NeinChan Moot Here We are getting ready for the purge over at 4cuck

We think 8Ch will just become the next 4CH containment board.

I'm sorry for the Google Captchas on Nein I just whipped up the VICHAN script as fast I could. There is a slight issue with Webm thumbnails.

I can honestly tell you I am as uncucked as you can get. I absolutely despise Q user think its a horrible larp, run unironically by Jared Qushner. I saw the Purple Badge user from 8CH thought immediately that he was telling the truth.

I will just tell you I have about 6 moderators working in shifts on Nein that are unpaid they do it because they want the board to be clean.

I am a poorfag however I am a master shiller I type extremely fast better than ALL Mossad Agents probably.

I was able to gain decent traffic for the site within one week. I guess going on two weeks we may only have 300 posters however I expect an influx in the coming weeks with the next purge.

If you guys are interested I would gladly love to fit the needs of Nein with what you guys want which is Free Speech with no more Trump Cock sucking. I totally understand I want it to be the best board possible.

I will need help though with the shekels since I do not have that big of savings I can get a quad core server 64GB Ram for about $350 a month its nearly impossible to manage a site when I have no Admin to back me up so don't be like well why don't you work.

The mods I have brought on do not know code plus its hard to vet when you have glow in the darks trying to subvert new operations all the time.

Anyways I will AMA here for about an hour before I have to get back to Nein Modding.

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Jew thread

Have you changed your catheter yet Mossad shill?

Hour 8 of Jew posting still dooing peepee through a tube?

Jew post

At least get a change for that Diapeee

The mewch autists have no home anymore, bring them to your shitty site.


All that as an advertising post? Boy, you are one stupid nigger.

How does this make you feel user?

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Is Zig Forums any better? Nobody is allowed to see names in the board logs, and moderators here (((bumplock))) specific threads without reason, oh and also………………. Jim Watkins and his nonwhite son.

So, tell me why you feel a need to defend this shitty site?

It wasn't a defence, illiterate. As someone with a background in marketing, I was merely pointing out how much of a bad ad his OP is? How is all of that supposed to get people to want to use it? He's basically struggling to tell us that it's a piece of shit but he's really just like one of us so we should use it anyway. He's shooting himself in the foot and damaging the reputation of the site. It's anti-marketing.

Really makes you think. They really don't want you to leave this place.

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Proven effective for Autists who cant read lines together
This is the one time I answer questions here I'll be 404ed most likely soon
I built it fast because I want to see Happenings like the good ole days. Is it a crime I can't read through 4Cuck anymore. When you filter it takes it down to about 5 threads LOL
FBI Honeypot totally because its not like Zig Forums isn't collecting IPS? Dude seriously they have to collect in case one of you post child porn.
Not sure what this means? Lots of people use Jewgle Captcha because its reliable.
I would make my own it takes time.

It also takes time to build traffic for a site, so you have to get your name out quickly


Why do posts like these have to get trips?


That is what I was thinking, totally criminal trips

What ideas will you plan on censoring on Neinchan; Mein nigger?

Enjoy your used up roastie sluts losers


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Just curious, could I have posted my freak out about Christianity over there like I did here?

That might be difficult pedobear.

LOLIS plus the usual degeneracy.

I will be censoring mostly PTG threads.

I added a PizzaGate board too so you guys can research without constant attacks from shills.

The moderators that help me will be censoring Judens as fast as their mouse can click


Most people think I am 'juden' although I am not; I am German…but I am a wildly out of the 'box' thinker who NEEDS SPACE to breath and wonder at life…is their room is what I am asking?

Is this the dark web?

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Yeah man if it falls within the law your type of posting is allowed

I also did the Return to European Rape Thread as well as several other more 'controversial threads'.

Return to European Rape Thread?

The Fuck is that?

Yes… click if you DARE

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I wouldn't know…the legal section of my local university library takes up an entire floor and no one could read the information in there if they started from the day their were born. Ignorance is no excuse, user, you are liable for not knowing the law…tsk tsk….

Advocating that Europeans were stronger when we practiced Eugenics of our forefathers and their viking culture…pre christianity. I was also advocating for eugenics for both males and female in equal measure. 50% of Zig Forums hated it, 50% loved it.

Go fuck yourself pedobear, we aren't in fourth grade.

Yeah I forget we're literally saving the white race from extinction every time we post here

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mfw kike pedos don't understand Quantum Mechanics of the material realm

I went to this neinchan site and all it was a naked 'lady' with a penis and it basically said I was fucking stupid. Is this some sort of cruel joke?

fun fact: that is the pic that got me permabanned for life from halfchan ages ago

Why are you niggers so retarded?

I don't click everything I find on the web fuckface.

So then why did you and others call the poster as a pedo? Seems rather curious if you didn't see the image.

Is it echoing in here?

Deformed kike.

OK mong…he originally started his time in this thread posting pedobear lollies that have since been deleted. Was that difficult for you to figure out with your 84 IQ? I am glad you are on my enemies side, even if we double whopper stacked you faggots you wouldn't reach European IQ.

IDK I have always had a thing for Mr. Poole…I loved it when he dressed up as the Green Man (even if he did look sort of English Frumpy)…so HOT, ;) course he is older now and probably much weirder about his priv-acy so we rarely see him in public much anymore!

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My posts aren't even deleted lol… this ain't 4chan frens.

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I guess he is kind of metrosexual but as I said, I think he grew out of it.

Well, then its magic on your end faggot pedo because I can't see them and that is all I care about.
The homo/pedo song is for you user…magic that eliminates your kind from the planet.

Hope it works out. This site hasn't had much usefulness since election ended.