alternatives were.

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Go away normie Republican

The only thing I shill for is National Socialism! FUCK OFF AND NEVER COME BACK, YOU SPECK OF SHIT!

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That's all well and good but you're full of shit with the "barrier" stuff. The man said for years, WALL. We're gonna build a wall. Wall. When you think of a border wall, you think of something grand like the Great Wall of Chinka, or at the very least something practical like the kike wall. Not a fucking fence.

wrong. we already have fences he is replacing them. the border will stay open

The only good thing Trump has done is wake a good number of people up to the fact that voting changes nothing. Otherwise, we're still in Syria, the homosexual agenda is still being pushed globally, spics are still flooding the country, and we are just a few elections away from a full blown marxist president and permanent white minority.

Whites are a minority, look at global population, if any fucking braindead leftist kike speaks about "minorities" remember that fact user.

huwhites are already minority. 56% is including arabs and north africans as huwhites. Not to mention the 20 mil illegal spics number is a lie.


Good? I only said I wouldn't swallow poison. I don't fight my battles in only one way. Any method that aggravates my enemies is valid, too, even if it doesn't further my own goals.

You are an idiot. You do not win by trying to lose as slow as possible, you win by trying to win.

Or…do both?

kike free bump
we will take back our board once the paid yids leave

Thanks, OP. Yeah, I'm 1000% into the no-vote cucks getting behind Patrick Little. Look, I think he's funny, too.

I learned my lesson when I wasted my vote on Perot. He was 100% right. Still lost in epic fashion.

My wet dreams revolve around electing closet NatSocs into all key positions… and them appointing based NS anons as staffers.

Prior to the DOTR, though, we should all vote (for whomever) and consider the outcome carefully. I'll definitely vote Trump 2020, baste on the current peanut gallery running against him… just to see how much more of a shitlord he'll be as a lame duck.

Maybe he'll shut the government down for an entire year. Look deeply into my eyes… if you see anything, it is your own concern-trolling.

ITT: fatal naivety

Gradually, I began to hate them… 'white' cope.

Enjoy being raped by niggers, friends.



He literally can't build the wall lol.

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Trump should build the wall but OP is a kike.
We aren't conservatives and Patrick Little isn't a CIA nigger.

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I look forward to his concession tweet. It will be the classiest and most gentlemanly of concessions.

That's actually not good news.

the wall is absolutely meaningless if trump brings them in legally through points of entry. "in the largest numbers ever". granting millions amnesty. defeats the whole point of a wall

Remember that Kampfy is permanently banned from this board, and evading bans is banworthy.

Why are you so invested in cash flow into Goldbergs pockets?
A rhetorical question.

Then what are you.
Rightwingers in name only? Preferring to attack rightwingers all day long and surrender to leftists constantly? Because that's all what this place, /cuckpol/, has become recently.
Angry cucks who don't really care about saving what's left of the white race and civilization. You traitors just want to bitch about anyone on the right (namely Trump) and keep being toothless about the left. That's you ever do.

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Zig Forums is now leftist.